Friday, June 29, 2012

Foley Monster Gets in a Twitter War with a Twit

All dogs can identify that during the day aggressions build up and we need to let them loose.  Some of us go outside and run in circles, some go outside and chase vermin, some snap at their siblings, some zoom around the house.

I go on Twitter and see if there is any celebrity who I can make angry.  I read the news, and if I think of something snarky to say, I type with my my paws and hit the send button.

Last week there was a story about how the National Football League was cracking down on it’s players to stop them from being involved in setting bounties on players.  This stemmed from a team that paid players extra to injure their opponents and knock them out of the game.  Now, this made me think what would be the opposite of knocking a player out of the game, and it made me think that the opposite was making sure the player stayed in the game.  So what I needed was a player who was knownfor missing tackles instead of making them.

Now we are a New England Patriot family.  A few years ago we drafted a player named Brandon Merriweather.  He was supposed to be a really good player but he spent most of his time missing tackles.  This gave me the idea for a tweet and I typed this:  “Brandon Meriweather (@BMeriweather31) excited about NFL new anti bounty policy because now he can be paid extra for missing tackles “  If you aren’t a football fan this may not make sense but if you are it is barking hilarious.  

This isn’t the worst thing I have tweeted.   Just in the past couple of months there have been:
Rodney King's family needs money to pay for the burial service. They ask: Can't we all get a loan?
Lindsay Lohan's nap scares producers but not as much as her nap scared the woman who was in her passenger's seat when she hit the truck
It was a such a beautiful day today I want to go out and punch zooey deschanel right in the ovaries

I don’t really mean to upset anyone.  I’m just a small dog looking to get rid of aggressions by poking fun at the most fortunate of society.  I didn’t expect to get bitten back  But that’s what this Brandon Merriweather did.

He sent me a tweet that told me I was a nobody, that I wanted to be “be”, and for me to get a life.  Well how rude.  I would send you a link to it but the next day he took it down.  I think he did because someone said to him  “Yo, you’re arguing with a little dog, not cool dude.”

But his response reminded me of another Princess who couldn’t spell and said mean things to me.  She didn’t last much longer than I think this Merriweather character is going to last.  He especially reminded me of the Princess with his inability to spell.  

I am not sure what he meant by me wanting to be “be.”  Did he mean I wanted to be him.
I don’t want to be him.  He seems to be a bully to me.  One of those bullies who pick on sweet innocent wise ass Yorkies.   Or does he want me to be a bee?  Or worse a half a be?  All in all he confused me very much.  And I don’t want him to come after me.

So I asked Daddy what to do.  He said the best place to hide from Brandon Merriweather is to wait until it is third and long and then stand 30 yards down field over the middle.  Brandon Merriweather has never been seen there before.  (Again, if you’re not a football fan you don’t get this but if you are you find it hilariously funny.)

Mr. Merriweather plays his ball in our nation’s capitol now and I think he will be unable to clear the low bar that adequate work ethic is measured in that city.  To the Washington fans I can send only sympathy as you approach a fall of missed coverages and broken tackles.  But if you don’t know which player Mr. Merriweather is I can point him out to you.

He is the one wearing no sense of humor.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

In Which An Article on How Dogs Help Keep Humans Health Angers Foley

This morning I anxiously opened an e-mail that said it was about how dogs are good for humans’ health.  Well, any pup who has ever taken care of their parents when they were sick know that.  But to see it published in the slope nosed media was very exciting.

With great anticipation I read the opening line.  “Dogs may be good at more than fetching sticks and greeting you after a long day at work.”  Exbarking excuse me?  Good for more than fetching sticks and greeting you?  Has this bi-ped ever met a dog before?  Fetching sticks? Has anyone ever read a pup blog where the writer states “My Mommy loves me because of my ability to return her discarded wood?  And meeting humans at the door?  OK, we are like so wicked awesome at that.  And we do love it.  But we are worth so much more.

We are God’s angels on Earth, completely devoted to humans, here to make your life easier and happier.  We make you smile when you are sad, calm when you are anxious.  When the writer of that post is on a plane that crashes in the mountain and is sitting in the snow dying, and a St Bernard comes up with one of those bottles around his neck, I hope the dog goes to get a stick.

