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Monday Question

    Do you like to ride in the car?  Do you stick your head out the window?


    Every village at the Bridge has a school. It is attended by pre-born puppies who need to learn what scientists call “instinct.” A group of the most learned dog professors teaches the pre-borns, led by Dean Apollo. Angels can train for as long as they want, and recently three of Apollo’s most tenured professors resigned. He needed someone he trusted and was an educator on the mortal side. There was only one dog. But, it would break their mother’s heart.       She is a beautiful, rescuing soul who has taken in and found homes for countless pups. Napa and Bishop run a school for dogs who know nothing about inside house life or being a pet, and within weeks, they are calm, sweet, house-trained, and most of all adoptable.       With nowhere else to turn and the threat of dogs being born without instincts soon to be realized, Apollo flew down and told Napa that he was being drafted to the Bridge to teach at the school. Napa told his beloved brother that he never turned down a m

A Yorkie Reunion at the Bridge.

  I belong to the most exclusive group at Rainbow Bridge:  The Yorkie angel club. When we add a new member, it is bittersweet.  The more Yorkies, the merrier, but it also means a parent has lost a beloved dog.     The biggest pack we have in our club is the M&M kids.  They are a threesome composed of Mail-Bear, Meeka, and Missy-Diva.  This week we were joined by their brother Monty.       Monty was the last mortal member of the M&M pack.  He was his mom’s constant, helping her through the tragedies of losing three other Yorkies, as well as the passing of her husband.  Monty borrowed and begged for heartbeats and refused to show any sign of illness, but it is impossible to hide things from a mom, who knews her little one’s quality of life was suffering.  Monty’s mom let him join his siblings and dad.       Dogs hate leaving their parents but are delighted to be reunited with one they lost.  When he cro

Foley's Faith in the Human Race is Restored

  I am distraught about the dogs being returned as people go back to work after the pandemic.  When COVID began, and humans emptied the shelters, I thought the dogs found their forever home.  Unfortunately, humans lived down to my expectations.  The dogs would stay loyal to their parents even if they were gone most of the day, but the parents did not return the love.  To buoy my spirits, I searched for a story that would show dogs are always loyal and that humans are worthy of us.  I found one in Palm Coast, Florida.      The story begins in the saddest possible circumstances.  Dan, an Army veteran, lost his home and spent his day panhandling at exit 289 with his dog Belle, who sat in a wagon.  Dan held a sign saying he was a veteran and wearing an army cap.      I was very proud that Belle stayed with her dad despite losing their home.  Dogs never abandon their parents. I wish I could say the same of the latter.   That is when they drew the attention of a man named August. A fell

Wordless Wednesday


Beat This Caption

    Don't leave me darling, I swear I will never miss the litter box again.

Monday Question

  We know the scientific answer to this question, but we want your personal answer.  Why do you sniff butts?

Angels Foley and Mollie Save Tom Cat From the Bad Kitties

  Mollie was not the first friend that I lost to the Bridge, but she was the youngest. It seemed like she got diagnosed with IMHF and was gone within a week. That is how it goes with that horrible disease. One day she was lying in her sunroom, her favorite spot, and the next, she was at the Bridge. Her crossing over was when I began to understand how unfair mortal life can be.  When I went to the Bridge, Mollie was the first of my friends to greet me. She helped me adjust to the immortal world. I promised her whenever she needed help; I would be first in line to offer it.  This week, when Mollie said she needed assistance, I could not refuse. Tom Cat, her mortal kitty brother, was missing. Mollie couldn’t count on the cat angels to find him. They tended an investigation to stop and lick themselves or lay in the sun. They did not have the necessary attention span.  The good news was that when we flew to the woods near Mollie’s house, we found Tom amidst a pack of ferals. The bad new

Harness Failures

  I always loved my harnesses.  They were comfortable and made sure if I trusted my instincts and ran after something I saw on a walk, I would only be able to advance six feet.  It did so without aggravating my trachea.  Plus, I rocked them.  When I visit Mom as a ghost, I check my statue to see the last harness I wore, which is now on my doppelganger. It almost looks as good as it did on me. It was never a problem finding a harness for me.  I have the perfect body.  But, it is a challenge to locate them for my sisters.  The Gods cursed them with freaky bodies: River has a tiny head and a big chest, while Pocket has a small head and an even more petite body.  All her clothes are Pocket-sized which means they are small enough to be smuggled into an average person’s pocket.  This week my parents undertook the task of finding new harnesses for them.  I don’t know what was wrong with the old ones.  Mommy said they were old and f

Casey is Tracked Across the Bridge and Back

  You humans know nothing about the next world.  Sometimes you do get close.  One way is how you dress up corpses for a funeral like they will be wearing that outfit when they cross the Bridge.  They do wear clothes, but it is what they wore when they passed.  It is for the best.   No one wants many naked humans walking around, mainly because, at the time of passing over, humans look they're worse.       Clothes are not the only item that comes with the new angel.  If they are wearing jewelry, it comes with them too.  It is true with dogs as well.  All collars, harnesses, or outfits transfer to the new world too.      Casey spent his time on the mortal side hiking through the woods, hills, and valleys surrounding his home.  The yellow labrador was a terrific sporting dog and loved every minute of life.  If the cosmos were fair, he would have got 30 years to be with his dad.  But, it was only 12 when he got cancer and h

Wordless Wednesday


Beat This Caption

  Adam didn't care about getting thrown out of the Garden of Eden, he had enough of fruit, nuts, and berries, so he chased off the snake, and happily ate the apple .

