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Foley Writes About Rene, Andres and When Prayers Don't Work

Sometimes, even an angel doesn't have the answers.  This week I encountered a problem I could not solve.  A young boy named Andres from Mexico said a prayer that was referred to me because I am a master dream angel who always finds a way to bring forth a good ending for all parties.  But, this time, I failed. Andres had a dog named Rene that he loved with all his heart.  Andres lived with his caring mom and dad, who had no love in his soul, only anger, and that made him lash out at his wife, his son, and Rene.  The family did not have much money, and they could not escape the father.  Andres wasn't afraid for himself, but he hated when his dad turned his anger towards Rene.  The poor dog would get kicked often. One assault was so vicious it hurt Rene's tail. Andres' father continually threatened to sell the pitbull puppy.  Andres was afraid Rene would either be killed by his father or sold into a pitbull fight ring.    Andres loved Rene like only a lonely, hurt,

Pocket and River Examine Oranges

Last week we got a package from Florida.  It was sent by our good friend Wiley’s parents Walter and Bruny.  We always get excited when new packages arrive. After taking us out for our daybreak, pee Daddy brought the box inside. He placed it on the kitchen floor, then sat in his recliner, waiting for mommy to get done showering.  Within five minutes, he was fast asleep. River and I decided to check out the box.  It smelled like food.  River is the food expert in our family.  I think she has smelled every kind. Also, she is a Florida native and can recognize the strange produce grown there.  I let her take the lead in our investigation. River sniffed the cardboard box and spent a long time on the flaps where the scent was strongest.  “It’s not watermelon,” River determined. She has a few pieces every morning. She makes a big slurping sound when she receives a forkful. I find it to be disconcerting.  River took several deep sniffs. “It is food,” she said.  “I would say of the citrus

Wordless Wednesday Throwback Edition

Beat This Caption

Oh, my butt feels so good.  I hope I never get big.

Monday Question

If your parent(s) could get another dog of a different breed than they already own what would it be? Pocket:  My Mom and Dad lost their Shih Tzu Blake 19 years ago.  They have always talked about getting another on.

For Paula Malatesta Who Tried to Save Them All

Another human, who has been a living angel for dogs, entered eternity this week and has been rewarded with the grandest dog rescuer’s mansion ever seen at the Bridge.  Paula Malatesta was the first dog rescuer I encountered when I delved into Doggyspace eleven years ago.  She had more dogs than anyone I met: Khan, Puppy, the Dude, Duke, Brandon, and many more. They each were treasured her in their way.   But, for every dog who lived with her, there were dozens more who she rescued, starting with Bronco, who was the first dog she saved.  Bronco was so thankful he inspired Paula to devote her life to rescues with the same ferocity that dogs dedicated their lives to humans. The best example of how devoted Paula was to her rescues is my dear friend Wishbone.  He came to the Malatesta pack, scared and distrusting humans. Wishbone was an escape artist, and it didn’t take him long to bolt through the door and disappear.  Paula searched for Wishbone, but he was very good at avoiding

Foley and Serenity the Dog Who Saves Kittens

I wish I had been nicer to cats when I was a mortal dog. I probably would have been if they weren’t so obnoxious. My former neighbor, Tommy’s cats, would come onto my porch and taunt me by dancing around. Oh, that burned my fritters. And then there was the cat who bipped me on the nose for no reason. I can honestly say I would have been better to cats if they were better to me.  But I do regret not getting to know the cats and appreciate them for the beautiful little souls they are.  Maybe I didn’ get along with cats because I lived a pampered life.  If I had been out on the street (horrors) and had to rely on cats to survive, I might have had a different attitude.  A sweet stray dog named Serenity in Ontario, where it is so cold nipples never sag found some abandoned kittens in the snow.  Instead of doing what comes naturally, making a kitten salad, Serenity shared the only thing she had to offer, her warmth. He wrapped himself around the kitties to save them.  A person saw them

