Sunday, January 30, 2022

Foley Meets Clifford the Big Red Dog


Anything that is loved on the mortal side comes to the Bridge (and a few unloved things like squirrels; it's not a perfect system), so yes, that means that you are destined to be, in the next life, followed about by a squeaky non-Koala and a neurotic gorilla, but likely they are small; unlike the loved stuffy that showed up on my steps today.

I know you are familiar with Clifford the Big Red Dog. He is a popular stuffie, and the Bridge is lousy with them. But some fool ordered a specially built stuffed Clifford that was eight feet tall for his daughter, who loved it, and she kept it her entire life; when she went to the Bridge, so did giant Clifford.

The issue, which soon became my problem, is that this eight-foot-high Clifford thinks he is an actual dog but was not accepted as such by my brethren, and as all dogs do, both real and imagined, he came to me for advice.

He was standing on the steps, and when he saw me, he wagged his tail, knocking down one of my trees. He tried to come in without an invitation and got his head stuck in the door. I immediately identified his problem: The big klutz was destructive.

I told Clifford I understood his exuberance for life, having been stuck in stuffie from his mortal life, and finally being real, and that is cute with little ones, but it is a drawback when one is elephant size. Regardless, I decided to take him to a dog park.

I stressed to Clifford that he had to temper his wilder impulses. Walk, don't run; sniff, don't bite, and no matter what, don't poop, was the advice of the day.

At first, the other dogs shied away from him because he was forty times their size. I told him to use that to his advantage by giving the other dogs rides and tossing them in the air, which went swimmingly, even when he launched a beagle over the fence. It came back laughing.

Even when he flooded the playground with pee, no dog complained, and some of the less inhibited dove into it like a Slip'n'Slide. Not my cup of urine.

Then, his mom called, and I couldn't stop his wagging tail, but instead of it being destructive, the other dogs held on to it like they were riding a Tilt-a-Whirl. I told Clifford he was lucky, not because the other dogs accepted him, but that he had someone he loved to call him home at the end of the day. And that was all that mattered.

Before Clifford left, he licked me, causing me to need a shower, and his clumsy paw stepped on me. But I didn't mind. He was trying not to be a big clumsy oaf, and sometimes what you want to be is more important than who you are.

Friday, January 28, 2022

Nature Friday

 As the snow falls, and the wind howls we think back and ahead to our once and future gardens. 

Thursday, January 27, 2022

Thankful Thursday



I am joining the Thankful Thursday Blog Hop to say what I am thankful for, which is that we have had very little snow this year. I need to say that now because I heard that we are going to get a "bomb cyclone" on Saturday. I don't know what that is; it sounds like the finishing maneuver a fat wrestler would use. Regardless, it does sound like several Pocket's of snow (even with my little sister gone, we measure snow by how many of her could stand on top of one another before they broke through the snow.  

It is important to give thanks when you can. Next week I may give thanks; we finally got back on our feet after the storm. There is always something that goes wrong, but there is always something that goes right.

Wednesday, January 26, 2022

Tori and Mourning the Survivor

"The Survivors are Lucky to Be Alive;" that's how the headlines read after a catastrophe. The truth is the survivors are rarely the lucky ones.


Out dear friend Sweet Momma Dee has lost her husband Ward and three dogs, Sabrina, AJ, and yesterday Tori, in the space of a few years. While the dogs live with their dad now, having been reunited at the Bridge, none of them think of Momma Dee as lucky. Surviving can be the hardest thing. 


Tori had shown signs of slowing down lately, and she had a tumor on her chest. When she refused the dark angels' summons to come to the Bridge, they opened the tumor, causing her to bleed, and her mom made the hardest and most unselfish decision to end her suffering and send Toto to the Bridge.


For Ward, while he misses his wife, the Bridge has been a place of constant reunions: First with the part of himself he thought was gone forever when dementia turned his last year's into a nightmare, and then those who preceded him to the Bridge, both two and four-legged, and finally AJ, who arrived in the immortal world after Ward did.  


Tori had worked hard to stay with her mom and would have remained miserable to continue at her side. She trained her adopted sister, Dallas, to please their mom, and she will do an admirable job. However, Tori reluctantly crossed the Bridge until she saw the dogs who preceded her and her handsome father, strong and vital again, and then she ran to him.