But I had to admit once my outrage from his lead had abated I began to take interest in the article.  It said the us dogs can lessen your chances of catching the common cold.  Of course, having studied dogs and men for most of my life I knew this.  By constantly licking my Mommy’s and Daddy’s faces I scare away any human typhoid carrier who think doggy breath is icky, when in truth our sweet kisses block germs from slipping into the mouth or nose.  Real dog lovers don’t have any problem approaching one another but they already have the protection of our tongues.    

Then I read the third sentence and found out the reason why this biped surmised why we help prevent the cold and of course he was completely wrong.  You want to know his reason?  Pet dust.  I didn’t even know we had pet dust.  And if we do it’s because you humans are not bathing us properly.

But to be honest this pet dust thing now has me worried.  You know how humans overreact.  The last thing I want is to be dusted.  Or vacuumed.  Being vaccumed sucks.  
And that was the entire basis of why we make humans better.  

Now we all know this is a huge pile of vick.  The last reason we are good for humans is our dandruff.  Loyalty, love, laughter, companionship, that is how we keep you healthy.

All the liquid Prell in the world can’t top that.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Max is our June 24, 2012 Pup of the Week

I always get sad when my friends go to the Bridge.  I feel bad for them, knowing they will miss their humans, and their friends, and I feel bad for me.  Because when friends go to the Bridge it can be too painful for their Moms or Dads to revisit their page and talk with their friends, so we lose contact with the entire family.  So I am always excited when the parents who lost their pup are chosen by a new one.

One of my best friend was sweet Ladybug.  When she was taken away from me to the Bridge I lost contact with her and her family and this made me very sad.  Ladybug’s parents never did get a new pup but they did have one thrust upon them when their human daughter moved in with them with a pup named Max.

Max soon started social networking and what a fine chap he turned out to be  Not only did we get to meet Max but we began to hear from Ladybug as well, and, when Mollie went to the Bridge Ladybug left the most lovely post.  You can read it here.

“Keep coming Mollie... I know the steps are sooooooo LONG TO THE RAINBOW BRIDGE... I made them with a little help from a friend.... There... didn't I tell you.... now look at you... WOW.... the guys up here will go crazy for you... and let me tell ya... I know.....Here.. let me help you that last step... Oh Mollie... Please don't feel bad... I know... I cried too... I hated to leave my Mom & Dad.... It was so hard...... Here..... take my paw and I will show you around... Mollie looks around with awe!!!! " I didn't realize that it would be so beautiful".. Oh my Gosh, she explains... and look at all the lakes, rainbows and mountains.....Hey I think I know some of my friends here.... Mollie waves.... and everyone looks and waves back.. they are so happy she made it up those LONG STEPS..... but they know how sad... the many tears and the heartache that has been left at her earthly home and so many friends there...Angel Ladybug is showing her to where there has been a wonderful feast for her arrival.... She tells Mollie that she will be stuffed when leaving the buffet this evening.... Oh... and I must tell you Mollie... I will be the one to teach you how to fly with your new wings..... They trot together down Rainbow Ave. to where Mollie will be fitted with her beautiful wings this evening... Lets see... Ladybug exclaims.. we have to get just the right fit..... "WINGS for US" is the best store to be fitted.... but some of Ladybugs friends roll their eye's as to whether or not SHE is the Best one to teach Mollie how to fly....Ladybug assures her that all will be well and that when she tells her to turn RIGHT... well...... sometimes she means LEFT!!!!

ANGEL LADYBUG knows how much Mollie is missing her Mom & Dad..... But they trot off down the street after she has been fitted for the LOVELY WINGS, meeting many that have gone before her.. they greet each other with much wagging of tails and sniffing of noses... and in the air.... is the fine smell of "Roast something or another" and Mollie knows that she is at THE RAINBOW BRIDGE where there is LOVE, BELLY RUBS, PATS on her head and she is healthy again... and there is LOVE IN THE AIR TOO....”

