Thursday, June 30, 2022

Poetry Thursday



Sami from Two Spoiled Cats has challenged us with another photo to test our poetry skills. Here is our submission




Fred took his wife Mary for a balloon ride

She had proven to be a most nervous bride

During the trip she peppered him with queries

And spoke up loudly and clearly

Fred I am afraid we didn't lock the front door

He told her he did, he knew it was an important chore

She said they left the dryer on

And Fred said he turned it off before they were gone

She said she was sure the iron was plugged in

And he said "relax and enjoy the spin"

They saw that looked like a heavenly star burst

And Fred thought she could not still see worst

When she informed him it wasn't a star bust at all

And she didn't want any trouble on them to befall

But the starburst was their house aflame

And she knew who to blame

For the iron had been left plugged in

And to her it was a sin

To be 1,000 feet in the air

While all they owned burned upon repair

And Fred wondered if at the end of it all

Fred would be better off taking his chances with a free fall


Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Song Parody Tuesday


Why is this song parody Tuesday? Because it's Tuesday and I wrote a song parody. Such is the beginning of great traditions.

Let me know if you can determine the song this is based on. It would be impressive if you did.

Here we go:

Dogs are our life, bow-wow, wow wow wow

Dogs are our life, bow-wow, wow wow wow

Dogs are our life, bow-wow, wow wow wow

Living with dogs

Pee on the kitchen floor, can’t find the mop

Poop on the living room rug, the house smells like crap

Dead chipmunk on the porch, oh God I can’t cope

Standing in the rain,  please baby pee

Her eyes say: “Sorry Mommy, not today”

Revolving door dogs, never live long enough

14 dogs in just one life,

Alice and Jax, River Song, and Copper and Barney

Foley, Bailey, no Bailey was just a guest during her mom’s pregnancy

Copper, Skye, Jordan, Blake Bear, Spotty, Carly, and Bandit

And Pocket, the steam vacuum’s dream, whose house breaking never quite took

Don’t forget our online friends including Geordie, Tiara, and Phenny

More like a family than your family, hey

The time is flying, and we’re always mourning,

Why do we keep bringing them home when it always ends in heartbreak?

Our lives are sort of sinking, so let’s start drinking

Because it is hopeless and dogs are our life

Dogs are our life, bow-wow, wow wow wow

Dogs are our life, bow-wow, wow wow wow

Dogs are our life, bow-wow, wow wow wow

Living with dogs (ya-ya-ya)

Living with dogs  (woo-oo-oo)

One more time 

Living with dogs

Monday, June 27, 2022

Monday Question

 Are any of you experiencing the problems with Blogger that I am?

I can't stay signed in, and sometimes on other people's blog, like LLB in our Backyard I can't post at all.

Is it my settings, or theirs, or just Google being Google?

Any ideas.

Thank you

Sunday, June 26, 2022

The Most Relunctant Angel


If there is one thing we know about River Song it is that she won’t come. She looks at you, spins around, hunches her shoulders and does everything but come to you. So it was no surprise that, on her Bridge Day she would not come,  

She is hopelessly devoted to you that she wanted to exist fully as a ghost to stay by your side and refused to cross the Bridge. I had to howl to her that if she chose to be a ghost and not as powerful angel ir would be selfish.. She looked at me, spun around, hunched her shoulders and stayed in the In Between.

Pocket joined me and yelled to River who she was which unfortunately I did not see as an incentive. I explained to River that she could spend as much time as she wanted as an Angel ghosting her mom, and would help bring good things to you.”I was the only good thing she needed,”


River said,”and you powerful angels couldn’t keep me with her,” she said. I had no answer. Our failure to save River made us no different than the cops who stood outside Uvdale helpless, hopeless, and inefficient. Maybe I would leave the Bridge and join her as a ghost for all the good we do.  

