Sunday, June 28, 2015

Nigel is our June 28, 2015 Pup of the week


They say bulldogs are stubborn.  I don’t know if that is true or not.  I have met some very compromising bulldogs.  But there is one bulldog I know who was the most stubborn dog in the best possible way.

Let me introduce you to Nigel.  He arrived at the Bridge this week with a story.  We all knew the story but it is impolite to interrupt a friend when they are telling one, especially when you are meeting them nose to nose for the first time.

Months ago Nigel began to have trouble breathing and was very tired.  The thing to know about us dogs is that we aren’t hypochondriacs  We are good at figuring out what is wrong and Nigel knew his heart was failing and his lungs were filling with fluid.  He loved his Mom and Dad so strongly the thought of leaving them broke his fading heart.  But he also knew we are only given so many heartbeats and his were running short.

But then his Dad became very sick.  His was admitted to the hospital.  And he got one of the worst diagnosis a human can get:  “I don’t know.”  Nigel’s Mom had to devote all her time to Nigel’s Dad.  And our little Bulldog friend was sure of one thing.  He could not cause any more problems for his Mom.  If he let ran out of heartbeats it would be too much for his Mom to bear.  Plus he and his Dad were best buds.  He could not go to the Bridge with his Dad in the hospital. That could send his Dad to the Bridge too.  So there was only one thing he could do.

Unless it was absolutely necessary Nigel saved his heartbeats for his Dad.  Nigel made sure he did not do anything that would add to his parents stress.  He had always been a good boy, their brave little man.  Humans often have to take care of their parents when they age. In this instance Nigel had to take care of his parents.

And he did.  Nigel did such a good job that, after a long struggle, his father came home, regained his strength, and went back to work.  Things returned to normal in their little home.

But Nigel’s heartbeats were still dwindling.  He first tried to ignore it, and then he tried to hide it because he desperately wanted things to be normal for his parents after months of uncertainty.

The number kept coming down, into the hundreds, then down to the dozens.. Despite his stubbornness and determination his body betrayed him and began to fill with fluid.  His parents took him to the vet and they gave them sad news.  There was nothing anyone could do.  All that was left was the final, difficult decision for his parents.

But Nigel had lived the last months of his life on his terms and he would leave on his own terms.  While his parents slept he slipped away to the Bridge, sparing them the decision to help him to the Bridge (and the costly expense.)

When Nigel arrived here he was the most tired dog I have ever seen cross the Bridge.  He had given so much energy to stay with his parents it took him a while to regain it on the immortal side of the Bridge.  We put him in a swing and we let Tommy Tunes gently swing him back and forth until he awoke to see all his friends gathered around him.

And now Nigel breathes easier, and is more active but he still spends most of his day watching over his Mom and Dad.  He wishes he had more heartbeats for them, but no one has ever stretched out their remaining heartbeats like Nigel.

And, if you listen close enough, you can still hear his heart softly beating on the breeze.


Friday, June 26, 2015

Tails from Rainbow Bridge: Catching up with Morgan and Muffin


A few weeks ago I wrote about Jackson’s wonderful mother Jane Marinello and how she helped her 100 year old neighbor Thelma and her Maltese Muffin.  The 14 year old had not been groomed in a long time and Jane got her groomed so she could see again greatly improving the lives’ of Thelma and Muffin.

Unfortunately Muffin crossed over the Bridge earlier this month.  If life was fair then Muffin and Thelma would have crossed over together but life is never fair.  Now poor Thelma is alone.  How could she imagine when Thelma got a dog who was born when Thelma was 84 years old that she would outlive her dog?

Muffin was quite upset when she arrived.  She was more than just a dog to Thelma.  She was her child, her best friend, her companion, her confidant.  She was her whole world.  Now Thelma was alone and Muffin felt terribly guilty.  We had to gather around Muffin and give her soft paws and kisses to calm her down.

Then we parted and Muffin met a dog she had heard so much about. It was Jane’s dog, Morgan the Miracle Maltese, former personal advisor to Tim Tebow, and best friend to every dog he ever met.  Morgan told Muffin that she could live with him, and they would watch over their parents together.

Morgan is such a special dog he has all sorts of powers here that other dogs don’t have.  He got into Thelma’s dreams and Thelma, being older can remember the dreams better than younger people and now when she sleeps she has two beautiful Maltese visiting her during the night.

So Jane is taking care of Thelma while she waits for the mother and child reunion and Morgan is with Muffin.  They could not be in better hands.  Kindness passes from parent to dog (and vice/versa) and then that kindness is spread throughout the mortal and immortal worlds.