Now Max has problems with his boy’s bits.  When he peed. like Lebron James, he would both dribble and lick himself.  I guess this is quite a concern for boys.  Max was also giving clues that his pepe hurt, like pointing at it with his paw and saying OHHHH  MY PEPE HURTS.  His grandmom called the doctor who said Max should be seen right away and they scheduled him for the next morning.  

When he got to the vet they flipped him over like a carp ready to be gutted and there was a small red marble thingy on top of the red rocket.  The vet talked to Max’s grandmom like Max wasn’t even in the room.   I hate when humans do that.  Hello.  
We’re right here.  They said this little marble thing had to be removed from his most precious boy parts and sent it away for someone to analyze it.

Then they stuck a catheter into him.   Those are actually called Foley catheters.  I invented them a joke to stick it, literally, to our Daddies.  I never thought my evil genius would come back to hound my friends, hounds and non.  So sorry about that one big guy.  I guess that’s one on me, and on you.

On Friday the doctors removed the one on him.  In the morning Max was brought into the vet with his stuffed hedgehog.  I used to have a stuffed hedgehog.  To get me to play with it my parents would move it around the ground going ho hedgehog, ho hedgehog, ho hedgehog, ho.  I am in therapy.  But at least therapy is better than someone poking in our privates.  

Max’s only company was a Spanish pup who told Max that he would not feel anything until he woke up, which was not the most comforting words, because who feels things in their sleep?    

Max came through the surgery fine.   He was sent home with the cone of shame but his Grandmom took it off to help him rest.   His friends sent get better messages and a very welcome message about an inflatable cone of shame.

Now we all  must gather together and pray that the doctors come back with our favorite bingo call “B9.”  If not then there will be more tests and more operations and more who knows what.  We are due some good news and let’s hope that the good news finds it way to sweet Max.  Having just got back in touch with Ladybug, Max, and their wonderful parents I would hate for there to be radio silence again.

As you can tell from Ladybug’s comments their typists certainly know how to write what is in the heart of a pup.  We love you Ladybug, and we love Max, and we don’t ever want to lose touch with you again.  So let’s all pray that your test come back B9.

And I promise I will never stick anything up your man parts again.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

K9 Kamp IV Holy Moses

This week we kept it simple for K9-Kamp IV Do What You Want.  We did some walking, we played some ball, nothing worth writing about again.  But when we were done I weighed Daddy.  I did this by picking him up in my mouth and holding him, then stepping on the scale, recording our combined weight, then dropping him on the ground like a stinky squirrel, weighing myself, and figuring the difference.  Four hours later I determined he had lost four pounds.

Now this was good,  but he had last weighed himself on what I think was a more accurate scale, so I am not sure he lost weight at all.  Plus, while thanks to the K-9 Kamp organizers Daddy is walking and healthier you need to do more than walking.  Daddy told me watching what he eats and walking will be fine for him.  But, to prove him wrong I turned to the most accurate words ever written:  No, not the Bible, and not the movies, but movies about the Bible.

In fact the movie I showed him was the Ten Commandments.  After slogging through two and a half hours we got to the part that I felt was of particular importance to my Dad, the end.  Because it was here where Moses, portrayed by Charlton Heston, has reached the Promised Land, after 40 years wandering the desert and living on as little food as possible, and he still has a paunch.  So if Moses can do nothing but walk and eat organic food for 40 years and he still is built like George Costanza what chance does Daddy have?

We did find an easter egg on the DVD with a deleted scene and it a scene between Moses and his dog.  I don’t know why the dog did not make the final cut.  But, what was fascinating, is the dog was having the same conversation with Moses as I was with my Dad, that walking and eating well were not enough to stay in shape.

I have transcribed the scene.  Please to enjoy.

Dog:  Hey Moses.

Moses:  Hey Dog.

Dog:  Sure is hot.
Moses:  Yes, but it’s a dry heat.

Dog:  Why don’t you pick me up?  I am tired of walking.

Moses:  I cannot carry you.   We were doomed to wander for 40 years.  None of us can be carried.  Plus I would have to put down my staff.

Dog:  Hey, I wasn’t doomed to wander.  I just saw you wander by, you looked like you needed some help, so I walked next to you.   And why can’t you put down the staff?