For the second time in a week, I was privileged to witness a blessed father and dog reunion, with little pups nipping at their heels. Their hug seemed to last forever, and then, once it was over, the family knew they had work to do. 


The previous angels visited their mom nightly, although she did not remember their visits. With Toni's irresistible personality added to the angel corps; now they hoped their mom would recall the dream date. Also, since she moved to Florida, visiting her as a flying creature will be easier than it was during past Januarys in frigid Kentucky.  


When a soul becomes an angel, people left behind mourn them, but here, we mourn the survivors, especially the precious seniors, who see loved ones, pets, and friends depart, until longevity becomes as much of a curse as a blessing.


But, they are left behind for a reason. The wicked mortal world needs kind, sweet, selfless people like them. Much as we are called when we have done all we can for our parents, they are on Earth until they have given the last drop of devotion and then are blessed with their heavenly reward.


And, while they are waiting, they have mighty angels who love her and will help her fulfill her duties and make the mean world a little kinder.  


Tuesday, January 25, 2022

Monday, January 24, 2022

Monday Question


Sorry, but this is just for dogs unless you are a cat who walks on a leash

What is your walking style?

Do you pull hard on the leash?

Do you zig zag and pull your parents into a tree?

Are you a sniffer?

Do you walk perfectly and don't pull on the leash?

Do you do something else?

Let us know

Do I Need a Dog Walker? How to Find & Choose One

Sunday, January 23, 2022

Reunion at Bernie's


One of the biggest fears seniors fret over is what happens to their beloved pets when they pass. The worry that the dog will end up unloved in a shelter is more consuming than concern for their own health. A girl named Bernie was fortunate that her Dad had raised one of the great pet moms in the world.

Two years ago, Bernie was struck by a catastrophic double shot. First, her mom became ill and had to go into assisted living. Then while living with our friend Momma Kim, her Dad suddenly took sick and passed away. But the Dad had prepared for the day, leaving Bernie To his daughter. Bernie was crushed that she had lost her Dad, but familiar surroundings made the transition easier.

Her father's passing left Momma Kim heartbroken, but she had a mourning Bernie to care for and provide company for her misery. On the immortal side, her Dad missed Bernie, but he had Momma Kim's angel, the legendary Clint, to keep him company, go for long walks, play catch, and look over their people and pets.

Dogs remember their dreams, being more open to magic than humans, so Bernie recalled his Dad's visits, and while he yearned to be reunited with him, the little dog had a duty to take care of Momma Kim, and Bernie was happy to stay with her and her furry sibling Glory.

When the dark angels who summon dogs to the Bridge came for Bernie, they did it with the same ferocity they pursued me. We were both struck with lung cancer, which was too far along to be battled, and, like me, within days of the diagnosis, she shrugged off the mortal coil to become immortal.

Bernie's Dad appeared in her dreams and told her it was time for them to be reunited. The father knew his daughter would be doubly heartbroken because she was losing a dog she loved dearly and the last connection to her Dad, but he knew he had given Kim the strength to overcome diversity. If she needed help, Bernie was joining her angels, making them the most potent at the Bridge.

While Momma Kim packed for Bernie and sent him for his final trip, we gathered at Hobo's Landing excitedly, waiting to see our favorite sight. As much as we were sorrowful that our dear friend Momma Kim had to say goodbye to her merry-faced little pup, we anxiously awaited a parent, child reunion, the most glorious pet greeting there is at the Bridge.

It did not disappoint. When Bernie appeared, her Dad ran to his heart dog with open arms while Bernie romped to him, having discarded all the pain that had brought her to the Bridge. When they were within four feet of one another, Bernie leaped into her Dad's arms. He caught her as he fell to his knees, feeling the sweet licks from Bernie, something ha had been longing to experience again, and tears, this time of joy, fell on the green grass.

They began to run together, like a puppy and her boy, through trees and meadows; the sound of their laughter was like church bells after a hard rain. There were plenty of tears of sadness that rained down on us from the mortal sides, but tears of joy outweighed them.

I am sorry that Bennie's passing brought sorrow, but here at the Bridge, it was a glorious day. I wish you could have seen it, and I am sure someday you will when you have your reunions, and I will be privileged to bear witness to the unmitigated joy.


Friday, January 21, 2022

Foley Flies a Drone to Save Milly




We dogs have never liked drones; they seemed like silly wastes of time which people occupied themselves when instead of giving us attention. But, a dog named Millie found out how essential they are to our survival.  

