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Beat This Caption

  This is the last time I stay in a tree owned by Holiday Inn Express

Monday Question

  Are your parents decorating for Christmas this year, and is there a decoration for you, or  a sibling, or angel?

Abbie and the Blogville Library

  Being a dog means you have a lot of downtimes. We are content with sitting near a human in a state of perfect zen. But, sometimes, zen is dull. Time would have passed quicker if we learned to read. When we arrive at the Bridge, we become fully formed, able to speak with all other creatures and walk on our hind legs, if we choose. Also, we are blessed with the ability to read, which I have taken full advantage of. That is why I frequent the Blogville library founded by Barkley the Lab, who was drawn to the profession because his mother, L.B. Johnson, had written a popular book and blog about him. When Barkley came to the Bridge, he opened the library in tribute to his mom. I owe her a debt of thanks. Without her inspiring Barkley, I never would have borrowed books from the library and discovered worlds I never knew existed. Two weeks ago, I went into the library and found books piled up on the floor and some of the shelves barren. I asked Barkley what was wrong, and

Foley Fails to Welcome Two Cats to Rainbow Bridge

  There have been so many new angels this month that I can miss their arrival if the Powers That Be do not assign swearing-in duties to me.  That happened to two cats from the same family this week.  And, I am not proud of the way I discovered my error. Cats are welcome to live with us at Doggyspace Villiage if they have pup siblings, and we do not stop dogs who want to room with their cat siblings in Kittyspace Villiage.  But, unlike the occupants of Blogville, where all animals are welcome, we are suspicious when we see an unaccompanied cat lurking along the border. I was up early in the morning taking a walk when I saw two cats creeping across the wet grass.  I immediately thought they were sneaking in to steal some of our kibbles, so I charged at them, barking and flashing my fangs.  The cats stopped and began laughing, which was quite emasculating.   "You shouldn't be here unless you are with a dog!" I said suspiciously. "We are visiting our brother,

On Thanksgiving

  We had turkey   Watched the Cardinals play   Cleaned our plates   And fell asleep

Foley Welcomes Cruit to Rainbow Bridge

   There will come a time when all souls are here at the Bridge.  The Earth and the Sun are both living creatures with set life spans  When the day comes that one of them passes, all souls will file over the Bridge, which will become the land of Happily Ever After, as everyone will be with their loved ones for eternity with no worries. Lately, it has seemed that pets could be facing the end times before the sun, planet, and humans.  My friends have been coming over the Bridge in record numbers.  Just when I think the flow has stopped, another one passes.  Not only has this been terrible for our friends, but their parents, who only have loneliness where their heart has been.   The latest friend to take his last breath on the mortal side is my friend Cruit.  As was true with Lucy, who I wrote about previously,  Cruit was adopted, and he only had nine months with his family.  But, for Momma Rebecca and Dad Virgil, t

Beat This Caption

 You wouldn't believe what some asshole is doing to the watering hole    

Monday Question

  What is your position on kisses? Do you like giving them? Do you like getting them?…

Nigel Helps Lucy Transition to the Bridge

No dog wants to come to the Bridge unless they have survived their humans' passing.  Sometimes they are so reluctant we have to send another dog to summons them.  When it was Lucy's time, and she did not appear, we sent Nigel, who selected Lucy and her sister Carli to replace him, to summon her. When Carli found out that her heartbeats were expiring, the beautiful bulldog said she could make them last for another five years if she didn't breathe too often. Sadly, she was not the first near angel to try this, and we knew it was futile and would lead to a long, slow passing.  Nigel did not want that for one of the amazing girls who rebuilt their parent's hearts when he passed. And, he knew from personal experience you could not overstay your welcome on the mortal side.   Nigel waited for when his parents were away from home, and then he appeared to his sisters as a ghost.  He could have done it with

