Thursday, January 31, 2013

Testimony From Foley's Confirmation Hearing For Ambassador to Dog

This week Foley Monster testified before the Senate’s Animal Relations Committee. President Obama had nominated Foley to be his Ambassador to Dog. Here is partial testimony from the confirmation hearing:

Foley Monster:  I would like to thank the President for this prestigious nomination and look forward to answering your questions. I hope to, as Ambassador to Dog, address many of the issues facing the majority of dogs in this country including breed discrimination, the continued importing of tainted food from China, humans who take up too much of the bed, missed walk times, late feeding times, and fireworks. I am ready to take your questions:

Fawning Liberal Senator Just Happy to be on the Committee:  Miss Monster, I would like to thank you for being here, your skills as a dog are unparalleled, and the President has shown the wisdom of Lincoln and the boldness of Teddy Roosevelt in appointing you.

Foley Monster: Was that a question?

Fawning Liberal Senator Just Happy to be on the Committee: No I just wanted to say I heart you, I heart the President, And hi Mom.

Obstructionist Conservative Senator Speaking With Southern Drawl: Ms. Foley Monster, this committee is not impressed by your fancy dress or tail wagging. We are just one small horse away from a dog and pony show. What I want to ask you is in your liberal, European, Socialist opinion should the country be concerned about climate change?

Foley Monster: Oh yes, very concerned.

Obstructionist Conservative Senator Speaking With Southern Drawl: Why Miss Monster that climate change is nothing but a hoax, a way for the Socialist administration to drive a wedge between American people and their money.

Foley Monster:  With all due respect Obstructionist Conservative Senator Speaking With Southern Drawl just six months ago I was walking around on a very hot day, panting, and thirsty. Now I go outside and the ice cracks my pads, I shiver, and two days ago when I peed I got stuck to the ground. Us dogs hate climate change. We want it 60 degrees and sunny every day and won’t rest until it is.


Foley Monster: I am not friend of the Chinese. Their food is terrible and dangerous. I know when humans eat Chinese food they need to eat again in an hour, but if dogs eat Chinese food their owners have to buy another dog in an hour.

Angry, Perhaps Senile or Drunk Conservative Senator From the Southwest: I WANT TO BLOW THEM ALL INTO THE SEA!

Foley Monster: Well, that may be a little extreme for my taste but I don’t have a problem bombing the crap out of the dog food factories.

The rest of Foley’s testimony was routine and her nomination seemed certain to be confirmed until this picture surfaced and she had to withdraw from consideration.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Of Gun and Pitbull Control

As a dog I am always amazed at how the human mind works. Let’s looks at some facts.

Sadly, as both humans and dogs know, on December 14, 2012 a man walked into an elementary school in Sandy Hook New Jersey and killed 26 children and teachers with a Bushmaster rifle which can fire more than 13 rounds per minute.

This was the second most deadly shooting in the United States.  The most deadly shooting was on April 16, 2007 when 32 people at Virginia Tech University.  He used a Walther P22 semi-automatic weapon.

Neither the Walther P22 semi-automatic weapon or the Bushmaster rifle have been banned.

But this isn’t a blog about gun control.  In 2012 23 people were killed by pitbull attacks in the United States. That is three less than were killed in five minutes at the Sandy Hook Elementary school.

I hoped to give you a number of the amount of municipalities that have banned pitbulls but I can’t count that high. What I can give you is a link that shows the number of areas that have banned pitbulls in the country.

Now when humans talk about their right to bear arms they come back to the point that it is not the gun that is responsible for the death but the gun owner. Don’t ban the weapon, punish the owners.

But when it comes to pitbulls that argument is not heard. It is the fault of the dog, not the owner, which is typical because when it comes to humans and dogs, humans always find a way to blame the dogs.

Now I understand this to a point. A pitbull has a brain and a will that a gun does not have. So an argument can be made that the pitbull makes a decision to kill. Conversely there and hundreds of thousands of pitbulls who are loving dogs and would never hurt anyone. No one owns a gun that was made not to fire a bullet. Pitbulls are not weapons, are not designed to kill, they are turned into weapons by their owners, the same way that guns on their own do not kill anyone but needs a human hand holding it to do damage.

Plus pitbulls aren’t weapons of mass destruction. A pitbull cannot kill a bunch of kids in a classroom in a few seconds no matter how twisted it’s owner has made it.  