Moses:  I never put down the staff.  I parted the Red Sea with this staff.  It protected me from the hand of God.  It is leading us to the Promised Land.

Dog:  First of all, that Red Sea thing was like 40 years ago and some of us think it might have been a small tsunami.  And don’t forget, you dropped the tablets because you would not let go of that staff.

Moses:  I did not drop the tablets.  I threw them at the Infidels.

Dog:  Infidels?  Please.  You threw them at Edwin G. Robinson.  The guy was Little Caeser.  You didn’t see problems coming.  Anyway, word around the watering puddle is that you dropped them.  As for that leading us to the Promised Land?  It’s been 40 years.  Duh.

Moses:  Mind your tongue dog.

Dog:  I would like to but it is dragging in the sand from the heat.  By the way.  Why have you never named me?  You have a pet you should name the.

Moses:  I do not name animals.  I've been through the desert on a horse with no name,
It felt good to be out of the rain.  In the desert you can remember your name,  'Cause there ain't no one for to give you no pain.

Tribe of Israel:  La, la, la la la la, la la la, la, la La, la, la la la la, la la la, la, la
Dog:  Not bad harmony for a party of wanderers.  

Lone member of tribe of Israel:  Zeppelin!

Moses:  Quiet infidel or I will smote you.

Dog:  Again with the smoting, no one believes you can smote.  Enough with the smoting already.  Hey.  I’m hungry.

Moses:  We are all hungry dog.  Hopefully we shall come across some organic food to eat and you shall get your share.

Dog:   My share is usually what you drop.  And anyway, Mo, I’ve noticed, 40 years of wandering and eating organic food and you still look like you’re running a solid 220.  I’ve seen people lose half a body weight after a week on Survivor.

Moses:  This is the size I need to be to lead my people.

Dog:  Just saying you’re a bit overweight.  Maybe we could stop and you could do some sit ups or push ups.  Maybe some light aerobic work.  It can’t hurt.

Moses:  Be quiet dog.   I am at the perfect weight.

Dog:  OK but I’m just saying when we wandered over the Wii Fit station it said you were obese.

Moses:  Wii Fit.  Product of Infidels.  Like the scales at the doctor’s.  I weigh myself at home then go to the doctor and I somehow gained five stone on the camel ride. over.  

Dog:  Are you on anxiety meds?   That can cause weight gain.

Moses:  I am not on anxiety meds.

Dog:  Nobody would blame you.  Surviving the kill the first born thing, the little boat trip as a baby, that crazy, crazy Pharoh.  No one would blame you if you needed a little help to get through the day.

Moses:  We are done talking about this dog.

Dog:  Are we there yet?

Moses:  Just over the next dune.

Dog: You said that 20 years ago.

Moses:  Keep walking dog.

Dog:  Hey Moses?

Moses:  Yes

Dog:  Sure is hot.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Mollie, Jilly Girl and Emmy are our June 17, 2012 Pups of the Week

I consider myself quite a wordsmith.  I have always prided myself on my ability to turn a phrase.  As I look back on the last seven days the same thought comes to my sharp as a tack mind:  This week fiicking sucked.

This past week has been like living through the Battle of Hogwats with no wizards, spells, or trolls.  Just the carnage.   We lost sweet Emmy, the spokesperson of the Dogs of Brazil, at the age of nine.  Her blogs about the flooding in Brazil in January 2011 were like reading Ernie Pyle’s reporting from the Pacific.  She was both truthful and compelling.  She just got to a new home and money was becoming available to her family to build a no kill shelter so desperately needed in her area.  But she won’t be there to enjoy it.

Then we lost Jilly Girl.  A short time ago her brother Jack got diagnosed with Cushings Disease  Before he went to the Bridge we learned that Jilly Girl had the disease too.  An operation was planned, but then got moved up when the vet had an opening.  The operation went well, but poor Jilly never awoke.

