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Toby is Foley Monster's June 30, 2013 Pup of the Week

This week my Pup of the Week is another miracle dog.  His name is Toby, or Tobo the Hobo, a young, peaceful pit bull who was living with his Mom until the unthinkable happened, and then, when all hope was lost, a miracle occurred. I am unclear on the details (even from up here I don’t see everything) but Toby got away from his house.  He was exploring his neighborhood when an unidentified man saw him.  A neighbor of Toby’s saw the man coax Toby into his car.  The man then tried to sell Toby to a known breeder of pit bulls in the area who was raising them for their worst traits and not their many beautiful ones.   Toby’s Mom reported the dognapping to the police but the policeman she talked to was not very interested in doing his job.  He told her that it was not a police problem but a civil matter and he refused to investigate it.  Toby’s Mom thought this was the end of the matter but her social network friends told her not to put up with this foolishness and to

Wordless Wednesday

You're Hired: Introducing River Song

Hello my friends.  After receiving several resumes, thousands of e-mails, and countless text messages I have decided upon the next member of the Monster Pack.  Thank you to all those who applied, and for the many humans who gave us advice. It turned out that I did not have to look very far at all.  When I used to go to the groomers I met some Brussels Griffons.  They seemed very pleasant, and Mommy took great joy in seeing them and playing with them.   When I received the following resume I was intrigued. “Dear Judge Monster:  I am a one year old Brussels Griffon.  While you have not met me you know some of my family members.  My brother belongs to Pat, who owns Groomingdales, your salon.  I recently had a litter, and then got spade.  I am one of eight young Griffons living here and my Mom is looking for a new home for me where I can be loved like a lap dog and get lots of attention.  Being a mother I believe I meet all your requirements about leadership.  Being o

Fella is Foley Monster's June 23, 2013 Pup of the Week

What do you do when you are a male singer and you find yourself a member of the Supremes, always pushed to the background by the females in your group?   That was the life of the sweet, gentlemanly Fella, who became my first friend to join me after my arrival at the Bridge.  The reason was he could no longer stay with his beloved family was because of kidney failure. Fella was in the background as first Bella, then Hattie Mae, Smartie, and later in life Jackie Lynn, took center stage loudly singing their songs.  Not only was he always supportive to his sisters, especially Jackie Lynn, but he was a wonderful companion to his Mom Darla and her husband Elvis. Fella did have one claim to fame, and it is the greatest claim to fame that anyone can have.  It was love.  Fella loved Saffron .  Their friends followed their love story every day.  Unfortunately when Saffron ’s Mom Jackie went to the Bridge much too early both Saffron , with no one to speak for her, and Fella, to

Not Sure I am Ready For This by Pocket Dog

Hello my sweet friends, it is I, Pocket Dog.  Oh boy.  Can I confide something in you guys?  I’m not sure I am ready for this. Foley used to tell me that she would be going to the Bridge someday, but I never really believed her.  Foley?  Going to the Bridge?  Didn’t seem possible to me.  She was here bossing me around on my Gotcha Day and I thought she’d be here bossing me around on my Bridge Day, Even when she told me she was sick and didn’t know if her song was ending I thought it was a trick.  I figured that she would wait for me to make a mistake then come walking in the door and say “ah-hah I told you that you couldn’t manage things!”  She can still do this, but only from the Bridge when I am asleep, so I have been trying not to go to sleep and man am I tired. When I do sleep she visits me and mostly she tells me I’m doing a good job.  I certainly am trying.  I don’t want to be any trouble for Mommy and Daddy.  I am keeping with my housebreaking and eating all

Foley's Garden

Foley's Garden with beautiful hydrangea plant from Hobo Hudson, memorial stone from Smoochy, and solar powered angel

Wordless Wednesday (almost)

Foley's gavel from the Tanner Brigade

Dog Wanted

Posted by Foley Monster EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITY Position:  Dog Family:  The Monster Pack Listing;   The Monster Pack is looking for a self motivated, hardworking, industrious dog for the position of family dog. Job description:  The Monster Pack is a dysfunctional family unit consisting of a late middle aged couple who have faulty judgment and personality disorders along with their timid, submissive, nervous dog named Pocket.  I am looking for a small dog, no larger than 12 pounds, with hair, not fur (we do not discriminate against dogs with fur but because of allergy conditions of grandchildren the dog must be hypoallergenic) with a big personality and a lot of patience.  Socialization is a must.  The applicant will have to socially accept dogs at home, in play, and in the online world. Experience:  Dogs should neither be too young or too old.  Having some experience in a family home is a must.  Dog should be calm but assertive.  Dog must be willing to accept t

Dozens of Angels are Foley Monster's JUne 16, 2013 Pups of the Week

Here I am at a Bridge named after a Rainbow Where all pups who leave this Earth go They are angels now, but your face you did know Here to say the all still love you so Next to me lays PJ Who has been pestering me to let his Mom knows he says hey And now he is off to play Like he did back in the day Off in the distance is Sierra Who loves her Mom forever She wishes her time to leave had been never Now she works hard to protect her for terror Next to her is Baron also known as Bear Oh the two of them are quite a pair Knowing a pup like Bear is rare Wise, noble, happy and fair And here is Angel Keri Softly nibbling on a cherry She tries to visit her Mom and make her merry And wants she loves her very Behind me is my mentor Tanner Bub At Rainbow Bridge he is the hub At night we party in his hot tub He loves his Mom like a bear loves it’s cub With him is his wife Sophie She is beautiful and not just a trophy When I feel bad s