Then Pocket stepped up and yipped, in her super annoying high voice “you need to join us because there is a war ongoing between those, like Foley and I who want to bring happiness to the world and the others who want to destroy the world through sorrow. We fight this war everyday. Some days we lose, as the Bringers of Sorrow take beautiful souls like you, or at Uvdale, or Buffalo, or the Ukraine, or just for living in their skin. The Bringers of Sorrow have learned how to camouflage themselves in the light, to make good souls believe they are like minded and follow them into destruction. Never have they been closer to taking control of the world, where there will be no joy, or peace. Everyday we see it grow darker, and we fight harder, but we need more angels like you to fight so the Bringers of Sorrow do not win. They would separate our parents, take their money, their home all in the name of the Twisted God they are following. We can’t let that happen. So we fight. I don’t know if we will win, or there is a point, there probably isn’t but if we can save just one dog and keep their Momma from experiencing the constant sorrow that is plaguing ours isn’t it worth the struggle!  

With those words River stood and crossed the Bridge finally shedding all the pain and illness that the Bringers of Sorrow had inflicted on her. Knowing that no dog had more passion for her people I immediately gave her a command causing hundreds of angels to sign up


To fight under General River Song.

The Bringers of Sorrow have no idea what we have in store for them. The mightiest angel has arrived.

Wednesday, June 22, 2022

Wednesday With Words


Thank you who left comments of support, prayers, and love after River's passing. It may be that it happened so quickly, but her death has sent us into a tailspin. We are starting to pull out of it, but it will be hard. We are looking for a new dog, but it might take a few weeks. We have not been without a dog since 1996 when Tom Brady was a freshman at Michigan, Our house is empty. We pray is it full again soon.


Thank you to Ann Adamus for the lovely graphic.  

Tuesday, June 21, 2022

River Song 2012-2022


At the end of the day what was wrong with River was everything: Fluid in the lungs, in the stomach, fluid in the heart, and very high kidney levels.  I think she loved us so hard, with such ferocity, that she used up her heartbeats.

Thank you for your love and support.

We might take some time from social media.  It is the first time in 26 years we haven't had a dog. We will find a new one, and be back.

Monday, June 20, 2022

Foley Explains River's Terrible Not Good at All Very Bad Weekend


River came to me last week and told me she was in terrible pain in her head and neck. I knew this was a severe condition, and she needed to get to the source of the problem. But, River did not want to scare anyone, so she hid her pain until Friday night when it became unbearable.

I told her she had to signal, in no uncertain terms, that she needed medical attention. First thing in the morning, I told her to collapse and splay out on the floor unmoving. She did so perfectly. Daddy picked her up, and her body went stiff to sell the collapse, which made him wrongly think she had a seizure.

Regardless, she had been successful, and the vet was called, and then a second vet, who did emergency services. River was brought in, the vet tech was told what had happened, including her seizure; and he said all they could do was take her vitals because it was her first seizure. It was suggested to the tech that River was in pain, and the vet did a quick inspection of her head and neck and said she was not. Hah!

After that, River had a great day because she got to go on errands and was not left alone. She loved watching the people shopping and the car ride. She still did not seem right, so a vet appointment was made for the 28th with her regular vet.

River tried to keep the pain away, but on Sunday, it slammed into her like a tsunami, and she first stopped eating and drinking, then moving. I had earlier suggested that her not eating would get attention, but she loves food and could not see herself missing a meal. But now, she could not see herself eating.

Of course, this happened literally in the middle of the night. I knew the best place for her to go was Tufts Animal Hospital in Walpole, even if it was a long drive, and I ensured it was her only option.

All the angels rode with River and tried to keep her calm. The vet got her information and eliminated many bad things, including a seizure, and narrowed it to a severe neck injury or something neurological, which a neurologist would determine.   

We are intelligent and mighty angels, but even though we could not tell what was wrong, we thought a neck issue made the most sense. They did take chest and stomach x-rays and needed to sedate River to get it done, which left her loopy, but at 3:30 AM, she was released with pills and a long list of directions of what she couldn’t do and what to look out for.

I talked to her when she got home and fell asleep on the big bed, and she said she was thirsty because she had not drunk all day. When she woke up, she tried to quell her thirst by lapping up a bowl of water, and she would not eat, meaning the first pill had to be shoved down her throat, and boy did she fight that. 

