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Sunday, September 27, 2020

Dallas Gets A Familair New Mom



Dogs are not very good at recognizing our living conditions.  We only have eyes for our parents.  That is why homeless dogs never leave.  All that matters is being with them, even if that means sleeping on the sidewalk.

    Dallas was one of those dogs.  He adored his mom and paid no attention when she aged, her mental condition deteriorated, and she became a hoarder. Although the house was packed to the point Dallas couldn’t find bare floor, and her teeth rotted in her head, while her fur came matted, when she was next to her mom, everything else melted away.

    Recently, Dallas’s mom became quite ill.  She was admitted to the hospital, then told to go home, which proved to be a fatal error, because she passed away a few days later.  Luckily, a relative was checking the house and found her.  The relative called the medical examiner, and then she took Dallas home with her, but only temporarily.

    The woman loved Dallas, but she had a dog who could be aggressive around other animals and did not dare bring the small white dog into her home permanently.   When she called animal control, she received very distressing news.  Because Dallas was a senior, if he were not adopted quickly, he would be sent to the Bridge.  The family was baffled.  What neither they nor Dallas knew was that they had angels they had never met watching over them

Dallas’s mom was cousins with Tori’s mom, Aunt Dee.  She had two mighty angels at the Bridge:  AJ and Sabrina.  They knew their departures had shattered their mom’s heart, which had already been damaged when their dad Ward had to go to a nursing home while battling Alzheimer’s.  There is only one antidote for a broken heart, another dog, and one was readily available in her own family.

The two angels got into their mom’s dreams and told her that she not only had to take Dallas but if she did, it would ease her pain.  Aunt Dee was happy to take the pup.  She would never refuse a dog who required help, but she needed help.  Aunt Dee didn’t have the money to pay for the dental work that Dallas needed, the required grooming, and other medical expenses that could arise when adopting a dog who had not received proper health care.  The people managing Dallas’ mom expenses decided to support her medical needs financially.

They agreed that Dallas would live with Aunt Dee, but they had to transport the pup across half the country to bring her to the forever home.  One of Aunt Dee’s young relatives volunteered to drive him.  That seemed splendid until his mother said she was worried because he inhaled copious amounts of cannabis while operating heavy machinery.  One wrong turn, and they would end up in Mexico.  

People like to say, “Jesus take the wheel,” but he is a terrible driver and has no sense of direction.  It is better to let your angels do it. They always travel safely, never speed, and aren’t afraid to ask for advice because they don’t’ believe it is a bad look for the messiah to admit he is lost. 

AJ and Sabrina made sure that Dallas got to her new home without incident.  Dallas was very quiet upon arrival, and Aunt Dee thought she was a very low key dog.  Of course, Dallas was stoned out of her tree, and once it wears off, more of her true personality may come through, but it was an excellent first meeting if you are not bothered that it was chemically enhanced.

The angels were very pleased with the outcome.  Aunt Dee saved Dallas, and as we know, when you save a pup, they tend to save you too. Their song is just the beginning, but the angels truly believe that Dallas is in the best home he could ever find, and Aunt Dee has another love in her life to protect her heart.  The angels are taking pride in a job well done.


