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Poetry Thursday

     Two SPOILED CATS , Angel Sammy and Teddy find such inspiring photos for us Here is today's inspiration Go west young man, that is what they said.  Life is easy  you can't help but get ahead The river bottoms are filled with gold In a land that is never cold I sold all I had and headed out west A land where I would surely be blessed Now I sleep on the floor with roommates numbering ten For money I muck the pig pen And each day I hit the river to pan While I eat my shoe like Charlie Chaplin How I wish I was back east Where brown soup and moldy bread seemed like a feast Instead of being stuck out west Panning each day on a fruitless quest  

Wordless Wednesday


Beat This Caption

      I just peed to say I love you

Bertie Designs the Perfect Pup

        When Bertie realized his long song was finally ending, he made an unprecedented request of the angels watching over him. He didn't just want a new puppy to help his mom with his transition, but he wanted it built to his specifications. Upon receiving his unique request, I was assigned the case. I usually would instantly approve any proposal from a good friend like Bertie, but this could have legal ramifications for centuries. Puppy eugenic with cross-breeding, which produces short-lived dogs, is a hot button is an issue at the Bridge, and I decided to hold a trial to make an informed decision. The hearing was held in Bertie's dreams. He had imagined a British court from the 19th century. It was impressive, although I didn't have the heart to tell Bertie he looked silly in his powdered wig. Representing the Parties that don't Like Change was Mitch, an all-white bulldog. Bertie gave the opening statement. "It is our duty as dogs to take care of

Junior, the Prodigal Son, Comes Home to the Bridge

I first met Luca, Junior, and their guardian Angel Fred in 2008. I don’t know if life was simpler, but it sure feels like it.    They were from Argentina. It was fantastic to learn about life in another country, especially with opposing seasons. Everyone loved these fun, intelligent, and handsome dogs and looked forward to barking at them daily.    One day Mama Maria posted that she would not be as active on social media because the government monitored what citizens posted. At that time, a government caring about what their people commented on seemed foreign. As I said, it was a simpler time.    The most contact I had with them were infrequent Facebook posts, which is like throwing a stick in a fast-moving river and hoping all your friends see it. More often than not, it gets lost in the tide.    Luca joined us in 2016. Junior stayed to care for his mom and help his sister dogs become accustomed to how their mom wanted things. Junior stretched his life to 14 yea

Blog For Peace

Come you masters of war You that build the big guns You that build the death planes You that build all the bombs You that hide behind walls You that hide behind desks I just want you to know I can see through your masks You that never done nothin' But build to destroy You play with my world Like it's your little toy You put a gun in my hand And you hide from my eyes And you turn and run farther When the fast bullets fly Like Judas of old You lie and deceive A world war can be won You want me to believe But I see through your eyes And I see through your brain Like I see through the water That runs down my drain You fasten all the triggers For the others to fire Then you sit back and watch When the death count gets higher You hide in your mansion While the young people's blood Flows out of their bodies And is buried in the mud You've thrown the worst fear That can ever be hurled Fear to bring children Into the world For threatening my baby Unborn and unnamed You ain't

Rascal Picks Hazel With the Brown Eyes for her Mom

  One of the most challenging duties a new angel has is finding a replacement in their parent's hearts for them. It would be an even more difficult task for Rascal, whose mom loved her with all her heart and lost it when she went to the Bridge. Her mom wanted Rascal, not a new dog, but she needed one.    Rascal had to find a dog who would be patient with her mom, who was severely hurt by Rascal's passing. She knew her mom would be shy about surrendering her barely healed heart to another dog. But if she remained dogless, the pain would overwhelm her. But no soul knew his mom like Rascal, who was confidents he would choose wisely.    A bright shiny, full-of-energy pup who needed constant attention wouldn't do. This dog would have to be mature and not overly needy. In short, Rascal had to find a dog as broken as her mom.    It took her hundreds of interviews to find Hazal, a dog with an abusive past who wanted a person of her own to love, but because of her history, she w

Poetry Thursday

    Angel Sammys and Teddys Pawetaton posted this picture for their Poetry Posts Here is our modest offering. Cute little girl, short and sweet Came walking down my street She looked so happy, so care free, so brave I felt, for her, my little heart crave I said hello and and asked her name She introduced herself as Suzie the Dame She asked for a drink of water which I was happy to provide And told her not to leave, stray or hide I poured her a drink, and when I came out I knew I should have come out sooner The little girl had stolen my scooter.  

Nearly Wordless Wednesday

  I have been honored by the O Dani Girl Blog , which featured me in their Monday bog. They have more of this incredible artwork on their site, which you can see by clicking the link.

