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Baron AKA Bear is our Bear (er Pup) of the Week for April 25

It has been a hard week for our Bear of the Week, oops, our Pup of the Week, the great, strong, indomitable Baron (aka) Bear. He has something called arthritis. I don't know much about this but I know it hurts Mommy a lot. Somedays, when she is in terrible pain, I just sit in her lap and lick and that makes her feel better. (I wish I could sit with Baron all day and lick. I hope it helps him as much as Mom.) But get this: From his pain and suffering Bear has brought us a new means of transportation. He has grown wheels! I am nine years old now, and while I love to romp around the house with Pocket, there are times I'm in too much darn pain to keep up with her. Growing wheels like Baron would certainly do the trick, and I can't wait to hook up with him to see how he does it. Now for me, becoming the Tanner Brigade version of Optimus Prime is reason enough to be pup of the week. But Bear showed his mettle by fighting through some tough medical issues too. On Monday mor

Where Pocket wonders why they are trying to train her

Monday night, out of the blue, Daddy grabbed a scoop of kibble. He knelt in the middle of the living room floor. He called my name. He sat there awhile. I don't come when my name is called. Foley taught me that. We just sit about ten feet away, cock our heads, and look at him oddly. But he kept calling me and tempting me with kibble. Foley repeatedly told me not to go but ohh, kibble. I went over to him, he told me I was a good girl, and gave me a kibble. Well, how much easier could this be? Then he told me to sit. What? He said sit again. He held a kibble. What was wrong with him? I grew tired looking at him. So I sat. He got all excited, gave me a kibble, and told me I was a good girl. Obviously he'd cracked. He then told me to stand. Oh my gosh he had developed a second personality. So I stood. He told me I was a good girl and gave me another kibble. I looked over at Foley and she just shook her head and called me "circus monkey." I was told to sit again, an

The midnight run of Pokey Lunn

In honor of this week's anniversary of the midnight ride of Paul Revere, and the beginning of the Revolutionary War at Lexington and Concord, we present a slightly different version of events: The Midnight Run of Pokey Lunn. Listen young pups to a tale of fun The midnight run of Pokey Lunn, On the eighteenth of April, in Twenty-ten; All the dogs who saw it for as long as they live Will remember forever what Pokey done. He barked to the Brigade, "If the Princess march By land or sea from the dog park to-night, Hang a light aloft in the doghouse arch Of the Pup Church tower as a signal light,-- One if by land, and two if by sea; And I on the opposite shore will be, Ready to run and bark the alarm Through every Tanner Brigade village in the dark, For our Minute Dogs to be up and ready to bark." Then he said "Good-night!" and with muffled arf Silently dog paddeled to the Charlestown wharf, Just as the moon rose over the bay, Where swinging wide

Ruby Duncan is our April 18, 2010 pup of the week

I don't know how many of you are aware but Saturday night we came close to losing a very good friend and if it wasn't for the actions of her brave and smart Mom we would have. Now you know us dogs. We are always searching for something to eat. We can't help it. Oh sure, we know our Mommy will feed us soon. But there is a nagging little bark in our brain that says she could start forgetting and we wouldn't get fed, so we must seek out our own food. And when we do, we get ourselves into trouble. Take last night. Ruby Duncan decided she was a little hungry and began scrounging around looking for something to eat. She found some nice chicken tasting product and she scoffed it down. Yum. A short time later poor Ruby got some rumblings in her tummy and then she began to throw up the chicken treat she had just eaten. Her Mommy came over to see what happened and on my gosh, it wasn't chicken treats at all, it was rat poison. Ruby's Mom didn't panic. OK, she

Live from Hollywood It's Dancing with the Paws

Last night's Dancing with the Paws had it all, passion, fire, controversy, and some of the best dog and professional dancing we have seen in years. The night began with Mollie dancing an elegant waltz with her partner Derek Hough. Mollie's paw work was divine, and her posture perfect. Carrie Ann said she had rarely seen two partners so in tune with one another and Bruno said he could feel the fire of Mollie's sexuality reflected in her eyes. Len was upset with Derek's use of a tennis ball as a prop, and accused him of trying to pull his mickie. Still, Mollie got two nines and an eight from Len. Next up was Nigel paired with Cheryl Burke for a tango. On the advice of fashion director Hattie Mae Nigel wore his bowler and was chewing on his cigar. Again, Len criticized the use of props, while Bruno was not favorable to the considerable amount of drool that Nigel left on the floor. Carrie Ann thought the drooling was kind of a turn on, and she praised Cheryl's chore