Arty Arrivers at Rainbow Bridge

   Arty traveled with his parents and sister Rosy on the mortal side. This week he made his final trip but had to make it alone. Arty was one of our first and best, Blogville friends.  He is a darling black and white Shih Tzu who looked enough like my sister Blake to give me the warm fuzzies whenever I saw his smiling face. Arty, Rosy, and his parents piled into their RV and visited the most beautiful areas of the western United States, and they shared their adventures with us daily on their blog.  It was like having the extraordinary privilege of traveling with them. Before his traveling days, Arty served as Mayor of Blogville, making wise decisions and creating a place for dogs and their imaginations to thrive. Arty's election proved what a loved dog he is by those lucky enough to know him. But most of all, Arty was a beloved family member who could spread joy with just a look.  His parents were wise enough t

Grayce Arrives At Rainbow Bridge

  Champions rise and fall, but all my good friend Graycee did was rise until, at three months shy of her fifteenth birthday, she rose to Rainbow Bridge. Graycee lived not too far from me, on the other side of the Cape Cod Canal, which, in the summer, with only two bridges spanning the waterway, might as well have been the other side of the country.   We both became very well-known dogs, me through writing, and Graycee by being a championship pup, winning competitions.  I never got a writer's ribbon, but Graycee had an entire wall of deserved championship rewards. But, most of all, Graycee was a family dog, the leader of a pack of winners, and the apple of her mom's Joan's eye.  Grace and her Aunt Joan practiced a lot, but neither minded because it was their time together.  Graycee never won a ribbon because she strove to be the best, but because she knew it made her mom happy and proud. Every dog is treated like a king when they pass over, but when a champion

Pocket Welcomes Tuna of the Moon to Rainbow Bridge

   It is I, Pocket Dog, once again ably filling in for my sister Foley. I don't know what is happening on the mortal side, but we have had a rapid influx of friends at the Bridge. Maybe more angels are needed to help humans, or Santa needs us to help deliver gifts. Whatever the reason, we have been swamped, which is why Foley asked me to visit Tuna, one of the Trout Towne kitties, writers of one of my favorite blogs. She had arrived a few hours before I visited her. I knew Tuna was very popular and had many predecessors, who wanted to greet her, and I did not want to elbow in on their greetings. I appeared after the large welcoming dinner and found her sitting on the ground, removing meat from a salmon bone. I introduced myself to my online friend, who looked up at me and smiled. "Eye happy zee you Pocket," she said. "Zo manzee of me friendz have come to zee me, it meanz zoo much zat zay took zee time." I smiled politely and wished I had brought my dog to c

Beat This Caption

  "And most important of all never trust Scar."

Monday Question

If you go out in the winter do you wear a jacket?

Dooli Arrives At Rainbow Bridge

  I have been an angel for a long time.  I came to the Bridge more than eight years ago.  I am approaching the tipping point: I will have been at the Bridge longer than I was mortal in five years.  In that time, I have learned never to be shocked when a friend passes over.  But, there will always be unpleasant surprises.   This week, when I got summoned to Hobo's Landing to swear a friend, I was stunned to see, beautifully walking over the Bridge, with her fur billowing in the wind, my friend Dooli.   I knew Dooli was a senior, having celebrated his 13th birthday earlier this year, an age I didn't reach.  I had not heard any chatter or received any prayers about him doing poorly except for arthritis and some hearing loss.     I wish I had known.  I would not have been able to change the outcome but could pave the way for my friend.   All dogs love life in the mortal world, but Dooli's seemed to be incredibly blessed, with loving parents, long walks, fun

Dexter the Dog Who Walks on Two Legs

   I was worried when I got a request from Enzo on the Mountain for a meeting.  He is beloved by so many, and when the day comes that he passes over, there will be grief that can't be spoken.  I was grateful when I discovered, typical of Enzo that he wanted to see me about someone else, namely Dexter, the dog who walks on two legs. He had read about Dexter and thought more people should learn his story.  I told him I would be honored to spread the word. Dexter is a six-year-old Brittany Spaniel who walks Ouray in the shadow of the San Juan mountains on his hind legs like a human.  This unique talent has made him a cause celebre in his little western town.   Dexter was not always a biped walker.  Five years ago, shortly after joining his forever family, rambunctious Dexter followed the pee-mail left by a deer when he wandered onto the street where a tractor-trailer crashed his front legs. His parents feared that they would have to send Dexter to the Bridge.  He was the

