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Crystal is our March 31, 2013 Pup of the Week

The inevitable truth is that each day we get older, both dog and man, and there is nothing we can do about it.   Some day in the hopefully very distant future we will all be dust.  This I accept, but I do worry about this wonderful online world, full of caring friends sharing wonderful stories, shoulders to cry on, invaluable experiences, and great fellowship.  Who will carry on what we have built when we are gone? Then I remember Crystal and her Mom and I feel better.  Not only is Crystal a young pup who is going to be with us for a long time, but her Mom is very young, and when the rest of our Mommies are too old to use the computer Crystal’s Mom will be young enough to run the whole Internet. Crystal and her Mom are showing us old hands that we can learn so much if we would listen to our young friends.  Last week, for the first time, Crystal was allowed to run free, and her Mom said that Crystal showed her that being a good dog owner doesn’t just mean keeping y

Attorney in Training Pocket Dog Answers Your Legal Questions

(From Foley Monster:  I have hired (ordered) Pocket to go through my many requests for legal aid as part of her training to be a lawyer.  Here are some of the answers to questions we have received.) Dear Attorney in Training Pocket Dog:  I would like you to represent the Southern dogs against the Northern dogs.  The Northern dogs have sent their cold weather down to us instead of keeping it up their way.  I am aggrieved that we have to experience their weather.  I want to sue them for not keeping track of their weather.  Will you take my case? - Tashi Dear Tashi:  I am sorry, being a Northern dog I cannot take your case.  I think we should join together and sue all the dogs from the  North Pole who are sending their cold air our way, and when we win we will make them drag us around in those very cool sleds.  Either that or sue the groundhog.  I understand he was recently cleared of blame for the late winter but we believe that was just clever work by his publicist.  

Wordless Wednesday

Pocket and the Thunder Shirt

I am Pocket the Thunder Dog.  Daddy bought me a Thunder Shirt and he did it without Mommy’s permission.  Usually when this happens Mommy announces that he’s done something stupid but this time she said he did something really stupid.  Mommy is a bit cynical about the wonder products that are supposed to calm or train us dogs.  But I don’t care, I have a shirt and Foley doesn’t so cool beans.   Daddy put it on me.  I can’t say if I felt calm or not.  I  jumped on the couch, rolled around, and was able to get the jacket off.  Now, while this did not make me calmer, it made Daddy more anxious, because he had bought the shirt to make me less anxious and Mommy’s sharp look at Daddy when it came off me was, in the world of anxiety, known as a carrier. Daddy was determined to show her that she was wrong and that my Thunder Shirt would not end up in the drawer with the Bark Off, the clicker, and the condoms.  You know, the drawer full of stuff that will never, ever, ever be

Gizmo is our March 24, 2013 Pup of the Week

Picture courtesy of Tommy Tunes There are some pups who I don’t remember not remembering.  It seems like I have been friends with them longer than I have been alive.  I don’t know if there is a place like Rainbow Bridge that we gather before we find our homes but I think I was there with some pups before coming here.  One of those pups was Gizmo. I don’t know if we became friends on my first day at DS.  I think it is possible.  I made lots of friends that first night.   I just know I have never belonged to a site that Gizmo was not a member, and my Mom is friends with Gizmo’s Mom, Aunt Pam, all over the Internet.   Some pups get sick, or their parents find lumps, and go to the vet, where they battle their disease for a long time.  Sometimes friends recover, and sometimes the Bridge calls them home.  Although it doesn’t really help when we know we are able to prepare ourselves if their call to the Bridge comes.  But other times the trip to the Bridge arrives quickl

Wordless Wednesday

Waiting for Mr Sping

I Foley Monster would like to file a missing person’s report.  The missing person is known as Mr. Spring.  Now I know according to our calendar Mr Winter is still taking up residence in our state but usually Mr Spring at least gives us a hint that he is coming. He is supposed to arrive tomorrow, but when we awoke this morning we found Mr Winter still here showing no signs of wanting to leave.  He had spread his snow all over our lawn, he put his ice on the driveway, and he had the air where we live very cold.  All signs of a Winter in residence. We aren’t the only ones who are longing for spring to make an appearance.  When we go in our yard to do our business the flowers poke their shoots up and ask us if there is any word from Mr Springs and we sadly shake our heads, shiver, and go about our business. Reading some of my friend’s blogs I know Mr Spring has turned up in their neighborhoods and I am very happy for them but I don’t know what we have done to make hi

