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Ranger's Party

  "Geordie, check the balloons; Lily, make sure the cake is frosted. Tiara, have everyone gather in a group; Max, get ready to play your trumpet  because Ranger is coming." Ranger's angel friends had promised his mom they would give him a hero's reception when he arrived at the Bridge. Tommy was at the grill cooking steaks; the Golden Girls were planning a dance in celebration; AJ readied the silent fireworks that would hail Ranger's arrival. Most important was Tango because he had the stopwatch, which contained all of the memories Ranger had lost in his final few months. His mom began to notice the signs of dementia in Ranger earlier this year and hoped the progress of the disease would be slow. Still, the illness took away Ranger's mind like a rat eating a large pizza, slowly and methodically. Like all such diseases, it seemed to advance slowly than all at once, The memories dementia sufferers lose go to the Bridge and are kept by their primary
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Poetry Thursday

Welcome to poetry Thursday hosted by our friends Angel Sammys and Teddys Pawetaton Here is our inspiration followed by our poem  Puff, the hurting dragon , had a toothache. And went to a fro looking for someone with a dental degree Little Jackie paper loved dentistry And brought him drills and floss wax and other   oral stuff, oh. Puff, the hurting dragon , had a toothache. But no dentist would see him because he was fourteen foot three Puff, the magic dragon , let out a cry He needed someone to pull his tooth, and no dental coverage had he They met one another at a museum, and Puff let out a wail Jackie said he could help Puff, and he would not fail ff. He had a bag with dental tools; when he went out, it always came. Puff put his head down, and Jackie wiggled a tooth, causing Puff to cry loudly. Puff, the hurting dragon , had a toothache. But no dentist would see him because he was fourteen foot three Puff, the magic dragon , let out a cry He needed someone to pull h

Wordless Wednesday


Beat This Caption

  Harriet, how could you, and with my brother no less?

Monday Question

  Saturday night our dad was in bed reading. The lights were out and he was reading on his phone, which was set to dark mode so it was very dark. He felt a paw on his hand, the nails sticking into his palm, and the pads. He thought I wanted something so he turned on the light on the phone and I was snuggled deep under the covers. He wonders which angel came to visit him.   Do your parents have a ghost story.

The Ruby Rose Report: September 25, 2022

  My parents did not mind the little bird pecking on our window glass. To them, it was just a thing that happened. But even at a young age, I knew better. The bird was pecking with a purpose.   I went to the window and inquired what the bird wanted. “My name is Clarence Sparrow, fowl attorney, and I represent the birds who live in the fern trees in your yard. Last night one of our group was eating on the grass when your cat viciously attacked and killed it.”   I was very sorry to learn of the bird’s demise, but I explained that I was the only pet in the household and wouldn’t hurt one, especially since I seldom go out.   “It’s that darn cat who lives under your steps,” Sparrow accused.   River warned me about Ugly Joan, our southern border. But I had not smelled tail or butt of her.   Sparrow continued: “We demand the immediate removal of the cat, also fresh bird feed every day and not the cheap supermark

Friendly Fill Ins

  Friendly Fill-ins My good firneds Ellen of 15andmeowing and Lorianne of Four-Legged Furballs , provide Friendly Fill-in questions. This is the first time that me, Ruby Rose, has answered the questions. Wish me luck. My answers are in bold. Here are this weeks questions: 1. Pee pads should come with instructions. . 2. And just like that the stuffie I had been chewing on exploded and spread fully across the room  3. I get funny looks from others when I do this     4. I once tried to be good an entire day and I failed.