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Foley Monster Gets in a Twitter War with a Twit

All dogs can identify that during the day aggressions build up and we need to let them loose.  Some of us go outside and run in circles, some go outside and chase vermin, some snap at their siblings, some zoom around the house. I go on Twitter and see if there is any celebrity who I can make angry.  I read the news, and if I think of something snarky to say, I type with my my paws and hit the send button. Last week there was a story about how the National Football League was cracking down on it’s players to stop them from being involved in setting bounties on players.  This stemmed from a team that paid players extra to injure their opponents and knock them out of the game.  Now, this made me think what would be the opposite of knocking a player out of the game, and it made me think that the opposite was making sure the player stayed in the game.  So what I needed was a player who was knownfor missing tackles instead of making them. Now we are a New England Patr

In Which An Article on How Dogs Help Keep Humans Health Angers Foley

This morning I anxiously opened an e-mail that said it was about how dogs are good for humans’ health.  Well, any pup who has ever taken care of their parents when they were sick know that.  But to see it published in the slope nosed media was very exciting. With great anticipation I read the opening line.  “Dogs may be good at more than fetching sticks and greeting you after a long day at work.”  Exbarking excuse me?  Good for more than fetching sticks and greeting you?  Has this bi-ped ever met a dog before?  Fetching sticks? Has anyone ever read a pup blog where the writer states “My Mommy loves me because of my ability to return her discarded wood?  And meeting humans at the door?  OK, we are like so wicked awesome at that.  And we do love it.  But we are worth so much more. We are God’s angels on Earth, completely devoted to humans, here to make your life easier and happier.  We make you smile when you are sad, calm when you are anxious.  When the writer of that pos

Max is our June 24, 2012 Pup of the Week

I always get sad when my friends go to the Bridge.  I feel bad for them, knowing they will miss their humans, and their friends, and I feel bad for me.  Because when friends go to the Bridge it can be too painful for their Moms or Dads to revisit their page and talk with their friends, so we lose contact with the entire family.  So I am always excited when the parents who lost their pup are chosen by a new one. One of my best friend was sweet Ladybug.  When she was taken away from me to the Bridge I lost contact with her and her family and this made me very sad.  Ladybug’s parents never did get a new pup but they did have one thrust upon them when their human daughter moved in with them with a pup named Max. Max soon started social networking and what a fine chap he turned out to be  Not only did we get to meet Max but we began to hear from Ladybug as well, and, when Mollie went to the Bridge Ladybug left the most lovely post.  You can read it here. “Keep coming

K9 Kamp IV Holy Moses

This week we kept it simple for K9-Kamp IV Do What You Want.  We did some walking, we played some ball, nothing worth writing about again.  But when we were done I weighed Daddy.  I did this by picking him up in my mouth and holding him, then stepping on the scale, recording our combined weight, then dropping him on the ground like a stinky squirrel, weighing myself, and figuring the difference.  Four hours later I determined he had lost four pounds. Now this was good,  but he had last weighed himself on what I think was a more accurate scale, so I am not sure he lost weight at all.  Plus, while thanks to the K-9 Kamp organizers Daddy is walking and healthier you need to do more than walking.  Daddy told me watching what he eats and walking will be fine for him.  But, to prove him wrong I turned to the most accurate words ever written:  No, not the Bible, and not the movies, but movies about the Bible. In fact the movie I showed him was the Ten Commandments.  After s

Mollie, Jilly Girl and Emmy are our June 17, 2012 Pups of the Week

I consider myself quite a wordsmith.  I have always prided myself on my ability to turn a phrase.  As I look back on the last seven days the same thought comes to my sharp as a tack mind:  This week fiicking sucked. This past week has been like living through the Battle of Hogwats with no wizards, spells, or trolls.  Just the carnage.   We lost sweet Emmy, the spokesperson of the Dogs of Brazil, at the age of nine.  Her blogs about the flooding in Brazil in January 2011 were like reading Ernie Pyle’s reporting from the Pacific.  She was both truthful and compelling.  She just got to a new home and money was becoming available to her family to build a no kill shelter so desperately needed in her area.  But she won’t be there to enjoy it. Then we lost Jilly Girl.  A short time ago her brother Jack got diagnosed with Cushings Disease  Before he went to the Bridge we learned that Jilly Girl had the disease too.  An operation was planned, but then got moved up when th

Foley Monster Reflects on the Online World, the Onfoot World, and Peace Love and Understanding

When dogs are born we are clear of our mission:  To serve man (and no, it’s not a cookbook, well, for most most of us.)  But, like the servants in The Help, we don’t just aid, we observe our humans, certainly the most complicated of creatures we have encountered. This is a dog’s philosophy:  See something out of the ordinary, charge at it, and deal with it, unless we are corrected by those we serve.  But humans, they see what is right in front of it, and analyze it to such an extent they don’t even notice it. I am not sure where this Internet thing came from, who invented it, or why, but I hear lots of debating if it is a good thing or not.  Humans debate too much.   We know what things are when we see them whether they be good or bad. For the most part I declare the Internet a good thing, even though it’s like a Pit Bull, a wonderful beast that can be corrupted by those with ill intentions.  Because the Internet has rekindled the fire in humans igniting two long

Prayers for Mollie

I am turning this blog over to our friend Mollie who is in need of as many prayers as we can muster. In her words this is what is going on. June 10, 2012 2:30 AM Hi Everyone, This is Mollie's mom writing this blog. Her dad and I had to take her to the emergency vet hospital. We noticed that on Friday she was looking a little puney and she was sleeping a lot. This morning she wouldn't eat her breakfast and that is just not like Mollie. I made her some boiled chicken and she did eat that three times today. At dinner time she wouldn't eat anything. She has been diagnosed with IMHA Immune Mediated Hemolytic Anemia. Her immune system is killing her red blood cells. Her platelets were also low. The doctor felt like we had caught this disease in time but there is always the chance that Mollie won't respond to the meds they will be giving her for the next couple of days. Yes, we had to leave her there and my heart is just breaking. Her dad and I cried all t