Beta This Caption

  Now how would I know what happened to the fish? By the way, you have an Alka-Seltzer

Monday Question

This has been going around on Facebook. Post a picture of something that tells us your name. Like this  

Friendly Fill-ins

  Friendly Fill-ins     Each Thursday Ellen of 15andmeowing and Lorianne of Four-Legged Furballs , provide Friendly Fill-in questions. My answers are in red.    1. I rarely poop in the snow , I go behind the recliner instead.  2. My spring to do list includes sleeping in the sun and lying awake in the sum . 3. If I were invisible for a day, I would figure out how to get in the closet and eat food to my belly's content. 4. When I was young, I got knocked up because my then Mom wanted to make more of me. Turns our I'm the Joan Crawford of dog mom's. That put my on the path that led me to my forever home. .

Foley Monster's True St Patrick's Story

   "What is Saint Patrick's Day?" Pocket asked me this morning. "It is a day that humans celebrate Saint Patrick driving the snakes out of Ireland," I said, like a disinterested parent. "How did he do that?" the persistent Pocket asked. "He didn't." "Did anyone?"   I put down my I Paw. It was time Pocket got the straight poop. "There was a time when Ireland was lousy with snakes," I said. "You couldn't go anywhere without stepping on one of those slithering bastards. The people came to Patrick, their clergyman man, and asked him if he could get rid of the snakes. He told them he couldn't, but they thought he was modest. When the snakes stayed, the congregation complained about Patrick, and chances of obtaining sainthood were waining. St Patrick had one confidant, his dog Paddy, and he told him that he had no idea how to clear the entire ma

Wordless Wednesday


Bouncing with Bertie at the Bridge

  When Bertie learned that he had issues with his bladder that constituted an impending trip to the Bridge, he vowed to fight to the last ounce of his soul. The doctor told his mom that Bertie's song was almost over, and the final notes were sounding from a bagpipe over the dell. But Bertie came from hard Scottish stock and was not passing over without a fight. Peeing is something everyone takes for granted until they can't do it. We all know how uncomfortable the feeling of having to urinate is, and the more it builds, the worst it gets. That is why urinating is such a relief, but imagine having that pressure and not being able to go? Something like that will make a soul want to end the pain by departing for the Bridge. But Bertie, who felt like he had a full bladder all the time, and had to fight and strain to relieve himself, didn't mind the pain, as long as he could keep hiking the Scottish coastline with his beloved mom. She noticed her little man strain

Monday Question

How may pictures of you or your siblings are there in your house?  

The Dog Rescurer

When Bishop arrived at Rainbow Bridge, he knew his assignment. Along with his brother Apollo and their angel siblings, he would watch over his mom, rebuild her heart and help her find dogs who needed rescuing. There is no more incredible dog rescuer than Momma Kimberli. But Bishop had no way of knowing what fate had planned for him and his mom.    Momma Kimberi gave a part of her heart to the dozens of dogs she rescued or mothered. The most considerable section went to Bishop, whose transcribed conversations with his mom delighted their fans on Facebook. Sadly, Kimberli did not have enough of her heart remaining to sustain life after giving so much away.   During Bishop's welcoming ceremony, he, Apollo, and his mom's other dogs suddenly stood and then ran to the nearest church, where they began to pray. We followed, and that is when we learned that the day Bishop came to the Bridge

Friday Fill Ins

  Each Thursday Ellen of 15andmeowing and Lorianne of Four-Legged Furballs , provide Friendly Fill-in questions. Here are the fill in the Blanks followed by River's answers. Here are this weeks questions: 1. I love that ____________________. 2. To celebrate pi day on Monday, I will have a slice of _______ pie. 3. I’d like to be able to _________ every day. 4. If I ended up in jail, it would probably be because _______.   1. I love that I get better looking every day. 2. To celebrate pi day on Monday, I will have a slice of anything but pie. 3. I’d like to be able to sit on mom's lap every day. Wait, I do. 4. If I ended up in jail, it would probably be because I am currently running a Ponzi scheme based out of Singapore that is greatly contributing to global inflation.    And that's how I see it River Song    

Poetic Thursday

 Here is the picture provided by Angel Sammy for his Poetry Thursday!   I went to a gypsy who allowed me to see What the future held for you and men I expected to see great suffering and calamaties Which I thought would drive me to tears Instead I saw this beautiful and trainquil setting Not the future on which the scientests are betting But they my heart was filled with regret As I realized this was a picture of the Sahara Desert