    She was walking with her mom in Hampshire, southern England. When something caught her attention, she managed to slip her leash and head to the beach as the tide slowly began to come onshore. Her mom could not find her, and, since they were in a desolate wetland, hunting for her was dangerous, and then she had an unconventional idea.  

     Because there was so much open space where she lived, people formed the Denmand Drone Search and Rescue. She contacted them and explained her situation. Soon they had a drone in the air searching for Millie.  

     Millie realized she was stuck, and she prayed to me for help. I flew down and immediately knew the trouble the little dog had placed herself. I flew up higher to try and plot a way out of the predicament when a drone almost hit me.  

I noticed it was going in the wrong direction. I can’t move objects when I am a ghost, but those in flight are fair game. I hopped on the drone and guided it to Millie. Once she was seen, the rescue sent out people on foot, in kayaks, and even the coast guard to save one little dog. Unfortunately, all the commotion scared Millie and despite me urging her to stay, she alluded to keeping. When night fell, I knew I would be with her all night. 

I tried to think of how I could get Millie to trust the humans and free herself from this difficult predicament. Millie told me she was hungry, which inspired me to produce one of my most creative ideas. 

I went into the dreams of the head of the rescue, and his subconscious immediately dismissed my suggested idea as ridiculous. Still, I persisted, and by the time he woke up and recovered the memory of my suggestion, he decided to try it because nothing else was working. 

     The man grilled some sausage then used a fish hook to connect it to the bottom of the drone. When it took flight, I gained control and flew it close enough to Millie that she could smell the sausage. Since the beginning of time, no dog can refuse a floating link. Millie began to give chase, and I guided the drone alto get out of the waterways to where her mom awaited a joyful reunion. 

I could have stayed for the celebration, but I had pending business. I stole the drone.” I flew to the Bridge and gave all my friends rides until the batteries ran out. 

I wasn’t stealing just a perk of being an Angel with the best save the record.


Thursday, January 20, 2022

Rascal to the Bridge and Back


The bond that we pets share with our parents is so strong it can be frightening because someday, much too soon, it will end.   When a loved one passes over, it is much harder on the survivor. The departed are distracted by old friends and new experiences at the Bridge, but the humans are left at home, where everything reminds them of their loss.  


In many ways, the departure of a beloved pet is the worse loss a person will experience because we are their constants; at home when they leave, greet them when they arrive, sit with them, and, unlike children or parents, we are always home. If a pet parent lives alone, with a single animal, the loss detonates their heart and pushes it into a black hole, and it seems impossible ever to recover it.


That is why my heart sank to my toes when I saw my friend Rascal's name on the list of dogs I needed to swear into the Bridge. I knew her mom had surrendered her heart to the beloved dog she nicknamed Rigatoni. She posted about her cute little pup almost daily, sharing their life with a grateful audience.


There is an element of Shakespearean tragedy in the relationship between dogs and humans. It is brave of them to love something they will outlive and inevitably lead to unbearable heartaches, like what Momma Lori is going through now.


The bond is felt equally as strongly by the dog, which is why Rascal, at first, refused to cross the Bridge, hoping, despite how he had pushed her body beyond its limits, to return to her mother's side. The only angel who could coax him across was Droopy, another of her mom's dogs who preceded Rascal to the Bridge.


Rascal was distracted while I swore her in. She kept looking over her shoulder for her mom. I knew her transition was going to be difficult. Rascal wanted nothing at the Bridge; She yearned to be back with her mom. Instead of a massive dinner for Rascal, who was not interested in eating, Droopy and I brought her to my chambers and presented Rascal with a seldom-used option.


We explained to Rascal how he could become a ghost and be with her until her mom passed to the Bridge, even though she couldn't see him, except if the light was right and she squinted out of the corner of her eye or heard an unexplained thump in the night. It would be a lonely existence since she would see no other angels, but all Rascal wants is to be with her mom. And all her mom wanted was her, and ther was the best we could do.


Once he gets her mom to sleep, such an allusive goal when a broken heart is involved, Rascal will search for a new dog for her mom. She knows her mom will balk at again going through the hell she is feeling now and that nothing could compete with the love Rascal's mom felt for her, but she is in the top one percent of dog moms, and somewhere a magical little dog is waiting for her to be her mom, and start the process again.   Good moms do it for the dogs, who they treat like royalty, and experience the joy they bring as they try to put off the inevitable sorrow.


