Sunday, June 30, 2013

Toby is Foley Monster's June 30, 2013 Pup of the Week

This week my Pup of the Week is another miracle dog.  His name is Toby, or Tobo the Hobo, a young, peaceful pit bull who was living with his Mom until the unthinkable happened, and then, when all hope was lost, a miracle occurred.

I am unclear on the details (even from up here I don’t see everything) but Toby got away from his house.  He was exploring his neighborhood when an unidentified man saw him.  A neighbor of Toby’s saw the man coax Toby into his car.  The man then tried to sell Toby to a known breeder of pit bulls in the area who was raising them for their worst traits and not their many beautiful ones.  

Toby’s Mom reported the dognapping to the police but the policeman she talked to was not very interested in doing his job.  He told her that it was not a police problem but a civil matter and he refused to investigate it.  Toby’s Mom thought this was the end of the matter but her social network friends told her not to put up with this foolishness and to go back to the police station and demand Toby’s disappearance be investigated.

She went back to the station and this time talked to a Sgt. Perron.  He assured Toby’s Mom that he would personally investigate the matter.  He found the home of the man who stole Toby and Sgt Perron sat outside his house for an hour watching, but did not see a dog.  He then knocked on the door and the dognapper answered but he said he did not have, nor had ever had, a dog on the premises.    It appeared to Sgt Perron that the man who already sold Toby.  While she was not surprised the news left his poor Mom devastated.  She was planning to put up flyers but she knew hope of ever seeing her baby again was slim.

And then a miracle for the ages occurred.  One morning his Mom had to get up at 3:30 because Toby’s Dad was going to work at 5:00.  Usually, once he leaves, she goes back to bed, but she wasn’t feeling well this particular morning, and decided to stay awake.  Believing that some of God’s natural light would make her feel better she went to the bedroom window and opened it so the sunshine could come in.  It was 6:27 AM.   Standing outside the window was her friend Kim, who she had not seen in three months.   She knew something of great urgency had occurd and she went to her front door to speak to her friend.

Kim told her that she found a pittie.  She thought is was her friends Paco’s dog but it wasn’t and she didn’t know what to do with it.  She knew that Toby’s Mom had pitties, in fact she didn’t even know Toby was missing, and thought his Mom would know what to do with the bruised and battered pit she found on the side of the road.

Toby’s Mom fell to her knees.  She knew it was Toby before she got the the car.  She rose up, and walked to the car sobbing and she saw Toby.  The chances that Toby would be found by a friend of his Mom’s who would bring his Mom without even knowing he was missing are unfathomable.  

Toby, against all odds, was home.  No one knows what hell he went through but the vet found evidence that Toby had been chained up in a yard because of the marking from the choke collar, and scrapes on his back showing he had escaped from under a fence.

So never stop believing in miracles, and if you need proof of one it is Toby, back where he belongs, against all odds.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

You're Hired: Introducing River Song

Hello my friends.  After receiving several resumes, thousands of e-mails, and countless text messages I have decided upon the next member of the Monster Pack.  Thank you to all those who applied, and for the many humans who gave us advice.
It turned out that I did not have to look very far at all.  When I used to go to the groomers I met some Brussels Griffons.  They seemed very pleasant, and Mommy took great joy in seeing them and playing with them.   When I received the following resume I was intrigued.
“Dear Judge Monster:  I am a one year old Brussels Griffon.  While you have not met me you know some of my family members.  My brother belongs to Pat, who owns Groomingdales, your salon.  I recently had a litter, and then got spade.  I am one of eight young Griffons living here and my Mom is looking for a new home for me where I can be loved like a lap dog and get lots of attention.  Being a mother I believe I meet all your requirements about leadership.  Being one of eight dogs I have great socialization skills. I do not have a lot of social networking skills but I am an unwed mother who is faced with eviction and need a good home.  As the premier dog attorney, and now a Judge, I know you will be fair with me.  Thank you. Zell.”

