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Mollie, and Luca, Junior and Fred are our pups of the week

Happy Halloween. I am happy to report that this week was not at all scary for Brigade members. Paco is still under the weather, and we send good thoughts across the seas every day for our friend. But we haven't had a week with no major illnesses, no scary dog fights or accidents, no hospital trips for parents. So this Halloween lets celebrate the goodness in pups. One of the attributes I so admire in our little Brigade is the compassion we show to others. At the first sign of trouble we are there to love and support. Personally I think it's an underrated quality in us dogs: compassion We could recognize every dog here for their compassion, but this week we are going to pick out one pup, and a pack of pups, to share pup of the week, even though I can name the entire Brigade. This week in the heart of the country there was some terrible, life threatening weather, We were all concerned but two of our members: Mollie, and Luca, Fred and Junior published blogs not

Mission Accomplished?

I, Foley Monster, believe that my crowning achievement was when I stood in front of the wall at the Doggyspace Castle and announced "Mr. Levi, reopen this thread." It has been a long and brutal war. I am planning to fly to my own aircraft carrier, stand in front of a "Mission Accomplished" banner, and announce that major combat operations at the Doggyspace Castle have come to a conclusion and we are victorious. Freedom to Bark has come to Doggyspace. Pocket is currently on her way to Versailles to sign the peace treaty. In another example of how history repeats itself, it was Pokey, whose midnight run had warned us all of the DS invasion, who risked his life and bowels to go to the castle and come back with the news that Princess Levi had removed the muzzle off thousands of the castles inhabitants. I would like to take the Princess at his word but I remain skeptical. I believe there are still weapons of muzzle destruction stored somewhere in that castle

Paranormal Activity

Good evening. I am Dr Hitchcock from the Sleepaway Institute. Recently I have been contacted by a one Miss Foley Monster. She had not had a good nights sleep in weeks, and, during a hastily put together family meeting, it was learned that no one in the family is sleeping soundly. Miss Foley weeded through the penis enhancement e-mails on her g-mail account to find a blind e-mail I had sent out to advertise my sleep study practice. I met with the family, and while her Mommy and Daddy seemed reluctant, and her sister Pocket seemed to have bladder control issues, eventually Foley won out, by sticking her tongue out and barking endlessly. I put my night vision camera in their bedroom, promised it would not be intrusive, and left for the night. I returned in the morning. I retrieved the camera, went to my office, and hooked it to my computer. The beginning of the evening was routine. A bed was turned down. Foley was picked up. Pocket tried to nip her as she was put on the bed

Cali and Hurley are our October 24 pups of the week

We must admit here, right off the bat (a metaphor for the upcoming World Series between the Rangers and this pairs favorite team, the San Fransisco Giants) that Pocket and I spend lots of time reaching across the series of tubes that make up the Internet, and the entire country, to out west coast friends, so in our hearts these two are always pups of the week. But we can't pick who we are closest to each week to wear the POTW crown. If so it would pass between Pocket and I ad nauseam and I try not to use the words Pocket and nausea in the same sentence because it make my tummy rumbly. But this week has been a torturous roller coaster ride for our pups of the week Cali and Hurley. Their beloved grandma, their Daddy's Mom, a special woman who was loved by her daughter-in-law (wives and mothers-in-law traditionally get along like Yorkies and squirrels), and who wore her Giant socks every night (I don't know if they had the team logo on them or were just really big) h

Where Pocket is stuck between a rock and a gypsy curse

Oh what a dilemma I am facing. I have been made a very generous offer from Kolchak and Felix to become part of their family. Normally I would thank them and say that I am very happy with my own family. My Mom means more than anything to me. Recently I have discovered that the cloud I was living under was lined with my own delusions. You see, I believed not only that I had a loving Mommy, but a loving big sister too, that was until I found out my sister had offered to loan me out as a treat test taster. "You love treats, you will get them all day long, this is a great opportunity!" Foley said, wagging her tail nervously, trying to cover her shame. "I would love to be a treat taste tester," I said, "but I only want to test Mommy's treats. And I don't think you made this offer twice, twice, without meaning it, and in full recognition of gypsy law meaning I would be obligated to go or we would be cursed. Plus Smoochy is a better writer than y

Keep Dr Pocket in mind when you enter the voting booth

I know it is late in the political season, and I have sat on the sideline watching the wheels churn and sputter, but I can no longer keep my yap shut, because I do not see a single candidate anywhere who seems either calm or assertive, I Pocket Dog, am announcing my candidacy for everything. It doesn't matter if it's the Senate race in Nevada or the Governor's race in Massachusetts. If you can't stand the choice you're left with when you step into the voting booth then write in "Dr Pocket Dog, Citizen of Earth." I am not expecting to win any of these contests but if I were to win one, or win them all, I will serve each seat I am elected to. Through video conferencing and e-mail I can be a Senator from Delaware, the Governor of New York and the mayor of Wasilla Alaska. Plus I will not accept any salary for the positions I am elected. I do not need money. I need a ball to chase, Mommy's warm lap, and a snuggly bed to sleep in. Plus those peop

