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Pepsi, Sota and Freddy are our November 28, 2010 pups of the week and Gina the Angel Mom of the week

So....Sometimes Moms go the the Bridge first. I guess I knew this.  MacDougal's Dad went to the Bridge before he did.  That makes me sad.  I don't want my Dad to go anywhere.  But MacDougal's Mom is still giving him a great life.  In the last year he has seen half the world. But I never thought about Moms going first. I can't think about my Mom going first. It would be like the Earth disappearing beneath my feet and I would just fall, fall, fall, for the rest of my days, until I landed once again in her tender arms. In every story I have heard us pups go to the Bridge, and then someday, far in the future, our Moms crosses the bridge to be with us an we are happily reunited.  I have never heard a story about a Mom being there first. But yesterday Sota's and Freddy's Mom Gina went to the Bridge first.  She had contracted that bad C disease and it sent her to the Bridge long before any of us were ready to let her go. I have spent many blogs comforting Mom

Foley's much interupted and long awaited blog: A pinch in the butt and slap in the face

From the desk of Foley Monster: What a gyp! Veteran's Day was supposed to be a lap day when I got a great deal of snuggling and love. The morning began perfectly. The alarm went off late, with the sun already in the sky. Neither Mommy or Daddy were anxious to get out of our warm bed. I positioned myself between the soft pillows and rolled over on my back. Both Mommy and Daddy gave me belly scratches as I snorted like Charlie Sheen on holiday. Daddy finally got out of bed. He always gets out first. That's because Mommy is smart. Daddy has to leave a warm bed with two heat bearing Yorkies, while Mommy stays snuggled with us. Then Daddy takes us out to do some brisk business and Mommy vacates the bed, no longer occupied by two six pound loving heat pads. While Mommy took a long, lazy shower Daddy put his laptop on the couch and sat on the floor. This makes it easy for him the throw the ball so it passes in front of the TV and on the side of the central fire place

The November 21, 2010 pup of the week is brought to you by the number 12

Unfortunately, so many of us here at the Tanner Brigade have had that evil monster Cancer move in with us.  It sits in our living room while you watch TV, it sleeps in your bed, it sits in the back seat of your car when you travel, and, if it has nowhere to sits, it occupies the deep recesses of your mind. The only way to eradicate this evil is for all traces of it to be removed from your body, then it slips away into the darkness, even though it retains the right to pop back into your mind at the least expected time. When my Mom had the evil Cancer move in with us she found the greatest relief in talking with others.  When she retires she is planning on joining cancer support groups to help those who suffer.  Luckily she has never had a pup who has had cancer, but the same monster moves into your home when someone you love contracts this awful illness. But some pups, and families, decide to take the road less traveled, and to face the monster silently, with no words of support f

Great googa-booga balls we got a gift from Koly and Felix

Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh! (Crunch, crunch, crunch) Oh, excuse me, these are so good, Guess what? Guess what? Guess what? We got a package from Kolchak and Felix today. We were so exited Pocket peed herself a little (OK she does that when the sun comes up but still). Mommy opened the package and it was a beautiful tin with all these doggies on it. "Open the tin, open the tin, open the tin, open the tin!" we said. Sometimes I think Mommy hears our excited words as "bark, bark, bark, bark, bark" but we can't concern ourselves with that. Then Mommy slooooowwwly opened the tin because she does things like that sloooowwwwly because she doesn't want to break a nail and oh for God's sake woman open the tin! She got it open, and she pulled out, in a clear plastic bag, the most wonderful thing I have ever seen. A bag of wonderful, crunchy, tasty, heavenly, great googa ooga balls. Oh we wanted them right away. We were up on our back