Friday, September 25, 2020

Foley Explains What Happens When an Attaker and Victim Meet at the Bridge


I always celebrate how terrific dogs are. But, some of us do bad things. The worst sin is attacking a dog and sending them to the Bridge. We are not human. We do not take the life of another member of our species regularly. When it happens, the aggressor usually follows their victim to the Bridge, put down by humans. Is the killer dog allowed at the Bridge? And, what happens when he meets the dog whose life he ended? It is a complicated issue.
This past week, in Australia, a tiny dog named Rubin was happily walking down the street, on a leash, with his parents. A large bulldog called Kaos broke free of his parents’ grasp and attacked Rubin, biting and shaking him for more than five minutes before they got Rubin loose. His parents rushed Rubin to the hospital. The vets worked hard to save the smaller dog, but there was too much damage. Rubin passed to the Bridge, much before his time.
The authorities came for Kaos. He found himself in quarantine. A short time later, he went before a group of humans who would decide his fate, so much for a jury of our peers. They determined that Kaos was a threat to the health and safety of the residents. Kaos went to the immortal side as well.
When Kaos started to cross the Bridge, he encountered a panel of inquiry, composed of angel judges, including me. We would decide if Kaos could cross onto the immortal side or wander in the immortal world as a ghost.
To begin with, Kaos received a chance to explain why he attacked little Rubin. His story was the same as other dogs who found themselves in similar circumstances. It started with his parents, who used a violent method of house training. Dogs adore their humans, and nothing confuses us more than being stuck by our parents. How could you abuse someone who does nothing but loves you?
Dogs like Kaos begin to mistrust everything, including small pups. To exacerbate the issue, Kaos’ parents thought the big boxer was well suited to life as a guard dog. They asked themselves what did a guard dog do, and they answered that they attack. They worked very hard to make Kaos overly aggressive. That attitude left them with expensive fees to pay the vets who worked so valiantly in trying to save Rubin and an empty dog bed where Kaos used to sleep.
We judges were all moved by Kaos’ tale. What happened was not his fault, but that of his parents, who found themselves with a love bug and desired to turn it into a killing machine.
But we were not the ones who would determine Kaos' fate. With every such case, it is the victim who became unfairly separated from his family that would decide.
Rubin walked down the stairs from the Doggyspace section of the Bridge where he is assigned. When Kaos saw him, he dropped in front of the smaller dog paws, cried, and begged for forgiveness.
Rubin hugged him, patted the fur made wet from crying, and told Kaos he is forgiven. He nodded to us that he approved of Kaos earning his detachable angel wings. He helped Kaos stand and told him he could spend eternity with his family, never to be subject to be his parents’ cruelty. Paw and paw, they crossed to the Bridge into the next kingdom.
Rubin knows there is no more significant superpower than forgiveness. If only the humans knew that. They would stop trying to fly.

Thursday, September 24, 2020

Pocket Tells the Tale of River and the Golden Turkey Egg


My parents are starting to go out more.  I don’t know if it is any safer out there, but regular schedules are being adhered to again.  My Dad even went back to work, although he has to wear a mask more than Johnny Bench. When my parents both go out, they assume River and I wait in the house but somedays my sly sister has other ideas.

    On Saturday, my parents went out, and once their car disappeared around the corner, River freed me from my crate and told me to follow her.  I knew this was a bad idea, having been dragged on many a foolish Foley adventure, but I went along because I am the big sister and obligated.  River said we were going into the woods surrounding our development to find where the turkeys’ nest is, and locate the golden egg, a legend in Brussels Griffon circles going back to their origins.  

    We snuck out the front door, and crossed the road, went through neighboring back yards, and then crept down a path into the woods, where the turkeys nested.  River remarked that the birds would go out hunting soon, and then we would raid the nest and steal the egg.

    The turkeys soon strutted away, and we came out of our hiding spot and walked to the big nest  River began digging in it until her claws hit something solid.  She saw a glint of gold, then announced she had found it.

    The problem was that the golden egg was half-buried in the ground.  River tried to dig it out but got winded because she is a flat-faced breather.  She asked me for help.  I declined because I had just had my nails done.  River snapped at me, so I gave in and dug, just to keep the peace.  It took us fifteen minutes to free the egg.

    River had misjudged the size of the egg.  She thought she would be able to carry it, but that proved to be impossible.  She told me that we would have to roll it home.  I replied that we should leave it for another time because we would certainly get caught if we tried pushing it, but River is bigger and more determined than I am.  She convinced me to help her roll it.  We put our tiny front paws on it, dug our back paws in the ground, and pushed.  

    We had only gone ten feet when we heard a squawk and saw a troop of turkeys headed for us.  I tried to run away, but suddenly I was surrounded by two big birds.   I broke like an edgy mob informant and told them it was all River’s idea.  She tried to explain that she had found the egg, and that meant that it belonged to her.  Then River saw a sight she had believed was long in her past.  An angry pecker.  