I decided to pop down and see Zell in her dreams.  She told me her stories, and I told her mine, and she told me that she really wanted to be part of my family.  She was warm, and funny, and I could see how being a Mom made her very wise.  She just wanted her own family.  While I did find out that she was never in danger of being kicked out on the street, her time with her birth Mom’s family was ending, so it was the perfect match.

So now I had some dream surfing to do.  I had to enter both Mommy’s and Daddy’s dreams and tell them both to consider a Brussels Griffon and to call Pat at the Groomers.  When they woke up Mommy said she wanted to call Pat about the Griffons and Daddy said he was thinking the same thing (and yet neither one thought that was strange.  Humans!)

I had to skip back up to the groomers and wait for Pat to fall asleep, then slip into her dreams and whisper that, when contacted by my parents, she needed to call Zell’s Mom, and, when Zell’s Mom told her about Zell, Pat would suggest that Zell’s Mom contact my Mom.


Humans!  So easily manipulated.  The next night I swooped down to Florida into Zell’s Mom’s dream and whispered to her to offer Zell to my Mom.  Bingo!  Now we were cooking with gas.  But then:  Roadblock!  Someone would have to get Zell and fly her up to Massachusetts.

Back to dream surfing.  There is a woman who works at my groomers named Beth.  I popped into her dreams and suggested that she needed to go down to see Zell’s Mom and bring back a pup for herself, and since she was down there, could she bring Zell home too?  When Beth woke up in the morning, not sure why, she told her friends and family she needed to go down to Florida.

So now that I had it all setup I thought I could rest.  But then I found out Mommy’s check to cover the expenses hadn’t arrived in Florida yet.  So I had to go down to the post office, find the check, and make sure it got into Zell’s Mom’s mailbox.  When she received it I thought finally, my work is done.

But there was one more hurdle.  Zell’s Mom was taking her and Beth to the airport and they stopped at two stores on the way for a carrier for Zell and couldn’t find one.  Oh man!  Humans!  It is very dangerous to try and get a message from the Bridge to someone who is driving.  But I did, and I told her where an available carrier was.  Then I had to sit on her shoulder and whisper to her to swerve into this lane and that to get them to the airport on time.  They just made the plane.

After that I wasn’t taking any chances.  I sat on the wing throughout the entire flight, and man was it cold.  The plane landed safely, Beth and Zell got off and home safely.

The next day Mommy picked up Zell and gave her a new name.  River Song.  And she has fit in with my pack beautifully, as I knew she would.  A total snuggle bug and a peaceful companion.  Pocket is learning to do the big sister thing, she is tough sometimes, tender other times.  And she lets River sleep in the bed which is very generous of her.  River sleeps up by my Mommy’s head, and Pocket by her waist, and everything is very calm, except if River enters Pocket’s area, then it’s go time.

That first night I felt like my work was done, but I know that isn’t true.  I will always have to keep an eye on my family, because even with River and Pocket they will be lost without me, as will my friends.  

A Yorkie Angel's work is never done, but a major part of the start of rebuilding of my Mom’s heart has been completed.

And now here is River, let her Song begin.
You talkin' to me? You talkin' to me? You talkin' to me? Then who the hell else are you talking... you talking to me? Well I'm the only one here.

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Fella is Foley Monster's June 23, 2013 Pup of the Week

What do you do when you are a male singer and you find yourself a member of the Supremes, always pushed to the background by the females in your group?   That was the life of the sweet, gentlemanly Fella, who became my first friend to join me after my arrival at the Bridge.  The reason was he could no longer stay with his beloved family was because of kidney failure.

Fella was in the background as first Bella, then Hattie Mae, Smartie, and later in life Jackie Lynn, took center stage loudly singing their songs.  Not only was he always supportive to his sisters, especially Jackie Lynn, but he was a wonderful companion to his Mom Darla and her husband Elvis.