You are Dolly and it is your Bridge Day

   Imagine your name is Dolly, you're a cat, and you have been blessed with a  pack of brothers and sister, and are living with two of the best cat parents in the world, who care for your every need and chronicle your lives daily in a blog. You have been hiding something from your beloved parents; you are not feeling well. You have gone to the vet, who has narrowed your condition down to lymphoma or an IBD. Regardless, your parents do not think your song is ending, which exactly is how you want it. As your vet trip approaches, you meet with each of your siblings to tell them you don't know if you will be coming back and make sure that they all step up their game and help heal their parents soon to be broken hearts. You also make them promise there would be no sadness, so the humans did not suspect the severity of your illness. You are not afraid of going to the Bridge. You had a wonderful life and c

Requiem For A Helluva Hamster

  This morning, Pocket awoke and told me we needed to attend a swearing-in ceremony. I did not have any appointments, so I deduced it was a cat welcoming. After a lifetime of them bopping me on the nose and tormenting me by sitting on my deck and licking themselves, I, in the immortal world, have made my peace with and even befriended cats. I am not as close to them as Pocket is, but I have become more tolerant after becoming an Angel, so I got dressed and followed Pocket to the kitty welcoming center. I don't know why knowing Pocket as I do that, I was surprised when we walked past the kitty center—she disclosures information like a spy being watered tortured: slowly and minimally. I told her I thought we were going to see a cat, and she said we were going in place of cats, namely his friends Benni and Bobby. "What did they lose? A horse?" "A hamster." "What?" I barked. "I am an important judge; I can't be seen at a hamster passi

Monday Question

  Which Happy Potter House would you be sorted into. The choices are: Gryffindor house is where you would find the pluckiest and most daring students \ Slytherin house members are most likely ambitious, shrewd and possibly destined for greatness.  Ravenclaw house If you are looking for the brainiest students – you would find them in Ravenclaw Hufflepuff house is where you will find the most trustworthy and hardworking students.

Sophie Makes Her FInal Journey Home

  Sophie knew her time was near. Her heartbeats were expiring, and her breath had grown labored. She could not hide the symptoms from her Momma Lori, who took her to the vet. That is when Sophie made her last request as a mortal dog. Sophie's favorite place was in bed next to her mom. If she had to transition to being an Angel, Sophie wished to feel her last heartbeat and draw her final breath in bed with her mom. I approved her request. While the vet's office people were exceedingly kind to me as I transitioned, all dogs prefer to pass over in their own home, making organizations like Laps of Love that employ vets who come to your home to help pets pass over invaluable. But, like in my area, the services are unavailable, so I helped Sophie hide the severity of her symptoms from the vet, so her last mortal feelings were her mom next to her and the warm bed they shared. An unfortunate side effect of Sophie&

A Nature's Friday Post

      Nature Friday  host LLB Gang       : A lovely flower grows in the middle of Doggyspace Square. It has a thick green stem with a full purple and white bloom reaching for the sun. As remarkable as the flower is, its story is even more memorable. It has been given a prominent spot at the Bridge to recognize the heroic work when it was mortal. Flowers are not known to be brave, but this one, called Peter, proved just how strong vegetation can be. Man used to know how to live with nature, use its gift to build their homes, and then pay it back by tending to the land and enriching it. Then man needed to expand its living space, and to do so, they bulldozed the ground, taking out majestic trees and forcing critters to be homeless. At the Bridge, we could hear the land scream in mourning. There was one such development being built in Connecticut. The men came with their bulldozers to destroy the peaceful land, which held dozens of different land creatures and even more bi

Poetic Thursday

         Two SPOILED CATS , Angel Sammy and Teddy provided this photo as inspiratoin for the blog I walked down the dark and damp hallway "Please let there be an exit" I pray I took my phone and found no bars Without my little computer I was scared I wouldn't make it far I turned on the light and shone it ahead With each step my heart filled with dread. Then in the distance I saw a light I was filled with hope, no time for fright As I came closer the form looked familiar Walking past the wet stone pillars It too had a phone showing it the way Together we could find how to get away As I held the phone to my face he did the same And when I saw the face I yelled my own name Because the figure ahead was well known It was me, and I realized there would be no way home

On Dr Seuss Day Pocket Hear A Who on Dr. Seuss Day

      Pocket has a favorite location. Which she likes to visit each morn When Rainbow Bridge is reborn And the birds carry a tune like they are playing a horn When it was quiet, and the sun started to climb high Pocket slipped into the water and let out a sigh When she heard a sound she thought was a fly But it seemed more like a plaintive cry Pocket was blessed with ears quite large. And, when she heard the sounds, she thought it was an ear mirage Then she saw a speck of dust from which the sound seemed to discharge And she turned her eyes to make the sound enlarge. Beyond the wind and over the water, she heard the word help coming from the dust. No one else had Pocket's ears which were a must. Because on that piece of dust was a land called Whoville And they were about to get blown away by a gust. The citizens of Whoville were concerned about their land Where things were not working out as planned They had existed for eons on the end of a strand But we were blown off, and we now