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Foley Tells the Truth About Halloween

  Have you ever wondered where the trick-or-treaters who come to your home seemingly from nowhere originate? Well, be sure to be good to them because sprinkled in the group may be some angels. Halloween is a day the dead walk amongst the living. It sounds a lot more frightening than it is. The dead don't want to hurt anyone; we want to visit the mortal life we once knew. The caveat is that we cannot use the body we had when mortal, which leads to a lot of body-swapping. Once done, we change into a child's body, and if we want to see a loved one, we go trick or Treating. Little does a mortal who opens the door realize; the little masked creatures awaiting treats are their angels.  \         Trick or Treating is going out of fashion, as parents don't trust strangers to give their children candy, and adults find hordes of children begging for food to be a bother. Our chances of visiting our parent

Ruby Rose Report for October 30, 2022: Turkeys and Reflections

  Before I arrived at my true and forever home, River visited me and explained that unlike my previous residence, where there were two dozen watchdogs, I would be on my own. Being small doesn't mean I can't protect my house like an angry Great Dane. She said that intruders are more worried about being attacked by a dog than we are about them. All that was required was a mighty bark, which would make the trespassers think the house was being protected by a rabid Wolverine and flee. Like a poker player with short stack-facing pocket aces, a little dog's life is a perpetual bluff. River told me the best location to scout for trespassers was the kitchen window by the door. It looks out on the driveway and street. River was much more of a social dog than I was. When River saw humans, she barked at them to come in and play with her. Our tiny shotgun shack is inhabited enough, and we don't need any more people, so I bark to make them disappear. There is one creature who has m

Moo Comes to Town (by Foley Monster)

Collectively, they are known as the boys. Elvis, Huckleberry, and Moo. They came into a pack living on a farm and increased their energy level by 1000%. The rambunctious boys will always be puppies, so I was stunned to see Moo's name on a list of incoming Angels. River escorted Moo up Enzo's escalator and to Hobo's Landing, where I would administer the angel oath. He looked like I remembered him as a puppy, with love and excitement in his eyes. After I had done my duty and before his welcoming Celebration, I asked him how a dog so young could come to the Bridge. When he told me his departing age, I was stunned, and I had missed his entire adulthood. Years don't mean a thing when living in an immortal world. Five minutes and five years seem the same amount of time. Still, I felt terrible about losing touch with them. Truthfully they didn't need me. The boys had Josie and Koda, two of the most loving angels of all, and where they went, so did Smoochy, t

Thankful Thursday

  This is the first time I have taken part in  Brian’s Thankful  Thursday Blog Hop . I should have done so before, because I am thankful for everything. Four months ago I was a well cared for girl, but had to share my parents with a dozen other dogs.    Today I am the only dog of only parents. I a mixture of yummy food, I get to go almost everywhere with my parents, I am never along for long, they play with me when I want to play, leave me alone when I don't and don't make me go outside. I sleep snuggled with them all night, and sit with them all day. I am thankful for all of you friends too. I am thankful for everything, and looking forward to giving my thanks in the years to come because I know I will love everything about it.

Wordless Wednesday


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Foley Presents Great Foleys in History

  One of the advantages of being at the Bridge is I can visit with the Foleys who came before me and helped make me a perfect dog.   Many Foleys lived quiet lives, but a few left as much of a mark as I did.    One of the most memorable Foleys was from Edinburgh. She was the sole companion of the town doctor. Her Dad would go into the hospital each morning, and Foley would follow and wait for her Dad to come out.   One day inside the hospital, while Foley waited, his Dad had a massive heart attack and crossed over. His coworkers realized that Foley was still waiting outside. They tried to move her, but she bit and snapped at them. She was adamant she was going to wait for her Dad.     When the Doctor began to cross the Bridge to the immortal world, he caught a glimpse of Foley waiting for him at the hospital reflected in the water. He realized she would stay forever. It was the least he could do to join her.