Monday Question

  On a scale of one to ten, how stubborn are you?…

The Min Pin Gang Meets a Minnie

  Even before Mouse went to the Bridge, the Min Pin gang knew their mom was a person who would not be happy unless she was living with a dog.  They had a secret that they didn’t share with Mouse during dream visits.  Before her passing, they began interviewing homeless dogs who could repair their mom’s, broken heart.     Mouse was his mom’s heart dog and knew her better than her siblings, so she immediately called a family meeting when she crossed the Bridge.  She told them that they needed to start interviewing homeless dogs.  Her siblings grew uncomfortably quiet, and Mouse inquired why. “We’ve already been looking,” Cricket Anne said.       “You were interviewing my replacement before I was ready to depart?” Mouse asked indignantly.       “We couldn’t wait,” Teenie explained. “Every day that mom lives without a dog will be harder for her.  But, we decided to give you the right of final approval.”  Scooter showed her t

Foley Tries to get River to be the Busch Beer Spokedog

  When I was mortal, I was always looking for an angle.  I was interested in anything that brought me fame and fortune.  My sisters don’t have the same lust for life. It is up to me to infuse it in them.       When the mortal world became too hard for me, I used to sneak out of the house and go to the local bar for a Foleytini.  Some nights I drank so much I crawled home.  I offered to be the bar mascot but was rejected.  Now, a major brewer is in search of one.      Since I am unable to oblige, I had to find a substitute.  Pocket was out: Every time she drinks, she pees, which isn’t on-brand. That left River.  She has a great look for an alcohol spokesperson: Someone who is angry that her martini did not come with extra olives.       River is a teetotaler:  Of course, she never had my responsibilities or stress level.  I appeared to her in a dream and said I had nominated her to be the Chief Tasting Officer for Busch Beer.   River was thrilled until she learned it was a beverage a

Boris Weighs Helping his Dad Propose to a new mom

  A dog who lives with a young, single person knows that one day they won’t be an only pup living with an only human; because another human will become more important than them. Then the couple will have children while the pup is pushed further down the affection ladder.  Of course, all those people will love the dog too, but we never think that far down the road.       Five-month-old Cockerpoo Boris knew his dad had a girlfriend and that she made him happy.  Boris pledged to make sure his dad was content every day; he was extra cute, so the girlfriend loved him.  He did not want to be the reason she stopped coming round.       Because of the pandemic, Boris attended a virtual class at the Dogs Trust Dog School.  He learned all the basic commands, such as sitting and staying, but there was one special mission his dad asked them to teach Boris.  His owner, Matthew, wanted Boris to help him propose to his is girlfriend Keel

Wordless Wednesday


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Charles Nelson Reilly arriving for the Match Game in style

Monday Question

  What is the most amusing thing you do?

Duchess and the Mother's Day Miracle by Foley Monster

  We pets take Mother’s Day very seriously.  It is a problem for us.  We are devoted to our moms.  We love them with all our hearts, we can’t give more.  So we try to be extra good on Mother’s Day.  Unfortunately, if moms are lucky, they get visitors on, and we are never at our best when there are guests.  So, we try to give the only gift we can, by being there.     Duchess had been battling cancer for months.  Every morning she woke up, hoping to make it to the end of the day, and by managing heartbeats and ignoring pain, she did.  She rarely looked beyond today, but Duchess did hope to reach Mother’s Day.  It would be impossible for her mom to have a happy day, having just lost Duchess or another part of her pack.     Duchess took sick in February and was diagnosed with cancer.  Her mom refused to surrender the pup without giving her every opportunity at life.  Her surgery was risky, but she would only have days without it.  Duchess was a survivor and would not lis

Foley Says Cricket Food Should Be Left to the Lizards

When I visit the mortal side, I like to stop at the pet store, to see the new fashions, offer representation to the jailed birds who are facing an uncertain future fearing they will be sold like chattel, and to check out current developments in the dog food market.     When I was born, there were four foods for dogs:  Alpo; Alpo and Cheese; Alpo Alpo Alpo Whole Grains and Alpo; and Alpo Grain Free Free.  By the time I went to the Bridge, a dog food boon had occurred . Hundreds of companies began making kibble with spurious claims.   They advertised that their protein comes from fish and animals who lived in the lap of luxury until they voluntarily gave up their lives to provide sustenance for dogs, and would, in the words of Mr. Waits:   “it mows your lawn It picks up the kids from school It gets rid of unwanted facial hair It gets rid of embarrassing age spots It delivers the pizza And it lengthens And it strengthens And it finds that slipper that’s en-lodged under the Chaise loun