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Wordless Wednesday

Pocket Dog: Conflicted Cardinal Fan

Two years ago a St Louis Cardinals cap landed in my Pappy’s front yard.  We had friends in St Louis, and Foley struck a deal with the birds to bring the Cardinals luck.  In exchange they dropped the cap in Grampy’s yard.  You can read about it here: Since that time I have been a Cardinals fan.  Now our house was a Red Sox house but Daddy told me it was OK to be a Cardinals fans because the two teams rarely played, and it only mattered if they met in this thing called the World Series.  So everyone in the house rooted for the Red Sox, and so did I, but I also rooted for the Cardinals. I don’t pay too much attention to what is in the news or on the TV.  River always barks at the television if there is an animal on it but I don’t pay it no never mind.  If there was something important going on I always relied on Foley to tell me about it, and even when she did, I still didn’t find it any rea

Giant George and Benny are our October 27, 2013 Pups of the Week

I have been very fortunate in my life, and my after life, to reach across the Internet, on Tanner Brigade, Doggyspace, Facebook, Twitter, Blogger and other sites.  I have made so many friends.  Some of them you all know like a member of your own pack.  Others are lesser known.  This week I would like to honor two of my friends who have gone to the Bridge.  The first is the monstrous Great Dane known as Giant George. Giant George was one of the most famous pups in the world.  A Great Dane, George stood three feet, seven inches tall from his paw to his shoulder and was seven feet long.  He was just about to turn eight, not many years on the mortal side, when he passed over.  His family, including owner David Nasser and his wife Christine, said that George crossed the Bridge peacefully surrounded by his family.  George was listed at the world’s largest dogs by the Guinness Book of World Records, was an author and was seen on programs such as Good Morning America.  He use

Pocket Relinquishes Her Position As Pack Leader

After months of consideration and having met with my closest advisors I have decided to resign my position as leader of the Monster Pack that I had ascended to after Foley Monster went to the Bridge and endorse my sister River Song to take over as pack leader. I would like to thank all of you who supported me in my time as pack leader.  It was a difficult adjustment for me and my friends support made it easier.  Some dogs are meant to be great leaders and some dogs are meant to support the leader.  In Foley Monster I had a great leader and learned to become a great follower.  When you become great at something you should concentrate on that. So I leave my pack in the capable paws, er, paws, of my sister River Song.  What makes River qualified to be a Pack Leader? Well, firstly, she had a litter of her own so she is an experienced leader and secondly she is really bad at being a follower. I prefered to lead by example.  I would gently show River where we go for treats, and how we

Happy Halloween

Two little dogs trying very hard to look scary, and failing:

Wordless Wednesday

An Open Letter to all Americans by Foley Monster

I live on the eternal side of the Bridge where everything is sweet and simple.  There is no drama.  Any drama that does arise is quickly forgotten about with a laugh.  But we do need a bit of discontent.  For that we have the River of Life where we can look at the tribulations on Earth. I get very frustrated watching what people do with our Earth.  It is really a very precious place but some want to destroy it in the quest for their own power. I was born in July 2000.  In September 2001 I was in my forever home.  Not too many pups alive remember that day, and they are the lucky ones.  Every human was tense, sitting horrified in front of the television.  In the Northeast, where we live, just about everyone knew someone who died that day, or were related to someone who died.  There was even a rumor that Daddy had died since a family friend with the same last name had died on the first flight.  A concerned friend called our Grampy to give her condolences and he said “well I never lik

Ms Queenie is our October 20, 2013 Pup of the Week

Two years ago our 14 year old cousin Bailey was with her Mom as they prepared for her human sister’s (our grandbaby’s) birthday.  She was right behind her Mom, walking down the hall when she stopped, gave out a little yelp, looked at her Mom, and was gone, leaping towards the Bridge without a second’s notice. Years before that, my sister Copper, who was only four years old, and is pictured in this week's Wordless Wednesday entry, was put in her crate one April morning while my Mom went to run a few errands. When she came back Copper’s body was still in her crate, but her soul had gone to the Bridge, and no one knew why. Now that I am on the eternal side of the Bridge we often debate what is the easiest way for our humans to deal with our transition to from the mortal side to the eternal side of the river.  Some of us think that going quickly, as Copper and Bailey did is better because their parents did not have to fret over their long illness and it did not c

Wordless Wednesday

How To Prepare If Your Family Buys a Dog by Pocket Dog

Recently Mommy and Daddy got a dog.   I wasn’t consulted in this decision.  After Foley went to the Bridge I figured it would be a long time before Mommy got a dog and it would be just the three of us living in dog less bliss. But then they went out and got a dog.  I asked why.  Were they unhappy with my work?  Shouldn’t there have been some sort of written warning?  I filed paperwork to talk with my HR representative but was foiled when I learned said person was Mommy. Now I want to protect my other friends whose parents may go out and unexpectedly get a dog without their permission.  Please take note to expect the following: 1)  You will be expected to share your food.  No one else in the home will have to share food, just you, so, if you hear that there may be a dog in the house, find a special place to stash food, then hide some between your cheek and gum and when no one is looking spit it into your special place so when the new dog comes you will still have food. 2)  Try

Ivy and Ladybug are our October 13, 2013 Pups of the Week

Too many of my Pup of the Week blogs are written about pups who have left the mortal side of the Bridge.  While we are happy to greet them here on the eternal side there are many sad humans and pups left on the other side.  So this week we are lucky to celebrate the birth of 13 pups and give the prestigious award of Pup of the Week to two tired lollipops named Ivy and Ladybug. Late last week Koda’s. Josie’s, Emme’s and Wills’ of the Pack now known as the Corn Stalkers, who recently and graciously hosted Farmfest 2013 where many of our friends gathered last month, proved that their parents are the best pup parents in the world when late last week their Daddy drove home from work and saw a little dog by the road with a big tummy.  Being a farmer and well versed in animal husbandry he knew that, like River, this dog had been knocked up, but unlike River, she had no family to stay with her during the birth of her litter. The Stalkers’ Daddy went home and asked their M