That is what Morgan and Jane have taught us. 

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

I am A Monkey by Pocket Dog

Pocker Hattie Mae 1.JPG

I don’t know how or when it happened but apparently I am a monkey.  

It’s not that I act, or look, like a monkey:  I don’t throw my feces; I don’t swing on trees; I don’t walk on two legs but I am a monkey.

I don’t know why River isn’t the monkey.  She kind of looks like one.  She dances around on two feet when she is excited or wants food.  She runs when Mommy offers bananas.  I usually  turn them down when offered.  If they are on my dinner plate I will eat them but that is just to be polite.

But one day, out of the blue, Mommy looked at me and said “How are you today monkey?”

I’m a dog.  No matter what my Mommy says I am going to wag my tail.  Well there was something about the way my tail wagged, and my smile, that made Mommy say “You like the name monkey?  Are you a monkey?” and again, simply because of the voice, I got on my back legs and put my paws on her legs.  “You are my little monkey!” Mommy said.

I knew right then I had to put a stop to this.  I did not want to be a monkey.  I was determined if Mommy called the name Monkey I would not run.  I was lying on the couch, nice and snuggled up, when I heard Mommy say “Where’s my little monkey?” and while my brain said stay my legs betrayed me, carrying me into the kitchen, and my eyes said “Your little monkey is right here!”

And now I am a monkey.  Mommy looks down and says “How are you monkey” and my darn tails starts wagging and my eyes light up.

It was hopeless from the start.  If your Mommy calls you lampshade and she does it in a sweet voice you’re a lampshade.  So I guess Monkey isn’t too bad.

At least I’m not a River.  

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Reyah is our June 21, 2015 Pup of the Week


My good friend Blazer’s Mom has spoken to him every day since he came to the Bridge and she tells him the same thing at the conclusion of their talks:  She only wants one more day with him.  If you asked every pup at the Bridge they would agree:  All their parents want is one more day.

But the thing about one more day is that it never arrives.  Today is today and the next day is the one more day.  So we keep reaching for something that is never going to come.

Except for one dog…….

More than a month ago Reyah’s Mom got the call from the vet that every Mom dreads.  They had done all they could for Reyah, it was time for her to go to the Bridge.  But Reyah was one of those rare dogs like Angel Willie.  Reyah said no, she would not go.  When her Mom arrived at the vet ready to aid her crossing over the vets had changed their mind.  Instead of helping Reyah pass over Reyah was allowed to go home.  According to the vets she had rallied but we knew different.  She had said no.  Because she wanted one day more with her Mom.

Reyah was still a very sick girl but one more day became another day, and then another day, and then another week, and we began to do what we do; we began to take those days for granted.  Even when Reyah needed an operation we believed she would have lots of other days.

And that is when her days ran out.  Reyah had fought off the Bridge’s call and kept her heart beating as long as she could.  We all have a last day and Reyah’s had come.  Her Mom went to the vet and this time she didn’t bring Reyah home.  She sent her to her final home.

And now she is heartbroken, and Reyah is too, although they are both grateful for their extra days.  But one more day never comes.  It’s only either yesterday or today.  

One more day is always elusive.

Friday, June 19, 2015

Tails From Rainbow Bridge: Catching Up with Tupper and Max


On the mortal side of the Bridge they were brothers and best friends.  One of them became sick and the other took care of him hiding a more serious issue that would unexpectedly send him to the immortal side of the River first.  They are Tupper and Max and they are still joined at the hip.

Their passing, shortly after their father went through a difficult surgery, almost destroyed their Mom.  Max’s illness was long but Tupper’s was very fast and totally unexpected.  Fast and unexpected is worse.

Tupper was very lost his first days at the Bridge.  We all tried to comfort him but he missed his family so much.  Then Max joined him and for a short time he was happy but then he felt bad about being happy while his family was sad.  But Max and Tupper helped one another and soon they became an unbeatable team.

I always relied on Max and Tupper’s wise advice while we were all on the mortal side of the River and I made them part of my small council here on the immortal side.  Unfortunately I guess I really don’t have much to do because they said they grew bored and were looking for something else to do.

Their Mom loved the outdoors and so did her dogs so Max and Tupper left my “boring” meetings and started to lead dogs who had never enjoyed hunting before on charters into the mountains to hunt all the critters there.  (It is a catch and release program:  The Big Guys rules.)