And finally after a brave struggle against the horrible IMHD we lost my very good friend Mollie and this just broke my old Yorkie heart in a thousand tiny pieces.  We lived Mollie’s life with her.  I remember her first blog which was about going to training as a pup.  It seems like yesterday.  She kept us informed when her Mom had a retinal tumor.  She rallied us to pray for her mother’s operation and those prayers helped her through it.  She told us about Tabby, the uninvited kitty who took up residence on her porch, much to her umbridge.  In October of 2011 she informed us of what would be the greatest project of her life, the building of her sun room.   That was interrupted by her Dad having heart problems, but, again, Mollie nursed a parent back to health.   In February the sun room was finally done and we rallied together to make sure Mollie’s chair was placed in a place where she got plenty of sun and could see outside.  Then she got hit with terrible allergies this spring.  Most of May was spent with visits to the vet.  But there was good news.  After 38 years her Mom retired to spend time with Mollie in her sunroom.  But it was not to be.  She got hit with the IMHA and there was nothing nobody could do.  Mollie was gone.  

I must admit I got angry.  I try to help other dogs.  I put in a lot of time.  And I have never asked for anything, so I asked for this one thing, for Mollie to live, and I was told no.  I don’t like being told no.  We did everything right.  We had prayers coming from pups on TB and DS.  We had humans on the Face Space praying.  Mommy got prayers going on Twitter and Blogger.  There were enough prayers to move a mountain.  And they were all answered no.  I went outside, looked up at the night sky, and I howled in anger at the moon.  Pocket joined me.  She asked me why I was upset and I said that Mollie was gone and I wanted answers.  She asked if this was the way she felt when I lost the siblings who came before her:  Blake, Jax, Copper and Skye.   I said yes.  She asked if Mommy, Daddy and I had prayed for them to live and I said yes.  She then asked if they had all lived if we would have looked for another pup after she was born.  And I guess we wouldn’t have.  And if we hadn’t Pocket wouldn’t have been with us.  “So maybe that’s why they had to go,” she said.  “So I could have a home.”  It was a rare moment of clarity for Pocket.  Then she said something either very deep or very silly.  “Plus, if no one ever went to the Bridge we would have no place to put our stuff.”  When I asked her what she meant she said that, if there were six dogs in the house, some would have to sleep on the floor, and we would have to put bunkbeds in my kitty condo.  While I was still sad, somehow her words had made me think, and I’m not sure why, but I was no longer mad.

We are all sent here with jobs to do, all of them to help humans.  Some are long term, like mine, almost 12 years, and others are short term, like Blake, Jax, Cooper and Skye.  Looking at all that happened during Mollie’s much too short lifetime, nursing her Mom back to health after her retinal surgery, nursing her Dad back to health after his heart problems, seeing her Mom through retirement and helping build the sunroom I wonder if her work ws done. Then she was called home.  I don’t know if this is true.  I’m just trying to make sense of something that makes no sense.  

But I have to tell humans the big difference between us dogs and humans.  And it’s not that opposable thumbs thing.  That’s way overrated.  So you can button a shirt and got a job at The Gap.  How’s that working out for you?  No, the difference is that we enjoy every single second with you.  Every moment.  In  the words of Pete Townsend:
I dig every second
I can laugh in the snow and rain
I get a buzz from being cold and wet
The pleasure seems to balance out the pain

So enjoy us as much as we enjoy you.  Because we enjoy and love you so much, and I know you do too.  Don’t let the little things in your life get you down when you’re with us.  

Despite what the Dog Whisperer or Dog the Bounty Hunter or the Road Dog might say, when you come to do a silly dance of joy with us.  Run with us, play with us, kiss us, laugh with us, and just enjoy us.  If you think you need to be calm and assertive with us little pups who do nothing but love you then do it, as long as the day comes when it is time for us to go to the Bridge, you can make the decision calmly and assertively too, if not, take my advice, pull down your pants, and let’s slide on the ice.

Because I think that was the way Mollie, Jilly Girl and Emmy lived.  And this past week has been senseless, and when something senseless happens, you have to try to make sense of it, even if the sense you make of it makes no sense.  Does that make sense?  I don’t know.  I miss my friend.

Although I don’t bark about it often I know someday I will be at the Bridge, and when I get there, and I am reunited with Mollie, Jilly Girl and Emmy and they tell me that I lived a life they were proud of and my Mom lived a life their Moms would be proud of, then I would know I accomplished whatever I was sent here to do.