While the second amendment protects gun owners the rights of dog owners begin with the first line of the constitution which states: “We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility....”  As any dog owner know nothing insures domestic tranquility like a good dog.

Sunday, January 27, 2013

A new Lab, Raja and Piper are our January 27, 2013 Pups of the Week

I am here to talk about three new dogs I have made friends with this week.  All valuable additions to their new homes and all rescues.  

First is a new member of the ever expanding pack that is led by Benjamin. Much to his chagrin a sixth member has been added, which is so large I don’t think they can any longer be referred to as a pack, but should be called the Benji Bunch. One night when the original five went out to do their business Benjamin’s Daddy saw a black lab pup had joined them. The evening before Benjamin’s parents had heard a new dog barking in the neighbors’ yard and figured the folks next door had bought a puppy.  Being a lonely puppy outside all night, and seeing a happy pack next door, the smart little lab decided to try to sneak in as part of Benjamin’s family. Benji’s parents were too good at counting not to notice a new dog bounding into the house, but did allow the pup to spend the night. The next morning Benji’s Mom called the neighbors who told her they had lost a pup. He had been a gift for their toddler, and they didn’t want a dog, so they were going to give it away or “get rid of it.”  Benji’s Mom said she would take the dog and find him a good home.  But I think the pup has a good home already, right with Benji and his pack, and, with six you get eggroll so it works out for everyone.

This runaway lab was not the only labrador to find a new home this week.  Our three chocolate lab friends from the west coast, Reba, Dodger and Logan put to test the saying that if you go black you never go back by getting an all black lab to join their previously all chocolate family.  This dog, who is named Raja, had been surrendered to a shelter on a Tuesday, (her parents were moving and could not take her with them) had her precious ovaries removed on a Wednesday, went to a Petco Unleashed adoption on a Saturday and by the end of that day was in the West Coast Labrador Castle.  There was some drama as Raja became accustomed to her siblings and them to her but soon a pecking order had been established and now the Chocolate Lab Pack is the Chocolate Lab Pack plus one.

Finally, if you follow this blog, you read the sad story of our good friend Ginger Dash who got under her fence, went away from her house, and has not been seen since.  We pray for her to return everyday.  While no do can ever replace Ginger a new pup has become part of her pack.  Her name is Piper and she also is a rescue.   She was in a foster home before she was given the Ok to move in with her sister Gypsy Dawn and her new Mom.  Piper took to her new home very quickly. She even got to sleep in the big bed with her Mom the first night which is very rare for a dog’s opening night.  While she knows she will not replace Ginger she will create new love and new memories with her new Mom.  And she will be another dog nose in the air trying to sniff out her big sister so she will come home.  She got along wonderfully with her Gypsy her first night. Her cat sister Koko proved to be harder to win over but I am sure Piper will do so.   And she will help heal her Mom’s heart until Ginger returns.

So here are to three new friends, three rescues, who are all rescuing their new Moms and families. 

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Blind Tosses

In the mornings Mommy takes her shower first. While she is doing so Daddy takes us out, cleans up after us, gives us our treats, looks through the paper, starts Mommy’s tea, and then  goes on his computer to check out news. (Mommy takes a long shower.) Daddy put the computer on the floor and I bring him my red ball. And then Daddy throws it without taking his eyes off the computer screen. The idea is that I will run after the ball, retrieve it, run back with it, and drop it by Daddy to be thrown again. But Daddy, while never looking, has the ability to make impossible shots he could never make if he was attempting to do it.

There is a small, thin hutch in a corner of the kitchen. The space between the hutch and the wall is slightly wider than the width of the ball. It would take an expert bowler ten tries to get it behind the hutch. Daddy, while blindly throwing the ball ten times, can get it behind the hutch three.

Then there are Mommy’s shoes. She leaves them by the front door. To get the ball in the shoe Daddy has to hit the chair in the dining room chair on the back right leg, have it bounce off the right spot to hit the outside corner of the door frame which will make it dive towards the closet door where it nestles inside Mommy’s shoe. When I run to Daddy barking that I have lost the ball, he crawls on all fours to look for it, and he always says the same thing: “How the hell did that happen?”  It happens once out of 40 times.

Then there is what we like to call the hole in one. It is a blind shot that bounces into our water dish. I like this very much because the water splashes up in the air like a fountain. Mommy doesn’t like it because she has to wipe the water off the floor. She has a hard time dealing with three kids in her house, Foley, me, and Daddy Minion.

