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Bo is our June 26, 2011 pup of the week

One night I was up late with Daddy after watching a hockey game.  He was drinking beer, I was nursing my last Foleytini.  There was a comedian on the television.  He said this of a man's life:  "You graduate school, you get a good job, you meet a great girl, you fall in love, you marry her, buy a wonderful house, have kids, and after 50 years she dies and you are alone.  And that's the best case scenario." I think for many of us lucky house dogs life is so much better than for humans.  We get brought into a wonderful, warm home.  We get free food, free health care, a warm, soft place to eat and more love than one heart can hold.  Then we start to feel sick, our parents let us go to sleep, we graduate to the Bridge, where we play with our friends and wait for Mommy and Daddy to arrive.  Why do people say, in negative terms, that it is a dogs life?   While I have cultivated a reputation as a curmudgeon I must admit a dog's life is pretty sweet. I

Can you find the Foley Monster?

Can you find the Foley Monster in this picture?   Keep  Scrooling  Down Further A little further TA DA

Bark Off!

On Tuesday an often repeated mistake occurred again in our family:  someone let Daddy go shopping.  In the days before there was some talk that my barking may have gone beyond an acceptable limit.  To this I say:  arf arf arf arf arf......arf...arf.....arf arf arf...arf...grrr....arf arf arf.  My barking, as that of my sister Pocket, is only done at very necessary times.   Pocket barks while she plays ball, but these are happy barks; we bark when someone comes over (and if it is Mommy arriving home, try to kill one another for her entertainment); we bark when a noise occurs that is not accompanied by a sight so we bark to draw out whatever makes noise; and I bark, incessantly, when Mommy and Daddy are eating, and Monster has to have some.    This seems to be the most annoying.  I told them if my barking bothered them all they had to do was tell me. They claim they do.  But I can't here them.  Because of the noise from my barking.  But then Daddy did the thing he d

Nikki is our June 19, 2011 Pup of the Week

I am proud to say that Nikki is our June 19, 2011 Pup of the Week.  Or not.  You see, to be a Pup of the Week you need to be a member of the Tanner Brigade.  And to be a member of The Brigade you need to be part of a family.  Nikki's Mom isn't ready to admit that Nikki is part of her pack. I mean she did bathe him, feed him, play with him, house him, and take him to the vet, but that doesn't mean he is a member of the pack.   And she added his name to Sandy's, Maggie's, and Bo's names on  their page but she still won't commit to him being a member of her pack.  Well, Pocket and I downloaded ourselves to her house, took a DNA sample from Nikki, came home and matched it.  We have news for you Aunt Lea, you are Nikki's Mom, and he is our Pup of the Week. Here is his story:    At the beginning of June a strange dog showed up at Aunt Lea's home.  He had rolled in horse vick and worse than that he smelled like horse vick.  Sandy's Mom

Lulu's story: Surrender, Adoption, Reunion

Mommy and Daddy have a good and trusted friend named Lori.  Last year her pup went to the Bridge.  She became interested in adopting a new baby.  She was splitting her time between living in our home town and in Falmouth on the Cape of Cod where she owned a condo.  She was selling her home in our town, but was having a hard time because of the way humans have destroyed the kibble market.  She had heard Mommy and Daddy talking about how wonderful we are and decided to get a Yorkie of her own.  She checked with the area shelters and rescues and one near Falmouth had a Yorkie baby, three years old, that had been surrendered.  Oh the people at the shelter has such a sad story about her surrender.  A young man came in and said he was releasing the poor little Yorkie because she was constantly fighting her Shih Tzu sister, and us Yorkies, well, we are not very good at the fighting, and this pup, Lulu by name, would be found cowering in a corner, beaten and bloody.   Her paren

