Sunday, November 29, 2015

Freddy Girl is our November 29, 2015 Pup of the Week

It was a little over five years ago that our human friend Gina Busch followed her heart dog Pepsi to Rainbow Bridge.  I try to visit them once a week.  She is a very special and very sweet dog Mom who now has hundreds of unrescued dogs that she takes care of here at the Bridge.  Humans are rare in our section and when one arrives we all want to share their love and Gina has lots of love to give.  
Gina left two dogs behind on the mortal side:  Freddy and Sota.  Ten years earlier Freddy and Sota would have gone into a shelter and there is no way of knowing what would have happened to them.  But we now live in the age of social media where all those who love and respect dogs are connected.  Freddy and Sota never saw the inside of a shelter.  Thanks to some great social networking parents Freddy and Sota soon found homes.  
Carol Johnson Issacson said that she would love to provide a new home for Sota and Tommy Tunes’ Dad Steve said he would be very happy to provide a home for Freddy.  Many people had to devote time and energy to transport Sota and Freddy to their new homes and despite a snowstorm, it came off without a hitch.  Sota and Freddy are very happy and well taken care of and Gina is so thankful that these parents gave her beloved pups such special lives.
While Freddy, whose name became Freddy Girl to avoid confusion, found herself living with one of the world’s great dog Dads, she also found herself living with the world famous, Hall of Fame dog, Tommy Tunes.  Freddy Girl, who had been overshadowed by Pepsi, was more than happy to let Tommy remain in the spotlight.  Even when, with great fanfare, Tommy crossed the River of Life to the immortal side Freddy still let him do the main blogging for his pack.
But now Freddy Girl is in the spotlight and not by her choosing   Two years ago she had a molar removed and the  wound never healed.   Recently she has been lethargic and not wanting to eat. She was drooling and it was thick and gooey.   Daddy Steve took her to the doctor who said the surgical wound had become infected and spread to other teeth.  On Wednesday Freddy is going to have surgery and she could certainly use your prayers.   
Daddy Steve doesn’t have to worry about Freddy Girl being alone during her surgery  Both Tommy and Gina will be there with her to comfort her and to do everything they can to make sure she returns to her Dad.  
Freddy has had the pleasure of two different and wonderful parents in her life.  She has lost one parent and traveled across the country to get to another.  She is a beautiful beagle pup and like most beagles she is not going to let a hole in the head slow her down.
Wishing you a safe surgery and a quick recovery Freddy and that you quickly get home to Dad.