During an afternoon in her buggy outside, we angels stayed near River while the gardens were tended to. We encouraged her, and something must have worked between us and the medication because when she got inside, she took a bit of cheese and some treats, so hopefully, we have turned a corner.

It will take time, faith, and maybe a tiny miracle for River to get better. I don’t think she will ever be one-hundred percent, and it is time for her to retire to a quiet life with few walks, better food, and lots of pampering.    

River’s angels are working hard to make sure the diagnosis is correct, and she has many more days to be pampered and treated like the Queen at her Jubilee.

No matter what, her angels will be with her.

Sunday, June 19, 2022

Monday Question

 I am having a terrible weekend, starting with a seizure or fainting episode on Saturday and a vet trip to me being very lethargic with no appetite Sunday night. This is the worst I have ever scared my parents. When is the worst you ever scare your parents?




Friday, June 17, 2022

Otie Campbell and the Big Problem


My good friend Otie owns a lovely ice cream shop that I like  to frequent. When I stopped in last week, I found the premises in disarray. I asked Otie what had happened.

"Elephants is what happened," he said. "A family of elephants came in here, ordered half my inventory, then broke my tables and chairs when they sat down. That's it, no more elephants!"

He showed me the "no elephants" sign he had made, and I went outside with him as he nailed the sign to the storefront.  

Just as he had finished hammering, two elephants approached.   

"Sorry, no service," Otie said, pointing to the sign.

"This is outrageous," Butler, the father of the group, who was with Sasha and their children, exclaimed. "This is our favorite ice cream parlor,” Otie said he would make them some cones, and they could eat outside. "If we are not allowed in the store, we don't want ice cream from you," Butler said, and then the elephants stormed away,  

I felt terrible for them; I was asked to leave establishments in the mortal world, and I always sided with those who were being discriminated against. But I understood Otie's dilemma; he couldn't keep getting new tables and chairs; I was happy to stay out of it.  

Just when I was out, they pulled me back in. The elephants sued Otie for discrimination, and it was assigned to my docket. Otie was ecstatic, thinking I would rule for him because of our years of friendship, but I took my judging seriously. I would listen to the facts. Honestly,  I already knew the answer. I did not want to rule in favor of discrimination; I was sure if I did, we dogs would be barred from other places we wanted to go.  

The following day they both presented their cases and made compelling arguments. I knew ruling for the elephants was the right decision, but it could put Otie out of business. Then I was struck by a compromise; I called in my minions and put them to work.  

When it was time to render my decision, I announced we needed to go to the ice cream shop. When we arrived, everyone was shocked to see behind Otie's business a large elephant-sized shop; I told them that the elephants now had their own place to eat their ice cream. Luckily everyone was happy with the decision, and I didn't have to make an enemy of a friend.  

Compromise is always the way when it comes to friends and ice cream.

Thursday, June 16, 2022

Poetry Thursday


Welcome to Poetry Thursday!

Here is the photo our friend Sam posted to inspire us

All her friends thought it would be a botch

When Martha married a Sasquatch

The first few years were filled with glee

Except when, on the floor, he did pee

But soon they grew apart

She growing weary of his tendency to shed and fart

They decided to go to counseling

To pull their marriage out of the downswing

But Bigfoot could not fit in her Prius

And after peeing on the floor was barred from the bus

So they took the subway

Where peeing on the floor was okay

The counselor said their marriage was hopeless

And it was best if they ended this mess

Then they sadly took the subway back home

With Martha wishing she had married a gnome

They thought they were headed to happily ever after

Where their life would be filled with laughter

But now they would both be on their own

As Sasquatch returned to parts unknown


Tuesday, June 14, 2022

Beat This Caption


Don't listen to him, he doesn't know who knocked over the litter box and took all the toilet paper off the roll either.

Monday, June 13, 2022

Monday Question


What is the favorite activity you do with your humans?

River's answer:  I only want to be in contact with my people, and bed is the best way to do that. I would stay in bed all day as long as I was brought food.