The Ruby Rose Report October 23, 2022

  When I go on walks, I am on grass more than a college philosophy student with a shelf full of Ring Dings. It tickles my toes, and now leaves are covering the ground, crunching under my paws, that smell like a Buffalo Bills tailgate party: Autumn, with undertones of pee     I walked into the front yard, and it was there that I found something that may keep me from going outside ever again.     Tiny scarecrows had invaded the garden     They are very frightening creatures with straw legs and arms. They peek from behind the bushes, always watching me. I sniffed them and found they had no common scents, which means they have no souls and are searching for one     I barked and growled at them, but they were a stoic bunch and did not react. My Dad, who was walking me because Mommy has better sense than to walk around the house like a zombie sensing meat, laughed. The fool! He who laughs at scarecrows wakes up with some straw in their throat and refuses to say how it got there

Friday Friendly Fill-Ins

    Each Thursday Ellen of 15andmeowing and Lorianne of Four-Legged Furballs , provide Friendly Fill-in questions. Ellen came up with the first two questions and Lorianne came up with the last two questions. If you need help, please let either Ellen or Lorianne know. Here are this weeks questions: Ruby's answers are in bold.   1. Every October, I roll around in the crunchy leaves . 2. If I were going to a costume party, I would go as Scatman Crothers . 3. The day the kibble bag ran dry is my favorite scary story. 4. I would shit myself if there were a zombie apocalypse.  

Poetry Thursday

    Welcome to poetry Thursday hosted by our friends Angel Sammys and Teddys Pawetaton Here is our inspiration followed by our poem      Move along, move along, no time to stop and smell Today I am going to win show and tell You’re mysterious, you’re strange, you’re unknown The children will love you even if you’re not fully grown I have studied everything about you so I am not stumped You are so fascinating no one will interrupt  There’s the school hurry up, we must get there before the bell I have never been so excited about show and tell Down the hall, we go I am going to have the best show In the classroom, stand in front, look alert And good lord, don’t fart I am going to talk to the class now And when we are done, they will clap, and we will bow Okay, here I go On with the show.  Hello, class. Look up here; it's not a toy For show and tell pigs, I brought you a boy  

Wordless Wednesday

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    Hawk wasn't a good magician but everyone loved his pull a fish out of my ass trick

Monday Question

      Do you enjoy brain games where you have to solve problems for treats?   Ruby Rose Answer:  Not me! I just want the food right now, and look up helplessly so someone gets it for me.    River was food at them.

The Ruby Rose Report for October 16, 2022

  They say all dogs love a walk, well, not all of us, because I don’t like them at all.   I hate wearing a harness. Before my Dad drags me outside for a walk, he secures my harness upside down, then takes it off; then, he puts it on with my right leg out, then my left. During each attempt, he says words that would be censored on HBO. By the time he is done, I no longer need to pee.   I go down the steps reluctantly, loathing the outside, where my Dad insists on walking longer because he's under the influence of the footwear lobby. I walk to the end of the driveway, turn up the street, and as soon as my house disappears from view, I am on my back legs, trying to return home, where I sleep and play with my toys. Also problematic is that we live in a trailer park, and someone can steal my home while I am on a forced march, and I will never see it or mommy again. It is very concerning.    My angel siblings have encouraged me to enjoy the walk and, while doing so, read and leave

River Visits the World's Oldest Living Dog

This week, I was there when Pebbles, the world’s oldest dog, crossed the Bridge after 22 years on the mortal side. She was born the same year as Foley. Imagine Foley farting, sleeping all day long, and not being able to hold her pee, so no different. Pebbles was happy to arrive after her long service. It took a long time for all her pain to be washed away by the river, but when Pebbles climbed, she was finally young again and happily living her immortal life.   This made a chihuahua named TobyKeith, also 22, the oldest living dog. It was a title Toby had held before. When word of his longevity reached the media, Pebbles’ parents surfaced, proving she was older and stripping TobyKeith of his title. The circumstances of Pebble’s passing, having been caused by bad kibble, lead to some suspicion that a jealous Toby had eliminated the competition.   I decided to investigate and visited Toby as a ghost. When he firs

Poetry Thursday

  Welcome to poetry Thursday hosted by our friends Angel Sammys and Teddys Pawetaton Here is our inspiration followed by our poem        She asked how my first day was at Skechers I said I felt confident having practiced my pitches How these shoes will make you look like a princess They’ll get you plenty of kisses And soon you will have riches Perfect for someone who cares about superficies I was selling more than anyone on the premises Making bank more than my greatest wishes My humor had them all in stitches Then I hit some glitches Waiting on a couple of witches I tried to find out where there off switch is And despite all my enriches I asked myself what my greatest wish is And walked away from those two bitches.  