I even partook in a hunt with them one day.  I found it dirty and some of the critters we were hunting were bigger than me but Tupper was an excellent guide and made sure I wasn’t left alone.  I didn’t catch anything but I did chase some squirrels up trees which I used to love to do when I was younger and we walked on the quiet grounds of the state mental institution.  I found my inner hunter again and now, thanks to Max and Tupper, I am back to hunting again.  

When they are not running their hunting charters Max and Tupper are looking over the Mom, siblings and family and wanted me to pass on to them that Max and Tupper love them all very much and visit all their dreams even if they can’t remember them.  And when their family is united on the immortal side they are going to retire from the charter business and spend all their time with their loved ones.

But until then I am going squirrel hunting.

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Pocket Dog / Alpha Dog? by River Song

The darndest things happen when you’re not paying attention.

Just short of two years ago I strolled into my new home.  I was immediately loved by my Mommy and Daddy and could do no wrong.  There was also another dog here:  Pocket.  She was five years old and had spent years happily living as Beta dog to the ultimate Alpha dog:   Foley Monster.

I found Pocket to be a very nervous dog.  She was still affected from losing Foley.  I am not proud of myself but I used these two factors, plus my own experience of being in  house full of dogs in Florida, to immediately take over as the Alpha dog.  Given my height and weight advantage, and Pocket being timid, I had little worry that I would lose my position.

Pocket never showed any interest in being the Alpha dog.  When she was sitting on Mommy’s lap and I wanted to sit there I would stare at her until she moved.  If she infringed on my territory I would knock her over and snap at her throat.  

Occasionally, when I was being picked up and helpless Pocket would make a move against me, snapping from below, but outside of that she did little to try and usurp my authority.

But lately Pocket has been giving off a vibe.  We will be eating and I will hear her voice in my head, first whispering at me to stop eating while she was eating, then talking louder, and finally shouting at me until I stop eating.  When I do I look over at Pocket and she is quietly eating.

After our walks, when we go in the house, I hear Pocket’s voice saying “Me first,” and I let her go.  The same thing happens with the water dish.  To the rest of the world she is still meek little Pocket but all the time I thought she was napping she was mastering mind control and she has used it to usurp me.

Now, when we eat sometimes I eat my food right away, and sometimes, just before we eat, I get a look from Pocket and I won’t eat until she is done no matter how much my parents encourage me.  When Pocket is taken outside to do her business I eat.  

I don’t know how, might be some Yorkie voodoo, but Pocket is in my head, and has taken over the role as Alpha Dog.  

I think I am going to need therapy to get on top again.

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Logan is our June 14, 2015 Pup of the Week


Last weekend our wonderful human friend Aunt Wendy went for a walk with her three Labbies while her realtor showed Aunt Wendy’s hard to sell house.  When she returned back home the Lab Pack had lost one member.

The reason makes no sense whatsoever.  The three Labs:  Dodger, Raja and Logan all went on the same walk on a 75 degree day.  But during the walk Logan began to pant and show signs of heat exhaustion then collapsed.

He was rushed to the vet who suspected heat stroke.  The vet did everything he could for Logan but he could not be saved.  He crossed over to the Bridge and the Lab pack was two.

Logan did not realize what had happened when he arrived.  He was`taking a beautiful walk with his family, and then he was walking on his own, still in a beautiful place.  It was sad to see him look at his angel friends, and slowly realize what had happened, until he saw his sister Angel Reba and ran into her waiting paws.

All our angel friends gathered around Logan to comfort him.  I should have joined them but I kept thinking:  All he did was go for a walk.  Blazer and Simon saw the look in my eye, knew what I was going to do, and counseled me not to, but everyone knows what a determined Yorkie I am when I want to be.  I pushed over with my stubby back paws, fluttered my wings and headed up the mountain to confront the Big Guy.

I walked right into his office.  He was sitting at his desk with his back turned to me writing.  Always writing.  I was going to stamp my paw, my usual signal that I was there, and steamed but before I could stamp the Big Guy asked “Yes Foley?” like he had some sort of second sight.

“You know,” I said.  “Logan, went out for a walk with his family and now he’s here.  We can’t go for walks now?”

“It was hot,” he said.

“It wasn’t that hot!” I barked.  “There were two other dogs with him who were fine.  It makes no sense.”

“Passing over never does,” he said.  “Not for the young, the old, the healthy, the sick.  No one.  Especially for the loved ones left behind.  And remember not to always accept the easiest answer.  Logan may have been sick before he went on that walk.  He could have just passed over lying on that couch, nothing is known.  Why did this happen?  What will the future bring?  All unknown”   He then moved his hand dismissing me.  But I didn’t move.  I still had questions.  And I was not satisfied with his answers.  I began to speak when he flicked his hand again and thrust me off his mountain.