Sunday, June 12, 2022

Tiberius Finds a Chief


May be an image of dog 


Tiberius doesn’t believe in wasting time. As soon as he got to the Bridge, he began looking for a new Husky to join his pack. I saw him going into the dream machine so he could inspect each dog simultaneously and pick one to be his successor. I asked him if he had questions ready for the applicants. “I don’t need them,” Tiberius said. “I am a husky; all I need is one sniff, and I’ll know which one is the right candidate.

I was skeptical and asked if I could join in observing his process. Sniffing is a lot less work than talking, and if Tiberius’ method worked and could be adopted by others, we would not have to spend so much time looking for the next generation. Tiberius told me he would be happy if I accompanied him.

While walking to the dream machine, which allowed us access to several mortal dreams simultaneously, Tiberius told me he was honored by his name, which belonged to a famous Roman emperor, who was grandfather to Nero, Julius Caesar, and Caligula. “The dog I choose today will be my son, and the next dog my grandson. I have to ensure I get a Caesar, and not a Nero, or worse yet Caligula: A dog that refuses to be neutered or pee on the pads.”

I mentioned a Nero wouldn’t be bad, substitute chewing on a bone for fiddling, and it is exactly what a dog would do while the city burns. Tiberius was adamant that he would not settle for less than a dog who could one day become the father of Caesar, a great leader (and not the tiny white dog food model.)

We entered the room, and there was a line of Huskies with their tails up. Tiberius welcomed them, then led me behind them. He walked up to the first one, sniffed, told the nervous dog to relax, tried again, and said there was a distinct whiff of fear, which would not do.

He moved to the next, sniffed, and whispered “bipolar” to me, and after a third, he told me the pup had digestive issues. He was becoming discouraged when he came to the last one, which didn’t smell too soft, or too hard, and he pronounced that this one would be “just right.” 

Tiberius was further assured when he found out that the dog's name was Cochise, a great leader who could even give Caesar a run for his money. Tiberius was very assured his family line would reflect his personality. 

Tiberius was further assured when he discovered that the dog's name was Cochise, a great leader who could even give Caesar a run for his money. Tiberius was very assured his family line would reflect his personality.

That night Tiberius arranged for Cochise, who will not go by Chief, to meet his new parents and help rebuild their parents’ hearts. Tiberius visits Chief every night to review how he did and learn how he can do better. So far, Chief has been a model student.

Much more than me. I didn’t learn anything about butt-sniffing. All smells the same to me.


Friday, June 10, 2022

Honey Goldberg Brings Her Fashion to the Bridge


Buddy Goldberg excitedly knocked on my door. He lived in a house along the shore with his siblings Boobie, Buffy, Basil, Katy, and Tango. Next to that was a large barn where their horse Midnite slept. There are not many horses in Doggyspace, and we are all fortunate to have Midnite, who gives us rides whenever we request unless the horsie is running in an open field with the other horses, an activity I know he loves. He had come to me because he lives in a jurisdiction covered by my judgeship request.  I never say no because he was so sweet and what Yorkie wants to piss off a horse with wings?  

Buddy told me that Midnite wanted to expand their property. I inquired why but Buddy acted sheepish and nervous. Angels can often become flummoxed around an authority figure like myself. I didn’t want to see my friend worked up, so I told him I was sure the expansion would not be a problem. At the Bridge, the land is always getting larger to accompany the influx of new souls we get every day. 

Then Buddy gave me plans which did not make sense for a horse. He requested a new bedroom with a huge walk-in closet and an inground pool. When I asked why Midnite would need such amenities, Buddy stumbled over his words. That is when I realized the improvements were not for Midnite.  

Not many dogs this side of Hattie Mae needed a big closet, but I knew Buddy’s sister Honey was one of them and that she had been battling an illness for a long time. Being a good dog, Buddy admitted to the subterfuge when confronted and explained that the beautiful Honey did not want to make a fuss when she crossed. I said all dogs need a stir when they cross; if she didn’t arrange one, we would provide one for her.  

