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Beat This Caption

      Take down the squirrel-proof feeder and nobody gets hurt

Monday Question

What is your parent's favorite movie featuring dogs?

Foley Writes About Pocket Helping a Blind Dog and Seeing Eye Cat

  I have been very impressed with Pocket’s quickly adjusting to being an Angel. She has ascended to the position of patron saint for the infirm and scared.  I think it is the perfect position for my sister.  Mortal dogs like her are wearing bracelets that say “WWPD” for What would Pocket do.   Spike is the first dog who sought Pocket’s help.  A quiet, unassuming pup, he spent most of his life outside with his only friend, a cat named Max.  They had both been abused by their owner and were scared of humans.  When Spike began to lose his eyesight, he prayed to the angels for help.  Normally, I would have taken the case, but I figured Pocket would be the one to speak with Spike.    Pocket told Spike that she could arrange for the duo to get a new home. She knew that their parents had hurt them, but those people were outliers.  The vast majority of humans, especially those looking to help him, were kind and would make his life better. Spike had one good reason why he did not want an

On Grief

  It moves in without you noticing to be a permanent resident. It seeps into your mind, heart, and soul , dominating your thoughts. Its name is Grief.  Grief turns everything dark and makes you shun the daylight like a vampire. All the sun does is cast empty shadows reminding you who is missing.  Grief brings his sister, Guilt , with him. Together they whisper in your ear that you are to blame. Grief is as mischievous as Loki and as powerful as Thor. Grief hates laughter and causes you too to do the same. It makes you want to yell at giggling fools , “what’s so damn funny?”  And if you laugh , Grief brings Guilt to berate you. Grief has a cousin called Misery. He is more social than Grief. He loves company. Grief hates it. Go away ; I am with Grief.  Grief loves the rain. You can stand with Grief during a storm and weep. It looks like you took too many raindrops to the face. Grief prefers anonymity  Grief enters y

Foley Takes Pocket on Her First Rescue Mission

  It was time to teach Pocket how to save a mortal dog.  I was assigned the perfect pup in need.  A dog named SkipJack was playing on a private beach near the Rappahannock River in Virginia. His Momma sat nearby, reading a book and enjoying the warm summer day.  She would look up to check on SkipJack then go back to reading.  The last time she looked up, SkipJack was gone.     The pup had been having a grand time chasing waves when one of them grabbed ahold of the slight dog and pulled him out to sea.  His mom ran into the water, calling his name, but could not see him.  Terrified, she contacted 911.     Meanwhile, SkipJack was operating totally on instinct and tried to swim back, but the under-toad would not let go.  Desperate SkipJack prayed for help.  I looked to the sky and saw the head angels had lit the Foley Signal, a picture of my face in the sky, and I knew it was a prayer only I could answer successfully.  I told

Wordless Wednesday


Beat this Caption

      While the rest of his family smirked and grimaced Jake performed the Heimlich maneuver on Lucy saving her life.

Monday Question

  We are waiting for Pocket to come back and she will join Foley on our Remembrance Table where she will stay until Mommy goes to the Bridge, then she and Foley will join her mom. What have your parents done for either your remains or in tribute? Views: 3

SushI Arives at Rainbow Bridge

  Today was another lesson for Pocket.  This one was going to be a difficult assignment.  She was accompanying me to welcome a friend to the Bridge.     Pocket had been to one swearing-in ceremony before, her own.  You can’t judge how emotional they can be when you are the new angel.  It is like a bride who has never been to another wedding describing what it's like to watch someone get married.     I told Pocket that our old friend Sushi was arriving, and my sister would be next to me at the swearing-in ceremony. I stressed that it was a solemn occasion, and Pocket needed to be on her best behavior.     We saw Sushi emerge from the water after swimming across the River of Life.  She ran over the Bridge and stopped at the bottom step, looking up at us.       I looked at Sushi as I told Pocket that this was the most critical moment in the crossing-over process.  Sushi had to come to terms with her own passing and make a choice to climb.  We should not interfere.  Then I saw