I landed back with my friends.  Logan and Reba were running in the hills together.  When they were done they went to watch over their Mom.

A few days later Brody, a poodle lab mix, who had lost his house, was made an official member of the Lab pack.  I started to think that Logan was brought to the Bridge so Brody could share the love that Logan got, or that Logan decided to go to the Bridge so Brody could know his Mom’s love.

And then I realized the Big Guy was right.  We really don’t know why things happen.  We just have to be like the Labbie’s Mom Aunt Wendy:  Grieve the bad, celebrate the good, and weather the storms, because we never know what is going to happen next we just have to know we will be prepared.

Friday, June 12, 2015

Tails From Rainbow Bridge: What I Have Learned In Two Years

Wednesday, July 9, marked the second anniversary of me crossing over the Rainbow Bridge.  We don’t celebrate those anniversaries here.  What are we going to call it:  “Lost Ya Day?”

There are many things I have learned after two years at the Bridge.  If you don’t mind I would like to share them with you.

Enjoy Every Treat:  When I was on the mortal side there were times when I would get mad at my parents and I would go under my blanket to pout.  They would try to coax me out with a treat and I wouldn’t take it.  I wasted lots of time that I could have spent with my family.  I would give anything for that time now.

Love Never Ends:  The marriage vows “To death do us part” should be changed to “never part” because death does not part love.  I love my Mom as much today as I did the day I left.  All pups do.  I know humans drift apart, things change, and they part, but only the wicked hearted part from their pups.

Slow down:  Life is short but if you rush through it you miss everything.  Slow down and take in the beauty of the world.  It will prepare you for the immortal side of life when enjoying beauty is our favorite past time.

Always choose kindness:  There is never an excuse to be mean.  I know we get frustrated and sometimes that frustration comes out of our mouths in the form of cruel words.  But try to be kind,  Kindness brightens the world.  Meanness darkens it.

Be good to birds, butterflies and other pretty flying creatures:  Angels like to come visit you in the form of pretty flying creatures so pay extra special attention to them because they are more than likely one of your lost loved ones.  We choose these forms because if you saw a flying dog it would freak you out.

Never take a day for granted:  The biggest prayer I hear from parents whose pets are close to crossing the Bridge is to give them one more day.  One day is precious.  Make sure everyone you love knows how much you love them everyday because there will come a day when your loved one won’t be there and you realize how special one more day is.

And finally Believe:  Believe in the Bridge, in a better world, in seeing your loved ones again, in endless love.  If you believe it, then it will come true.  So no matter what you do remember these words from the great prophet.Steve Perry:  Don’t Stop Believing.

Thursday, June 11, 2015

We Saw a Dinosaur

Today River and I saw something on our walk we never thought we ever would see:  A dinosaur.  A dinosaur under shell.  And it kind of freaked us out.

At the start of our walks River and I are full of energy.  We pull on our leash, we pee every few steps, we bark loudly at anything that moves, very loudly at the houses that contain dogs, and ear shattering loudly when we see a human.

We keep this up for about half our walk.  Then we get tired, especially on a humid day like today.  After this we don’t bark so much anymore.  Even when we see a human walking on our street.

We were on our way back: Hot, tired and panting , when we saw the dinosaur.  It was disgusting.  It had a green head with yellow eyes.  The head was connected to a long neck that stretched a foot towards us and then a bright red tongue flicked out at us.  It was the longest tongue I have ever seen.  And I lived with Foley for five years.

And it’s entire body was covered by a shell.  When Daddy saw it he stopped walking.  Apparently someone has never seen Jurassic Park.  River and I both turned our barkers on and we began barking at that thing and it slowly moved across the road until it disappeared in the high grass.  Thank the Angels.

After we were done chasing the prehistoric demon off Daddy told us we were good girls.  We thought we were good girls for saving him from being snapped up but apparently we were good girls for saving the disgusting lizard even though we had no such intention.  He told us a car could have run over the beast and by making it go into the grass we saved it.  But what about the next person or dog that dinosaur eats?  Oh I can’t live with this on my conscious.

There was a woman watching from her driveway.  She owns the dog who looks like Tanner Bub.  She was watching over the hunched back lizard too. (Then why did we have to get involved?)  She says it has lived by the brook for a long time (obviously this woman does not know the constant danger she has been living near) and had laid her eggs.  (Great more of the little beasts.)