We all gathered at Hobo’s Landing and waited for our friend. When she crawled out of the River of Life and walked to the Bridge, she was met by Midnite, who lowered its head and let her ride on its back. Never had a pup looked more regal crossing the Bridge. Her long hair flew in the wind, and she wore a sun hat daintily on her head. When Midnite reached us, he lowered his head, and Honey slipped off. That is when I saw all the bags tied behind Midnite filled with hats and clothes. I guess you can take it with you.

Then we had one of the all-time welcomings fusses for Honey with great food, singing, dancing, fetching, and Midnite inviting friends so we could play cowboys and Indians and joust.  

When Honey returned to her newly renovated house, she saw all her belongings had been put away. This was important. Starting tomorrow, all their mom’s angels were banding together to repair her broken heart.

Proper dress is required for such an endeavor 


Thursday, June 9, 2022

Poetry Thursday


Hello Poetry Friends!


Here is the picture Sammy provided for us to inspire beautiful poetry.



 Three women sitting side by side

Two with glasses, one with eyes open wide

Bingo was the game they played

All forgetting to turn up their hearing aides

A man approached asking if they were sisters

And all three made faces very bitter

The one closest with arms folded tightly

Began to yell very impolitely

"You are such a fool, I don't know why I bother

But on my right sits my mother

And next to her looking like an unripe banana

Is my dearest nana."

Wednesday, June 8, 2022

Nina the Trend Setter

The events that occur when a soul passes over the Bridge are well known by my readers. All their pain and illnesses are erased, and when they reach the immortal world, they are whole again. A friend of mine, Nina, began to shed cancer that would cause her to go to the Bridge before transitioning.

Nina had battled cancer for a long time, and it became apparent to her parents that the only way to obliterate the disease was to let Nina go to the Bridge. She was running out of heartbeats, with only a couple of days left, when something began to happen that shocked her mom: The lesions and lumps that had plagued Nina for so long were lessening.

Her mom knew it wasn't that she was getting better. Her time was over, it had been written, but she could not explain why Nia was seemingly getting better.

It was odd behavior, and The Powers That Be asked me to investigate the phenomenon. I visited Nia, who assumed I was there to take her, but I said not yet and asked about her cancer abating. She said she didn't know any more than I did. Then I realized that the wall between the mortal and immortal worlds was so thin that the healing that takes place while crossing was happening now. Nia did say it made her feel better and that it was a blessing. I kissed her and told her I would see her soon, which tragically was true.

The next day Nia joined me at the Bridge, and her healing was complete. I still don't know how the recovery began early. It must have been that Nia had some mighty angels who manipulated the walls between sides to bring her comfort. I decided I didn't want to know because someone would want to stop dogs from getting this precious gift.

Nia knew her mom was left broken-hearted and was communicating with her mom's other angels on how to help their mom. They had not anticipated their mom's friends were a step ahead of them.

A couple of days after Nia went to the Bridge, Momma Beth's friends came to her house to celebrate Nia's life, and it was a marvelous tribute to her newest angel's life.

Momma Beth's house is the birthplace of two trends I would like to see happen everywhere, one is to still the healing before the passing, and the second is a celebration of a dog's life. Momma Beth's friends knew she had lost a child and treated it accordingly, hoping to make the loss easier, which is a massive thing for mourning parents.  

Sometimes I have hope for the human race.

Monday, June 6, 2022

Monday Question

 How do you show your parent that you love them?

25 Endearing Ways Dogs Show Affection - Canine Campus Dog Daycare & Boarding 


River's Answer:  I look them in the eyes, with all the love heaven will allow in my eyes. 

Sunday, June 5, 2022

Tiberuis Proves You Can Never Have too many Angels


When a dog goes to the Bridge, we concern ourselves with the parents they left behind, but we must not forget that the humans aren't the only ones who suffer. There are other pets in the household mourning the loss of a friend.  

This week a dear Husky friend Tiberius left the mortal world to join his sister Tasha, and other Sullivan pack angels, on the other side. A sweet and loving dog Tiberius was one of the calmest Huskies. Because of his parents' illnesses and close Bridge calls, the family was often chaotic, and Tiberius was a much-needed quiet influence on the family.  

