Monday, October 2, 2023

Monday Question

 Do you give kisses and do your parents like them?

Kissing dogs not healthy: Ask Dog Lady -

Ruby's Answer: I love to give kisses. Daddy takes them as part of being a dog owner. Mommy takes a little but thinks they are gross.

Sunday, October 1, 2023

The Ruby Rose Report: Endless Summer?


The squirrels were packing their tree in my backyard. I inquired where they would be going and was told south because winter was coming.

I managed to stay inside last winter without my paws ever touching the ground, only going out for car rides, where I sat in an overly heated vehicle. Those with senior parents will know what I mean. I didn't mind. I was no friend of the cold.

When I entered my forever home in July last year, I laid the groundwork for staying inside during the frozen months. When going on walks, I would sit, refusing to let the sight of my newly acquired house slip away until I knew I could find my way back home.

Winter was a pure spectator event for me last year, but when spring came, and there were so many fancy smells in the air, I began to walk further from my house, confident I could find my way back if a band of roving gypsies carried off my Dad. Soon, walking became something I looked forward to every day. I walk at supper time, but after the first weekend in November, when the whole world is picking up and putting somewhere darker, I may walk around lunchtime, which will be cold.

But maybe my dislike of the cold has kept winter at bay this year.

The hanging plant, which, weeks ago, shed its last blossom and was hung from a tree, not for stealing a horse, but so it wouldn't hang by the front window, a bitter reminder that summer had left, is blossoming again.

Beyond that, in front of the railroad ties, where the snails who nibble on the leaves at night hide, the 100-year-old rose bush has reblossomed, not as splendidly as it did in the spring, but still, a sure sign of spring in October.

Also, the inpatients, who struggled in the July heat and battled root rot, have spread in Fo;ey's garden and the bicycle basket. A grey fall day becomes a hopeful spring if you squint your eyes.

The scientists say this has to do with global warming, the jet stream, water temperature, and climate change, but I say it is because winter does not want to arrive and see this face.

Frankly, I can't blame it.

Friday, September 29, 2023

Kolchak the Night Star


Kolchak Puggle

Kolchak, the Night Stalker, slowly ate dinner with his Mother, Jodi. There was something unsaid between them.

Kolchak and his mom were more partners than a dog and Mom. We first met him and his brother Felix on Doggyspace, where they posted fun blogs and comments. They were the food experts in the group. Mother Jodi guided my parents through Pocket's tummy troubles and suggested Blue Basics, which Mom's dogs have eaten ever since.

Being with Kol and his mom back then was like being a high school teammate of Michael Jordan; they were destined for better things, and soon it was bye-bye Doggyspace: They were airborne.

First came the blog Kolchak's Kitchen, where he posted his recipes, but that was only the beginning, and within a short time, Kol's Notes was born, a dog lifestyle page with informed blogs, advice, and products. (I wanted to call it Poop.)

Felix went to the Bridge to set up a lifestyle spot for angels, which I often frequent. Meanwhile, Kol stayed on the mortal side, spending 16 years as his mom's muse, happiness, and, at times, reason for living.

But that night, they both knew it was time for Kol to leave. He had been borrowing heartbeats for years. The only thing that kept him on the mortal side was not knowing how to say goodbye.

It was his mom who, despite a breaking heart, told Kol it was okay if he went. He nodded and, after dinner, went to his room to pack his bag. He hid it behind the couch and climbed into bed with his mom until she was asleep.

He then stood on four legs, kissed her, and gently jumped out of bed. He left behind his toys, collar, and leash; all he needed was his soul and the love she gave him. With a breaking heart, he stole away through her window.

As he slowly floated down his walkway into the road, the feral animals lined the street in tribute to Kol. The ghosts at the river, who had resued to cross over, nodded sadly at him as he passed and cursed the rain.

Kol floated on the river, which led to the Pacific, and then the River of Life, which carried him to the Bridge. He slowly crossed it, went up the stairs, and stopped on Hobo's Landing, greeted by thousands of dogs he had touched in his life, led by his brother Felix.

I have heard that you stay alive on the mortal side for as long as you are remembered.

I think Kol touched so many lives; he will be immortal on both sides of the Bridge.

Kol is home now, young and free. At the same time, Mother Jodi's home is empty, without Kol's constant heartbeat, mischievous soul, and insurmountable spirit, proving the most challenging thing about transitioning is being the survivor.

The house, the land, and the entire mortal side are lessened now by Kol's absence.

But in the sky, his star shines brightly, pointing to what out of grief and into new love.

Kol's Notes is now Kol's star.

But, to me, he always was.

Thursday, September 28, 2023

Poertry Trursday


Once again, Angel Sammys and Teddys Pawetaton have provided us with a photo for Poetry Thursday.


I was going to be a great meal for Jake

His mom had made chocolate cake

Then his mother got his attention with a snap

If he wanted cake he would have to eat this crap

Jake let out a sigh

To cover that he wanted to cry

The cake was right there on the counters

He had defied her before but never been able to summount her

Jake tried moving food around the plate

But his mother would not ababte

His mom said “I want to see that plate clean.”

Especially anything that is bland and green

When his mom turned around Jake had a thought

And he called over his dog Spot

“I am going to give you my dinner

Its what all dogs want, you lucky winner.”

“I don’t think so, good buddy,” Spot said

“But I would rather eat stale kibble instead

That stuff look gross

And would make me gassy, and wreak havoc with my blood glucose.”

Jake had to eat supper, he hadn’t any choice

He ate the food and when finished did rejoice

It was time for the cake, hopefully a big slice

He was about to be in desert paradise

Jake took a big bite of cake

But only one slight he did take

Because it was not chocolate cake but carrot 

And man did it taste like shit

Monday, September 25, 2023

Monday Question

 Where is your favorite spot in the house?

Ruby's Answer

In Mommy's recliner, on her left side, I can snuggle up and feel safe.

Monday Question

  Do you give kisses and do your parents like them? Ruby's Answer: I love to give kisses. Daddy takes them as part of being a dog owner....