Sunday, April 30, 2023

The Ruby Rose Report: The Day I Voted


This week I took part in a very human event: I coted.

I had not planned to do so. I was having a typical Saturday. My Dad came home from work, and after I gave him an inspection, we prepared to go out, me in my bag and them in their car seats.

My bag was put in the backseat and I in the front. Most dogs would prefer this arrangement, but I don't. I like to be in the safety of my bag, and when we travel this way, I get a needle at the vet. I started shaking and got a touch of comfort.

I was happy when we turned much earlier than we would have for the vet. We came to a vast, more prominent building than anything I had ever entered. Why was it a mystery?

I listened to my parents, for if I could get through their ceaseless nonsense, they might say something informative. They were talking about voting, and I was ting excited. Finally, a chance to vote for American Idol contestant Haven Madison. The kid's got pipes.

But no, we were voting on a new city safety office to house the fire and police department. My parents planned to vote yes. But, I would make no such commitment. This was my first vote, and I could not be careless with my choice.

Dogs going with my parents to vote is a longstanding tradition in my family. Both Foley, Pocket, and River have gone, and that explains the trouble we are in. When he was young, his black, smelly dog Barney, who ran freely through the world, followed Dad when he walked to the polls. I wonder why they went; they were politically opposed and canceled one another's votes.

I got lots of warm scratches and rubs from the bored staff. I usually don't like strangers touching me, but they were all volunteers and needed to boost. I am always here for my fellow citizens.

I asked my parents to give me a reason why I should vote for the facility and was told the police and firefighters would be homeless, and no dog wants that, so I put my paw on the yes choice and did my civic duty.

I was happy when I found out the side I voted for won, but then I grew concerned that I would be seen as some political influencer and flown around the country to endorse candidates.

I am starting to regret coming out of the bag.

Friday, April 28, 2023

Foley's Tails From Rainbow Bridge: Where Every Dog Finds A Home


Sometimes being at Rainbow Bridge is like being in opposite land where up is down and black is white.

Primarily, it manifests itself in being sad on your side of the River of Life and happy on our side.

Recently, in Iowa, more than a hundred pups were euthanized when they could not find a home. I know how every parent who loves a dog heart grows heavy when they think of those poor, sweet, innocent babies.

At the Bridge, when words come that there has been a mass extinction event, angel judges like m and big-hearted angels join together, not in sorrow, but in celebration. 

Because here, these little dogs who never knew love will finally get their forever home.

We begin by decorating the Bridge with flowers and balloons million-dollar wedding doesn’t have as beautiful flowers. Then we put rose petals on the ground and stairway. An all-Dauschand band plays trumpets, and the basset hound choir sings.  

We know when a dog passes over the River without ever knowing love on the mortal side, they feel like they have failed in their doggy duties. It is up to us to assuage them of that assumption. 

They cross over, huddled together, only being exposed on the mortal side to one another; they were not told about the reward awaiting them. That is why we made the transition as joyful as possible.

But the real work isn’t the preparation but the end game. As soon as we get the alert that a large group of homeless dogs has been targeted for the Bridge, we go to the registry of great moms and ask who will take them into their home. 

People always say they would have more dogs if they could, and here at the Bridge, you can have as many as you want, and for humans, the answer is always “just one more.” Finding parents for these dogs is simple; the hard part is saying no to the ones who want to take them into their homes. Sadly, there will always be another homeless pup crossing the Bridge.

The tails start wagging, the puppies begin dancing on their back legs, and their tails wag furiously. They jump into their human’s arms and give them 1,000 kisses.  

The dogs are still grouped when I provide them with the angel oath, and then the humans step up and tell the new angels they are going home with them.

It is the most one of the most joyful things to watch.

Finally, they leave with their new parents, where they will live happily ever after.

We wish all dogs could find their people on the mortal side, but those who don’t only know all the good parts of being a dog, the constant love and snuggles.

Seeing the homeless dog happy at last is one of the best parts of my job.

Thursday, April 27, 2023

Poetry Thursday


Once again, Angel Sammys and Teddys Pawetaton have provided us with a photo for Poetry Thursday.

Harold sat in the middle of his web

And now his energy did start to ebb

He had made a beautiful web attached to a tree

But now the poor spider had to pee

A web needed to be sticky

And the wet made it tricky

To make a shortie out of a long story

The spiders chipped in on a tree lavatory

But now Harold was right in the center

And as he had been taught by a mentor

A big meal would be his if he could only wait

But he really had to urinate

Then an innocent fly got stuck

And it said “what the duck”

The only hope of avoiding being supper is

If this spider needed to take a whiz

The fly couldn’t believe his good fortune

Since in fly school he was an angry urchin

The spider would grant his freedom wish

If he watched the web while Harold took a piss

The fly readily agreed

And soon was freed 

As Harold hurried into the tree

And let out a stream of wee

When he came back he saw his web had been destroyed

That little fly must have been on a steroid

And while being homeless was a new wrinkle

At least he didn’t have to tinkle

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