Good night Jilly Girl, Mollie and Emmy, my Princesses of planet Earth, my Queens of North America.  May we follow in your paw prints.  

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Foley Monster Reflects on the Online World, the Onfoot World, and Peace Love and Understanding

When dogs are born we are clear of our mission:  To serve man (and no, it’s not a cookbook, well, for most most of us.)  But, like the servants in The Help, we don’t just aid, we observe our humans, certainly the most complicated of creatures we have encountered.

This is a dog’s philosophy:  See something out of the ordinary, charge at it, and deal with it, unless we are corrected by those we serve.  But humans, they see what is right in front of it, and analyze it to such an extent they don’t even notice it.

I am not sure where this Internet thing came from, who invented it, or why, but I hear lots of debating if it is a good thing or not.  Humans debate too much.   We know what things are when we see them whether they be good or bad.

For the most part I declare the Internet a good thing, even though it’s like a Pit Bull, a wonderful beast that can be corrupted by those with ill intentions.  Because the Internet has rekindled the fire in humans igniting two long list skills.  The first is to use the written word to communicate in short, well thought out (for the most part) sentences.

But also it has recreated the idea of a community, or, better yet a village, where everyone is your friend, watches your kids (meaning pups) and no one locks the doors because everyone is trusted.  What is great about an online community is that you choose your neighbors which you can’t do in an on foot community (the term on foot community is trademarked by Foley Monster, don’t mess with me on this) or family. I often hear complaints about our friends’ neighbors but seldom about online friends.  And let’s agree not to get started on family.

But over the Internet we have created our own village where we care, we trust, and everyone knows our names, both human and pup.

I have never seen a better example of how a village can pull together, how a family can provide support, then the way people and pups rallied to sweet Mollie’s side.  It began with a post on Tanner Brigade stating the she had taken ill.  The old cranky DS machine wasn’t cooperating with her Mom so we copied the post for her.  And we copied it on Facebook, and the sub groups, Doggyspace Moms and Doggyspace Groups.  On Tanner Brigade we set up a vigil for her in our events section (an event section would be a great addition to DS.)  Although it’s a small group the vigil, along with her blogs, quickly filled with comments, some from members we barely hear from.  And on DS a multi member candle lighting for Mollie was held.

Our DS blogs filled up with even more comments, friends praying, asking what they could do.  And on Facebook those Moms who have guided their pups through the same similar illness were there ready to help and to provide advice and a strong shoulder.  I shouldn’t say I’m surprised by the response I saw because I know what a wonderful community we have.  But I was still awed by it, by the love, by the caring, things that seem so hard to come by in our on foot community.

So from this dog’s perspective this Internet is a really cool thing.  Because it has allowed us to create little villages filled with people who realize that us dogs are your angels, who love you, and fill your heart with joy, and we should be celebrated.  And in this village we have so many wonderful, caring, living people.  They are truly the finest kind.

We may not be able to live with people who share our interests or are as caring as we are, but we can build one in the cyber world, where no one pops in during your favorite show or tracks mud on your carpets.  The compassion shown here is beautiful, while in the on foot world compassion is considered a weakness.

The reaching out to help here is seen a thousand time a day while in the on foot world reaching out to help is frowned upon because those in need should help themselves.  I would much rather live with my wonderful friends in my online world than with the rude, mean people with those annoying signs on their yard in the shape of a dog squatting and a no thru it (but I never see one with one dog humping another with a no on it so they are discriminating against certain bodily functions.)

We all love Mollie, our hearts ache for her and her Mom and all we want is for her to get better.  And it’s so wonderful that her Mom can find all this support right at the end of her own fingertips.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Prayers for Mollie

I am turning this blog over to our friend Mollie who is in need of as many prayers as we can muster. In her words this is what is going on.

