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Monday Question

What do you do when your parents are watching TV or on the computer? Since both my parents have lap tops we are usually snuggled right next to them.  Sometimes I (Pocket) if there is a high pitched noise on the TV get upset and try to climb on Daddy's head.

Cena is our July 30, 2017 Pup of the Week

Here at Rainbow Bridge, we honor our veterans.  Whenever some soul who has served passes to the Immortal Side the other veterans put on their uniforms, and we others stand as attention, as a ceremonial fife and drum corps leads them to their true forever home. This week I had the immense honor of swearing Cena, a Marine dog from Muskegon, Michigan to Rainbow Bridge.  He was accompanied by heavy clouds of rain holding the tears of all who mourned him.  When these cleared the cheers from all of us who respected him rang out over the mountains and valleys Cena had spent ten-years on the mortal side.  He had retired from the Marines with honors.  He was never wounded in battle but he could not escape the heartless damage caused by the bone cancer that took him away from his comrades.   Cena had been partnered with Lance Cpl. Jeff DeYoung in 2009 for a nine-month stint in Afghanistan.  His duty was a very important one. He had to sniff out bombs to keep his comrades alive. When t

Tails From Rainbow Bridge: The True Benefits of Being a Dog Owner

One of my sacred duties her at Rainbow Bridge is to critique the many foolish studies that humans do concerning dogs.  For the most part, I find these studies to be nonsensical, but there was recent research whose findings I earnestly champion.  Pets bring real health benefits to their parents. Of course, we dogs have been saying this forever.  It is delightful that distinguished humans agree. One of the findings the scientists discovered is that dog owners are more active, taking 2,760 steps per day more than nondog owners.  (Under the “No Shinola” heading it also found that these steps a less on rainy, cold or snowy days.)  It is our need for walks that prompts our owners to take these steps.  They are not doing it for themselves they are doing it because they love their dogs But taking a few more steps is not the only benefit we dogs gift to our parents.  These researches missed the following obvious benefits: Our parents bend over or squat three times as often as non-do

The Long Hot Summer by Pocket

It has been a long, hot summer in our happy little home.  It has been more than a month since our beloved central air system breathed its last cold breath.  I don’t know where it is now.  Its body is still attached to the house, but its soul had departed.  I wonder if it is at Rainbow Bridge keeping Foley cool. I don’t pay much attention to the conversations that occur between Daddy and the strange people who arrive at the house to fix things.  I am too busy barking at them to play with me or being told by Mommy to stop barking, to understand what they are talking about. From the few words of the conversation that I could decipher the blame falls on someone named Warren T.  I think Warren had promised to fix the air conditioner for five years after it was put in but now Warren doesn’t want to fix it after only two years.  If I met this Warren, I would bite him. We do have two window units.  They do an adequate job of keeping the living room and bedroom cool.  The kitchen is

Beat This Caption

You are going to be my sun block for 15 minutes then I will be your sun block

Deuce is our July 23 2017 Pup of the Week

When I first arrived at Rainbow Bridge, I visited Angel Apollo’s house.  It was huge, befitting a dog of his statue.  Like Rainbow Bridge itself, our homes can expand to accommodate new family members who arrive.  Angel Apollo’s mansion has grown to make room for Angel Ace, their Dad, and recently Pancho.  Also, his land has expanded to welcome the big tree he used to lie under that passed from the earthly realm two years ago.   I did not plan to see Angel Apollo at the Rainbow Bridge Welcoming Center for a long time after Pancho passed away.  But that is where I found him, along with Ace, Pancho, and their Dad as they awaited another family member. Angel Apollo’s mom had sent a message to him and Angel Ace that Ace’s brother Deuce would be joining them at the Bridge.  Deuce had become a part of Momma Kimberli’s pack after Ace had gone to the immortal word.   Deuce’s parents had abandoned him at a kill shelter when Ace became a senior dog.   He was 15 years old at that time.  He