When the ball goes into the water dish I have to bark at Daddy to get it out. Even with my tiny mouth I can’t open my jaws wide enough to pick up the ball. Daddy comes crawling over and takes the ball out of the dish. He is supposed to dry the ball because when he throws it when it is wet it sprays water into the air. But he forgets and then he bounces it and water flies off it as pretty as dew off a butterfly’s wings. Then it splatters on the wall and gets Mommy mad. Daddy puts the ball in the dish one out of ten times.

I don’t get mad at Daddy when he throws the ball to a spot that is inaccessible but I wish that worked for both of us. When I bring the ball into the bedroom put it on the ground and nose it right under the bureau I don’t get credit for it. Tiger Woods couldn’t do that with the accuracy that I do but Daddy still asks “Pocket how did you do that?” At least I have the class not to ask him how he got the ball in Mommy’s shoes.

It is a fact of life: Dogs are much more polite and understanding than humans.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Tommy Tunes is out January 20, 2013 Pup of the Week

I have enjoyed this week very much. While there have been pups and Moms in need   of prayer nothing has happened that has made our eyes wet or was too difficult to read.

I like to recognize a special dog each week and usually it is because they are ill or have gone to the Bridge. But this week there is no one to recognize. Which really just thrills me and leaves me with one small problem. I don’t have anyone to write about as pup of the week. And I am happy about this, really, but I sit here, moving my paws over the keyboard, having to write my Sunday blog.

There are so many dogs with great parents who do transports, rescues, fostering, or alert us about what we need to know. But we have recognized them all recently and don’t want to favor one over the others.

And then it hit me. It was Pocket smacking me upside the head. She whispered in my ear. I said I thought that was a wonderful but we usually recognize Tanner Brigade members and despite several requests to join this pup has made his home happily at DS.  Then Pocket reminded me that everyone on the Tanner Brigade loves this dog. At first I was stunned that Pocket was right twice in the same day then I decided to do as she said.

This dog is what everyone would call their first friend, because I think, if you asked a random dog who was their first friend in social networking they would name him. This dog is someone who, like I, is always ready to comfort a parent who has lost a pup, and to do something to honor the pup. He does it through pictures while I do it through words.

Of course you all know by now, because you are very smart, and his picture is at the top of the blog, and his name on the blog title, that I am talking about Tommy Tunes.

We don’t often salute friends simply for being wonderful. But today we do that for Tommy. No one makes us smile as regularly as he does. His videos are absolutely brilliant. While our parents all put words in our mouths he lets us see words come out of our mouths.

And his artwork is breathtaking. Everyone looks forward to his weekly blogs where he takes our mundane pictures and turns them into works of art. You can see this week’s here. We have one that he did of Pocket and I over our TV. If parents put something over the TV that means they must love it because that’s where their eyes go. And Tommy and his Dad sent it to us, at great expense to them, for no reason outside of that they are perfect.

Also, after our friend Gina passed, Tommy and his Dad opened up his heart and home to Freddie Girl giving her a great new life.

Tommy is a great friend in every meaning of the word. He is understanding, kind, compassionate, empathic, funny, loyal, everyone’s best friend. So, after a good week with no one heading to the Bridge it is time to recognize one of the best of us.

Thank you Tommy for doing everything you do for everyone..

Friday, January 18, 2013

Another year, another vet

Another year another new vet. In my 12 years with Mom I have visited seven vets. Mommy never finds one who fits just right.

First there was a doctor in Norton whose waiting room was filled and many pups fought in. Second there was Raynham where our brother Jax went to the Bridge after a poor diagnosis by a man with brains like a lamb. Third there was Westbridge but they saw so many dogs there some of them would get lost over the ridge. Fourth there was Middleboro Clinic but the high costs brought out in Mom the cynic. Fifth was a doc at Southeast Vets but when he retired the new doctor was not kind to pets. Sixth was in North Attleboro but the high cost filled Mommy with sorrow, Now we go to a vet in Dighton that hopefully will make my Mom’s face brighten. And now that the effects of the shots have worn off over time, I will no longer be writing this blog in rhyme.

Monday, while Mommy and Daddy were preparing to go out,  Pocket and I were expecting to get shoved in our room when, instead, Daddy grabbed our leashes. Both of us got very excited, jumping and barking. I don’t know why we do that. We never go anywhere fun. We are either going to be groomed or prodded, But still the sight of those leashes overwhelm us with the possibility of fun.

