Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Pocket Dog: Conflicted Cardinal Fan

Two years ago a St Louis Cardinals cap landed in my Pappy’s front yard.  We had friends in St Louis, and Foley struck a deal with the birds to bring the Cardinals luck.  In exchange they dropped the cap in Grampy’s yard.  You can read about it here:  http://foleymonsterandpocket.blogspot.com/2011/10/pocket-is-for-birds.html

Since that time I have been a Cardinals fan.  Now our house was a Red Sox house but Daddy told me it was OK to be a Cardinals fans because the two teams rarely played, and it only mattered if they met in this thing called the World Series.  So everyone in the house rooted for the Red Sox, and so did I, but I also rooted for the Cardinals.

I don’t pay too much attention to what is in the news or on the TV.  River always barks at the television if there is an animal on it but I don’t pay it no never mind.  If there was something important going on I always relied on Foley to tell me about it, and even when she did, I still didn’t find it any reason to stop chasing my ball.

But, when I heard Mommy and Daddy talking about the World Series starting I climbed into my Triangular Kitty Condo, dug through the drawers, found my Cardinals rally cap, slipped it on, and stepped out into the living room.

Daddy looked at me and asked why I was wearing a Cardinals cap.  I told him it was World Series time, the Cardinals were playing, and they needed my rally cap.  Daddy told me, in that tone of voice I hate (it sounds like he’s telling me something I should already know) that I couldn’t wear the cap because they were playing the Red Sox.

Oh man!  This wasn’t supposed to happen!  What was a good dog to do?

As you know us dogs main weapon is our loyalty and a fanatical devotion to our parents….our two main weapons are loyalty, faithfulness and a fanatical devotion to our parents….our three main weapons are loyalty, faithfulness, cuteness and a  fanatical devotion to our parents….our four main weapons...never mind.

So I was loyal to the Cardinals, but I was loyal to Daddy, and I can’t root for both teams. A Pocket divided against herself cannot stand, and neither can a Pocket balanced on the arm of a chair.

I have tried to be neutral but it has been hard.  There were the two fat guys who tripped over one another at third base Saturday night and that caused a lot of yelling which made me retreat to my condo (Foley used to run upstairs, stop on the landing, turn, and give my parents a look of disgust when they yelled, then go under the bed.  But we don’t have an upstairs anymore so I only had my condo) and the same thing happened on Sunday when the Wong runner got called out at first.  Not only did that make me retreat to my condo but it made my bowels turn to water the next morning.

Luckily there was not a lot of yelling Monday night, but there is much yelling in the forecast.  

Mommy understands, she told me if the Cardinals win or the Red Sox win I’m a loyal dog and a winner either way.  That was sweet.  But it’s hard to feel like a winner when you standing in a puddle of your own poo.

So go Red Sox, or go Cardinals, go get this over with quick.  My tummy can’t take much more of this.  But I do enjoy the eighth inning in Boston when the understanding fans sing “Sweet Pocket Dog” to me to ease my indigestion:

Where it began,
You can't remember knowin'
But don’t worry if you got it wrong

Root for the Cards
Or maybe your Dad’s Red Sox
It only lasts seven games long.

Paws touchin’ paws
Reachin' out, touchin' me, touchin' you

Sweet Pocket Dog
(Bark Bark Bark)
The tension upsets your poo
(Your poo, your poo, your poo)

Sweet Pocket Dog
(Bark Bark Bark)
The tension upsets your poo
(Your poo, your poo, your poo)

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Giant George and Benny are our October 27, 2013 Pups of the Week

I have been very fortunate in my life, and my after life, to reach across the Internet, on Tanner Brigade, Doggyspace, Facebook, Twitter, Blogger and other sites.  I have made so many friends.  Some of them you all know like a member of your own pack.  Others are lesser known.  This week I would like to honor two of my friends who have gone to the Bridge.  The first is the monstrous Great Dane known as Giant George.