Friday, November 27, 2015

Tails From Rainbow Bridge: A Thanksgiving Feast

We had quite the dinner here at Rainbow Bridge.  We collectively gave thanks because our parents are healthy and safe and so many of our good friends have wonderful homes.  Then we feasted like we had not eaten in weeks (pretty much what a dog does everyday.)  This year, as part of their initiation to the Bridge, we asked all pups who arrived since last Thanksgiving to make their best dishes.
We began our meal, as we must begin all meals, with a blessing from Pastor Fonzie Tuxedo.  He spoke wonderful words that left us all truly touched and thankful for our eternal lives.  
Then Nitro, our newest angel, led us in a toast and announced that the feeding was about to commence.  
To wet our appetites Clint presented us with a lovely squirrel on a stick with a sweet sauce.  
To help clear our palates Scooby baked hundreds of cinnamon Scooby snacks and finished it off with some Great Dane kisses on the head for all of us.
It was now time for something exocitc.  Maya, our sweet German Shepherd friend, made us some Rote grutze.  It was a red pudding that looks like something we may have spit up but it was filled with  raspberries, strawberries and cherries and was delicious.
We didn’t ask Molly to cook.  That is because shortly before she joined us her Mom Sharron arrived.  She made us all bits of steak in a red wine sauce.  The steak melted in our mouth.  Sharron is one terrific cook.
This was followed by meatballs shaped like bulldogs.  Nigel made them with a blend of venison, duck and kangaroo.  They were venduckaroo balls and they were delicious.  And girls, Nigel was beyond cute in his chef’s cap.
Reyah is well known for her friendships with horses and we were a little worried about what she would bring but she brought a very tasty blend of oats and also provided horsie rides for all of us which was a nice break from our eating.  
Reyah handed us off to Logan who is also an expert horseman.   At the end of the ride Logan presented us some stunning Pacific Salmon with a lemon sauce that we all scarfed down quickly.  It was so good.
Then came our main course.  It was Blazer’s Famous Glazed turkey.  Oh my gosh it was so tender and juicy.  Blazer proved himself to be quite the chef.  Assisting Blazar with the cooking and providing us with a scrumptious kibble and raisin stuffing was Simon.  We gave them both a standing ovation.
After that we needed a break.  During so our friend from Blogville, Goose, son of a preacher, gave us our second blessing of the day.
We began another course  with a very stiff drink to whet our appetites and it was served by the most gentlemanly of dogs, Max, dressed in a tuxedo.  He gave us our sniffers of drinks with a kind word and a warm thought preparing us for more food.
It was time for dessert and we got cake.  Wedding cake to be precise.  It was cake left over from Aran and Wiley’s wedding.  Aran had married Wiley days before her passing over the Bridge and she had brought a lot of cake with her.  It was our honor to share it.
After the cake we were served delicious gelato by Mouse of the Min Pin Gang.  I had no idea that Mouse was such a great chef but he has turned into a real Ratatouille
Erin came in while we were eating our gelato.  She was known for her web design  Instead of doing a desert she lit up the entire area around us with Thanksgiving decorations and it was so beautiful it took our breath away.
Then Erin lifted a curtain and before us were dozens of beautiful paintings done by none other than Zoe Boe.  We stood and applauded her work and Erin’s.  Nothing is better than dinner and a show.
And now it was time for even more food.  We were going to say that we had no way to fit more but then gave in delicious sundaes from Otis Campbell’s ice cream shoppe.  Chocolate, hot fudge, bananas, gummy bears, they were incredible and every pup’s face was dripping ice cream when we were done.
And then, flying over us, sending off sparks everywhere with an amazing fireworks show was our Sheriff of Fun Angel Benjamin.
All that was left was cleaning off the tables.  Then we heard a might galloping and turned to see Brody jumping through the air and landing on the table,  He surfed across the table taking out all the glasses and plates, all the dishes and bowls and even the gravy boat.  He then landed on the grass amongst the shattered dining ware and he, aided by the great German Shepherd Daddy, ate all the leftover food.
It was a great Thanksgiving on the immortal side of life, hope you had a great one on the mortal side

Thursday, November 26, 2015

What I Am Thankful for By River Song

Bed:  I am thankful for the big bed.  There is nowhere better to snuggle than the bed.  I would stay in bed all day if I could and when I am taken out I always whine.
Second Bed:  Second bed is when we are taken out of bed to do our business, then, if our parents don’t have anywhere to go, we get back into bed.  Once there we get plenty of rubs, scratches, and Pocket and I romp and play.  There is nothing like a second bed day.
Walks:  The smells from the ground and in the air, seeing, and showing off for our neighbors, getting stranger’s rubs and tickles, our parents going out and taking us with them, the chance to relieve ourselves, there is nothing better than a walk.
Mom’s Lap:  My favorite place in the world.  It is even better than the big bed.  Mommy has the perfect lap.  No too hard.  No too soft.  Goldilocks would climb in her lap and never leave.  Her lap is perfectly sculpted for a dog.  It is a lap above all others.
Blanket Help:  This is when you are on top of the blanket and you want to get under the blanket but  you can’t because you are standing on the blanket and someone picks you up off the blanket so you can get under the blanket.  Being blanket blocked is very frustrating.
Food:  Kibble, chicken, turkey, pumpkin, apples, cornflakes, it is all heaven to me.  I could eat all day long but I need to take a break to be on beds, laps and blankets.
My Kong:  I have my Kong at 10:00 every night.  If I do not get it at 10:00 I jump on Daddy’s lap and glare at him until he gives it to me.  I am also thankful of my very frightening glare.
Pocket:  She is a bit of a pain, she takes Mom’s lap sometimes, she gets in my spot in the bed, she eats food that could go to me, but all in all she is a good sister and has taught me a lot.
Daddy’s body heat:  I love to snuggle in bed with Mommy but when it gets cold I go to Daddy because he gives off more heat the a furnace going full blast.  He could melt a candle.
My friends:  I am so lucky to have so many friends, on Tanner Brigade, on Facebook and in Blogville.   If I have the slightest problem they are there for me.  They make me feel good about myself. they give me lots of smiles, prayers and love.  Our lives would not be as happy without our friends.
My parents:  Here is something we all have in common.  We all have the best parents in the world.  I certainly do.  I love them and want to be with them all the time.  I sit on Mommy’s feet when she cooks, sit near her when she is seated, and sleep next to her.  I am a true velcro dog.  I love my parents and never let them out of my sight unless I get crated.
And I am thankful that none of my friends or family have been caught up in the hatred spreading like wildfire through our world and I pray that this continues for time on end.
Happy Thanksgiving.

