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Smoochy is our July 29, 2012 Pup of the Week

For those of us who are lucky enough to know Smoochy there isn’t a better friend to have in the world.  He is there to pick us up when we are down, to make us smile when we are sad, to make us feel loved when we’re lonely.  Earlier this summer he almost had his ticket to the Bridge punched when he choked on a small ball.  His Mom and the Bridge Angels saved him that day. But shortly after that he got more bad news.  He had a lump on his skin that proved to be cancerous.  Oh poor Smoochy!  He was like a pup in one of the Final Destination films.  But not once did Smoochy ask about himself or whisper a bark of self pity.  During the vigils and services for Moose, Molly and Sierra he came to our chapel to pray everyday and never asked for himself. But Smoochy certainly had problems that needed the Lord’s attention.  He needed surgery, the sooner the better.  Unfortunately the doctor did not want to do the surgery with Smoochy in a weak state.  To build up his strength Sm

Tonight on the Foley Monster Court: Pocket vs Neely

What you are about to witness is real.  The cases are real.  The litigants are real with cases pending in civil court.  They have decided to have their case settled in our forum, the Foley Monster court in front of Judge Foley Monster.  This it the Foley Monster Court. Voice over:  This is the plaintiff, Miss Pocket Dog.  She is claiming her home was invaded by a strange pooch that had disrupted her life, played with her toys, and pounced on her head.  She is fed up with the stranger and wants him out of her life.  This is the defendant Neely Puppy.  His family left him at this strange place and he’s just trying to make the best of it.  He didn’t mean to bother Pocket but he just wants to play.  He’s a puppy and he is filled with puppy energy,  And he didn’t ask to come to Pocket’s house.  She is being accused of being a unneighborly Neely. *Foley Monster comes in wearing a robe and sits on the judge’s bench.  The Bird that she has hired as her ballif tells her the p

Neely is Here

Neely is here.  This is a picture of him showing respect by kissing my ring I know I asked some of you to come here because I was outnumbered and I never picked one so I am asking you all to come as quickly as you can.  This could be a tough week. I thought Pocket would be playing with Neely all the time but guess what?  She hates Neely.  She barks at him all the time with her tail up.  She then trembles and tries to hide behind one of us.  She has been glued to Daddy's side and when Neely approaches she growls at him.  Me?  I have dealt with worse.  He misses his family and I'm used to having other dogs in the house.  Except for Bailey this is Pocket's first other dog and she's jealous.  Should be a fun week.  I promise to keep you all informed. 

Our pee is powerful. Is urine?

We have bunnies!  Oh not the cute ones that live in a cage just outside your house and wiggle their noses when you feed them carrots.  These are the wild ones that hop across your yard and eat Mommy’s flowers. Now our Mommy has busted her butt on her flower gardens.  Really she has!  She was watering her flowers the other day, backed up, fell down, and landed on the cement dividers between the gardens.  Today she had to get a shot in her rectum to deaden the pain.  She was supposed to get a shot in the neck but when the doctor saw her he said she needed a shot in the butt proving a pain in the neck is no match for a pain in the ass. Pocket and I decided that, if Mommy’s garden meant so much to her, and the bunnies were eating her buds, we needed to do something about the garden.  But Mommy insisted that we could not go outside and hunt them down, which is like the 12th thing we were put on this Earth for.  We tried sitting on the arm of the recliner and bark at them when

Kaizer is our June 15, 2012 pup of the week

I think we can all agree that we have been hit with a long streak of bad luck.  Friends flying to the bridge like frightened birds from a tree.,  We’ve prayed together, cried together, mourned together.  And there are sure to be more sad days to come. But let’s take a moment to celebrate some good news.  For every friend we lose to the bridge we welcome a new friend and none are more important than those who were rescued.  Which is why I want to take today to celebrate Mr. Z, the K-man, Kaizer, new brother of Chey, living in the house where the legendary dog Baron, also known as Bear, once roamed. We first started hearing rumors that Chey’s mother Auntie Monica was thinking of adding another German Shepard to the family way back in April.  She became aware of a GSD who was being fostered by a group called MOGS (does that mean Monster?) and she visited him and Kaizer looked at her and said “I want this Mommy.”  Of course there was so much more to it than that.  There were

SFL wanted

Starting late next week the delicate structure of power I have worked so hard to maintain is going to be overturned when our puppy cousin Neely comes to stay with us for a week.  This is him.   Yes, I know, all eyes, tongue and tail.  Just a little ball of excitement. Neely will be the sibling Pocket always wanted, someone to run with, play with, get yelled at with  And that is where the balance of power gets upset.  Mommy and I like to sit and watch, perhaps move a little bit to lick our hindquarters, then settle down again.  But Daddy and Pocket like to play, throwing balls, chasing one another, it is a bother. But the balance of power is swayed to the calmness preferred  by Mommy and me because Daddy is like Puerto Rico at the Republican convention.  He gets to caucus, and vote, but no one pays attention and it doesn’t count.  I did have one request before I allowed Neely into our house.  His naughty bits must be disposed of. Last week the vet chopped off his little m