Giant George was one of the most famous pups in the world.  A Great Dane, George stood three feet, seven inches tall from his paw to his shoulder and was seven feet long.  He was just about to turn eight, not many years on the mortal side, when he passed over.  His family, including owner David Nasser and his wife Christine, said that George crossed the Bridge peacefully surrounded by his family.  George was listed at the world’s largest dogs by the Guinness Book of World Records, was an author and was seen on programs such as Good Morning America.  He used his Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/GiantGeorge) to help raise money for many worthy dog charities.

When I met George at the top of the stairs on the Eternal side of the river I was stunned.  His paws were bigger than my entire body, and his heart was bigger than any I had ever seen.  After climbing up on several books to swear him in I saw George playing with the smaller pups and giving them rides using his great angel wings.

To honor George’s memory, on his first Bridge birthday, November 17, 2013, his family has asked “In honor of what would be Giant George's 8th Birthday, he is asking that you donate your time and/or money to an animal cause or charitable organization that is important to you and your family.”  You can visit the Giant George Service Day here”  https://www.facebook.com/events/563370260385407/

Our second honoree maybe much smaller in size, but nowhere smaller in heart or influence.  He is our very dear friend Benny from the blog http://www.twofrenchbulldogs.com/.  
Benny passed over to my side of the Bridge this week.  I read that he had lost his battle with cancer, but those words are never true.  I passed over because of cancer, as did Benny, but neither one of us ever lost a battle in our lives, we were just called to the other side, and could not refuse.

I visited Benny, and his sister Lily’s page everyday, as did many others, and they always shared their adventures with us, much to our delight.  Benny stayed with Lily and his mom as long as he could, and we all prayed for more time, but now that Benny is on our side, we need you to say a prayer for those left behind, mainly Lily and their Mom.

When they made George, the world’s largest dog, they broke the mold, and when they made Benny, they broke the mold too, and they will both be missed by their family and their friends, both who they see , and online.

And now, if you don’t mind, George is giving Giant Angel rides and Benny and I are next in line.  

Let’s go Benny, let’s fly.

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Pocket Relinquishes Her Position As Pack Leader

After months of consideration and having met with my closest advisors I have decided to resign my position as leader of the Monster Pack that I had ascended to after Foley Monster went to the Bridge and endorse my sister River Song to take over as pack leader.

I would like to thank all of you who supported me in my time as pack leader.  It was a difficult adjustment for me and my friends support made it easier.  Some dogs are meant to be great leaders and some dogs are meant to support the leader.  In Foley Monster I had a great leader and learned to become a great follower.  When you become great at something you should concentrate on that.

So I leave my pack in the capable paws, er, paws, of my sister River Song.  What makes River qualified to be a Pack Leader? Well, firstly, she had a litter of her own so she is an experienced leader and secondly she is really bad at being a follower.

I prefered to lead by example.  I would gently show River where we go for treats, and how we patiently wait for them, and when Mommy handed them to us River would jump in front of me and snatch the treat.  Now Mommy makes her sit and wait for the treat while I have mine, but, as River explained to me, Mommy is making her wait, not me, and that’s what makes her a leader, even if she is second.

I have relinquished my position on my Mommy’s lap to River.  I do get plenty of time there while River is playing with her bones but when she comes over to Mommy’s chair and stands over me I have to hop down off of Mommy’s lap or risk getting bit.

I don’t mind not having Mommy’s lap.  I love it, but I like the spot in Daddy’s recliner right by him, between his leg and the soft arm. I can relax there and not have to worry about a dog jumping up and wanting to take that spot because no one wants to sit next to Daddy.

And for my friends who enjoy our blogs don’t worry, even under Foley’s regime I was the main editor, mostly because Foley hated spell check, and I will continue to manage our blog posts so they won’t be filled with tales of River’s youthful sexual exploits and renamed 50 Shades of Greyhound.

I also have given most of the bed to River.  She has commandeered the top of the bed so I stay down near my parent’s knees and feet.  She would like to get me out of the bed completely but Mommy won’t let her do that.  River is leashed to the headboard (speaking of 50 Shades of Greyhound) and can only go down as far as my parents knees.  She snaps at me if I try to go higher, but somehow, like Steve Martin and John Candy, we end up snuggled against one another when we wake up in the morning.