Wordless Wednesday


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      I shall park in a tow-away zone never more


12 and Chappy had accompanied Ruby to wait for the duos' beloved sister Whiskey, to arrive at the Bridge after more than 15 years of being a devoted companion to her parents.   I met the three pups on my first night on social media. They were a delightful trio who befriended me, like everyone, as an equal and family member. I was thrilled when a fourth member, Fuzzy Bacon, joined and heartbroken when his stay with them was too short. Now, Fuzzy stood with me, waiting to be reunited with his sister, and have his pack whole.   In every family, some children move on, and one stays to care for his parents: In the Gustavan pack, 12 and Chappy transitioned to the Bridge, and Whiskey stayed with her parents as her sight, hearing, and legs failed while suffering from attacks by the Seizure Monster. Through it all, Whiskey survived to bring comfort to her family.   But even a dog who slowly metered out her heartbeats as Whiskey did will someday run out of them; That occurred last w


  This week, strange men came into the house. We had a big, loud metal box with a big wheel outside our house. A squirrel runs on the wheel. If he goes clockwise, the box blows hot air and counterclockwise cold. My Dad noticed nothing happened when he signaled the squirrel to run and called the squirrel wrangler. Mommy was out of the house when the wrangler came, so I was held by Daddy, and we went to my least favorite room (the outside) with the wrangler. He opened the box and just like I thought: No squirrel. The wrangler said he needed to order one, which he called “an electrical board,” Until then, we would have to Little House on the Prarie. The next day the wrangler called and said that the squirrel would cost over a thousand dollars. Knowing they would not survive the winter without a fresh squirrel and living under the model “Whatcha gonna do?” they okayed the purchase. This was on a Thursday, and they will put in the part on Monday. Over the weekend, Daddy had an idea

Friday Fill Ins

        Each Thursday Ellen of 15andmeowing and Lorianne of Four-Legged Furballs , provide Friendly Fill-in questions.   Here are my answers, it is the first time I have done a Friday Fill In - Ruby Here are this weeks questions: 1. When I turned over the pillow I found a stale treat which I ate. 2. My favorite breakfast is early 3. I’m so glad I live in a world where people spend so much money on overprice dog dogs and treat. 4.  My day is not complete without zooms.
  Welcome to poetry Thursday hosted by our friends Angel Sammys and Teddys Pawetaton Here is our inspiration followed by our poem         Simon says touch your head Simon says  lift your feet Simon says turn your face red Simon says make you hands meet Simon says stand on one foot Simon says look down Simon says put your face in a pout Simon says you are out Simon says I am not sadistic Simon says if you look at the statistics Simon said you will see I enjoy causing pain Simon said you I will make you play in the driving rain Simon says if you stopped listening to think Simon says you will realize I like kink Simon says you will know what's been sticking in your craw Simon says my name is not Simon, but Jigsaw from Saw   

Wordless Wednesday


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  Darn it. Everything has almonds and I have a peanut allergy

Tengso Tries to Make Dreams Come True

My friends Rani and Shamrock were joined by their brother Tengso this weekend, leaving their mom brokenhearted again. Tengso is a sweet boy who had fought the Dark Angels bravely for years, surviving a cancer battle and arthritis which robbed him of his ability to walk. But, up to his last day, Tengso met every day with a smile and always, through his dark eyes, showed his mom how much he loved her. After losing his siblings and trying to help his mom cope with his losses, he knew her greatest wish, to be visited in her dreams by her angels, and she would remember the encounter. Tengso, after he was sworn in as an angel, and had his welcoming celebration, gathered with his siblings to discuss accessing their mom's dreams. I overheard their talk, and never being able to mind my own business, I butted into theirs. I told them that it is a curse for humans not to be able to remember our dream visits. Mortal life, for humans, can be a cold, heartless place where you have

The Ruby Rose Report October 2, 2022

  The first thing my parents did upon my arrival at my forever home was put me on the grass to pee. I darted off it, and my parents put me back; I walked on the grass like a Clydesdale trying to scrape something off the bottom of his shoes. It is evident that, like a freshman from Norman, Oklahoma, who goes to an Ivy League School,  I was unfamiliar with grass, while everyone else was. There were two more attempts to get me to pee on the grass, both unsuccessful, before I found the pads in the hall and emptied my bladder. It became apparent after a few days and walking that training me to go outside would be arduous, and there were advantages to me doing my business inside, namely not having to take me out in the New England wet and cold. They rightly anticipated I would not take to the freezing temperatures. I am built like a high-rise apartment that runs across the entire top floor and is only eight inches wide. I have sizable legs for a 10-pound dog,  and I am long. But, the actua