Fella did have one claim to fame, and it is the greatest claim to fame that anyone can have.  It was love.  Fella loved Saffron.  Their friends followed their love story every day.  Unfortunately when Saffron’s Mom Jackie went to the Bridge much too early both Saffron, with no one to speak for her, and Fella, too broken hearted to bark, were no longer heard from, their voices very much missed

I can tell Fella’s parents about his adventures here at the Bridge.  One of my new duties is to swear in dogs who come to my district of the Bridge.  I got a cloud mail saying I was needed and to bring my Pawble.  I was a little aggravated, having so much of my day taken up with trying to sustain hope and faith in my parents, when I went to the top of the stairs next to District One Official Greeter Ladybug and looking down I saw Fella.   I totally broke protocol running down the stairs and giving him a kiss hug and a kiss.  (I was never good at protocol.)

After the swearing in, Ladybug doing her magic, and all the dogs greeting him, our friends parted and there was Smartie and Bella.  Fella ran up to them, pawed at them, kissed and nipped them, but he still seemed distracted, looking past them until he saw them.

Standing together, looking young, beautiful and strong were Sage, Saffron's brother and his mother Jackie.  Fella ran at him as Sage broke from his Mom and he ran at Fella and they both stood on their back legs and hugged and  and all the dogs in my district stood and cheered.

I gave them a cloud with fertile land and they have started their worm farm.  They are very happy together.  If you happen to see a random worm squirming around and you don’t know where it came from know that it is one of Sage’s and Fella’s worms that slipped off a cloud.

And Fella wanted his parents to know he loves them very much and misses them.  Thank you for giving him a wonderful home and such beautiful sisters.  Hold the good memories close and he will always be with you, in your heart, and just in the corner of your eyes.

Also I want Roxanne’s parents to know that she is very thankful for the wonderful life she was given by them, and she is happy and pain free now.  And, when they hear the wind howl, listen closely, and they will hear Roxanne howling right outside their window.

Little Guido is here too and he wants Boudica’s Mom and all those who tried to help him to know he is very thankful but it was not meant to be.  He wants you all to keep trying to help helpless pups.  He has been adopted by Pepsi’s Mom Gina. She takes in a lot of homeless pups here to repay Tommy’s Dad for being so kind as to give Freddie Girl a home.

There are clouds up there where all three are living, and stars that shine at night showing their souls.  Hopefully, someday, all that love them will take some comfort in that.

Friday, June 21, 2013

Not Sure I am Ready For This by Pocket Dog

Hello my sweet friends, it is I, Pocket Dog.  Oh boy.  Can I confide something in you guys?  I’m not sure I am ready for this.

Foley used to tell me that she would be going to the Bridge someday, but I never really believed her.  Foley?  Going to the Bridge?  Didn’t seem possible to me.  She was here bossing me around on my Gotcha Day and I thought she’d be here bossing me around on my Bridge Day,

Even when she told me she was sick and didn’t know if her song was ending I thought it was a trick.  I figured that she would wait for me to make a mistake then come walking in the door and say “ah-hah I told you that you couldn’t manage things!”  She can still do this, but only from the Bridge when I am asleep, so I have been trying not to go to sleep and man am I tired.

When I do sleep she visits me and mostly she tells me I’m doing a good job.  I certainly am trying.  I don’t want to be any trouble for Mommy and Daddy.  I am keeping with my housebreaking and eating all my food.  I can sense when Mommy and Daddy are feeling badly so I make sure I come over and snuggle with them.   I lick Mommy’s tears and I stay nice and calm.  Mommy says that I am the perfect dog for her right now.   I will never be a Foley Monster but I can be like the big red blanket that used to be on the floor in our bedroom, a Foley Monster comforter.

But I am going to need all your help.   You have been doing a great job so far with the cards, and the presents, and the flowers.  It is impossible to imagine a better group of friends then I have.  Our little house is turning into a Foley museum and that is fine with me.

