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Testimony From Foley's Confirmation Hearing For Ambassador to Dog

This week Foley Monster testified before the Senate’s Animal Relations Committee. President Obama had nominated Foley to be his Ambassador to Dog. Here is partial testimony from the confirmation hearing: Foley Monster:  I would like to thank the President for this prestigious nomination and look forward to answering your questions. I hope to, as Ambassador to Dog, address many of the issues facing the majority of dogs in this country including breed discrimination, the continued importing of tainted food from China, humans who take up too much of the bed, missed walk times, late feeding times, and fireworks. I am ready to take your questions: Fawning Liberal Senator Just Happy to be on the Committee:  Miss Monster, I would like to thank you for being here, your skills as a dog are unparalleled, and the President has shown the wisdom of Lincoln and the boldness of Teddy Roosevelt in appointing you. Foley Monster: Was that a question? Fawning Liberal Senator Just Happy to

Wordless Wenesday

Of Gun and Pitbull Control

As a dog I am always amazed at how the human mind works. Let’s looks at some facts. Sadly, as both humans and dogs know, on December 14, 2012 a man walked into an elementary school in Sandy Hook New Jersey and killed 26 children and teachers with a Bushmaster rifle which can fire more than 13 rounds per minute. This was the second most deadly shooting in the United States.  The most deadly shooting was on April 16, 2007 when 32 people at Virginia Tech University.  He used a Walther P22 semi-automatic weapon. Neither the Walther P22 semi-automatic weapon or the Bushmaster rifle have been banned. But this isn’t a blog about gun control.  In 2012 23 people were killed by pitbull attacks in the United States. That is three less than were killed in five minutes at the Sandy Hook Elementary school. I hoped to give you a number of the amount of municipalities that have banned pitbulls but I can’t count that high. What I can give you is a link that shows the number of ar

A new Lab, Raja and Piper are our January 27, 2013 Pups of the Week

I am here to talk about three new dogs I have made friends with this week.  All valuable additions to their new homes and all rescues.   First is a new member of the ever expanding pack that is led by Benjamin. Much to his chagrin a sixth member has been added, which is so large I don’t think they can any longer be referred to as a pack, but should be called the Benji Bunch. One night when the original five went out to do their business Benjamin’s Daddy saw a black lab pup had joined them. The evening before Benjamin’s parents had heard a new dog barking in the neighbors’ yard and figured the folks next door had bought a puppy.  Being a lonely puppy outside all night, and seeing a happy pack next door, the smart little lab decided to try to sneak in as part of Benjamin’s family. Benji’s parents were too good at counting not to notice a new dog bounding into the house, but did allow the pup to spend the night. The next morning Benji’s Mom called the neighbors who told h

Blind Tosses

In the mornings Mommy takes her shower first. While she is doing so Daddy takes us out, cleans up after us, gives us our treats, looks through the paper, starts Mommy’s tea, and then  goes on his computer to check out news. (Mommy takes a long shower.) Daddy put the computer on the floor and I bring him my red ball. And then Daddy throws it without taking his eyes off the computer screen. The idea is that I will run after the ball, retrieve it, run back with it, and drop it by Daddy to be thrown again. But Daddy, while never looking, has the ability to make impossible shots he could never make if he was attempting to do it. There is a small, thin hutch in a corner of the kitchen. The space between the hutch and the wall is slightly wider than the width of the ball. It would take an expert bowler ten tries to get it behind the hutch. Daddy, while blindly throwing the ball ten times, can get it behind the hutch three. Then there are Mommy’s shoes. She leaves them by the fr

Wordless Wednesday

Tommy Tunes is out January 20, 2013 Pup of the Week

I have enjoyed this week very much. While there have been pups and Moms in need   of prayer nothing has happened that has made our eyes wet or was too difficult to read. I like to recognize a special dog each week and usually it is because they are ill or have gone to the Bridge. But this week there is no one to recognize. Which really just thrills me and leaves me with one small problem. I don’t have anyone to write about as pup of the week. And I am happy about this, really, but I sit here, moving my paws over the keyboard, having to write my Sunday blog. There are so many dogs with great parents who do transports, rescues, fostering, or alert us about what we need to know. But we have recognized them all recently and don’t want to favor one over the others. And then it hit me. It was Pocket smacking me upside the head. She whispered in my ear. I said I thought that was a wonderful but we usually recognize Tanner Brigade members and despite several requests to