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Beat This Caption

I swear to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth unless it has to do with food, poop or pee then I plead the fifth

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Nitro is our November 22, 2015 Pup of the Week

There are too many dogs I have lost contact with since the old DS site closed.  The next I hear from them they are meeting me at the Bridge.  This is what happened with my friend Nitro.  
But once a friend always a friend,.We hugged after he was sworn in, out of friendship and mutual respect, and then I began to give him lessons on flying,.
Like all pups Nitro hurried through his lessons because he needed to check on his Mom.  Being separated from our parents and family is very traumatic for us dogs.  We have lots of friend to rally around us but we still want to see that our parents are all right.  They never are, they are always broken, but it still makes us feel good to see them.
I took Nitro to Tommy Tunes’ and Tommy gave him some popcorn and showed him some of his funny videos to try to get Nitro to smile.  Nitro giggled a couple of times.  We left Nitro alone to watch his family on the widescreen while Tommy and I went into the kitchen and cleaned the popcorn maker with our tongues.  
Soon Nitro came out of the viewing room slightly teary eyed.  I took him by the paw and we flew to a special area by the water.  There was a huge circle lit by a thousand candles and in the middle were hundreds of dogs and Nitro and I joined them in play.  Nipping, rolling over, licking and kissing each other until Nitro felt better.
It is going to take a lot of playing and nipping to make Nitro feel better and it is going to take a lot more than that to get his Mom to feel better.  But her little boy is here safe and feeling like a pup.
On Thursday, when you think of him, think of him in his little helmet getting ready to play in the Puppy bowl.  We will keep him, and all pups, occupied until his Mom gets here.
Even Angels need Angels.

Friday, November 20, 2015

Tails From Rainbow Bridge: Visiting the Puppy Pool with Misha

There is a saying here at the Bridge:  “Your newest angel leads you to your next dog.”  An angel’s sworn duty upon arriving here is to determine when our grieving parents are ready for their next dog and then to find the perfect dog for them.
This is true if the next dog is adopted and it is true if the next dog is born.  The process of picking the dog is very different.  When it is an adoption angels drop into the dreams of available dogs, interviews them and find the perfect one.  When it is a puppy that means a road trip.
Misha, my friend from the Golden Girls, a beautiful yellow lab, asked me to go with her to find the perfect pup for her Mom.   A good angel never says no to a friend but I knew what this would mean:  A Visit to the Pool of Puppies.
Asking another dog to go to the Pool of Puppies with you is the equivalent of asking someone to help you move.  It’s going to take all day, you’re going to get messy, and at the end of the day the most you can hope for is a pizza.
To get to the Pool of the Puppies you have to go all the way to the source of the River of Life.  It opens up to a wide pool filled with thousand of puppies all squirming and fighting to reach the other side so they can be born.  When they saw Misha and me they all came running to us, knocking us over and licking and kissing us.  
We both tried to paw the puppies off of us but we were being smothered.  “Foley how do I know which one to pick?”  Misha asked.
“Pick the first one who came to you,” I said as every inch of my body was being licked.  
“They all came on me at once!” she barked.
It was like 50 Shades of Puppy.
“Then pick the one that stays the longest!” I barked.
Slowly the wet, slippery, sweet kissing puppies left us to go back into the pool waiting to be born.  I hoped that none of the dogs who jumped my bones would ever be among the unrescued.
Slowly the puppies climbed off of Misha.  It took longer because she is much bigger than me.  Finally Misha was lying on her back with one lone puppy still licking her and Misha held her with her paws and announced that this was the one for her Mom.  Misha then picked the puppy up in her mouth and sent her off to a litter Mom who could be found by his Mom and here that puppy, who will soon be on of the Golden Girls, is, with the rest of her litter mates.
tails from rainbow bridge.jpg
Misha and I, soaking wet with puppy drool, slowly squished our way back up to our homes.  Our hearts were beating rapidly, and we were both shaken.  A visit to the puppy pool was very taxing but if it makes her Mom happy it was well worth it.
When I got home I took a long bath to clean off the puppy juice then poured myself a nice Foletini  and bit into a nice slice of Misha supplied sausage pizza.
A new Golden Girl for Misha’s Mom and a sausage pizza.  Good deeds are rewarded.  