Jeni and Maya are our June 12, 2011 Pup of the Week

Here at the Tanner Brigade we have some members who romp in our playground every day, and some who come by once every month or two.  No matter how many times you come to visit, you are an equal member, and, if you need a paw over the shoulder, or a snout to cry on, we are here for you.  Our Pups of the Week, Jeni and Maya, may not have wandered through as much as others, but when they told us why, we rallied to their side.  They had the best reason to stay close to home, their Mom was sick. Their Mom had a hip replacement in 2007, and things, as they often do in human operations, did not go well.  Like my Mommy with her knee replacements there was a great deal of pain.  But most doctors just act like Mommies can't handle the normal pain of the operation.  If only they understood that anyone who can train puppies can put up with plenty of pain. Human doctors:   They do like to wait until our humans are so sick that it is a life and death situation.  Maya'

An apology from Foley Monster

A statement from Foley Monster:  I am here today to quell the rumors that have recently been spread by evil humans about me.  This picture was tweeted to @Kolsnotes Twitter account supposedly from my profile.  I did not send this picture to Kolchak, Felix or any other dog.  I find such behavior reprehensible and would not do it under any circumstances.  Somehow  the picture was retweeted across the Internet.  Now there are calls from me to step down as leader of the Tanner Brigade.  Let me state first of all, that is not a picture of me.  There are plenty of adorable, fit, super sexy Yorkshire Terriers out there and that could be any one of us. Oh all right.  That is me.  I mean who am I trying to kid?  Who else could be that adorable? But I don't know how it got tweeted.  My account got hacked, possibly by my jealous sister Pocket, or some evil dog from my neighborhood who doesn't like me peeing on their lawn.  I share this computer with my Mommy and Dadd

Rocco AKA The Rock is our June 5, 2011 pup of the week

A long time ago, in the western United States, there was a dog pack.  This pack was both loved and feared by many.  Their names have faded like the color of leaves in the fall.  You can still hear thiem whispered on the wind:  Fay Fay, Duke, Pepper, Shams, Karma  As mighty as this pack was outside forces drove them apart,  The family had to move from Oregon to Germany.  And Germany does not want our dogs.   Not even are a German Shepherd if you can believe that.  The nerve.  So the pack had to be broken up.  This upset us greatly.  We remember when Fay-Fay gave birth to Karma.  I was so worried I spent the whole night boiling water and ripping up sheets.  Mommy was quite mad at me, but at least her tea was ready.  But back to the Pack:  One by one they had to be found new homes.  And one by one we lost track of our friends. Their parents moved to Germany without any dogs, which personally would be my least favorite way to go to Germany.  They did have cats, but soon they would be

There is something familiar about that new kitty

I have been watching my humans closely and I think they are scheming.  On Friday we had a new kitty join the Brigade.  I don't know what I was thinking when I allowed this, perhaps too many Thirsty Thursday Foleytinis.  But Pocket was surfing on her compeeter when she found out something quite interesting about this kitty.  First of all the kitty's name is Tom Silvia.  Who would name their kitty Tom Silvia?  A cylon.  Exactly.  But there was something about that name that seemed awful familiar.  We started going through the portfolio that we keep on Mommy in case she gets any ideas about withholding kibble.  We checked her known aliases.   Previously she had been known by the last names Cambra, and Silvia!  (This before she was blessed with the name Gay.   Both a noun and a verb.  How useful.)  So this cat, and my Mommy once had the same last name.  How odd.  Pocket began to pant loudly meaning she had found something or peed on the floor again and needed help mov

An invitation to join the Tanner Brigade

I know many of my friends in the blogger community who have read my blog have noticed me reference the Tanner Brigade and may wonder what it is.  The Brigade is an invitation only Ning social network.  It has about 150 close knit members.  We stick by each other in good times and bad.  When one of us is sick the others rally for us, pray for us, give us advice, and most of all support.  We share the best health advice we can, the best information about food, updates about recalls, work on placing homeless dog with no families, do transports, basically everything done here in the blogger community.  We constantly make each other laugh with great blogs.  And when we're lonely all we need to do is go online and see all our friends. We have a number of friends in the blogger community who are members of the Tanner Brigade.  Erin of Freedom to Bark is one of our administers and does all our layouts.  We have, without a doubt, the prettiest dog site, or human site, on the