So I am no longer Pocket Dog Pack Leader, I am back to Pocket Dog faithful follower and friend.  Let others worry about leadership.  A comfortable place to sleep, and a Mother’s love is all I need.

(Good luck River.  I hope you have better luck at being a leader than I did (probably because you will have a much better follower.)

Friday, October 25, 2013

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

An Open Letter to all Americans by Foley Monster

I live on the eternal side of the Bridge where everything is sweet and simple.  There is no drama.  Any drama that does arise is quickly forgotten about with a laugh.  But we do need a bit of discontent.  For that we have the River of Life where we can look at the tribulations on Earth.

I get very frustrated watching what people do with our Earth.  It is really a very precious place but some want to destroy it in the quest for their own power.

I was born in July 2000.  In September 2001 I was in my forever home.  Not too many pups alive remember that day, and they are the lucky ones.  Every human was tense, sitting horrified in front of the television.  In the Northeast, where we live, just about everyone knew someone who died that day, or were related to someone who died.  There was even a rumor that Daddy had died since a family friend with the same last name had died on the first flight.  A concerned friend called our Grampy to give her condolences and he said “well I never liked those buildings anyway.”  Tune in for next week’s installment of “That’s Our Grampy.”

That afternoon Mommy and Daddy both said there was only one thing they wanted to do.  It was a beautiful day, and they took us to the state insane asylum across the street from where we lived and they let Blake and I run around.  We were both pretty nervous with everything that happened that day, but we acted like we didn’t have a care in the world, running around, nipping at one another, bouncing and playing.

Before that day people had divided themselves in something they called parties, which was weird because no one was having fun, and those two parties of Americans fought about everything, and while they were fighting about everything the really bad people came in and brought death and destruction to thousands of good people who had done nothing wrong but go to work.

And then those “parties” came together as the American humans realized that they are stronger united than divided, and they swore to never forget that day.  Now, it seems to me, just a dozen years later, that everything has been forgotten.  Humans:  So exasperating.

Now the members of these parties believe that the members of the other party are their enemies, when really they are just friends who disagree on some basic principles, and I, as a highly respected Judge of the Eternal side of the River can tell you that only history will decide if those basic principles will help or hurt the country.  But even after their worst they will not place the human world in peril.  Laws can be made and unmade.  

But people, evil people, want to hurt our American families, and until the most powerful of American learn that they are not each others enemy, the door is wide open for the less powerful Americans to be hurt.

The difference between dogs and humans is that we never shut down, we always want to go for walks, always want to snuggle, always meet you at the door with big smiles, are always your best friends.  I think you can survive a government shutdown but I don’t think you could survive a dog shut down.

So, as always, I ask you to look toward you dogs and follow their.  We are here to be you angels on Earth.  Follow our example and you will be fine.  Follow the example of selfish humans and not even us dogs can help you.

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Ms Queenie is our October 20, 2013 Pup of the Week

Two years ago our 14 year old cousin Bailey was with her Mom as they prepared for her human sister’s (our grandbaby’s) birthday.  She was right behind her Mom, walking down the hall when she stopped, gave out a little yelp, looked at her Mom, and was gone, leaping towards the Bridge without a second’s notice.

Years before that, my sister Copper, who was only four years old, and is pictured in this week's Wordless Wednesday entry, was put in her crate one April morning while my Mom went to run a few errands. When she came back Copper’s body was still in her crate, but her soul had gone to the Bridge, and no one knew why.

Now that I am on the eternal side of the Bridge we often debate what is the easiest way for our humans to deal with our transition to from the mortal side to the eternal side of the river.  Some of us think that going quickly, as Copper and Bailey did is better because their parents did not have to fret over their long illness and it did not cost them a great deal of money.  Others believe a lingering illness is better because it gives our parents time to adjust to the idea of us being gone before we go.  The truth is none of us have the luxury of deciding how we are going to arrive on the eternal side.