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Pocket and the Big Bangs

Pocket 41515.jpg

Two weeks ago I tried to be brave when one man came to do small jobs on the outside of the house.  But what would I do when a whole team of men arrived?
Wednesday night Daddy took me aside and told me that there were men coming to the house, it would be loud, noisy and scary, and I had to be brave for Mommy
On Thursday morning I was snuggled in bed.  Then the noise began.  It sounded like an oliphant eating the house.  I climbed on top of Daddy’s head and began barking.  He grabbed me and took me outside to do my business.   There were so many men there and they were ripping our little house apart.  I let out a couple of small barks of protest but I just wanted to get back in bed.  I snuggled with Mommy while Daddy took River on then he got back in bed.  He laid on his back, held me with the crook of his arm, and we stayed that way for most of the morning.  The shades were drawn, the lights were off, and we couldn’t see what was happening which kept me calmer.
When we got up River and I ran to the window and barked at the men who her ripping, sawing, hammering and yelling to one another.  But I was brave.  I ate all my food and I produced good poops  When Daddy went to work I stayed with Mommy and protected her.  I even stayed brave when they worked after dark.  My Mom needed protecting and I was just the dog to do it.  
Friday they woke us up again.   It was a repeat of Thursday.  Happily I was still eating and not producing my nervous loose poops.  Finally the men picked up all their work, cleaned everything, and we had new siding and shutters.  Mommy promised me no more men working, no more banging, no more noises.  Both she and Daddy were very proud of how I handled the situation.  I was still eating and producing good poops.
On Saturday Mommy’s Grandbaby Megan came for the night.  She is wonderful and we love her very much.  But sometimes I get overly excited when she comes over and that excitement leads to me not eating and bad poops.  But not this time.  Again I handled everything like a champ.  By Sunday our lives were back to normal.
Sure I was nervous, and excited, but I kept eating and continually swallowed all that anxiety until Monday when it exploded from my mouth and out my butt.  The tummy problems I had kept at bay for four days took over.  I had an unsettled few days not wanting to eat my breakfast and being finicky about eating supper.
I am back to normal now, eating and doing my business with no issues.  I did try my hardest to be brave and not to have bad poops.  Almost made it.  But it’s like Foley used to tell me:  When a turkey flies you can’t blame it when it only stays up a few seconds.  

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Beat This Caption

Spent all morning putting on my face and I can't even get a cup of coffee that says Merry Christmas

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Minnie is our November 15, 2015 Pup of the Week