We got in our car seats and were driven by Daddy Lackey and Mommy to a place we had never visited before. What could it be? A doggy fun house? A place where all our friend were?

Nope, it was a new place where we were going to get stuck in the rectum and not one of the fun place to get stuck in the rectum where Daddy Lackey’s “Uncles” go. There were no dogs in the waiting room which was nice because Pocket and I got to explore but caused me concern because either she didn’t have any customers or they were all at the Bridge.

Mommy filled out the forms. She asked Daddy what colors we were. He said black and tan. I was thinking perfect and wonderful. The forms were done and the torture was to begin.

The doctor was a lady. It has been a long time since I’ve had a lady doctor. Old men, older men, young men, thin men, mean men, smelly men, men, men, men, manly men men men. So I welcomed the tender touch of a female.

She checked my teeth but unlike the Southeast vet who didn’t like pets she did not announce my tartar was the final stage of death and did not demand a cleaning. She checked my butt but didn’t insist on squeezing and fondling like the man from the Middleboro clinic who made my Mom a cynic. When it came time to discuss shots she listened to my Mom unlike the doctor from North Attleboro who filled Mom with sorrow. And she did not stick anything up my rectum which would have ruined my Monday The whole exam took less than ten minutes and she gave me a clean bill of health. During my exam Pocket, who frets over me, and hates to see me getting attention, was panting and whimpering.

Now it was Pocket’s turn and while she continued to pant and whimper I looked out the window not really concerned about what was going on. Been there saw that. Her exam was done faster than mine because there were more things to ignore on her than on me.

Finally it was time for the weigh in. Mommy kept talking about how much I would weigh because of what she calls my “Buddha belly.” But guess what? I dropped half a pound. Take that lollipops.

Then came the big step. The bill. But Mommy was happy. So maybe we have a repeat vet.  A Lady Doctor who told me I lost a half a pound didn’t brush my teeth or squeeze my anus. That makes her tops for me.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Willie is our January 13, 2013 Pup of the Week

I am not a fan of roller coasters. The ups, the down, the slow, the fast, the certainty of crashing, the beauty of the view from up high. Of course I have never actually been on a roller coaster but I have been taken on some emotional ones in my time.

But no pup I know has been taken on more of an emotional roller coaster than my friend Willie Nillie. Not only has it been filled with great highs and devastating lows but it has gone on for almost three years.

In 2010 Willie told  to us a that he had a form of cancer. He had a tumor on his right leg between the paw and the knee.  The cancer was non life threatening but Willie needed to have surgery. The surgeon removed most  of Willie's tumor, but it had spread from his lower leg into the top of his paw.  It became entwined around his tendons, stuck to his bone and wrapped around a vein.  The Doctor said she had to remove his vein, his  tendons had be removed to facilitate healing, and the tumor would grow back. Willie came home and recovered well from the surgery.

But there was a big downhill on the horizon. A visit to the oncologist. And then the paw began to become a problem. Jessie developed a hot spot on it and a recovery that started before Halloween pushed past Thanksgiving.

They saw the Radialogist who said Willie had a Grade 2 Neurofibrosarcoma. He had 18 radiation treatments over  several weeks. They got interrupted by Christmas and a terrible blizzard. The only problem Willie had was some burning on his paw. After radiation the healing began and there was some problem bleeding and soreness. But Willie, like all pups, was getting sick of the pain and bleeding and began licking his paw. This put him in the cone of shame for three weeks. Over that time his parents thought his tumor coming back but luckily, for now, it had not. At this time what had occurred starting at Halloween had pushed past Easter:  Easter 2011.

And the paw was still not healing right. The doctor thought the radiation used to kill the tumor had also killed lots of Willie’s healthy tissue. Around Memorial Day the paw had finally started to heal, but a few weeks later Willie started licking it again, and he reopened the wound, meaning no beach for him that summer.

The next step was to put a blue wrap on his paw. The doctor surmised that he was licking his paw because the new tissue growing back over his wound felt funny. Then the runaway car that was carrying his family began to speed out of control downhill again. There was another mass behind his back paw on his upper leg. The doctor took a needle biopsy and the pack had to wait a week. The result was not good. The sarcoma had returned.