This weekend I was summoned to the top of the stairs where all new Bridge angels who have passed from mortality to eternity inexplicably have to climb to be sworn in by me.  I was surprised to see my good friend from Alabama, Anna Nicole’s sister, Ms. Queenie.  After performing the swearing in ceremonies I told her I had not known that she was sick and she said that she hadn’t been feeling great, but was surprised when the angels came for her and told her she needed to cross over.  She was very upset that she did not get to say goodbye to her friends and family.

When I made my trip it was neither fast nor slow.  On a Monday I had a little cough, and on the next Sunday I was gone.  But last week when Mommy was putting the comforter back on the bed she saw these tiny, rusty, little marks on the comforter from my licking.  She called them my love stains, and we both got a chuckle about that in her dreams, but my Mom realized that when I was licking the comforter at night I was leaving tiny little blood spots behind that she had not noticed.  Mommy didn’t feel bad though, she said if she had found out I had lung cancer earlier we would have lost time together, and nothing is more precious than time.

On Thursday night Queenie was sleeping in bed with her parents when she got down and went to her crate, which was not strange, because she often got down when she was hot.  That morning her Mom got up to make breakfast and thought Queenie was asleep.  But she checked on her she, and Queenie’s Dad, were horrified to learn their sweet girl was gone.

I have recently learned an important difference in humans and dogs.  Humans always ask “why.”  Why did this have to happen?  Why was she taken from us?  Why didn’t we see it?  Us dogs always ask “where?”  Where is supper? Where is my bone?  Where is our Mom?

Our questions of where are usually answered, unfortunately, the human questions of why, especially when it comes to our passing over, are never answered, and never totally fade away.

So let’s say a prayer for Queenie’s Mom Cindy, her Dad, and her pack, who are traumatized by the question why. Let’s pray they heal and the questions fades.

And may they rest better knowing that Queenie has a wonderful spot here, and she watches over her family every day.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

How To Prepare If Your Family Buys a Dog by Pocket Dog

Recently Mommy and Daddy got a dog.   I wasn’t consulted in this decision.  After Foley went to the Bridge I figured it would be a long time before Mommy got a dog and it would be just the three of us living in dog less bliss.

But then they went out and got a dog.  I asked why.  Were they unhappy with my work?  Shouldn’t there have been some sort of written warning?  I filed paperwork to talk with my HR representative but was foiled when I learned said person was Mommy.

Now I want to protect my other friends whose parents may go out and unexpectedly get a dog without their permission.  Please take note to expect the following:

1)  You will be expected to share your food.  No one else in the home will have to share food, just you, so, if you hear that there may be a dog in the house, find a special place to stash food, then hide some between your cheek and gum and when no one is looking spit it into your special place so when the new dog comes you will still have food.

2)  Try to fatten up Mommy.  You are going to have to share lap room and only the Lord and Lil’ Debbie can make more lap.

3)  Hide your balls.  River puts mine in her mouth and runs around with them while I bark “bring me back my ball.”

4)  Get your naps in when you can.  New dogs tend to bark at everything and you find yourself barking right along with them, not knowing why.  It makes you question your sanity.

5)  Get used to sharing your toys.  A dog will come in and take your toys and if you try to protect them your Mommy will side with the dog.  It’s a raw deal.

6)  Those nice walks you went on?  Forever altered.  Now there is going to be a pulling, stalling, crapping embarrassment walking next to you with no respect for your personal space.

7)  Get ready for the stink of pee pads that will be placed over the many spots that you left your stinky pe.

8)  Your outside pee area will become desecrated.   Once you get it marked just how you want it, the dog is going to come over and put their pee on it, and you are going to have to swallow a lot of drool to create more pee.

9)  Dogs always want to play.  This is annoying.  We just want to sleep and the dogs are in our face barking at us.  Find yourself a special place to lie down and relax so you are not driven crazy by them

10)   This new dog will soon be your best friend and your worst enemy.  You will curl up with it, play with it, eat with it, and team up with it to trick your parents out of extra treats, but don’t turn you back on it.  You never know when the next bite in the butt is coming from.  