Minnie 110011172015.jpg

Being an angel can be an exercise in frustration.  Most of the time all we can do is watch over our loved ones, carry prayers up the mountain to the Big Guy for them, and fret.  But occasionally we are able to directly help.
Which brings me to Minnie and her angels Max and Tupper.  Minnie has had a terrible month.  She developed a very itchy rash that would not respond to any treatment.   Antibiotic pills, salves, nothing her regular vet gave her worked.  Her Mom decided, after more than two weeks of Minnie suffering, to try a holistic approach.  
Minnie’s Mom changed her diet to home made which she hoped would help cure Minnie of her terrible rash (and Minnie’s brother Boris was the happy co-recipient of the home cooked meals.)  Making the food took their Mom a long time and cost more than then kibble but she is a Mom who would do anything for her sweet babies  
But, like all other attempts, the new diet did not work either.  The disease spread into her ears and all down her undercarriage.  He prescribed a new antibiotic a new ear medicine, a new pill, and most scary of all the “B” word that scares all parents and pups very much.  .There was also the possibility Minnie had an autoimmune disease called Canine Pemphigus.  It is a group of autoimmune skin diseases involving ulceration, crusting of the skin and fluid filled sacs.  The treatment for this would be very expensive and would take years of follow up appointments.      
During all of this Max and Tupper could only watch from above.  They carried thousands of prayers to the Big Guy for their sister but they were in as much in the dark as we were.  Us angels like to think we can control things but mostly all we can do it try to provide comfort .
But on Friday something very bad and scary happened and the only reason it had a good outcome was because Max and Tupper were able to intervene.  Even after her biopsy, with stitches in three places, one quite delicate, Minnie, a beagle, insisted on going for a good stroll and sniff on the walking trails behind her house.  Having been cooped up Minnie was rearing to go and since she is a good girl who always comes when called she was not leashed.  But on this day she did not come.  
Minnie’s Mom repeatedly gave her “come” call but there was no sign of Minnie.  It soon turned pitch black and her Mom was begging God for mercy and help while crying and continuing with her “come call.”   She called her sister and her nephews to help in the search.  The boys began calling Minnie’s name and they heard a bark in the woods.  They followed it and found Minnie’s horrible fate.  Her leg was caught in a hunting trap.
Minnie’s Mom, because of physical issues, could not get to Minne.  She tried 911, and the DNR, but it was Minnie’s Dad and her uncle who got there first.  Minnie’s Dad saw her back leg was caught in the trap.  There were pins on either side of her leg and he pushed them in and pulled her foot out of the trap.  From there Minnie was taken to the emergency vet and miraculously there were no broken or crushed bones.  There was just some swelling and Minnie was given medication.   She needs prayers for her recovery from being trapped and for her rash.
But that’s just the part of the story her Mom knows.
Max and Tupper were watching over Minnie when she got her leg trapped.  They flew down to Minnie and told her to lie very still.  They cuddled up with her and told her that everything would be all right.  Minnie wanted to struggle and get free but Tupper said she would hurt herself more.  The two angels made rustling noises so the nephews could find Minnie and they told her not to struggle when she saw friendly faces.  The made sure she did not move when her leg was removed from the trap, and kept her calm through all the xrays and tests that came afterwards.  They stayed with her right up until the time she got drugged up and no longer needed to be kept calm.
So, when you are giving thanks to the heavens for Millie being safe don’t forget to thank Tupper and Max.  It isn’t often us angels get to help out directly.  I know Tupper and Max are very proud of their work.
And they hope they never have to do it again.

Friday, November 13, 2015

Tails From Rainbow Bridge: Walking for the Unrescued

Brody calendar.jpg

Sundays at the Bridge is a day of rest.  It goes back to the beginning when the Big Guy created everything and then on the seventh day he rested so he is a bit of a stickler about the rest thing.  He doesn’t mind if we play a bit of football but he has discouraged us from playing “Kill the Vick with the ball.”  I tell him we are just practicing: For now.
I enjoy sleeping as late as possible on Sundays so I was not happy to hear, and then see, Logan and Brody burst  into my room.  “What are you two doing here?”  Brody was pulling my warm covers off of me while Logan nosed me off the bed.
“Vee mave mo mo malk,” Brody said.  I reached up with my paw and pulled my blankets from his mouth.  “We have to go for a walk,” Brody said clearly.
“Why do we have to go for a walk?” I asked.
“Today is the walk for the Arizona Animal Welfare League!” Brody said excitedly.  “I have walked it the last five years with my Mom.    This year Logan and his Mom were driving down to Arizona to walk it with Mom and Finley in my honor but now Logan’s here so his Mom is walking with her other Labs and we are going to walk  to support them.”
“That is a very noble idea,” I said as they rushed around me putting on my robe and getting me ready for the walk.  “But we can’t raise money for them up here.”
“I am going it to support my Mom,” he barked.  “And she and Logan’s Mom will know we are walking.  I know they will.”   Then I saw the hundreds of dogs who he had recruited for the walk.   I sighed.  Well I always enjoyed a good Sunday morning walk after breakfast.  I poured myself a big bowl of kibble and got ready to eat but Brody and Logan grabbed me and pulled me out the door.  
No breakfast?
I was soon walking with a large pack of dogs.  Some of them I recognized.  Others I had never seen before.  “Who are these dogs?” I asked Brody.
“The Un-rescued,” he said.  “These are the dogs who never found their forever home.  They crossed over unloved.  While my Mom, and Logan’s Mom, walk to raise money to make sure their numbers don’t rise, we walk with them to honor them.  To honor the Un-rescued.”
I had never been more proud to miss breakfast, or walk, in my life.
So help Brody, Logan and I keep the number of un-rescued from growing and give to you local shelters and rescues.