Foley was always the voice of reason whenever there was a dispute going on, and the voice of comfort when she thought that someone had their feelings hurt, and I will try to do the same, but I am only five years old and have lots of learning to do, so, if you could all watch out for one another I appreciate it.  You guys are the best.

I know Foley is interviewing applicants for new dog.  She tells me that is no reflection on me.  Mommy and Daddy need a new dog to help heal their heart.  Foley wants me to be strong and firm with the new dog like she was.  I certainly hope I can do that.  Don’t want to let her down.  

Keep me in your thoughts my friends.  And have patience.  I’m doing the best I can.  Honest.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Foley's Garden

Foley's Garden with beautiful hydrangea plant from Hobo Hudson, memorial stone from Smoochy, and solar powered angel

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Dog Wanted

Posted by Foley Monster


Position:  Dog

Family:  The Monster Pack

Listing;   The Monster Pack is looking for a self motivated, hardworking, industrious dog for the position of family dog.

Job description:  The Monster Pack is a dysfunctional family unit consisting of a late middle aged couple who have faulty judgment and personality disorders along with their timid, submissive, nervous dog named Pocket.  I am looking for a small dog, no larger than 12 pounds, with hair, not fur (we do not discriminate against dogs with fur but because of allergy conditions of grandchildren the dog must be hypoallergenic) with a big personality and a lot of patience.  Socialization is a must.  The applicant will have to socially accept dogs at home, in play, and in the online world.

Experience:  Dogs should neither be too young or too old.  Having some experience in a family home is a must.  Dog should be calm but assertive.  Dog must be willing to accept that they are the new dog in the family and be submissive to Pocket, the Mommy and the Daddy.  Dog must also know that the above sentence is all b.s. and she will be the one in charge. Dog must be a female, on this we do discriminate, and if you have a problem you can sue me but be warned I am a Judge and have the gavel to prove it.  Dog must have first hand knowledge of computers, and how to interact on social networking.  Strong leadership ability is a must.  A few years of legal training wouldn’t hurt either.  Dogs must be proficient in snuggling, lap sitting, giving soft kisses, listening, and making her parents feel loved

Perks:  Good food, lots of attention, chicken, treats, a leopard vagina kitty condo to share, and a big bed to sleep in.

Please send resumes to Foley Monster Magistrate, First District Court, Rainbow Bridge.

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Dozens of Angels are Foley Monster's JUne 16, 2013 Pups of the Week

Here I am at a Bridge named after a Rainbow
Where all pups who leave this Earth go
They are angels now, but your face you did know
Here to say the all still love you so

Next to me lays PJ
Who has been pestering me to let his Mom knows he says hey
And now he is off to play
Like he did back in the day

Off in the distance is Sierra
Who loves her Mom forever
She wishes her time to leave had been never
Now she works hard to protect her for terror

Next to her is Baron also known as Bear
Oh the two of them are quite a pair
Knowing a pup like Bear is rare
Wise, noble, happy and fair

And here is Angel Keri
Softly nibbling on a cherry
She tries to visit her Mom and make her merry
And wants she loves her very

Behind me is my mentor Tanner Bub
At Rainbow Bridge he is the hub
At night we party in his hot tub
He loves his Mom like a bear loves it’s cub

With him is his wife Sophie
She is beautiful and not just a trophy
When I feel bad she doesn’t let me get mopey
And she straightens me out when I feel dopey

With them is Tanner’s brother Ruger Ru
If you met him you would never ask who?
We love all the things he has us do
He came here as a puppy and we always be new

Then there is an angel named Angel
Whose love for her Mom is able to tell
She gives us kisses and wishes us well
Her love for us makes us want to yell

Flying high above is Megan
When I started to fly it’s with her I began
When I took my angel oath she did the swearing in
She is one of the best friends that has ever been

And here is her sister Molly.
Be careful her flying is sometimes folly
I love seeing her she makes me jolly
She likes to kiss me and call me Dolly