I can't put a positive spin on Rascal's passing, but I ask her mom to remembers he will always be there, are to listen for those unexplained sounds or times she sees Rascal when she couldn't possibly be there and know she is still with her and will be forever, so she never walks alone.

Sunday, January 16, 2022

Bingo at the Bridge


I made a new friend today. Unfortunately, it was the day he passed from his beloved mom to the immortal side. Being at the Bridge means you make friends with someone on the worst day of their lives. But that is when the best friendships are forged. 


Bingo had never been taught about the Bridge, and when he arrived, I gave him a quick course on immortal life. I explained how when he took his last breath, his soul slipped from his body, floated through the air, and landed in the nearest body of water. All waterways are connected, and he was soon in the River of Life, then he came ashore near the brightly colored Rainbow Bridge. Thankfully he listened to his instincts and crossed. If he had not, he would have been a spirit for the rest of his time, never getting to enjoy the immortal world fully. 


I administered to him the angel oath and then introduced him to his mom's pets, who preceded him to the Bridge and the friends he made both online and in life. I could tell the precious Shih Tzu was becoming overwhelmed, and the greeting ceased when a black cloud filled with the tears shed over bingo passing began to fall on us all. It was like a monsoon hit us. 


Bingo saw us gathering tears and asked why, and I told him we could tell which ones belonged to our parents. We water the gardens with the tears, and they flourish. 

I saw Bingo saddened when I mentioned my parents. I asked him if he was missing his mom, and he said yes as a tear fell onto his black fur. I informed Bingo he could visit his moms in her dreams or as a ghost or even, weather permitting, a bird or a butterfly. When he asked if his mom would remember his visit, I told him probably not because people have been programmed to disregard anything magical around them. But they're getting better. 

Bingo asked if I could teach him how to visit his mom, and I told him someone else would do it. Bingo heard a familiar whistle and his head whipped around. The whistler was his dad Tom who Bingo had not seen since he went to the Bridge. With tail wagging and barking in joy, Bingo, we ran to his dad and jumped in his arms.   


One of the true privileges of my duty is to see parents and pup reunions. This was one of the best. All the love they had lost when his dad departed came back to them like a shot of adrenaline, and they played with one another until the sun went down. 

I hope Bingo's mom's heart is whole, knowing that Bingo is with his dad again. Being a survivor seems like a blessing, but it takes a toll on the heart. Hopefully, her loving and devoted angels can ease her pain. 

Friday, January 14, 2022

Brave Tinsley Saves His Dad



Tinsley with her owner, Cam Laundry, who survived a crash after Tinsley led rescuers to the crash site. 


I was sleeping when my emergency prayer beacon sounded. This is the one I use when dogs pray to me directly. My reputation as a miracle worker has spread among mortal dogs, and I am the first angel many turns to when in dire straits. While I love to help, being on call all the time is tiring.
    The dog summoning me was Tinsley, a Shiloh Shepherd, who had been riding with his human on Interstate 91 in New Hampshire when his dad institutionally swerved as a deer crossed in front of him. His pickup truck rolled down an embankment near the New Hampshire-Vermont border, injuring himself and the passenger.  
    Tinsley's dad and a friend were in the front seats; both knocked unconscious and trapped. Tinsley was launched out a side window and was currently mid-air praying for help. I had to fly faster than I ever had, to reach Tinsely before hitting a tree, guide him around it, and then safely on the ground.
    Tinsley ran back to the truck, barking in an attempt to raise the humans. I told him to stop. We had to find help. I asked him his father's name and was told "Cam Laundry." I explained I didn't want to know where he worked, but his name. It took several exchanges before I realized Tinsley's grandparents named their son after a store on the corner when they washed their delicates.
    I told Tinsley I would fly ahead and find help. I noticed a police cruiser a half-mile away, then flew back to Tinsely and had him run after me until we came to the cops. Tinsley barked enough to coax the police to follow him and led them to the crash. They called for an ambulance, which was soon there. They took the injured duo to the hospital, where doctors treated them, and the dad was released. While their injuries were not severe, they had been trapped in the car and were in danger of freezing if Tinsley had not acted quickly.
    The first thing Laundry did, when he awoke in the hospital, was ask about his dog, and he was thrilled to find out his beloved pup was alive and stunned that Tinsley was the one who rescued him.
    When Laundrie got home, Tinsely got hundreds of hugs and snuggles, which is all a dog wants, and my reputation as a hero angel grew.