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Ivy and Ladybug are our October 13, 2013 Pups of the Week

Too many of my Pup of the Week blogs are written about pups who have left the mortal side of the Bridge.  While we are happy to greet them here on the eternal side there are many sad humans and pups left on the other side.  So this week we are lucky to celebrate the birth of 13 pups and give the prestigious award of Pup of the Week to two tired lollipops named Ivy and Ladybug.

Late last week Koda’s. Josie’s, Emme’s and Wills’ of the Pack now known as the Corn Stalkers, who recently and graciously hosted Farmfest 2013 where many of our friends gathered last month, proved that their parents are the best pup parents in the world when late last week their Daddy drove home from work and saw a little dog by the road with a big tummy.  Being a farmer and well versed in animal husbandry he knew that, like River, this dog had been knocked up, but unlike River, she had no family to stay with her during the birth of her litter.

The Stalkers’ Daddy went home and asked their Mommy what they should do. They already had a farm full of dogs, but they could not leave the poor pregnant pooch in the street.  The next day they drove up and down the road until the soon to be Mom stuck her head out of a corn field.  The starving wet dog had to be coaxed into their house, and then introduced to the Stalkers, who, being the sweetest pack in the world, immediately accepted her.

(There was some vexing behavior from Emme who was upset that she was no longer going to be the baby but when she learned she would soon be bumped up to being senior pack member she was happy. )

The new pup, a three year old Boston Terrier, was named Ivy.  Her new parents were concerned that Ivy never made a peep, and were saddened to find out why, someone had cut her vocal chords.   On the bright side there were no heartworms or heart problems.  Also the x-ray showed 8 or 9 pups inside of her.  That was more puppies than the Stalker’s Mom had planned for, but with the help of Hattie Mae’s Mom Aunt Darla arrangement were made for the pups to have good homes even before they were born which is remarkable considering the number of pups who don’t have good home after they are born.  

Once the puppies are in their new homes pack leader Koda will have to have her back operation and this is a family who deserves some good karma going there way.  They moved and entire pack into their house with one dog.

All that was left was for nature to take it’s course, and boy it was a long course.  Our good friend Miss Lilly’s Mom, Leo’s Mom, and Hattie Mae’s Mom all helped Aunt Barbara, the Stalker’s Mom, and her husband, through the complicated birthing process.  After several hours of labor and birthing Ivy had her eight puppies gathered around her feeding.  Her new Mom and Dad got some human food, then cleaned up the birthing area, when Daddy realized that sometime during the human’s supper a ninth baby had slipped into the world.

Everyone is doing well now.  Ivy got some chicken soup as instructed by Lily’s Mom and the puppies got some Mother’s Milk with a syringe.  The Stalker’s parents are determined to help with the feeding process.  The first pup, born under their bed, was named Dolly but that name had to be changed when boy parts were discovered so the name was changed to Elvis in honor of Hattie’s Dad.   The Stalker’s Dad doesn’t want their Mom to name any more puppies knowing if you name them you own them, but we know how Moms are with pups.  Who knows if they are headed for their forever homes or already there.

Meanwhile, just a few states over, Angel Apollo’s pack, led by Czar Bishop was going through the same experience.  Their Mom had rescued a pregnant pup named Ladybug who was about the bring new pups into Czar’s house for the first time in 30 years.

Ladybug had four puppies, all white, but she is taking care of eight, because her Mom rescued four puppies a day older than Ladybug’s who were at a kill shelter and now Ladybug, who was adopted, has adopted four more pups.

So today, with Ivy and Ladybug, we celebrate life, we celebrate those who rescue, like Ivy’s and Ladybug’s wonderful parents,  those who are rescued, those who adopt pups, like Ivy’s whowill be adopted, those who help with adoptions, like Hattie Mae’s Mom Aunt Darla, and everyone who helped with the births.

It’s a good day, and day we celebrate life is a good day.

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