Thursday, November 12, 2015

River Song: Top Model

HUMPHH!  I guess I am some kind of model now.  I never imagined being a model.  I am long legged, slim waisted, and have a perfect face.  It is no mystery why someone wanted me to model but I showed no interest.

Then my agent called.  He told me that I was asked to model clothes for the greatest fashion house in all Dog Land:  The House of Hattie.   Who could say no to them?  There were whispers in the industry that The House was more interested in my sister Pocket modeling because they needed a minus sized dog but I knew that could not be true.  Look at me!  I am beautiful!  My face is my livelihood.

We had our first fitting on Sunday.  I immediately balked.  I was due for a grooming appointment on Wednesday.  My hair was a mess.  My beard was tangled and had a piece of kibble I was saving from last week embedded in it.  But my Mom insisted on the show because The House of Hattie needed to know if the dresses fit Pocket.  Again with the Pocket!  Doesn’t Mommy know I am the model here?

We tried on our first outfits and put in the chair for our pictures.  I saw myself in the reflection from the TV screen.  I was a mess.  I could not work this way.  I have a fan base!  They could not see me this way!  I got off the chair and stalked off into the kitchen.  

Mommy called me back into the room and that stupid reflex that makes me do everything she says took over and I was back in the chair.  But I was in no mood to pose.  First I hid my disheveled face from the camera by rubbing it on the chair.  Then I moped and refused to stand up.  

Here is a picture of myself during my runway meltdown.

river 4251182015.jpg

That slight glance up was as close to posing as I came.  I soon stormed off the set, knocked over the bowl of M&M’s that I had demanded because there were still red ones in it and curled up in a ball to sleep.

On Wednesday I went to the groomer’s and I told her that I had an important photo shoot.  It took her four hours but she was finally able to cut my hair to my specifications.

When we got home I told my Mom I was ready for my close up.  After making sure there were no red M&M’s in the bowl I put on a show wearing my House Of Hattie couture.  Notice the complete change in my face, posture and grace.

But guess what?  All Mommy wanted to do in her e-mail to the House of Hattie was discuss how the dresses fit Pocket.  

How do you like that?


Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Beat This Caption

I told you that you were going to have to wait until after the baby was born to cut the umbilical cord.