Purrrranda Arrives at Rainbow Bridge

 It is I Pocket Dog, stepping in for my sister Foley because, as the Doggyspace liaison to Kittyland, The cat "Powers that Be" contacted me to say my friend and fellow Massachusettite Purrrranda arrived at the Bridge. We also arrived for the same reason, kidney failure, an excruciating way to depart the mortal side.  Luckily Purranda and I had loving parents who took our pain on themselves and sent us to the Bridge to exist without pain and wait for them. Once Kitty Judge Cotton swore her in, I pushed through the herd of cats to greet Purrrranda.  I waited for the reunion between the many pups her mom had helped transition to the Bridge. When they went to the big bowls for a salmon dinner celebration, I took the opportunity to welcome her on behalf of the members of Doggyspace. We discussed the horrible disease that sent us here; how it robbed us of our beloved appetites, how we became dehydrated no matter how much we drank, and how it drained our energy to a

Wordless Wednesday


Beat This Caption

  By the power invested in me by Ranger Smith and the Jellystone National Park I now pronounce you man and wife.  You can eat the bride. 

Monday Question

 What is the thing you do that annoys your parents the most?      River:   I want to be in a chair with my parents but when they go to pick me up I back up out of reach, and when they sit back, I begin to beg to go up again, and then back off when they try to pick me up.

Bishop Arrives at Rainbow Bridge

  The ground shook, the wind bent the trees, and a tremendous howl arose amongst the angels. It was clear that something big was crossing the river:  Czar Bishop had come to Rainbow Bridge. The Czar, son of Miss  Kimberli, brother to the legendary Apollo and Napa, had used every heartbeat and more as he fought to stay with his mom and continue teaching all the orphaned dogs that his mother took in and found new homes for them to live.  When word spread of Bishop's arrival, dogs came from every corner of the Bridge to pay homage to him and greet the incredible dog who inspired his mom to save many other dogs. Bishop also helped his mom create one of the most entertaining Facebook profiles. Transcribed were the conversations between Bishop and his mom ranging from the new students two what he needed at the store. Few dogs have been blessed with a bigger heart than Bishop. He had his collection of pets he doted

Pippin and Jolie A Love Story Across Dimensions: Part 2

  Even in another dimension, where dogs rule, Jolie and Pippin, two star-crossed lovers, find one another.   While he was away at war, Jolie' mom forced her to marry Roland the Great Dane, who became the father of her children. They met pre the great squirrel war, fell in love, and unbeknownst to Pippin, became pregnant.  General Hobo recruited Pippin to join the army when the vermin began invading the gardens of Paris. Meanwhile, during a daring mission, Pippin got his leg caught in a trap.   Pippin continually pulled on his leg until it was free, causing two of his claws to come off, and he could no longer perform his duties, so Hobo sent him home. When Pippin learned Jolie had a litter with Roland, he drowned his sorrows in bone beer, causing him to oversleep and lose his job.   Distraught, and, having learned his mom and aunt had gone to the Bridge, Pippin took to living on the street.  One day, he s

Pippin and Jolie Have a Love That Crosses the Multiverse

   If the Marvel universe has taught us one thing, there are many other dimensions where we live different lives but still manage to defeat the odds and find our soulmates.  This is the story of Pippin and Jolie, who find one another no matter what universe they occupy.     Jolie is a beautiful little golden-haired girl who lives in France and works in a bone shop with her mom.  Pippin is a handsome dark-haired boy who makes dog strollers so new moms can wheel their pups around to show off to their neighbors.  He lives with his mother and aunt, who are both ill.     One day Jolie was pushing a cart bringing bones to her customers when a wheel snapped off.  She dragged it to Pippin's shop, and when they saw one another, they knew they were meant to be together.  They had to hide their relationship because Jolie's mom had a handsome Great Dane doctor she picked out for her daughter.  A mere mechanic wou

Wordless Wednesday


Beat This Caption

The end result when you have to pee but don't want to disturb the cat on your lap  

Monday Queston

  What did you do for Halloween? Did you wear a costume? Did you go anywhere? Did you get trick or treaters?…