Another year, another vet

Another year another new vet. In my 12 years with Mom I have visited seven vets. Mommy never finds one who fits just right. First there was a doctor in Norton whose waiting room was filled and many pups fought in. Second there was Raynham where our brother Jax went to the Bridge after a poor diagnosis by a man with brains like a lamb. Third there was Westbridge but they saw so many dogs there some of them would get lost over the ridge. Fourth there was Middleboro Clinic but the high costs brought out in Mom the cynic. Fifth was a doc at Southeast Vets but when he retired the new doctor was not kind to pets. Sixth was in North Attleboro but the high cost filled Mommy with sorrow, Now we go to a vet in Dighton that hopefully will make my Mom’s face brighten. And now that the effects of the shots have worn off over time, I will no longer be writing this blog in rhyme. Monday, while Mommy and Daddy were preparing to go out,  Pocket and I were expecting to get shoved in our roo

Wordless Wednesday

Willie is our January 13, 2013 Pup of the Week

I am not a fan of roller coasters. The ups, the down, the slow, the fast, the certainty of crashing, the beauty of the view from up high. Of course I have never actually been on a roller coaster but I have been taken on some emotional ones in my time. But no pup I know has been taken on more of an emotional roller coaster than my friend Willie Nillie. Not only has it been filled with great highs and devastating lows but it has gone on for almost three years. In 2010 Willie told  to us a that he had a form of cancer. He had a tumor on his right leg between the paw and the knee.  The cancer was non life threatening but Willie needed to have surgery. The surgeon removed most  of Willie's tumor, but it had spread from his lower leg into the top of his paw.  It became entwined around his tendons, stuck to his bone and wrapped around a vein.  The Doctor said she had to remove his vein, his  tendons had be removed to facilitate healing, and the tumor would grow back. Wi

A Scene From Our Home Early Morning

A scene from Pocket’s and Foley’s house Setting:  Early morning, cold winter day. Pocket and Foley emerge from the bedroom with their Daddy Lackey. Pocket is being carried, Foley is waddling forward. Daddy Lackey goes over to the thermostat turning up the heat so the house is not freezing. Pocket shudders because she hates when the heat comes through the floorboards. Pocket is placed on the kitchen floor while Foley licks up some water from a bowl. Daddy Lackey puts on a jacket, a coat, and a ski cap, then goes on porch making sure the dogs do not follow.  He grabs a poop bag, the dog harnesses and coats. He goes over to the kitchen table. He gets a sweater or shirt from the Hattie Mae collection that the pups’ Mommy had laid out for them the night before. He puts the sweater on Foley who puts up her paws fighting to keep it from going on but finally she lets it be slipped over her head. Pocket, while Foley is being dressed, crosses behind Daddy Lackey headed to the bedro

Wordless Wednesday

JuJu is our January 6, 2013 Pup of the Week

  When I first came to my home I was met by a beautiful female lollipop just over five years of age, named Blake. I was put on the floor as I entered the strange house that would become my forever home and the man who would become my Daddy Lackey went up the stairs. There was a scent of another dog in the house but I was too busy checking everything out to worry about it. Then I saw on the last landing of the stairs a beautiful black and white Shih Tzu. She was much larger than me and I didn’t know if I should be scared but this Shih Tzu ran over to me barking, with her tail wagging, and welcomed me into our home. That dog was Blake. Blake immediately began to tell me all the rules and regulations of the house, and how to be adorable and get around them all. I don’t know if I would have turned into the manipulative monster that I am without her wisdom. But one morning, shortly after I arrived home, Blake’s little body began to move uncontrollably, foam came out of her m