So here we are.  River and I.  Real heroes.  Please forgive us when this thing grows up and eats Tokyo 

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

A new blogger in blogville (this time with the right link)

Thank you for reading our blog on our new friend Angel Simon.  I am sorry that I messed up the link.  Try this one.  

Angel Simon is a good friend of mine.  His Mom has hard a hard time dealing with his loss and is writing about it..  I know you will all be a great support.

Thank you

Foley Monster

Monday, June 8, 2015

A New Blogger in Blogsville

My good friend Angel Simon's Mom has started to write a blog.  I would very much appreciate if you could check it out and give her a follow.  Thanks my friends

Friday, June 5, 2015

Tails From Rainbow Bridge: Gina and Pepsi

Gina and Pepsi.jpg

I don’t see a lot of humans here.  They have their own special section at the Bridge.  When they cross the River they gather their pups and move to the human side.   Only those who truly love dogs and don’t mind them occasionally flying into their heads stay here.

Gina Busch is one such Mom.   From the moment she crossed the Bridge she rejected all offers to go to the human section.  She was very content to stay in the pet neighborhood and we are very happy to have her.

She has a wonderful home here.  It is one story because we insist on flying up the stairs, and, because we aren’t good flyers, we always hit our heads and knock down pictures.  One story was more practical.

Gina loves to cook for us.  She feeds us steak, and chocolate pudding, all the best human food.  We eat and eat until we are full and seconds later it is like we never and are ready again.  She loves to get down and play with all the pups who come to her house and when you check on her at night she always has a bed full of dogs.

Her house is huge.  I don’t think it ever ends.  That is because Gina keeps taking in pups who cross the River and have never known a human home.  The more dogs she takes in the bigger her house grows,  

Always by her side is her loyal pup Pepsi.  Gina loved Pepsi with all her heart.  When Pepsi tragically crossed the Bridge Gina was already sick with cancer.  When she too passed over Pepsi was waiting for her at the top of the stairs and met her with a huge hug.

(There is a reason the last scene of Titanic is Rose climbing steps to be reunited with Jack with everyone gathered around clapping.  That was lifted directly from Bridge reunions that happen here everyday.   It just happens outside by a river and James Cameron doesn’t take credit for creating it.)

So for those of you left stranded on the mortal side of the Bridge be happy to know that Gina and Pepsi are with us, and Gina is taking care of all your pups, and thousands of homeless pups too,, and she has never been happier.  

And she makes the best chocolate pudding too

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Fifty Shade of Suede by River Song

river song tommy tunes.jpg

Last week I went to the groomers.  He was there.  He was on all fours, on the floor, his stubby little tail wagging.  

I first met him during my wayward youth.  I was a young lolipop in heat for the first time.  I was having all sorts of feelings.  No longer a pup, not yet a bitch.  I spent a lot of time leaning against the washing machine while it was on the spin cycle.  I scooted in circles on the rug for hours.  I licked myself to keep clean, and then kept going.

Then I saw him across the yard.   He slowly came over to me, spitting out a blade of grass.  He took a long smell of me then nodded.  He told me his name was Suede  He said I looked like a puppy looking to grow up in a hurry.  He told me he could take me to his room.

I could tell he was experienced, and I was a young girl in my first heat.  I cannot tell you why but I went with him, through the doggy door, down a long hall.  He stood on his firm, muscular back legs and put his forelegs on the door. It slowly opened.

I walked behind him into the dimly lit room.  I slowly looked around.  There were chains, dog collars, leather leashes, suspicious oblong objects.  It was his place of seduction.  “Is this your special room?” I asked.

“No it’s the mud room.  Mommy leashes up here when she takes us for walks.  Would you like a chew on my Kong before we does this?” he asked pushing one of the strange oblong objects my way.  I told him no.  He then gave me a lick and said we should get to it.

Then we (redacted) and then he (redacted) and the I (redacted) and then we (redacted) and then we both chewed a Kong.

The next day he was gone, back to his home in Massachusetts while I stayed in Florida.  After my litter was born my Mom decided I wasn’t meant for breeding and that I needed my own home.  This was right after Foley went to the Bridge.  Suede’s new Mom worked at Foley’s groomers, and after a couple of phone calls I lived in Massachusetts too.  After two years I finally saw him again.

While it was nice seeing him again I didn’t have the same feelings for him.  It was like someone took me to a doctor, put me under anesthesia, took a knife and cut out my lady parts.   I know that sounds crazy but I just felt an emptiness down there.

But I will always have memories of my day with Suede in his special room.  He took me from pup hood to lollipop hood and I will always have our memories.

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