Moose is our March 17, 2013 Pup of the Week

This week we received the sad news that our friend Willie, who I have written about recently, had a recurrence of his cancer.  Right now his parents are counting on a miracle.  But they shouldn’t give up hope.  Because we do have proof that miracles happen. Moose has a blood disease the is quite deadly.  I think it is the same one that took Mollie from us.  It is very bad and hard to cure.  Less than a month ago Moose had a recurrence of this disease and his his prognosis was quite dire. On February 24 his Mom could tell, the way Moms can tell with us Pups, that he wasn’t feeling well.  She started him on a bland diet hoping that it would help. She took him to the vet who tested his blood.  A normal PCV should be between 37 and 55 percent.  Moose’s was down to 18 percent when his Mom dropped him off at the vet and had risen to 23% when she picked him up.  He was diagnosed with Autoimmune hemolytic anemia.  The doctor recommended a blood transfusion, but it was v

Foley Represents Floyd the Carpet Eater

Today on Judge Judy..... Announcer - This is the plaintiff:  She is known as Dougall’s and Floyd’s Mom who writes this blog .    She came home one day to find her boxer Floyd eating the carpet and put him in his crate.  She says he has misbehaved and lost his chance at freedom. This is the defendant:  Floyd who is represented by Foley Monster Attorney at Paw.  Floyd  says he was just inspecting the carpet when his Mom came home and found him.  He claims he did nothing wrong and was framed.  He is accused of being a carpet eater. Bird:  Grumble, grumble, all rise. ~Judge Judy comes out and sits on the bench~ Judge Judy:   Are you Mr. Floyd? Floyd:  Yes I am your honor. Judge Judy:  And this Miss Foley Monster she is your attorney? Foley Monster:  That is right your honor. Judge Judy:  Well Mr Floyd I wish you luck.  Miss Foley Monster is no stranger to this court and I don’t think she had won a case yet isn’t that so Miss Foley Monster? Foley Monster:  I believe that was begi

Wordless Wednesday

Summer is our March 10, 2013 Pup of the Week

Two weeks ago I named Chelsea, who is a very sweet girl, our Pup of the Week.  She sent me a beautiful thank you note but suggested she was not worthy.  The dog I should have recognized was Summer  While I think Chelsea was an excellent choice I agree with her about Summer, and, because she deserves it, and to make Chelsea’s wish come true, we name Summer Grace our Pup of the Week.  (Also, we must thank Chelsea for helping us with some of the information we relied upon in doing our writing.) This story goes all the way back to before Thanksgiving.  And like Chelsea it came about because a growth was found that had to be removed.  Unlike Chelsea the news from the beginning was dire.  Summer was diagnosed with stage three mast cell cancer.  This was in the middle of her parents moving.  With the upheaval in their lives the last thing they needed emotionally and financially was for their beloved Summer Grave to take ill, but sometimes life plays mean tricks. Summer h

Michael Vick's Second Chance

As many of you know our long time nemesis Michael Vick was allowed to get a dog.  I don’t want to anger anyone but I don’t see the problem with this.  In the aftermath of World War One Adolf Hitler was allowed to rearm Germany and that worked out fine.  Hold on I am getting a note from Pocket.  Oh, it seems that worked out badly.  Very, very badly. Well, this is America, and people do deserve a second chance.  Like that quarterback, can’t think of his name, he played with the Falcons, and was the first pick of the draft.  In the beginning he played well, but then things started to fall apart. He got in trouble with some illegal substance at the airport.  Later he got arrested and went to jail for a reason I can’t recall.  He got out of jail, went to a new team, had a great season, and then two terrible seasons after that.  Wait, getting a note from Pocket.  Oh, he was named Michael Vick too.  Wow, what are the odds? So Michael Vick, the man who ran a dog fighting ring fr