Sunday, November 8, 2015

Clint is our November 8, 2015 Pup of the Week

I last wrote about Clint in January 2014.  He was peeing more often and it was taking him longer to complete his business.   His parents were worried that it was diabetes or kidney disease.  Luckily it was only a urinary tract infection.  Soon Clint was fine and drama free, except for a midsummer mishap with his leg in a storm drain.
Twenty months later that urinary tract infection proved to be a harbinger of something worse.   And that is what brought my friend to me, over the River of Life, to the immortal side, where he was met by many friends who love him very much, and he was young again.
Before making his journey Clint was diagnosed with kidney disease.  His parents did everything they could.  They changed his diet and they kept getting his blood checked just as the vet had ordered.  But sometimes there is nothing that vets or parents can do.
Clint was a perfect gentleman.  He was very sweet and loving to everyone he met.  And he was extremely devoted to his parents, as they were to him.  His parents would spare no expense, or leave no stone unturned to return him to health, except for one, they would not let their little gentleman suffer.
Clint took his medicine like a good boy and easily adapted to his diet changes but he began vomiting his food and water.  On Halloween morning his Mom took him to the vet for some blood work to determine the cause of the vomiting and to receive an anti nausea shot and some fluid to ward off dehydration.  
He enjoyed Halloween night, which was one of his favorite holidays.  He loved seeing the costumed cuties coming to his door.  Sensing that his song was ending his parents wanted to make Sunday a special day for all of them  They took the RV out of storage and took Clint to a nearby state park where he could lay on the cool grass under a tree and enjoy all the sights and smells.  His Mom called it a perfect day.
The next morning his Mom got the fateful call.  Clint was taken to  the vet and held by his Mom while the doctor gave him the shot that began his journey to his friends on the immortal side of the River while she held him and told him he was loved and was a good boy.
After I swore Clint in, and he got his wings, he spent time with every pup who came to see him, thanking them for making the trip and asking how they were.  Clint had just lost his family but this handsome gentleman wanted to make sure he showed appreciated to every dog who came to see him.
Then he walked down the grassy knoll towards the River.  He found a grassy spot under a tree where he could look in the water and watch over his grieving family.  He told me he was going to wait there for many years, and watch his parents play with new pups, and give them love, until the day comes, far in the future, when they can join him under the tree, on the grass, and have an eternity of perfect days.

Friday, November 6, 2015

Tails From Rainbow Bridge: Happy Endings

A few weeks ago I wrote a blog about a dog named Astra who was returned to her rescue when she showed aggression on an elevator which was a problem since she lived on the 80th floor.  Poor Astra cried when she saw her family leaving her.
We are happy to report that Astra has found a family and it looks like she has found her forever home without elevators.
That story made me feel all warm inside and I don’t get to feel that way too often.  With all the pain in the world I wanted to find another happy story.  But to make a happy story we have to begin with a sad story.
The sad story looks like this:
This is Kala and Kiera.  They were a day away from being sent to the Bridge at their kill shelter in Georgia.  A worker at the shelter, in a desperate attempt to save the pups, took a picture of the dogs.  As he lined up his shot Kala hugged Kiera .  
Kala and Kiera proved my theory.  Whenever in doubt hug.  The picture made its way to the Angels Amongst Us site where they pleaded with anyone who saw the post to help these two dogs before they crossed the River of Life.
The photo went viral getting thousands of shares and likes and more importantly someone stepped up to foster them.  Instead of going to see me they went to a vet and a new foster family.
This week they left the foster family, but not to be returned to the Rescue.  Instead they went to their forever home.  A woman had recently lost two senior dogs to the Bridge and was looking for two new companions.  Kala and Kiera proved to be just those companions.  We turned our tears into smiles with these two young, playful dogs,” said Wendy, the dogs’ new owner.
Wendy is planning to create a Kala and Kiera Facebook page so we can all follow their adventures and hopefully raise money to help Angels Rescue.
We began this with their sad picture and here is their happy photo on what will forever be known as their Gotcha Day.


Remember with the works of good people, prayers and hugs anything is possible

Thursday, November 5, 2015

Pocket the Scout

I am the family scout.  I may not be the fastest, or the strongest, or the best fighter but my ears are bigger than the rest of my head so my family counts on me to use my hearing to warn of impending danger.

We were in bed Monday morning when I heard the sound of a truck backing into the driveway.  I immediately woke my Daddy.  Trucks are bad news  Haven’t you been watching The Walking Dead?

Daddy took me out of bed to suss out what was going on.  There was a man on our property unloading things from the truck.  He and Daddy said good morning while I did my business.  I completed it quickly.  I needed to give this guy a random sniff test.  But first I had to wait for Daddy to slowly pick up my poo.  So annoying and humiliating.

Then Daddy took me back in the house!  We were going to trust this man with the big truck?  He put me back in bed.  Freaking liberal pacifist.  He and Mommy then talked about the situation and decided it would be better to spend time in the bedroom with the blinds closed so River and I  wouldn’t get all worked up because this interloper was in our yard.  