Tails From Rainbow Bridge: My Minions

There are a lot of evil people in the world.  Some use their evil to make human lives worse  Others abuse dogs.  They keep us in unhealthy squalor, trapped in cages, unfed, in our own waste, with bare room to move; they use us for breeding purposes never letting them out of cages; they use us for barbaric fights, or as bait in fights; and they leave us in cars.   You may wonder what happens when these humans come to Rainbow Bridge.  Yes, there is a place where bad souls are supposed to go but the Big Guy does not want to send anyone there.  He looks at that place at the enemy and we don’t want to strengthen our enemies. So he leads them all to the Bad Soul Converter Machine.  He puts them all into it and they come out the other side as a tiny yellow minion.  He then assigns us dogs a minion to work for them. The first thing we do is tell our minions we forgive them.  Forgiveness is very big up here.  We make sure they are well fed (minions have big appetites but they only ea

I Lost my Jump by River Song

Like a first round draft pick who has turned into a bust, I have lost my jumper.  I used to jump in chairs, on the couch, and even the high bed, then one day my jumper left me, and I am floor bound unless I am picked up (which, let’s face it, happens immediately because I am beautiful.  Who can resist this face)? On Saturday night I jumped on mommy’s recliner.  When I did, I gave out a small yip.  Small yips are not surprising in my house.  Pocket does them constantly.  But I never do them.  My parents checked me over, and I seemed fine.  It was close to bedtime, so I did not leap again that night. The next morning I went out and did my business.  As I was walking across the wooden living room floor, I let out another yip.  I was checked over, and the coach found no reason to take me out of the game.  I have not jumped since. My parents went on the Internet to see what they should do.  They did an extensive study of a dozen sites that led them all to the same conclusion:  PANI

Wordless Wednesday

Beat This Caption

I am wearing this because I prefer to bottle feed and this kid won't leave my nipples alone. Don't judge me!

Monday Question

How old were your parents when they got their first pet that was more their pet than their parent's pet? Daddy: Ten years old - Barney the dog. Mommy: 19 years old - Nico the cat

Minnie is our July 16 2017 Pup of the Week (And Prince too)

Every dog has a different reaction when they arrive at Rainbow Bridge.  When Prince arrived earlier this month, he was very distraught about leaving his mom and his pack.  It took all our efforts to acclimate him to the Bridge  He is now getting along much better.  He wanted his Momma Jodi to know he is all better now, with no pain, and lots of love in his heart. We expected the same behavior from Minnie when she crossed Rainbow Bridge this week.  Minnie was a sometimes member of Tupper and Max’s pack.  In the last weeks of her life, she became a full-time member.  Her then mom had grown weary of Minnie’s peeing in the house and was going to have her sent to the Bridge.  Momma Pam, Tupper and Max’s Mom, and Minnie’s sometimes mom (although in Minnie’s heart Momma Pam was her full-time mom) brought Minnie back into her house.  She refused to send Minnie to us before her time. This is the second time I have written about Minnie  The first time she ran into the woods away from Mo

Tails From Rainbow Bridge: Foley Gives Flying Lessons to the New Claas

Alright new angels, gather around.  Mom’s butterfly bushes are finally in bloom, so it is time for another round of butterfly flying training.  Nora, I know your wings are beautiful, but you have to stop staring at them.  You can’t fly straight like that. Okay, now we are all going to land on the bush.  Keep your head up, and your wings pointed outward.  There is a very little breeze today, so it should be easy.  Bailey pulls up, pull up.  Okay, Bailey landed on the ground, Ruggles help him onto a branch. Beaux Jangles what are you doing on the roof?  Get down here at once.  You are going to get sucked into the exhaust, and I didn’t take out insurance on these butterfly bodies.  Do not make me turn this Kaleidoscope around. Um, Sydney, you do look very pretty, you don’t have to groom yourself, and butterflies don’t have tongues anyway so stop trying. Noel tries not to be too excited.  I know you spent lots of time in the shelter and you are finally outside and free but don’t