Because the spreaders of illness and frailty have often set their science on the Sullivan parents, they need mighty angels like Tiberius and Tasha to fight them off. When the villains renew their efforts, the angels need help in their fight. Luckily the family has opened their hearts to many dogs and has kept the demons at bay.  

Before he departed, Tiberius brought his pet pack together and explained he was needed to keep his parents safe in the next world. They understood and, with heavy hearts, bid their big brother adieu, but one of them, Wyatt, was not sure what was happening.  

Wyatt spent the days after Tiberius' departure looking for his big brother and sleeping on his bed. We dogs enjoy a considerable advantage over humans. Because being the dominant species is serious work, they have lost the magical ability to see angels. Still, we lesser superior beings can, so Wyatt could see Tiberius when he visited as a ghost.

Wyatt was sleeping in the bed when Tiberius visited him. The little dog lifted his head saw his brother and said: "There you are. I have been looking everywhere for you." Tiberius reminded Wyatt of the oath they had taken to protect their parents, which required him to leave and become an angel.  

"But I miss you," Wyatt said.

"I won't be too far away. If you miss me, just say my name, and I'll be here with you."

"Can I go with you?"  

Tiberius explained how they each had a role in their parent's life, and Wyatt's was to protect them in the mortal world while Tiberus' was charged with doing it in the immortal world; Wyatt nodded that he understood  

"Someday in the distant future, but still too close, we will all be together again," Tiberius said. Wyatt said he couldn't wait, and Tiberius chuckled, knowing that waiting was the hardest and the best part.  

Wyatt said he liked Tiberius' bed because it smelled like him and made him feel closer to his brother. He asked if he could keep it, and Tiberius said he could if he promised to become the pack leader. Wyatt happily agreed, then asked his brother if he would lay with him one more time. Tiberius agreed, and they cuddled together.

Seeing the worried Wyatt smiling made his mom smile, too;  it was a sign that they would carry in despite the circumstances. 

Friday, June 3, 2022

Winston the Westie to the Wescue



Angels can learn a lot when visiting their parents' dreams, like how Winston and Bentley saw how much pain their mom was in after Winston followed Bentley to the Bridge. People can hide or suppress their sadness, but they can't in their dreams where their soul is exposed.

That is when the dynamic Westie duo decided to take action and find another Westie for their mom. They chose a puppy because it would have a long life and their  mom’s exasperation with the young pup’s training would be entertaining   It's funny how people forget what having a puppy is like.

Even after Winston arrived at the Bridge, Bentley kept from his brother that he had previously interviewed puppies for the role of their mom's next dog. We angels can tell when a soul is close to passing over, and Bentley knew Winston's time was nigh.   When they began their search, Bentley had already found the perfect substitute. There is an area at the Bridge where he met with puppies before they're born. That is where Bentley conducted hundreds of interviews. There was nothing wrong with the dogs he rejected; they would be great pups for their families, but they weren't perfect for his mom. After days of searching he finally found a little Westie named Maxwell and knew this was the one.  

Bentley didn't want to confirm Maxwell as the heir until the pup met Winston, and he let Winston think he was the one who found Maxwell. Sometimes a new angel needs a confidence builder. When Winston approved Maxwell, the brothers went into their mother's dreams and directed her on the way to find her new perfect pup.  

Maxwell came home on Sunday, and a house filled with a deafening silence of an absent dog became electric again. Maxwell won't solve his new mom's sorrow, but he will help immensely since he will be getting tutorials about his mom from his brothers every night.  

Despite no longer being a mortal, the rock of the Westie continues to play on.


Thursday, June 2, 2022

Poetry Thursday



This is the picture that our good friend Sam gave us for inspiration.


Tommy the monkey was told

Not to be so bold

But he could not stop checking drawers

He once eat three bouquet of flowers

But he got his comeuppance

In his delight to smell good for romance

He suffered a great fall

When he put Ben Gay on his balls

Wordless Wednesday