The doctor told his parents it was probable that they would have to choose between amputation and the Bridge. Then their car began to climb again. The doctor said that the cancer was grade one which meant it had not spread to his lungs.

But the tumor continued to grow. And then the hurricane hit the East Coast. No not that hurricane. We are still in 2011. This was Irene. They survived the hurricane and Willie fought off  a bout of the runs and they kept going.

Then another downhill. The tumor had grown so large they were afraid it had broken Willie’s leg. Another surgery was needed. But instead of surgery the doctor’s decided to put him in a shoulder sling because the bone had not broken. Soon Willie was walking on all fours again.  His paw was healing and hair was growing on his tumor. Things were looking up for Willie as he passed his third year anniversary of his first tumor surgery.

But then things slowly began to take a turn for the worse. Around Valentine’s Day he was limping again But under doctor’s care he started walking on all fours.

By spring it seems like he is on his way to recovery. In June the tumor began to grow again and Willie went to his Dr Kari who was worried that it was red and swollen.

In July the tumor was back to being out of control. It was bleeding, and could not support his weight. The tumor kept growing. It ruptured the skin over it causing bleeding. Also it became infected. Willie soon was wearing the cone of shame as he kept trying to fix the problem himself caused  more bleeding.

They took Willie to a holistic vet to see if he could help. Gradually Willie started to feel better. Don’t know if it was from the antibiotics or the herbal medicine. He was eating, barking, and playing. On August 31 his Mom reported that his infection was going away and they hoped in two weeks he would be back to being healthy.

But the persistent tumor kept growing. In September it grew from 16 cm to 21 cm around in four weeks. His parents began to resign themselves to the fact that the leg may need to be amputated. The doctor disagreed and said that she could cut away the infected part of the tumor and keep Willie as a four legged pup. In October, despite being in pain, Willie was back to walking on all fours again,. He had some stitches in his paw to keep the tumor from bleeding.

Then came Hurricane Sandy. While their home was spared their neighbors’ houses suffered significant damage. They were without electricity for more than a week and cut off from their very worried friends. And then, still without power, a Nor’easter hit, leaving them buried in heavy wet snow. It was not until near Thanksgiving that they got power. Through everything the family went through they still found the strength to give thanks on Thanksgiving for their blessings.

By the first week of January Willie was back to being a three legged dog. His paw was throbbing again. The pain was so bad he was turning aggressive to other dogs in the waiting room of the doctor’s office. The vet determined that he had a broken toe.

On January 7 the news was quite bad. There was a massive infection in the area where he received radiation. The doctor thought the breakage was caused by the cancer. His sad Mom became resigned to Willie never gaining use of his paw again.

And then another doctor said that the break was not caused by the cancer. And Willie started healing. And their car started rising again. Looking at it all, it is incredible what they have been through, and how they have survived it all.

So let’s give prayers that Willie’s and his family keep rising, and after they have been through they deserve a nice long quiet break.

You keep getting better Willie and we will keep praying.

Friday, January 11, 2013

A Scene From Our Home Early Morning

A scene from Pocket’s and Foley’s house

Setting:  Early morning, cold winter day.

Pocket and Foley emerge from the bedroom with their Daddy Lackey. Pocket is being carried, Foley is waddling forward. Daddy Lackey goes over to the thermostat turning up the heat so the house is not freezing. Pocket shudders because she hates when the heat comes through the floorboards.

Pocket is placed on the kitchen floor while Foley licks up some water from a bowl. Daddy Lackey puts on a jacket, a coat, and a ski cap, then goes on porch making sure the dogs do not follow.  He grabs a poop bag, the dog harnesses and coats. He goes over to the kitchen table. He gets a sweater or shirt from the Hattie Mae collection that the pups’ Mommy had laid out for them the night before.

He puts the sweater on Foley who puts up her paws fighting to keep it from going on but finally she lets it be slipped over her head. Pocket, while Foley is being dressed, crosses behind Daddy Lackey headed to the bedroom.  Daddy Lackey calls her.  She stops, looking confused. She turns back to the bedroom, gets called again, and walks back to her Daddy Lackey. While the sweater is going on she turns, squirms, boxes, shakes and finally relents to it being put on.