Foley's new reality show: 90 and Dating

A week ago Mommy and Daddy had Mommy's brother and his wife over for Chinese food (loyal readers may remember this may have given Pocket a case of the runs.) Since Pocket and I might as well face it we're addicted to laps, we both went paws up on our parents knees, with Mommy picking me up, and Daddy doing the same with Pocket and now we were part of the conversation. But being well trained, polite dogs we just listened, and by doing so it gave me a million dollar idea, a show for TLC called 90 and dating. Mommy's sister in law Charlotte lost her mother close to 20 years ago. Her Daddy remarried a year later (I believe he put in Christmas letter that the new wife awoke a fire in his loins) which did not sit well with his family. This year, for the second time, he became a widow. After the funeral, he took home the book the mourners signed, and began searching the phone book for numbers to find wife number three, It took awhile but he found a woman who lived independently a

Smoochy is our November 14, 2010 pup of the week

I have noticed many traits in humans that prove they are not as evolved as pups. One of them is their inability to patiently wait. Humans fidget, they pace, they check the bright digits in their electrical boxes, and, whenever what they are waiting on finally arrive they become angry with it for not appearing on their schedule. Now us pups we do worry. We worry about our humans from the minute they leave the house (they are off leash for gosh sakes) to when they return home. If it is for a long period of time we might not eat, or sleep, we just vigilantly await our parents' return. The reason that we are more evolved than our humans is when the person we are awaiting for arrives we don't meet them with anger or sadness, but with more joy than can be contained in even the largest pups' soul. Which brings us to our pup of the week, one of the sweetest, funniest, most clever dogs we know, the one and only Smoochy. I am sure that you have already read his blog, bu

Phil Dunphy gave Pocket diarrhea and the heaves

Oh hi. (Burp) It's Pocket (sound of wind breaking) I have had a terrible start to the week. Phil Dunphy made me puke in bed and gave me diarrhea. For those of you who don't know Phil Dunphy is the bumbling Dad on a wonderful documentary show we watch called Modern Family about three families who don't own a dog. (I mean really how come no one on TV owns a dog. A basset hound for House? A Life Alert dog for Charlie Sheen? Something.) Now I like Phil Dunphy, bumbling Dad, because I have a bumbling Dad. I love TV shows when you see someone who reminds you of someone you know. Like every time I see Kim Kardashian on TV I think of Mom. You may recall in one of my previous blogs I wrote about how Daddy tried to fix the smoke detector and put the batteries in wrong.. It made this loud piercing sound that went right through my little brain and made me run around the house like Dustin Hoffman in Rain Man. Well this week while we were watching our documentary th

Kolchak and Felix are our pups of the week for November 7, 2010

It is an inescapable fact of life that we get older with each passing minute. For dogs, when we age, and our quality of life makes drawing breath more taxing then walking a mile was just a year before, humans do what they term the humane thing, they take us to the doctors, their hearts breaking, their eyes swamped with tears, and we are given a tiny little shot. We fall asleep, and when we wake up we are surrounded by our friends at the bridge, and we can run several miles without being taxed a bit. But humans don't make the humane decision when it comes to their own kind. Maybe they shouldn't refer to it as humane and change it to canmane since humans aren't allowed the same courtesy of dying in dignity, looking into the eyes of those we love the most, and remembering who they are. Instead humans either make room for aged family members in their house, where, unless a family has been truly blessed with love, their last days are tension filled, or they are moved into

An open house on Halloween leads to a day of fun for Pocket

I never knew what having an open house meant until Sunday. It means a day full of fun! Our realtor Donna came over just before noon time on Sunday. I like Donna a lot. She is very friendly. Plus she can't sell a house. I am happy about that because I like it here. It has taken me three years to pee on every square foot of this place. At the age of three I don't know if I have the energy to start over at a new place. Have you ever had an open house? I don't know what goes on. We had to leave, which was super sweet because I love to leave with Mommy, Daddy, and Foley. From the sounds of it they kick down all the walls, flip off the ceiling, and let the common folk walk through your house. Fine with me. It was all buttoned back up as good as new when we got home. We got in the car. I was wearing my sun dress. I wanted to find a stick on the way to the car but couldn't. That worried me. I looked so good I would need that stick to beat the boys off with. Our first s