Pocket Meets Paddy and Makes Her First Cat Friend

  Pocket has never been brave, but she always had an adventurous spirit.   After settling in at the house, she decided to explore the Bridge.     She traveled west, towards Kitty Villiage, passing through Together Land, where dogs and cats cohabitate.  Pocket smiled uneasily at the kitties.  She had never developed a relationship with cats on the mortal side.  She spent her time barking and chasing them.  But, now that she was immortal, she felt the need to make amends.      Pocket found a cat looking over the river and asked if she could sit down.  The kitty smiled sadly and said Pocket was welcome to do so.  They sat in silence as Pocket tried to think of something to say.  Then, when the sun hit the kitty just right, she noticed it looked familiar.      “Excuse me, do you write a blog?” Pocket asked politely.       “Yes, I do,” the cat meowed.     “Are you Paddy O’Malley?”  He confirmed that was his identity.  “I

Pocket Settles In

  The first few days after Pocket arrived here were a whirlwind.  So many pups wanted to greet her that we didn’t have time to go home.  But, finally, Pocket being here became routine, as it has at your house, and that is the most troubling time.       I brought Pocket to our cottage on the river where we live with Blake, our pack leader, who takes care of us, Jax Gallagher, my trouble-making brother, Copper, my shy, self-conscious sister, and tiny Skye, a forever puppy.  I had worked miracles with Pocket for years, not just to keep her on the mortal side, but to keep her from me.  I hate when I have to add a room at our cottage.  I had to replant the rhododendron .       I showed Pocket her room.  I had it built by my many minions to exact specifications.  It had her squished kitty condo (she used to sleep in it, but, like Snoopy, she began climbing on top of it, unaware it could not support her slight weight); the little chair and red blanket she snuggled on; her red ball, her

Wednesday With Words

  Thank you to the wonderful and thoughtful person who sent me this lovely pet memorial wind chime.  I treasure it. 

Beat This Caption

  I love the new apartment, but the upstairs neighbor is a party animal

Thank you

    Thank you to Angel Tommy, sweet Freddy, and their dad Steve, the kindest man we know for this loving tribute to Pocket. It means the world to us.   Also thank you for all the friends who took time to comment and cheer us up.  It is very much appreciated.  You all are the best.

Pocket Writes Home From Sleep Away Camp

  It is I, your little Pocket Dog.  I am having a fantastic time at Sleep-Away-Camp.    You were brilliant to send me here.  Honestly, I was hiding a big secret from you.  Before I went to camp, I was feeling poorly. I kept pooping; my mouth hurt, I had trouble peeing.  As soon as I arrived, I felt better; it must have been something in that river I swam before arriving at camp.      And get this!  All my angel friends are here, led by Foley!  She was wearing her judge clothes and looked so silly I had to laugh. She made me take the Sleepy Time Camp oath, and then everyone cheered.  I felt like a princess.     Boy, did it rain after that!  Foley told me that the raindrops were tears shed when people found out I went to camp. Most of them were yours.  I guess parents do miss their kids when they go to camp.  I felt terrible that you were upset and wanted to go home.  Foley told me I couldn’t but that we could visit.     She took me to this bird store and picked out two bodies, then paid

Foley Welcome Pocket to Rainbow Bridge

  I knew the day would come.  I could see it, first in the distance, like dark, gathering storm clouds, then each day, it came slightly closer.  I used all my angel powers to keep the storm at bay, but in the end, I failed, and the dog I most tried to prevent from coming to the Bridge arrived today:  My dear, sweet sister Pocket.     I have never claimed to be a sharing dog.  Remember how I used to torment Pocket by stealing her ball and sitting on it?  I must admit I wasn’t a perfect sister, at least when we were mortal.  My jealous streak could overtake my entire body.  And when I became a Judge and went to the Bridge, I helped her battle her frequent health issues.  I told you I did it because I knew your heart would be broken when this day came, but also I was enjoying being Pocket free.     Pocket has been like a photo left out in the sun for the past three months, slowly fading away.  I couldn’t tell you how much she was suffering.  That was a promise I made to her.  If you had