Is Daddy a Baby Daddy by Pocket

We dogs know our parents cheat on us.  They are weak, and when they see an attractive dog (and all dogs are attractive) they are immediately drawn to the pups  They scratch them, tell them they are beautiful, laugh at their antics, and never give a thought to the dogs waiting at home for them. Such straying is not liked by us, but when our parents enter the house, we are so happy to see them everything is forgiven.  But there is still that forbidden scent on their pants, and how they can’t quite look us in the eye. We don’t worry that we are going to lose our parents to another dog, they may touch other dogs, but they are loyal. But this is what almost happened Sunday. Daddy was working at a pet store.  A man and woman came in shopping for leashes and harnesses.  They had a standard poodle and a Lhasa. Daddy went to pat the Lhasa, who was sitting at the bottom of a stroller, connected to the bottom support bar by a chain.  The Lhasa’s Dad warned that the dog was a biter.  Dad

Wordless Wednesday

Beat This Caption

"We told you, this is what happens when you drink too many Foleytinis.  Now get it all out."

Hannah Banana is our July 9, 2017 Pup of the Week

Some dogs arrive at the Bridge after a lengthy period of illness; others arrive after a short, unexpected illness.  I think lengthy illnesses are better.  The pups have time to comprehend their existence on the mortal side is ending.  Dogs know they will cross over someday but figure if they feel fine that day will be far off.  These dogs transitions from mortal to immortal are the most difficult. My very bestie friend, Hannah Banana, had a sudden transition.  She took ill, stopped eating, had trouble moving and was in terrible pain.  The vets searched for an answer.  They found her red blood cells had crashed to four times below the acceptable level.  Her mom, Momma Kim, ended Hannah pain by making the world’s most difficult decision and sending her to Rainbow Bridge. Hannah was confused as she crossed the Bridge.  She kept looking for her mom.  I ran down the steps to greet her.  That is when she knew.  She turned and tried to run in the other direction.  But once you step on

Saving Princess

This is Princess. Today, while shopping at Target, my dad noticed a bunch of people standing around a car in the lot. When he went over he saw there was a little white dog in severe distress in the back seat of the locked car. The sunroof was open a crack. One of the women gathered around the can said she had called the police and fire department a half hour before. Another woman said that before the authorities were called she had the car's license plate number announced in the store. No one responded. A third, who found the dog, said she noticed it when she was getting into her car. Her receipt showed she had checked out of the store 45 minutes before. It is legal in Massachusetts to break into a car if a dog's life is in danger. Mommy had now joined Daddy outside. Daddy went to the trunk and took out a crowbar. He was going to pry the sunroof window off the car, climb in and get the dog. Just as he was about to get to work the fire department arrived. They opened the door u

Tails From Rainbow Bridge Baron's Great Escape

I had found a sunny spot in my yard.  I was lying on my side letting the rays heat my hair when I felt a cold nose on mine.  I looked up to see one of my oldest friends, Baron nuzzling me. Baron was one of my first friends to ascend to the Bridge.  He has been here, away from Mama Monica, for years.  In that time he has investigated every possible means to get back to her.  “Foley, wake up, I have figured it out.” It was not unusual for Baron to say this.  He always thought he had if figured out until he tried it.  I was ready to ignore him.  “Foley, I am serious this time.  You know how birds can fly from the Bridge to the mortal world?” “Yes, and I remember when you tried to fly back to your mom and crashed into the river,” I said with my eyes shut. “We can use the birds to get back home!” “You tried riding the birds,” I reminded him.  “Same result, we fished you out of the river.” He laid down next to me.  “I have been talking to the eagles.  I have recruited hundreds

Unlucky Cousin Neely by River Song

When we left you, Pocket said that something happened last week that changed us in a very personal and profound manner.  Cousin Neely came to spend a week with us. Don’t let his looks fool you.  He is very ill-mannered. He took my place as Daddy’s face licker.  First I licked, then Pocket licked.  When Neely moved in he face licked so much, I became uncomfortable.  Please, get a room.  Human face licking is fun to do but gross to watch. He also helped himself to my toys whenever he wanted.  When I felt like being reasonable, I understood.  He was brought to our house with none of his favorite toys.  That is because he is Mommy’s Daughter’s dog.  When a pet parent asks a friend to look after their dog, they bring everything the dog needs, when it’s their parents they bring just enough food to make it last, no treats, no toys, and no personal items.   My parents did respect our boundaries.  Neely was fed in another room, he was taken outside separately, when I had my treat bo