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The Ruby Rose Report: Pukwudgies

  We got another Ruby Rose Report. Here is your copy. When I moved north to my cherished forever home, I did not have all the information I needed before I made my decision. I would never pick another house, I love my parents, but I didn't know our home was in the lower left corner of the Bridgewater Triangle.  It is the center of many paranormal events, including animals not native to the area, like panthers, Bigfoot, ghosts, poltergeists, pterodactyls (reported by a local police sergeant) space ships (seen by two local television reporters, and Pukwudgies, hairy, elf-sized creatures who spread mischief. The State Hospital, where my parents walked Baby Pocket and Foley, was full of spirits, some of which could be seen in the windows of abandoned buildings if the sun hit them right. Foley was born with a third eye and could see mysterious creatures. So have I. I didn't know the strange little creature outside my window was a Puckwudgie. Nor did I know I was one of the few who c
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Ginger Wins the Lottery

        I watch as humans rush out to buy lottery tickets so they can win millions of dollars. Dogs don't have lotteries, but we idol the jackpot, even when we weren't aware we had purchased a ticket. Subject for your approval:  A senior beagle named Ginger who had been surrendered to a shelter by her family, and, in a country where youth is idolized, Ginger's chances of being adopted, even into a subpar home, is slim. Ginger was content to live in her foster home. It was warm, the food was good, and it was better than the pokey, but she wasn't getting the individual love all dogs need. She was unaware when, to her south, Freddy Girl went to the Bridge. Also, she did not know the significance when she and her brother Tommy made an appointment to see her in a dream. The siblings were bickering when Ginger arrived for her meeting with them. Freddy told Tommy she had a plan for her dad to go to the Bridge when she did, but he insisted on boarding up the wind

Napoleon is on the March to his Forever Home

    Foley and I have split up the duties, Foley will welcome dogs who arrive at the Bridge, and I will help facilitate a dog finding a forever home. When Jacques, Francois, and Cricket said they wanted a young brother, I went to the Land of Those Yet to Be Born to find the perfect Pom to join their pack. I interviewed a group of them, and there was one I thought would fit perfectly. I set a dream date for the three current pack members to meet the new applicant. Before that, I needed some information, including his name. "I am Napoleon Bonaparte!" the little Pom announced. "How cute," I told him, "you are named after a famous general." "No," he said proudly. "I am Napoleon Bonaparte. After an extended stay as a minion, I completed my rehabilitation and was offered a chance to return. I chose to be a Pom." I was ready to dismiss him as a nut job, but Foley said it is not unheard of; Genghis Khan became a golden retriever puppy dog

Poetry Thursday

  ♥♥♥                    It's Pretty Poetry Thursday Here is the inspiration provided for us by Angel Sammy and Teddy Here is our offering Nora's parents one said Looking at the stuffies on the bed You get more and more But they never come in the front door Nora noticed it too There were a few that were new Then she noticed Suzie Lou Beat was wearing a tent Lifted it up to find out she was pregnant She knew this activity must stop So she called the Build a Bear Workshop They said their must be a glitch And if she brought it in they could take care of it with a stitch After more stuffies were on the bed And not allowing any copulation without stuffies being wed She backed out of the garage her little put put And tossed in the back seat the little slut But soon she found there the doctor left something out Soon randy male stuffies covered the car Stopping her from driving far And Nora cried from the front seat  "Never give a ride to a stuffy in heat.                       

Wordless Wednesday


Beat This Caption

  Romeo: It is my lady, O, it is my love!                                       O, that she knew she were! She speaks, yet she says nothing. What of that? Her eye discourses; I will answer it. I am too bold, 'tis not to me she speaks. Two of the fairest stars in all the heaven, Juliet: Get off my balcony, you weirdo! You think I am going out with a tabby? Dream on, you big loser. I wouldn't let you on my balcony if you were packing salmon Dammit, there goes another life.

Monday Question

A serious question for the blogging parents Are you having issues posting comments, especially on Blogger?  I use Firefox and sometimes I have to copy and past the URL into Chrome to leave acomment. Quite the pain.