Our perfect severance package from Hattie Mae

Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my gosh. You would never guess what came to my house today addressed to me. Pocket Dog. Give up. It was a costume of a centipede from the greatest dog in the whole wide world who just fired our asses: Hattie Mae! I ripped it open with my teeth and then jumped back. She had sent me a giant bug. Firing someone isn't nice but sending then a giant bug in the mail? Is her name Hattie Mae Montana? But then we sniffed it all over and realized it was something Mommy was never going to buy us. It was a training treat made of lime ice cream we could eat for days. We tuned our twitters and sniffed again and realized it was something else Mommy would never buy: A Halloween costume. "It's mine, it's mine, it's addressed to me!" I barked. Foley humphed at me. "I don't allow myself to be dressed up in costume," she said. "I have my dignity." She could have her dignity, I had a wicked cool bug c

Smartie is our October 17, 2010 pup of the week

We have a little pup of the week conundrum this week, since our choice does not appear listed as a member. He is the sibling of one of our most beloved members but is not included in a profile. I was contemplating naming this blog, and the rawhide plaque presented to the winner, with the words: "Dog Hattie Mae nearly killed is our pup of the week." There are many reasons to avoid this label. Firstly: We are representing Hattie Mae in any legal matter that may transpire from this incident. For her Attorneys to publish a blog so titled may be seen as an admission of our belief in her guilt. So let's just say that there was an little accident between Hattie, and her sister, who is not a member of our Brigade, I'm not sure why, maybe she is insecure, maybe she doesn't like the whiff of our butts. But for whatever reason she isn't here, she is a member in our hearts. Now this is what happened. Hattie's family had a tragic lint back up. A prob

The Pawnight show with host Foley Monster and guest DS Levi

Pocket: Live from the Tanner Brigade Mansion it's Pawnight Show with your host: Foley Monster along with Hobo Hudson and his all mutt orchestra, accompanied by the beautiful Hattie Mae. Foley's guest tonight is the owner of the DS Castle: Mr. Levi himself. I'm your announcer Pocket Dog. And now here's Foley. (A shot of Hattie Mae leading the band, and a close up on Hobo playing the trumpet and then Foley walks from behind the curtain wagging her tail She bows to the audience then jumps up on the love seat. Shethen motions for Pocket who runs up and sits next to her and they both paw to the audience.) Foley: Thank you. Welcome. You're in for a really great show. We have Mr Levi from the DS Castle. (Mild booing from the audience.) Now, he was nice enough to come here so I am sure we can give him a Tanner Brigade welcome. (She turns to Pocket.) How was your weekend? Pocket: Well you know Mommy and Daddy went to that outdoor wedding. We didn't get to go a

Paco is our October 10, 2010 pup of the week

This has been another hard week here at The Tanner Brigade. There is a pup who my heart says I should make pup of the week. He went to the bridge in the most violent of circumstances. But our old friend Petey said any tributes would make his Mom's suffering worse, which we certainly don't mean to do. But he and his Mom are in our hearts and prayers. You know who is also in our hearts and prayers? Our Pup of the Week: He hasn't been doing well lately. He has been suffering from some house wetting issues (unlike Pocket who makes the rest of us suffer from her house wetting issues.) We had named this Pup last week in our list of those who could be Pup of the Week last week, but as dire as his circumstances were last week, they have even got worse this week as we learned his Grandpa was ill. But there is another reason to name this good boy Pup of the Week. Today is his birthday. Or yesterday was his birthday because time is different wherever you go. Another o

The revenge of the Earth

For my enitre life, each morning, Daddy awakens us, and takes us outside, sometimes in the dark, so we can pee and vick, on the ground. I never suspected that the ground was upset. But lately the Earth has been mounting a counter attack. I can't say it came without warning. The past few mornings as we took our constitutional I heard a popping sound then water splashing. I had incorrectly assumed that our neighbor Frank'n'beans had awoken for an early morning pee and popped a beer to ease the flow. I did not realize it was a warning shot from an Earth that was finished with being mistreated by two Yorkies. Finally the Earth had enough and rebelled. We awoke at the regular time, but Daddy spent more time downstairs than usual because he heard a beeping sound. It took him a few seconds to realize it wasn't the normal beeping he hears in his head. He went downstairs and found a carbon monoxide detector that had it's batteries expired. He got upstairs to us a f

Brody is our October 3, 2010 pup of the week

Pocket and I had so many Pup of the Week candidates this week we have spent hours, arguing, snarling, and nipping at one another, and still, as my paws slip over the keyboard, we haven't been able to decide on who should receive the honor. There are our trio of dogs who have been beset with seizures: Dodger, Cocoa Puff and Fella. Having a seizure is not a very rewarding experience for a pup, We awaken trembling, panting, breathing hard, with our bodies feeling like we had chased a squirrel up a tree and fell off. But we're not aware of the seizure itself. It is their poor Moms who have to brace for the onslaught of worries these seizures trigger (not to mention the fear of the cost from the dogtor) Our friend MacDougal freaked out his Mom, not just with regular diarrhea but with the dreaded bloody diarrhea, but hopefully a dogtor visit has cleared that up. It still caused his Mom a sleepless night. There is our only cat who has received Pup of the Week, Boots, who