All worked up?  It’s a Yorkie sworn duty to get all worked up.

I tried to rally River to my cause by nipping, biting, and finally signaling her with dog code for great distress:  Rolling over on my back with my legs spread.  But River didn’t care.  She just wanted to snuggle with Mommy in our bed of ignorance.

I heard his footsteps, his setting up a ladder, his climbing the ladder (Oh no he coming in the window!  He’s coming in the window!), him ripping property off our house (He is stealing!  Stealing!)  Then I heard hammering, sawing, and worst of all screwing while my three bed mates drifted in and out of consciousness like Rose on the floating wood on “Titanic,” while I dangled i
like Jack in danger in the cold water.

Finally we got out of bed and River and I ran from window to window until we found the interloper.  We barked our heads off at him.  Shortly after that he came to the door and we ran to sniff him but then got in a fight over who would do the sniffing and missed him.   Mommy tried to feed me breakfast but a Yorkie on the edge doesn’t eat.  We didn’t get to sniff when we went on our walk and by the time we got home we were all sniffed out.  I relented and ate and then we fell asleep.  When we awoke there was some exchange of paperwork and then he was gone.

I went outside.  Everything looked like it was all right but I will be inspecting all week and when I find something wrong I shall point it out to my parents and they will start listening to their little scout’s warnings.

I advise your parents to do the same

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Fonzie Tuxedo is our November 1, 2015 Pup of the Week

I was lying in the sun Thursday just soaking up the rays enjoying the day.  I love lying in the sun.  Then the sun went away.  At first I thought I had napped straight until night time but when I opened my eyes I saw it was a dark cloud:  A dark cloud of tears floating from the mortal side.
This happens when someone big passes over the River.  All the tears shed at the passing lift up into a cloud and floats towards us.  Soon it begins to rain cold tears as the cloud can no longer hold it’s content.
Then came the rumble of thunder caused by the wails of  humans giving voice to their grief.  I put my head down and weathered the storm then got my robe and book.  I went to the top of the stairs, dreading seeing which of my well loved friends had passed causing all this anguish.
The cries subsided, the rain lessened then stopped.  The sun shone brightly in my face and the angels began to howl in a beautiful melody.  I tried to look down the stairs to see who was approaching, but there was no one there.  Then I saw, rising above me, ascending towards the sky, my wonderful friend Pastor Fonzie Tuxedo bypassing the gathered angels and me, and flying high up to the Big Guy’s Mountain.
I understood.   Dogs as kind, loyal, faithful, inspiring and spiritual as the Fonz are not sworn in by mere Yorkie judges  They go straight to the Big Guy.
Fonzie was an inspiration to us all.  Along with his wonderful Mom he dedicated his life to providing faith and understanding to all his friends.  He always lent a paw of friendship to every pup.  He was the keeper of the faith, a true believer, our moral compass.  He helped his Mom save, find homes for, and transport hundreds of dogs.  There are so many pups and parents who owe their relationships to Fonzie and his Mom.  Thus the outpouring of tears and the wails of anguish that accompanied his passing.
My Mom has a knitted angel on a door in her house.  The angel was created lovingly by Fonzie’s Mom and sent to my Mom after my crossing over.  Whenever my Mom looks at the angel she thinks of me, and of Fonzie, and his wonderful Mom.  And Fonzie and his Mom have sent this gift to dozens of angel parents making their loss a little bit easier.  Hopefully we can all find a way to make Fonzie’s passing a little easier for his Mom.
Fonzie soon descended from the mountain.  He was wearing the whitest, most pure wings I had ever seen.  He fluttered above us gathered angels and then began to fly away.  We dutifully followed him until we came to a beautiful new church.  This, and the small house next to it, are Fonzie’s new home and preaching the good word to us his new duty.
We all fell silent as Fonzie began to preach and a great peace passed upon us.
While he will be terribly missed on the mortal side Fonzie has an endless supply of angels to preach to and improve their existence through his words.  
Fonzie is now immortal and his word shall never be silenced.

Wordless Wednesday