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A Look Forward and Back by Pocket Dog

It’s all gone now.  The pretty tree in the kitchen with the sparkly lights filled with ornaments including one with my picture; the star shower in front of the house that lit up the wall with green and red lights and reflected off me when I went outside for my nighttime pee, all the decorations gathered over the years that are connected to people we love, some here, some gone.  They are all packed up for the year. There were parts of this season I loved.  I got wonderful gifts from Santa Paws via Santa’s Reindeers and gifts from Cali and Hurley which we very much appreciated.  And watching my friends play Secret Bub and Secret Paw and try to figure out who was giving them gifts was great fun. And I love the cards.  We get so many more cards than our parents do.  They have the smiling faces of our friends on them.  Everyday when the mail came we would anxiously gather around the table to see which friend sent us a new card or maybe a package. But I am not sorry to see the seaso

Wordless Wednesday

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R awhides? Sorry Mom. We are Millennials. We eat healthy

Linky is our Pup of the Week

It was only a few days before Christmas when I made my decision.  There would be no more pups crossing Rainbow Bridge until the New Year.  I was building a wall.  And the Chihuahuas were going to pay for it.   We began building the wall the next morning.  In two days we had it almost built.  Tommy was holding the nails in his mouth.  I would take a nail and hammer another board in place.  Tommy took his break but I kept working.  I looked at the dog at the bottom of the ladder.  “Can you hand me some more nails Linky?” Linky?  What was he doing here?  If I was being totally truthful with my coworkers Linky was the reason we were building the wall.  He had become very sick recently.  He was not eating, he was throwing up any water he swallowed, his stomach was enlarged and hard to the touch.  When he went to the vet they drained lots of fluid from around his heart (so much fluid that it was crushing his organs.)  He was diagnosed with heart failure and put on medication.  The Ang

Tails From Rainbow Bridge: Helping Santa Deliver Presents to the Shelter

All right everyone.  Good flight.  Now Benjamin don’t complain.  I told you to clip on your harness.  It is not my fault you almost fell out.  For a Sheriff you aren’t very good at following rules. OK everybody get off the sleigh and let Santa Paws get down.  Daddy and Shakira  help everyone off.  We have to move quickly,   This is the first shelter we are visiting tonight and we have thousands to go.  Nigel give Santa Paws back his pipe.  I know you look good with it but  it’s not for blowing bubbles.   Alright Cooper go and open up all the cages,  let everyone out and stand back.  Remember how dogs react when they are let out of cages.  We don’t want you to get runned over.  All everyone get ready!  Here they come. Hagan get the chicken dinners out of the containers.  All right pups line up for some supper.  Wow!  Look at them chow down.  This is the best dinner they have had in a long time.  All right now line up for presents. Drag that bag over here Greta.  Look it’s new

River's Night Before Christmas

'Twas the night before Christmas, when all through our pack not a creature was stirring, Pocket didn’t have to yack. The stockings were hung on the curtain rod with care, in hopes that Santa Paws would not appear bare My parents were nestled all snug in their beds, while visions of healthy IRA’s so they don’t have to work danced in their heads. And Mama in her nightie, and us pups by;/ her side, had just settled  down for a long winter's dream ride. When out on the roof there arose such a clatter, I barked my head off to see what was the matter. Away to the window my little paws did scurry, on back legs I stood to see what could cause such worry. The moon on the trampled grass from a warm winter    showed tracks from our walking as we looked for a place to poopter, when, what to my deep brown eyes from under hairs full of tangles, Did I see but a miniature sleigh and eight tiny winged angels With a little old doggy so lively and withou

Wordless Wednesday

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Follow me kids.  I will take care of those bullies who made fun of you at school.

Pup of the Week: Messages From This Year's Angel Graduating Class

It has been a very busy week for us Angels.  We have been helping Santa prepare gifts for the shelter dogs.  After a long day I stopped by Otie Campbell’s ice cream shoppe in Mayberry for a hot fudge sundae.  Otie was polishing the counter when he looked up and asked me if I had picked a Pup of the Week yet.  Thankfully no pups had crossed the Bridge this week so I had not picked one. “How about you let the pups who have crossed the Bridge in the last year write to their parents.” This was a wonderful idea.  First I am sure that parents would love to hear from their angels this Christmas seasons and second I don’t have to write a blog.  So I turned it over to the Angels. Otis Campbell:  Hi Mommy and Daddy.  I know this is a hard time of year for you since I went to the Bridge a year ago.  But please know I am doing good.   I love working at the ice cream shoppe and I  am inventing all sorts of new ice creams.  You can’t believe what you can do with squirrels. I love you both ver