Thursday, January 13, 2022

It became a Lucky day at the Bridge.


Everything expires on the mortal side, even Luck.


This week it ran out for one of the most fortunate and best-loved dogs I know, Mama Julie's dear heartmate, the beautiful Lucky, who lived up to his name, by making his mom feel like the luckiest lady in the world that she had been blessed with him in her life.


Cancer is like a killer in a horror film. It sneaks up on you, and the disease quickly moves when it decides to attack. I did not last a day when they diagnosed me, and Lucky had less than a week. Please don't think he lost the battle; Lucky took the disease with him when he departed for the Bridge, and before the pup crossed it, he smashed the dreaded disease to bits on the rocks.


After he had an episode, a kindly vet, who makes house calls, a vital and lost aspect of veterinary work, came to Lucky's home. When I got sick and was placed on oxygen, my parents hoped I had pneumonia. Lucky's mom and dad knew their precious boy was very sick and wished it was a blood disorder, but like mine, they were dissuaded from that hope by the doctors, who announced the cancer diagnosis.  


Lucky signaled to his parents that he didn't want to go. Before the vet visit, Lucky prayed for more heartbeats. Because he is such a good boy and had lived an exemplary life, we presented him with more of them, so he had more time with his parents, even though it wouldn't be enough. A whole life is not long enough when you are cherished.  


The new heartbeats were like a shot of adrenaline for Lucky. His vitals normalized, and he seemed to have his lovable spunk. We were all hoping the rally would last weeks, but heartbeats were not enough, and the rest of Lucky's body was failing. He passed over less than a week after his diagnosis.  


His parents knew that Lucky's song was ending, and they surrounded him with love, so he could take it with him when he passed over. He peacefully took his last breath and heard the sobs of his parents as his soul lifted from his body, floated to the nearest waterway until he came to the River of Life, where he landed and crossed over. He met all his family who preceded him and friends he lost and then sat and watched the tears of all who loved him fall from the dark clouds that followed him.  


After his welcoming dinner, he said he was going to be busy. He will spend a lot of time trying to comfort his parents in their dreams, ghost visit, and hopefully find a small creature who isn't afraid of winter and willing to loan him a body to appear and remind his parents of his devotion to them. 


But, he also had a surprising duty. "I have to build a garage," he said. That is when we realized that one of the social network world's most revered dogs would soon be arriving. We all pitched in to help to make sure it would be the best garage anyone has seen at the Bridge.

Wednesday, January 12, 2022

Sophie Joins Her Pack at Rainbow Bridge


It's a wonder that people ever get dogs since the parting is heartbreaking. Life is a zero-sum game, and all the love you feel for something turns to pain after its departure. Is it truly better to have loved and lost than to have never loved at all? At least you live life on an even feel when you don't have pets. But what is life without unevenness?


Dogs are people's constants; they are always in the house, making it a home. They are also confidants, caretakers, keepers of secrets, and strength providers. I made friends with Capone more than a decade ago. His mom was going through a terrible time, and the only way she made it through the darkness was Capone leading her. It nearly destroyed Mama Terri when Capone crossed over while lying on the kitchen floor where he sat while his mom cooked. Now an angel, Capone knew his mom needed a new dog, and his dad agreed, but Mama Terrie, never wanting to go through that heartache again, balked.  


Capone told his dad, in his dreams, that he should go to the shelter and see a dog named Pika, and once there, call Mama Terrie, and hopefully, upon seeing the pup, she would be open to adoption. But, Capone had a plan his father was unaware of; he had found a second senior dog, whom they would send to the Bridge if she did not get a new home.  


Capone dream visited a woman named Debbie, who managed the shelter and subconsciously agreed to do his bidding. Terrie's husband, who saw Pika on the internet, fell in love with him on his first visit to the shelter, then persuaded Terrie to come and see the dog, knowing one look in Pika's eyes would be enough for her to adopt the dog. This is precisely what happened, and then Debbie brought the couple to Sophie, an overweight senior who had little chance of adoption and with whom they immediately fell in love. Soon both dogs were living with them and rebuilding her heart.  


The family had created a loving pack with Pika, Sophie, Lucy, Frodo, and Mick. One by one, they went to the Bridge, each one tearing the rebuilt heart apart, until this week, when Sophie joined them, shattering their parents' hearts.