The harness goes over the shirt or sweater. This way the beauty of the Hattie Mae collection is not hindered by the undergarment. The harness goes on simply but Daddy Lackey has to be careful. If you don’t put the harness on correctly then the dog can break free. If Foley breaks free she just continues about her business knowing she will be safely harnessed soon. If Pocket breaks free she begins darting back and forth as if she has become an untethered balloon. Daddy Lackey has to chase her down before she gets in trouble.

Then Daddy Lackey takes the two jackets and slips the leash through the hole in the jacket. He does this because it is very hard to find the clasp on the harness after you put the jacket on. By slipping the leash through the jacket and then clasping it the entire process is easier. And, by this time, both dogs, standing on the cold floor, and walking back and forth, really have to pee, so expediency is of the utmost importance.

Daddy Lackey then hooks the leash on to the clasp and put the velcro straps around their neck and their stomachs. Finally it is time for the dogs to go outside. They walk out to the porch. Suddenly a stricken look comes over Pocket’s face as she digs her heels in.

“What is wrong?” Daddy Lackey asks Pocket.

“Daddy, I know you spent all this time getting me dressed to go out in the snow but I have to pee.”

“That’s why we’re going outside Pocket,” Daddy said.

“Oh that’s good,” she says following him outside whistling a happy tune.

Sunday, January 6, 2013

JuJu is our January 6, 2013 Pup of the Week

When I first came to my home I was met by a beautiful female lollipop just over five years of age, named Blake. I was put on the floor as I entered the strange house that would become my forever home and the man who would become my Daddy Lackey went up the stairs. There was a scent of another dog in the house but I was too busy checking everything out to worry about it.

Then I saw on the last landing of the stairs a beautiful black and white Shih Tzu. She was much larger than me and I didn’t know if I should be scared but this Shih Tzu ran over to me barking, with her tail wagging, and welcomed me into our home. That dog was Blake.

Blake immediately began to tell me all the rules and regulations of the house, and how to be adorable and get around them all. I don’t know if I would have turned into the manipulative monster that I am without her wisdom. But one morning, shortly after I arrived home, Blake’s little body began to move uncontrollably, foam came out of her mouth, and a very distraught Mommy and Daddy held her until she calmed down. Soon she was back to normal.

When our humans were preparing to go to work I sidled over to my friend and asked what had happened.   She told me she had a seizure. The doctors didn’t know why she was having them, but they were becoming worse and more frequent. “That is why you are here,” she whispered to me. “Mommy wants you to learn everything from me before I get called to the Bridge.”

And I did learn everything, how to beg for food, how to cuddle, how to tree a squirrel, how to be there for my parents: I would not be the dog I am today without Blake Bear. A little over a year later, as her seizures became worse, and she began to lose motor control, she told me her time was near, and, on election day in 2001, she made the trip to the Bridge.

Since then I have shown particular concern for any pup that is having seizures which is why I am writing about my friend Ju Ju. She has recently had three seizures that have scared her Mom very much. She had to spend a night in the hospital, and, if there is a Mom reading this, and they have ever had their baby in the hospital for a night, they know that is the longest night ever. The dogtors were not sure why JuJu was having seizures and sent her home.

Two nights nights later she had another seizure, this one longer and scarier.
Juju’s sibling Pepper gets very scared and tried to attack the seizure out of Juju causing another problem: Juju’s Mom doesn’t want to leave them alone, and is considering daycare for Juju.

Now, since Blake passed, there have been lots of advances in treatments and the diagnosis of seizures. Also there were no sites like Doggyspace, the Tanner Brigade, or Dog Bloggers, to discuss what to do when a pup has a seizure and aleve some of the pup’s parent’s fears.

There are dogs that have lived with seizures, Cocoa Puff comes to mind, and there are many more. Medical scientists have learned a lot about dogs with seizures that they did not know when Blake was alive. So I am asking the Heavenly Pack Leader and our other pup friends for help.

First I would like all our pup friends who have experience with seizures and are living normal lives to post here and let JuJu, Pepper, and their Mom know that Juju should be fine, and what medications they are taking to help prevent the seizures. For those with more than one pup she needs suggestions about what to do with Pepper, since the can’t be separated in the house when they are alone and her Mom is afraid of Perrp attacking Juju.  And I would like everyone to pray for JuJu so the dogtors can find what is wrong with her and prescribe the medicine to help her.

My sister Blake has a sad ending but thanks to social media and medical research, if she were alive today she would have had a full long life with our family. And I pray, I hope, and I believe, that JuJu will too.

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