Tails From Rainbow Bridge: Top Star Paws Moments

It is Star Paws Day!  Before you go to see the movie I wanted to list my favorite Star Paws movie moments. Young Foley Skywalker is fighting his arch nemesis Arf Vader.  Foley has been pushed to the edge of the spacecraft and is about to drift off into space.  Arf Vader asks Foley to join Arf on the Dark Side. To convince her Arf says “Come with me Foley. I am your Father.” and Foley says:  “You can’t be my father.  Scooby Wan said you were neutered!” Foley Skywalker, Princess Hattie Mae, Luke Solo and Brodybacca are in the trash compactor about to be crushed when Brodybacca eats all the trash and the compactor sensor stops.  Although they are thankful no one will kiss Brodybacca on the mouth. Foley Skywaker is training to be a Fido Knight.  She is working with the master Enzo.  Foley’s training is not working.  Finally Foley says she can’t do it.  Enzo looks at her wisely and says “No try, only sit. Foley Monster has to save Princess Hattie Mae after Joda the Hutt capture

Pocket's Christmas Wish List

Dear Santa:  Hello.  It is Pocket Dog.  How are you?  I hope you are doing well.  I know you get lots of letters this time of year and I wanted to start mine by inquiring about you.  This must be a very stressful time of year for you.  You are a heavy man, and you smoke, plus you are under a lot of pressure.  Frankly you are a coronary waiting to happen. I know I am supposed to write you a list of what I want this year.  Foley always gave you a long list and River’s list is even longer.  But I don’t have a list.  I have everything I want.  I have my one toy:  My red ball.  Mommy or Daddy throw the ball and I chase it.  I mess around with other toys but this is the only one I am interested in playing with.  I do wish that River would stop teasing me.  She takes my ball and sits on it to hide it.  I look all over the house for my ball and then I hear River snickering and I start barking then Mommy picks River up and throws my ball for me.  I don’t want River to end up on the naught

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Why Khaleesi is never photographed in well lit rooms

Smores is our December 13, 2015 Pup of the Week

Christmas should be the happiest time of the year but it can also be the saddest.  The Bridge should be closed during the weeks before Christmas but it doesn’t work that way.  There is still a steady stream of dogs leaving heartbroken parents in their wake.  This week one of those dogs was my friend Smores.   Oh Smores you cute faced little dog.  Bringer of happiness, provider of smiles, her Mom’s morning alarm clock, her Mom’s official front door greeter with the wagging tail, her Mom’s best friend, you tried to keep the Bridge’s Siren Song at bay but you could not, and this week you arrived, met by your sister Marcie, and after the usual ceremonies and wing fitting you and Marcie were off running in the hills together until you found yourself at Tommy’s house where you could watch over your Mom together and Marcie could teach you how to be your Mom’s angel. Our lives are always too short and sometimes the end of our life is too short too.  I went from living large at home to g

Christmas Time at Rainbow Bridge

One of my favorite times at the Bridge is Christmas.  It is also one of the saddest times of the year.  Being an Angel at the Bridge during Christmas is like being on the Island of Misfit Toys except we were loved, and will be loved, but we are stuck in between being loved, waiting, so we have to occupy ourselves. We love to decorate. There are many trees here and each one needs to be covered with lights, garland and bulbs with the names of every pup here.  There are millions and millions of bulbs that all twinkle with light like a little bit of our souls encapsulated in them.  I like to lie under the trees and think of my friends. There is also snow but not the cold wet snow that is in the mountains.  This snow is special Bridge snow that is fun to run and slide in, that we can build snow angels in, and even have snow ball fights with, but doesn’t embed in our paws, or leave them cold and wet.  And it tastes like chicken. Then we go off in the woods with the squirrels to do o

The Return of Cousin Neely By River Song

It was a typical day when something happened that changed my entire week in a way that can never be forgotten.  Mommy had gone out, which I didn’t like, but I had stayed calm on Daddy’s lap.  Then I heard Mommy’s car.  I ran to the window and saw that our grandbaby Meg was with her and Meg had a bag  She would be staying with us for a few days!  Cool!  And then I saw the leash in Mommy’ hand and I thought “oh no!”  It was Meg’s dog Neely.  A big tailed male Shih Tzu.  After seeing Neely I jumped on Pocket’s back, bent my legs and smushed Pocket into the floor until Daddy lifted me off of her.  Daddy thought I was trying to hurt her but I was hugging her.  Hugging her for dear life. In our house is the perfect family unit.  Two dogs.  Two people.  A person for every pup and a pup for every person.  You would assume adding one more person:  Meg, and one more dog:  Neely would not upset the equation but you would be wrong because Neely does not respect the one person one dog rule.  N

Wordless Wednesday

Moose is our December 6, 2015 Pup of the Week

Staying alive….staying alive.  Lately it has become so hard, for humans and pups, to stay alive.  The mortal side of the Bridge is filled with so many threats from illness, to crazy violent people, to those who think murder will lead to a plethora of virgins, which is true but unfortunately they all look like this. Some of us have an incredible will to stay alive. Have you met my friend Moose?  I have not written about Moose since March of 2013 which is a good thing because before then I wrote about Moose a lot.  He had been diagnosed with Immune Mediated Hemolytic Anemia in Dogs (IMHA) earlier that year.   That seemed especially cruel.  Moose has only been with his new family for six years.  Before that he had been in a neglectful and abusive situation which had made him scared and aggressive.  His loving family had made him into a calm, affectionate family pet.  And then came the illness. It began with white gums and lethargy.  Moose was rushed to the vet and his