River Visits Ugly Joan, the Cat Under the Porch

I am a restless sleeper.  While my parents and sister are snoozing, I get up and wander the house thinking deep thoughts about critical issues.  Sometimes I hear Ugly Joan, the cat who lives under the porch, moving around her lair. I go over to the grate to give her a friendly hello, and she meows back.  It is good to be kind.  One night I could smell the delicious scent of chicken wafting up from her space.  I asked her if she could slip me a piece through the grate. She said it would be better if I had it fresh out of the oven.  I agreed but could not reach the doorknob to get outside, the first step in what I thought was the only way to access the crawl space  “Take the slide,” Ugly Joan suggested.  I told her I was unaware there was a slide.  She said it was on the other side of the house and led to the HVAC unit.  I figured out she meant the duct. “Sometimes I climb it to spy on you,” she said.  I knew that the cat was up to something nefarious. I went over to the grate

Wordless Wednesday

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Mommy said this would happen if I ate too many Snausages before bedtime.

Monday Question

What is the grossest thing any dog owned by your parents has ever done? Pocket:  Years ago our angel sister Blake woke up my Dad on a weekend to go outside.  She did her business and then ran upstairs.  Daddy went to the bedroom and then called her to get in bed.  Blake was sleeping near the top of the bed when suddenly she projectile barfed up the poop she had eaten when she ran upstairs and got in the litter box.  It covered the whole headboard and stank to high heaven.

Jan Williams,the Poodle and Dog Blog, and Making Sense of the Senseless

Jan Williams was a friend of ours, but we never knew her name.  She had been interested in writing since she asked for a typewriter for Christmas while in high school. She got her master's degree, became a professor, wrote a textbook, and dozens of short stories.  She taught college English for decades before she retired. Then she worked in advertising and did freelance writing. After that, she volunteered with the local police.   I didn't know any of this. All I knew is she wrote "The Poodle and Dog Blog." Actually, that is not true. I didn't know she wrote the blog. I knew someone did, but the posts were always about animals.  There were seldom views a glimpse of the person behind the curtains. Except for a love of the 49ers, everything else was a mystery. She rarely wrote of her own pets or life.  She informed us of dog and cat news throughout the world:  Quirky stories, tales of heroism, pictures, history lessons, and cute pictures. It was a daily de

Foley Uses a Beer Can to Reunite a Dog and His Mom

I came up with an outstanding idea last year.  Most Americans like two things: Beer and dogs — all I had to figure out was a way to combine the two of them.  I went to my drawing board and tried to invent a manner by which dogs can help humans drink. I thought of giving them little kegs to lug around so dogs could bring their parents a beer whenever they wanted one.  The humans loved the idea, but the dogs balked. That's when I knew what I had to do. I had to flip that brother knocker.   Instead of dogs doing things for people, which, frankly, has been done to death, let people do something for dogs, specifically the dogs who are missing or in need of a home.  At first, I thought of a dog-shaped beer can with a percentage of the proceeds going to shelters, but uncoordinated people would dribble the beverage down their chins. The next morning I was eating my kibble cereal and reading the back of the box.  There was a lovely story about a Shih Tzu. Then I thought of humans drinki

River Tries to Impeach Pocket

I have never taken to the role of Alpha Dog. Foley relished it.  She barely let me register a thought that she didn’t agree with. When she left us for the Bridge, the title of Alpha Dog fell to me. At first, I did a fantastic job.  Then River Song came to live with us. I found it hard to be a lead dog when you have a River behind you. I didn’t try to exert my influence as an alpha dog on River. I never insisted on going in and out of rooms first or to being fed before River eats. She can do what she wanted. I follow the adage to let stubborn dogs lie.  There have been times when River tried to overstep her boundaries and tells me what to do. This has lead to some scraps between us.  She is bigger than me, but thanks to green beans, not as large as she was at the end of last year. She has traded heft for speed. Regardless, I do not back down from her for the ten seconds between her attacking and one of our parents breaking us up. It took years, but River understands she can no lon

Wordless Wednesday

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How many times do I have to freaking tell you to leave the lid down?