When Sophie passed over, there was a large celebration as the five other dogs in her pack and Capone were there to greet her. Then they went to work. They would have to convince their mom to rebuild her heart by love and be shattered again. It is a problematic contrast. Dog parents are like Rocky Balboa, continually being knocked down and told to stay there, so the suffering world stops. But, they stand and retake a beating, again and again, knowing they are one punch, one dog, away from having their heart fulfilled. 


Hopefully, Capone, Lucy, and the pack can convince her to find love, which will again rebuild her heart. There are a million Lucy's waiting to be adopted into a good home, hoping a mother like Terri will walk in the door.


It will just take time and the good works of loving angels.


Because in the end, it is much better to have loved and lost than never to have loved before. 

Monday, January 10, 2022

Monday Question


Are you a velcro pet and need to be with your parents all the time, and follow them around, or are you independent and want them to come to you?…

What is a Velcro Dog — Signs and Solutions To a Velcro Dog

Sunday, January 9, 2022

Kiwi Comes to Rainbow Bridge

Social media was a kinder place in the last few years of the new millennium's first decade. That was when I learned of a site for dogs to bark with one another, and I begged my parents to join. I made lifelong friends there, but the problem is that our lives are far too short. 


The angels have re-created that world on the immortal side of life. When humans pass over, they imagine a life with their dogs without end. While Facebook shattered many dog groups with its mass appeal, no one wants to pass over to a land called Facebook. There is too much poking. 


Recently a well-meaning parent asked how many of our original friends were mortal. I hated that question, and anyone still surviving would be close to 15 or older. Such questions awaken the dark angels who are always on the hunt for those overdue to the Bridge. The comment reached the leadership of the evil angels who insisted all the remaining dogs had lived too long and demanded one be brought to their true forever home. 


Unfortunately, the one they claimed was my western Canadian friend Kiwi. She is a little Shih Tzu ball of cuteness who delighted her mom for years, and then when the dark angels claimed her for the Bridge, it broke it with equal force. It's figured it was a Shih Tzu built for adorable but not for battle. 


Kiwi's sister Tiny who preceded her to the Bridge, stood next to me when I swore Kiwi in as an angel. The welcoming committee had planned a dinner for our new friend, but Tiny said it could wait until night. They had an urgent business that needed their immediate attention. 


Kiwi was given her detachable wings and unsteadily flew after her sister towards our industrial center. They landed outside a building, entered, and then went to the corner office, where they found Hattie Mae surrounded by swatches, sewing machines, and paper. She looked up at Kiwi and said she was delighted to see her. 


"My sister is here to help," Tiny stated. 


"Excellent," a relieved Hatte said. "I have a backlog of orders, and I know with help you'll have them completed by dinner time."


When they left the office, a confused Kiwi asked what was happening. "Our mom is a fashionista, and to honor her, I went to work at Hattie's fashion house. I do the winter wardrobe and Lily the summer. It has been such a cold winter that the humans under our influence need more supplies. Now that you are here, we can fill them.


"How is that honoring our mom?" Kiwi asked.


"When she sees a dog in a new jacket, she will know we designed it, and it is our way of saying we love her." They entered a work area even more chaotic than Hattie's and got to work. 


With Kiwi's help, they got all the orders completed by supper time, and then they went to her welcome dinner, where we celebrated her life and arrival. Then Kiwi and Tiny flew into their mom's dreams to show off their creations which she loved.  


It is doubtful she remembered her dreams but recalling that each time she sees a dog in a jacket, it means her angels send their love and will never forget her. 

Friday, January 7, 2022

The DaWeenies are Reunitied at Rainbow Bridge


May be an image of dog

Sixteen years is a long time to have a dog, never mind a pair, but Max and Amber were together, beginning when they were born on January 27, 2004, until the day that Amber went to the Bridge in January of 2020, for 16 years.

They had become like an old married couple, more than siblings, the kind that would finish each other's woofs. Collectively they were known as the DaWeenies of Florida. Their momma Linda chronicled their life together in a blog by that name.

The three were devoted to one another, and their bond grew deeper each year. It seemed like nothing could part them, and there was only one thing that could: Time, which ends at our doorstep on Rainbow Bridge.

