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Jackie Lynn is our July 31, 2011 Pup of the Week

What do you have to do to become a Tanner Brigade Pup of the Week?  Occasionally all you have to do is show up. But when the showing up requires the coordinated efforts of several volunteers, a long car ride with your mates, and when you arrive at your forever home you meet the most flamboyant, funny, fabulous family on the Brigade, you move directly to the head of the class. So we are very proud to announce our July 31, 2011 Pup of the Week:  Jackie Lynn. When judging who we should give the most prestigious award in all of Pup blogging to we look to see who has become the center of the water dish conversation at the Brigade.  Since the brink of the weekend nothing was more important to us dogs and our slope noses, not the silly debt ceiling debate, not the baseball trade deadline, or football free agency, then how to get Jackie Lynn home. Jackie Lynn began the week as one of Bit Bit's puppies so she was already family, but when we learned she was going

Wordlesss Wednesday Beat this caption starring Nase


TWIB: This week in blogging. A round up of blogs we follow

This week Silvie of silvieon4 reported on the adoption of Libby , a puppy mill breeding female who is emotionally scarred  Her adoption had all of us doing the dance of joy.    I found out Pocket can't dance as she repeatedly tripped me.  Silvie and I should be on Dancing With the Stars.  The Poodle (and Dog) Blog reported that Ozzy Osborne and his wife Sharon got a rescue Yorkie for the dirt cheap price of $10,000 .  The money went to an autism charity held by Sharon Osborne's co-star Holly Robinson Peete.  Their other costar from "The Talk" Lisa Remini bit a postman on the leg at the bar.  Wyatt from the Gardening With Wyatt blog went to a dog show and came back with some marvelous pictures of pups.  Our good friend Nadine, who is mother to Buttons at the Bridge, gives us a list of three popular household items that may be dangerous to all pups.  My good friend Kirby the Dorkie gave us a list of puppy do and don'ts .  This was especially

The Gustavson Pack is our July 24, 2011 Pack of the Week

Often life is like a trip at sea.  For days you have sunny skies and clear sailing.  Then the sea gets rough, a storm comes in, a sail is torn, the mast snaps, and you become swamped as your family starts to sink.  All you can do is chart your course and hold on tight. That is what happened this week to our pack of the week, Fuzzy Bacon, the late, beloved macaw Irie, now flying at the bridge, their canine siblings, 12, Chappy and Whiskey, and their strong and courageous parents, The Gustavsons. Their lives have gone up and down, listed from one side to the next, but under the study hand of their parents, they keep moving forward. Fuzzy originally answered to Dexter when he was rescued by Roxy, Dutchess and their Natalie who fostered him until his forever home could be found.  That home seemed to belong to the Gustavsons who opened their home, their heart, and their great originality at naming pups, changing Dexter to Fuzzy Bacon.  When Natalie put Fuzzy in

The Yorkie that laid the golden vick

I could have used your help this week.  I was in desperate need of a slop pass.  I was on the rice and chicken diet for three days because of loose stools.  I mean loose stools?  Come on!  Do humans pay attention to what comes out of them?  The noise.  The smell.  How do you manage to sit on the seat and still manage to get remnants on the very seat you are sitting on?  And you humans keep eating the same crap?  But it's 110 degrees outside, I am forcefully toothbrush mouth raped on a nightly bases, I have stress with the Ning weasels and I don't have the proper consistency for a couple of days and wham I'm on slop.  But I have to thank Kolchak's and Felix's Mom Aunt Jodi who suggested some yummy pumpkins that firmed me up like a virgin at the Spiderman conference at Comic Con.  We then had Poop Watch 2011 on Twitter with Koli and my tweet friend Princess Abby and by Friday afternoon I was like the goose who laid the golden eggs if golden eggs pickers