MacDougal is our April 11, 2010 pup of the week

It has been a very difficult period of time for our pup of the week, sweet MacDougal. Last year he lost his Daddy, his play partner, and his Mom doesn't know how she would have made it through that difficult time without her sweet little buddy giving all the love her heart could handle. It seems like no matter what life throws at our strong little pal he can handle. Even recent leg problems have not kept our little Cairn Terrier down. Then life threw him something quite unexpected. Suddenly, without warning, the earth began to move under his little paws. He gave out a cry, and ran to protect his Mama. Then, while he was running, the most miraculous thing happened, he began to fire poo from his behind like a fortified marine protecting his line in a foxhole. Now many of us have become frightened at nature with her thunderstorms, howling winds, and rising water, but none of us have thought to fire back at it. Our MacDougal,to protect his Mom from the bad, vibrating earth, la

I've got the FEMA, oh I've got the FEMA, there's nothing a poor girl can do

Friday was a big day for us. A man from FEMA came to check out the water damage in our basement. Well if he came to see a natural disaster, Pocket and I were going to give him a disaster. As soon as he rang the bell we put our plan in action. We began to bark as loudly as possible. We learned this from watching the show COPS. Whenever the police go to some drunk,shirtless guy's trailer there are dogs barking up a big commotion everywhere and Mommy says: "What a disaster." So, to add to the disaster, we barked and barked. Then Mommy took him downstairs. Earlier that day I sailed the SS Foley into the sump pump. You want a disaster, sail your skiff into your pump. Then they went downstairs. I pulled Pocket aside and told her we had to help. "Do what you do best," I whispered to her. She nodded, got in position, and took a vick on the floor. Unfortunately she hadn't eaten much recently and her output was not of disastrous proportions. Once again it wo

Where Foley Monster recounts her Easter

We had a full house on Easter. Our brother, and our sisters, with a whole boatload of grand baby girls. Our brother Chad and his wife Lisa arrived first. We like them because they smell like their dog Mya.(If you have a second, say a little prayer for Mya, she had surgery on her leg, and overnight she ripped out all her stitches and opened the wound. This was a week ago. I have been remiss in asking for a prayer request, but am doing so now.) They sat on the couch. Pocket, she jumped on the couch, ran over the back, down the arms, on the floor, and back up again. She wants attention, but wants it on the fly. I sat next to Lisa, and made my grunting noises insisting she give me a chest scratch. Next to arrive was daughter number one and her girls Maddie and Meghan. They also smell like their pups Blake and Riley. They really smell like Riley. She's a boxer and she slobbers and sheds over everything. We are very neat dogs and we neither slobber or shed. But oh how we love to smell

Zoe Boe is our April 4, 2010 pup of the week

Neither Pocket or I would ever use Pup of the Week for personal reason or gain. But this week we want to recognize one of our very favorite pups in the entire Brigade and her wonderful Mom. It was last April when our Pup of the Week, Zoe Boe, and her Mom, teamed up to do their first picture of her two favorite lovable Yorkies (no offense Chelsea and Ashton, it's probably a tie.) It was the first envelope that ever came to the house addressed to us. We opened it and there we were, with rabbit ears on, and a basket full of eggs. It was the most wonderful thing we have ever seen. Since then us two Yorkies have been featured in plenty of her pictures, Foley as the Queen of Pop, Pocket in her Senate Office, the two of us, Tanner and Zoe in Mount Dogmore. But she did more than just draw us (after all, when you have perfect subjects, how hard is the drawing?) There was the wonderful picture of Tanner reaching down from heaven to guide Ruger; of our diva Hattie Mae teaching Gracie to

Where Foley takes charge of the situation and makes everything better

There is only so much a mini monster lollipop can take. My Mommy and Daddy are the two best slope noses I know, but at the end of the day, they are just average slope noses, and they are no way as cunning as a Yorkie (no offense.) This was the situation on Wednesday morning. Our basement smelled like the underwear Russell wears on Survivor and was wetter than his shiny head in a monsoon. Our phone service was out, which doesn't mean nothing to me, Petco doesn't deliver. But our internet was out! An internet without Foley Monster is as useless as one without Google. I have a fan base eagerly waiting my every thought that stretches into the dozens. Daddy was taking Grampy and his sister to Boston to see Nana (she is now at a re-hab facility in New Bedford much closer to home and out of intensive care so go Nana go) but he had two hours after Mommy went to work before he left and something bad happened. Daddy had an idea. Here were some other ideas Daddy had when he was lef