And here too is her sister Promise
She is always her with a sweet kiss
I know that it is their Mom that they miss
They are three girls I love to call sis

The flight school teacher is Ladybug
She wanted it mentioned for Max to give her Mom a hug
Her heart is so big boats on the river don’t need a tug
And she’s the only one who knows where all the bones are dug.
One of the most important dogs here is Moses.
He keeps the grass green because he’s in charge of the hoses
Each morning she comes and gives us kisses on our noses
She loves to send her Mommy lots of roses

I was so happy to finally meet Buttons
Playing with her is nothing but funs
Together we play and go on long runs
I have found out I love her tons

I was also pleased to meet Barge
That is one dog whose heart is large
When I am tense he give me a nice massage
And to the Bridge he provides safe passage

I also met Rusty
He is a Rainbow Bridge trustee
He so gentle, wouldn’t hurt a flea
He told me to say he misses his Mommy

And of course there was Morgan
Oh how it was nice to see him again
He greets me every day with a big grin
Me and him are like kin

Also so Jackie Pool and her dog Sage
I was so happy to be able to meet Jackie and engage
She is so loved here she is all the rage
Of her I could write page after page

And with them was Pepsi and his Mom
She called to me and for the first time ever I did come
She held me and kept me warm
And promised to keep me from any hard

Watching over me are Leo’s siblings Purina and Bear
Nothing happens to me that they are not aware
Like Leo when I am with them I know I am in good care
I love them both, they are so fair.

Did I not mention Angel Lovey
Who is very belovedy
Of her we are very proud of Lovey
And her love we are undeserving ofey

Also there is sweet Gizmo
When she wants to play I can’t so no
She doesn’t want to stop it’s go, go, go,
Even when I get tied and say woe

And here is my old friend Smartie
Who now is quite hardy.
I like to visit her cloud where he is always pouring Barcardi
At Smartie’s house it is always time to party

On the first day I go my angel bandanna from Bauser
He runs so fast now he is a blur
He is so important when he goes to see his Mom her gets a chauffer
His Mom is the one he is most likely to prefer

Up running came Buck
He had just caught a duck
I was in luck
More than a few pieces I snuck
Behind him was Jake
Who had been playing in a lake
He was now licking a big piece of cake
He gave me a piece to take

I heard a howl above and saw Stacey Mae
Now that made may day
She was big but didn’t make me run away
I have a shady spot and under her I lay

That’s when I saw Remington
Looking bigger than the sun
Running and playing, so much fun
He didn’t look like he would ever be done

Later on I met Reba
Driving by in a new sports car
We went for a ride and she told me about he Ma
She had so many stories we drove so far

With us was Amber
She kept me warm with her wonderful fur
She kept saying, of her Mom, I love her
And she knows she still makes her hear stir

The along came Charlie
Riding on his Harley
He took us to a party
Where we drank Foleytinis until for bed time we were tardy

The next morning I was awoken by Lady
Going golfing with her favorite caddy
She wanted to be remembered to mommy and Daddy
And doesn’t want them to act sadly

And here is Lily’s sister Holly
She is a cute as a dolly
So sweet and so jolly
Her family’s love for her was not folly

Proud and noble is Fitzchen
A real gentleman who likes to read in his den
A true man among men
His spirit makes me gather paper and pen

I like to spend time in a sun room with Mollie
She is truly a real beauty
Her Mommy misses her and going forward seemed like a duty
But Mollie helped her find a sweet Sophie

And then I go to see a dog named Moe
His parents were so sad to see him go
They cried and said no, no, no
But Moe tells them she’s fine, not to worry, and it is so

Behind him is his friend Gizmo
Last week Gizmo was named best in show.
Gizmo is a great friend, never a foe
Gizmo is one of the finest angels I know

I was visited at breakfast by Sparkman
In a few short days I have become a big fan
He wants his Mom to know he will see her again
And he comes to see her when he can
Just running past was Jilly Girl
She dipped and dived and even did a swirl
She asked me if I wanted to give it a whirl
I smiled at her and my tail did curl