Monday Question

How long does it take you to gut an average stuffie? Pocket:   I don't know if I have ever gutted a toy but I can't with these toys. River:   I take pretty good care of my toys too.  It takes me a few months to gut them.

Misty and the Hardest Decision

 Everyone agrees that sending a beloved pet to the Bridge is the hardest thing a parent has to do. But this week, I saw people make a sacrifice that was more heartbreaking than helping their baby ascend to the next life.  These dog parents had to give up their beloved pup up to save her.   The pups and parents who created the Chronicle of Woos blog, have in recent months, survived terrible blows.  Lightning had an operation to remove a tumor from his back. Misty had an adverse reaction to a rabies shot. Their Dad is slowly losing his eyesight. Lightning, after suffering from several knee injuries and surgeries, cannot withstand any more operations.  He will never be able to run again, and should only be taken outside via leash. He was also was diagnosed with corneal mineral dystrophy and may lose his sight in one eye. Their mom recently fractured her arm just above the elbow. The Woos had enough problems for a dozen packs never mind one. The broken arm was not the first domino to

Foley Explains The Power of the Whine

We dogs have a superpower that can bring humans to their knees and make them do our bidding.  That power is called the whimper.  Dogs have discovered this superpower by accident. To us whimpering is something that comes naturally.  We did it before we began to live with humans. They first noticed when Drog, one of the first dogs to live with men, needed the rock at the cave entrance moved so he could pee.  No one wants to pee in the cave.  He could not get his owner’s attention, so he made the same whimpering he did when he couldn’t catch food in the wild or find shelter. After a couple of whimpers, Drog’s dad got up from this stone chair and moved the rock. The next day Drog wanted some ibex meat.  It was on a high rock, and Drog could not get to it. He gave his dad a sad look. It didn’t work. He tried pawing him.  That didn’t work either. Then Drog remembered the whimper and repeated it. Drog’s dad got up and gave him the meat. When Drog became an angel after being stepped

River Recounts Her Mom's Struggles With A Bad Tooth

Last week our mom's face blew up. It started innocently on Sunday when she had a toothache. We felt terrible for her. Cavities can be a bother. We were in the middle of a three day weekend. Mommy would not be able to go to the dentist until Tuesday because of Martin Luther King Day. Suddenly Evan Meechum seemed like a sound thinker. Mommy suffered all day Sunday while watching the AFC championship game without her favorite team, the Patriots, playing for the first time in 8-years. It was like watching Jeopardy without Ken Jennings. It didn't seem right.  We regret not appreciating Monday as much as we should have. It was the last day before the impeachment trial began. After that day, the networks showed the same annoying program featuring old people arguing about peaches. I had a hard time watching it, and my mouth is beautiful. I don't know how mommy survived with a painful mouth and bad television. On Tuesday, Mommy went to the dentist but did not get any relie

Wordless Wednesday

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Can you please hurry it up?  I got two more rolls to go tonight and I don't want to fall behind

Monday Question

A simple question:  How much do you weigh? Pocket:   I weigh six pounds River:   I weigh 13 pounds

Angel From the East Side Cat Arrives at Rainbow Bridge

I know why humans don't like to go to the funerals for people who are not their family members.  It is hard to go to a service where you don't know the people, where you have to introduce yourself, and express sorrow over a passing when you know the pain you feel is a fraction of what the person you are speaking with is experiencing. That is what it is like when we dogs go to greet a cat who is arriving at the Bridge and is not a member of our family. We know all the dogs who cross and the angels who preceded them, but with cats, we might only be familiar with the arriving angel.  We can't help but feel like interlopers.   Most of the cats I know come from the blogging world.  Even online pups and kitties are separated into separate groups as if it was God's plan.  It is only in the independent world of blogging where the lines begin to cross, and we visit one another's pages.  It still took me a long time to befriend cats in Blogville, but now I visit their