From the files of Pocket Dog Dog Detective: The curious case of Jodi Chick

My name is Pocket Dog.  I make my living on the mean, filthy streets of our Elderly modular home park.  Everybody here knows me as a dog who can get things done.  I ask them not to question my means,  my methods.  I'm old school, a pack of butts strapped to one leg, a Roscoe on the other, a denim diaper all I need to cover my butt.  I work alone except for my office girl Foley.  She's an old lollipop but she's quick on her paws and knows when to keep her tongue in her mouth.  Dames like her are hard to find in this biz.  She's good on one of those fancy new typewriter things, me?  got no use for them gadgets.  Carry all my knowledge under my fedora.  The other night Foley put on a pot of Joe and went back to working that fancy typewriter when she stumbled across a case for Pocket Dog Dog Detective.  Two of our friends Kolchak and Felix were again given a tip of the hat for their skills at spinning a tale.  To accept the kudos they had to write about unkn

Wordlesss Wednesday

Reba is our July 17, 2011 pup of the week

The close calls end quickly.   The Mom who swerves her car to the left to miss the drifting motorcycle in the other lane.   The little girl who doesn't get off the school bus followed by a call from the school saying she is safe, and had just boarded the wrong bus.  The close calls end quickly, but linger in the mind, the buried "What If?" reverberating for weeks in the recesses of the mind.  Take the case of Pokey and Maggie. Let me make clear; sorry my friends, but you two are not our pups of the week.  Running away from home will never earn dogs that honor.  It might earn you naughty dog of the week, but I am afraid if someone were to do a Google search for naughty dogs it might provide web sites only dogs with serious self esteem issues would like to see.  But I am willing to bet a bag of high quality kibble that their Mommy has spent more than a few nights this week wondering what would have happened if their dog walker had not found them.  But it&

Blog The Change: In the Kennel Over There

This post is a part of the Blog the change event. We encourage you to check them out and take part in this great event.   Being alone breaks my heart but I always will be true and when your mama cannot be found I'll sing this lullabye just for you and what becomes of all the little dogs with no one to pet their hair well they're lined up all around the wall in the kennel over there. So you better bring a blanket for those not for sale and if I can’t find a family then I’ll be in doggy jail and what becomes of all the little pups who don’t seem to have a prayer well they're sleepin' sadly in the kennell over there. and if you chewed slippers or nipped a baby girl you'll find out where the unwanted sit just like hobos on the rail home is a place where a royal flush can never beat a pair but if you don’t have a family you’ll be in the kennel over there if you’re eating tree rats or sleepin' in the rain and there is never

Pocket's favorite time of the day

"Pocket where is your ball?" Daddy asks every morning while Mommy is in the shower.   I don't know why he asks me this.  If I knew where the ball was I wouldn't be hysterically running around the house looking under every chair, bureau, and couch cushion in the house.  Then Daddy gets down on all fours and begins to look under the same things.  I don't know why he does this either.   I have everything covered at ground level.  It's the human's eye view I need. Daddy is frustrated when he does this.   Before we moved, when we played ball, the ball would roll under the hutch or the microwave cabinet (it's actually a liquor cabinet but it was called the microwave cabinet because they stuck a microwave on it so people wouldn't know they are drunks) and Daddy would have to crawl into the dining room to free the ball, while I stood near the ball's location and barked.    \ When we moved there was nothing in our ball throwing area

Paco is our July 10, 2011 Pup of the Week

It's time to use our paws to dry our tears as we leave a good friend behind.   We our a Brigade. Dog soldiers in the fight for the freedom to bark.  We have praised our comrade, comforted his family, and will keep Bo in our heart for a long time.  We will stay in contact with his parents and siblings, giving them a paw to cry on, as we push forwards on our journey. With each member we lose we become stronger, because it give us another angel on our shoulders.  These angels watch over us to make sure nothing bad happens to us before it is our time.  So let's celebrate a friend who, with the aid of the Bridge Angels, got a good diagnoses and will stay comforting his Mom for many a day. In June we learned that our Italian friend Paco had a bad blood test.   His liver was not working properly.  In fact there was a chance it was liver cancer. There was so much going on at that time.  Bo had been diagnosed.  We heard that Saffron might be sick.  We did what we