There is my Yorkie friend Meeka
When she left Mom her eyes were leakers
But she should know up here Meeka is at her Peaka
And it’s her heart that everyone seekers

From the Dogs of Brazil there is Emmy
She is still saving dogs and setting them free
She is so happy here, her Mom, we wish you could see
She just stopped to take a snooze under a tree

And here is my old friend Teddie Bond
He is one of the best friend I have found
We have been playing very hard making on you the rain pound
Lord give us the ability to make our playing decisions sound

Of course I have not forgotten Star
Who still loves her Mom from afar
I love to play with her, we laugh and go ha
When she walks by all the dogs cheer ra

And down by the barn is Old Pup
Who lived in a barn and came out for sup
His Mom wouldn’t know him, he has so much hurry up
And he now runs around like a young pup

Running by the stream is my old friend Snicker
Whose love for her Mom does more than flicker
Here she romps and is a real squirrel kicker
And when it comes to roses she is quite a picker

Overhead flew a bird named Gimpy
There are birds here, some makes us happy
Gimpy was well loved, no birdie lackey
She makes us smile, no sad sackey

I was asked to check up Dakota
Whose Mom still cries on a supportive shoulder
He says his love for her is bigger than a boulder
And he will come and sleep near her when it gets colder

There is are old friend Jack
It is good that I can see him back
He was such an important members of his pack
On being a good boy, he sure had the knack

And here come my old friend 12
How I missed him, I no longer dwell
He loves you so much, he want my Mom to tell
And he wants to say he is doing well

Come sit near my my old friend Biskit
So charming, so funny, so full of wit
That you are next to me, well, your Mom will have a joyful fit
Since you’ve been gone her heart’s been in a pit

And who can forget Apollo
Our heart hurt so much when we went we could not swallow
But he says in pain we must no longer wallow
The thunder is his howling so watch out below
Running by faster than a pony is Doxie
As happy as any dog can be
She wants to make sure her Mom sees
That Doxie will never be far from me

I did not forget Fuzzy Bacon
Far too long her has been gone
But he still misses his Mom
He hopes his siblings keep her calm

Together running and playing are the Malatesta Six
Taken from this Earth by someone quit sick
Brandon came up to me and said “Quick
let’s go down, see me Mommy, and give her a big lick”

I did not know him on Earth but it is wonderful to meet Hershey
To meet him there is not anything I would not pay
He wanted to make sure there was one thing I did say
When his Mom is sleeping at night Hershey sleeps down and does lay

Here are Chelsea and Ashton’s family Samantha and Ashley
Who run around and play with glee
They are so happy to be pain free
I love when they play with me

From England come my friend Lucy
She loves to chase after the goosey
Sometimes she spends all night getting boozy
When I spend the night with her I get woozy

Another pup I had not met as Fred
He used to love to sleep with his Mom in bed
He told me that he wanted it said’
That if he could it would be his Mom he would wed

But I could never forget Kenya
So smart he is in the Bridge Mensa
But he is so nice when I say something wrong he never says “told ya”
Even after all these years, for him his Mom is gaga

Plus there is a Bear named Honey
Right now she is chasing a bunny
I love barking at her, so funny
She is still loved by her Mommy

So sweet and peaceful did I find Cooper
He isn’t angry, he is doing super
He is sorry he put Mom in such a stupor
His love for her is super dooper  

Here is Paco’s brother Snoopy
Who’s heart is never droopy
We like to party and go whoop to dee
Every days with him is a party

Sitting up in the tree is kitty Oreo
She jumps branch to branch singing “oh boy here we go”
She says there’s one thing for Mom to know
She still loves putting on a show

I have been told I am needed in the courtroom
I hope hearing from your Angels sent you over the moon
If I forgot someone, let me know, and I will rhyme of them soon
Thanks for reading, I hope I sang in tune

Wordless Wednesday