When Amber arrived two years, the ground at the Blogville section of Rainbow Bridge quaked the way it does when something big is uprooted and replanted elsewhere. The clouds rolled in, loaded with tears of those left behind who were mourning the tiny giant's passing. They cleaned and refreshed the land because pure hearts had shed them,

After Amber's crossing over, Max and his mom helped one another recover. Their spirits vacillated between feeling great love for one another and sorrow when they thought of Amber. The two ideas were like balloons floating in a small box. Sometimes the despair was on top, and sometimes the love was, but neither was dominant for long.

Amber did all she could to keep Max with his mom from that day forward. They both begged and borrowed extra heartbeats. Amber battled the dark angels who claim souls for the immortal side to a draw. But time is the one thing you can neither avoid nor ignore, and eventually, despite all the love in the world and the efforts of devoted angels, it was Max's time.

I have witnessed hundreds of dog reunions, but the one between Max and Amber topped them all. They laughed, smiled, ran like puppies, snuggled like seniors, barked, rolled on the grass, and howled in joy, all in a few minutes. Their joy balloon flew far higher than the sorrow one, at least for a few moments. Still, they knew the only balloon their mom had in her box was popped by heartache, and she needed her angels, both new and experienced, working together to fill her up with hope, happiness, acceptance, and love.

It may be Amber's most challenging task, but now that Max is helping her, I see their mom will soon be able to emerge from the twisted woods where despair rules and move into the light.

Thursday, January 6, 2022

Thankful Thursday

 It is the Thankful Thursday blog hop hosted by Brian. Once a week, I like to give thanks for something good that has happened, and it is better than saying I am sorry.

My parents, who are usually holiday orphans, went to Mommy's brother at Christmas, and they were very thankful to do so.

 Everyone attending was vaccinated and took a test that day to ensure they were COVID-free. Well, in the worst luck, someone got exposed to COVID before it could show up on a test. There were ten people there, and by Saturday, five had COVID.
My parents wanted to take a test, but none were available, and the wait at testing sites was more than a week.

Thankfully, Mommy's brother had two tests. On Sunday, my parents drove to his house and picked them up, then got home and took the tests. Thankfully there was only one line, and they were negative.

They were most worried about their granddaughters, who they saw between Christmas and the tests.  
They are happy they were negative and can continue with their lives. Another crisis averted, at least for now.

Tuesday, January 4, 2022

Sunday, January 2, 2022

Matilda Waltzes Into a New Life


\ Teddy Bond, world-famous angel-secret angel, who prefers the water in his bowl to be shaken, not stirred, is always prepared, which has brought him great success in his chosen field.

He was the first to know his sister Gracie was coming to the Bridge, and on her crossing day, he had her room decorated precisely how she wanted.  There was one other matter Teddy had been planning, finding a new dog for his mom.

He had met Matilda, an adorable puppy when she was in pre-birth classes.  Out of the hundreds of dogs that were preparing to be born, she was the one he knew would help rebuild his mommy's heart after Gracie passed over.

It would have been easy for Tommy to go into his mom's dreams and tell her where to find Matilda as he did with Gracie.   But, it would help Gracie if she thought she was the one who found the new pup.  The following day, when Gracie awoke, Teddy told his sister they had to find the right puppy for their mom.  Matilda was living with her birth parents and ready to go to her forever home by this time.  The night before, Teddy had visited Matilda and told her she would have to audition one more time for Gracie, but he would make sure the little puppy became their mom's next heart dog.

Gracie took her work seriously.  She spent the day writing out questions to determine who would be the right dog, more than Teddy, who thought finding the right pup was more of a gut thing than an intellectual one.  Teddy was impressed with his sister's attention to detail and worried Matilda was not prepared to answer them correctly.

Teddy stood behind Gracie as she asked Matilda her questions.  When Matilda was stumped, Teddy would mouth the answer, but all Matilda understood was "Arf."  Luckily Teddy picked the right pup because Gracie also selected Matlida.  Teddy sighed in relief.  

Just as Teddy had done a decade before, Gracie went into her mom's dreams and whispered to her where she could find Matilda.  Luckily, their mom's mind was open to a new dog, and she listened.  Within a day, Lucky Matilda was in her forever home, rebuilding their mom's heart, and Gracie, thinking that she had made it all come to be, was not worried about being an angel.  She had passed her first test.

Teddy made himself a dish of water, shaken, not stirred, and sat on his deck watching the sun go down, happy that another plan had ideally come together.

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