Daddy's Arms: A Song from Bo

I will leave behind all of my toys I played with when I was with you All I need's your endless love And my well worn collar As I say goodbye in Daddy's arms Although my heart is breaking My soul will steal away through your blinds And leave behind the pain that was aching The late day light has washed your face And everything is turning blue now Hold on to your couch pillow there's nothing you can do now As I say goodbye in Daddys's arms You'll find another heart dog And I swear to god by Christmas Day, There'll be someone else to snuggle you. The only thing I'm taking is the love that all you gave me I'll float   past your chest of drawers And your broken window chimes As I say goodbye I'll say goodbye, say goodbye in Daddy's arms. I'll spirit my way down the darken hall And out into the evening The greyhounds   at Rainbow Bridge Have kept their fires burning No more hurrying through the rain Letting go of this

What is up with the Facebook sweat socks?

I was surfing on the Humanbook last night, pretending to be Mom, and sending leading messages to eligible gentlemen when I saw this ad: DERMA PAW:  SKIN AND PAW TREATMENT OK, what in the old blue dog are these things? I guess if you have problems with skin allergies they are nice.  But if you had a human boy and the doctor told you the only way to stop the allergy was for him to wear a dress to school, would you take him shopping at the Limited?  Look, I live in a neighborhood where everyone walks hunched over and smells likes prunes.  They wear clothes they bought at Caldors and K-Mart which went out of business before blogged my first post (now that sounds dirty.)  But not a single one of them looks so danged foolish as these dogs.  I am sure it's a wonderful product and has helped lots of dogs but personally I would rather take my chances with the rash.  I am not going to the Dog Park looking like I just came from Dancing With The Stars rehearsal.

July 5, 2011 Beat this caption contest starring Roxy

Mommy.....I don't think it is going to fit back in

July 4, 2011 question of the week

How scared are you pups of fireworks?  From a scale of one to ten.  One being not bothered at all, ten being sitting with Mommy shaking and whining.  Pocket and I are about a one.  We don't like high pitched noises.  How about you?

Kolchak and Felix are our July 3, 2011 pups of the Week

Last week I said that we don't tell the ones we love how much they mean to us until something happens to them.  So let's not do that with two of the best friends a dog could have.  For no other reason then that they are the funniest, most helpful, smartest, sweetest dogs we know, Felix and Kolchak are our pups of the week. These two do so many little things to help us.  Like this week our friends Scooter and Molly had stinky booger breath.  First I thank the Heavenly Dogs that this week our biggest problems was booger breath.  Scooter and Molly posted a blog asking if anyone had experienced something like this.  I knew exactly what to do.  Stop asking idiots like Pocket and me and ask someone who knows.  That would be Kolchak and Felix.  Within minutes of posting the question for them Koli and Felix had the answer (" could be having a little tummy upset or indigestion. Try a heaping teaspoon of pro-biotic yogurt mixed with a heaping tablespoon of can

Schools out for the summer. Schools out forever

Great news.    Mommy is out of school for the summer, and out of school forever.  She got laid off.  I have been observing humans for 11 years now and I am fascinated with the way they use language.  If a human tells someone they got laid, it's a cause for celebration.  If a human tells someone they got off, well, it's a little gross, but still a good thing.  But if a human tells another human they got laid off everyone is sorry for them. Humans used to get fired.  Like Mr. Trump says:   "you're fired."    He didn't lay off Star Jones.  And I would be very surprised if he laid with her.  She's not enough Star, too much Jones.  Humans also use the term terminated.  This too is very clever.  First thing pops into a human's brain when they here terminated?  The Terminator Now there is a man who knows about laying, getting off, and layng people off.  And what did he say.  "I'll be back."    Being either laid off or terminate