June 10, 2012 2:30 AM

Hi Everyone,

This is Mollie's mom writing this blog. Her dad and I had to take her to the emergency vet hospital. We noticed that on Friday she was looking a little puney and she was sleeping a lot. This morning she wouldn't eat her breakfast and that is just not like Mollie. I made her some boiled chicken and she did eat that three times today. At dinner time she wouldn't eat anything. She has been diagnosed with IMHA Immune Mediated Hemolytic Anemia. Her immune system is killing her red blood cells. Her platelets were also low. The doctor felt like we had caught this disease in time but there is always the chance that Mollie won't respond to the meds they will be giving her for the next couple of days. Yes, we had to leave her there and my heart is just breaking. Her dad and I cried all the way home and I can't hardly see what I am typing because of the tears. Please pray that Mollie will respond well to the meds and can beat this disease. We need lots and lots of prayers.

Love to all,

Mollie's Mom


Just spoke with the vet. She said Mollie was doing OK. She wouldn't eat this morning but she did go outside to pee. They are giving her fluids through an IV and they had to put in a tube to give her the meds because she threw up once last night. She will be there tonight as well.

June 10, 2012 12:00 PM

The vet just called and said Mollie's blood levels had dropped from 18 to 9. They are going to have to give her a blood transfusion. Please pray that this works. I am so afraid that her body is going to reject the transfusion. The vet said there is a possibility that she might need 2-3 transfusions.

Please pray for Mollie.

Mollie's Very Worried Mom

UPDATE: The vet just called and said Mollie had finished with her transfusion. She says it takes 4 hours. She did very well but still hasn't eaten any food. She is keeping the meds down so that's good. At 8:00 p.m. they will check her blood again to see if the transfusion worked. If not, she will get another one. Praying very hard that this transfusion worked and Mollie can be on the road to recovery.

Thanks to everyone for all your prayers and support. Keep the prayers coming because I know how powerful TB prayers are!!

June 10, 2012 10:34 PM

Just spoke with the vet. Mollie's blood count went up three points to a 12. Not a big increase but encouraging. Dr. Choate said they are monitoring her vitals every hour and her crate is actually in the room with the doctor and technicians. I feel confident that she is being well taken care of. Dr. Choate said they will check her blood count again at midnight. Hopefully, it will continue to go up. If not, they will give her another transfusion. She still isn't eating but her gums are starting to get pink again. Another good sign. I'm going to call in the morning and will head over to the hospital to see her. I will be sure to give her lots of love from all of this wonderful group of friends and their parents.

KEEP THOSE PRAYERS COMING!! They seem to be working.


Mollie's Mom Cindy

June 11, 2012 2:20 PM

Mollie seems to be slowly getting better. I visited with her this morning and she actually wagged her tail and gave me kisses. The tech said she hadn't wagged her tail since she had been there. She drank a little water and I tried to get her to eat a little food but she didn't want any. One of the doctors called and spoke with Mollie's dad this morning and said she did eat some yesterday. Mollie looked a little better this morning too. When I left the tech said they would be doing another blood count on her at noon and they would call with the results. At 12:30 they called and said her count was up to 19!! I asked when he thought she would be able to come home but he really couldn't give me an answer. I did tell him I didn't want to rush this. If it was best for her to stay another night that's what I wanted. She still has a ways to go so keep the prayers coming. The Tanner Brigade sure has some powerful prayers!!

Love to all,

Mollie's Mom Cindy

Just spoke with the vet at the hospital and they will be taking another blood count at midnight. They are also drawing a little extra blood to send out to a lab to check for any tick borne disease. I told Dr. Myers that I had thought about that because we do live in the country and I have pulled a few off of Mollie but none were ever embedded. I check her every time she comes back in. Dr. Myers also consulted with an internist and the internist felt like Mollie didn't need to be on three medications and she didn't need the aspirin. The internist felt that until Mollie's platelet level comes back up they could stop the aspirin which could also be causing her tummy to be upset and why she doesn't want to eat. Dr. Myers was going to see what her blood count is at midnight and she may ween her off one of the medicines. I know these doctors are doing their best for Mollie but it is very disconcerning when they all have different opinions on protocol. So.....I think Mollie will probably be there a couple more days. Boy, do I miss my little shadow!! I haven't been able to sit in the sun room because it makes me so depressed. I miss her little butt trying to squeeze in with me in the new chair!!

Keep those prayers flowing!

Love and many thanks,

Mollie's Mom Cindy

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