    When I was confident that River would be a victim of a big pecker for a second time in her life, our Dad appeared, frantically searching for us before Mommy realized we weren’t home.  He burst into the turkey circle, picked up River, and told me to run.  Luckily, the fowl recognized me as a simple-minded patsy and turned their attention to my Dad, with all the prime meat on his legs. 

Our Dad ran home with the turkeys pecking his legs and ripping off bits of skin.  I was proud of him.  He didn’t fall despite losing all the skin on his legs.   He got home bloody and covered in feathers.  He had to throw out his pants, order the same ones from Amazon, and pluck himself, all while Mommy was washing the COVID off her hands.  

I hoped that the close call squashed River’s lust for gold, but I doubt it.  I should let her battle the flightless bastards on her own, but I am a good sister and will join the struggle with her, no matter how futile the quest.  At least it will be a good story.


Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Beat This Caption


 Mom!  Come look!  I told you she wanted to kill me.  She's doing it!


Monday, September 21, 2020

Monday Question

 How do you react when you see a strange human.  Do you go to them, hide from them, jump on them, bark at them, wait patiently for them to come to you?  Please let us know.


Sunday, September 20, 2020

Mattie and the Shadow Method


There are some people who deserve nothing but good, and others who, if a bird pooped on their head every day for a month, it wouldn’t be enough bad tidings to equal the evil they produced.  Our Aunt Jane Marinello warrants more good than any human I have barked about. 

    Unbeknownst to her, she belongs to two Hall of Fames at the Bridge.  She is in the dog mom and the rescuer halls and is very deserving of both accolades.  Not only did she mold two pups, Jackson and Morgan, into being angels that we all look up to and love dearly, but she has also helped dogs find their forever homes.  None more deserving than Mattie.

    Several years ago, Jane befriended a woman who had rescued a sweet little boy named Mattie.  While she cared for the pup, his mom didn’t provide for him, and Mattie was in a bad way.  His mom was in her last days, and Jane took care of her and promised to provide for Mattie when that day arrived. 

    Mattie was crushed when his mom proceeded to the Bridge, but he had Aunt Jane care for him, and more than that, to provide for him.  His matted hair required professionally grooming, and he was in dire need of dental work.  Aunt Jane organized a fundraising page, and her friends readily chipped in because, if she loved a dog, then there must be a lot of good in that pup.

    Mattie came through the dental work like a champ, and he even had nine teeth left after the encounter.  He repeated his performance at the groomer’s, where he had hundreds of knots and tangles addressed, and left with a beautiful coat.

    Aunt Jane would have loved to adopt Mattie, but the circumstances weren’t right.   She found a couple who were eager to have a dog in their life again.  At first, Mattie showed signs of aggression towards men.  But, a loving dad cured him of that.  Soon, Mattie, at the age of ten, had his first proper forever home, and he thrived.  

    For five years, Mattie lived a blessed life with his new mom and dad, and every Sunday, his Aunt Jane visited him.  Seeing him doing so well made her feel like her hard work had been worth it.  Mattie never forgot the woman who gave him such kind parents.  In his heart, Aunt Jane was a second mom.

    Even dogs given a second life only have so many heartbeats.  Mattie fought through his heart issues and measured out his beats, but one night Jackson and Morgan came for him, they crossed the Bridge together, all his pain was gone forever, and he was young again.  

    Mattie was thrilled to see his first mom waiting for him, but he was timid around his dad.  That is when Morgan told me that Mattie’s original father was sometimes mean to him.  He didn’t want to hurt his mom, but eternity with his original dad would be more like being at the other place.

    I discussed the situation with Jackson and Morgan, and we decided to teach Mattie the seldom-used skills of shadowing.  That is when you let your shadow be with people to make them happy, while you stay with who makes you happy.  No one can tell when they are spending time with a shadow, and if you are ever in the same spot, your shadow reunites with you.  

    So Mattie’s original mom is very pleased to have her boy with her every day, and Mattie slips into his shadow to see her several times a week.  Mattie finds it funny his dad is less pleased, but the man is also a couple of outbursts away from being Mattie’s minion.  At night, when Mattie’s shadow rejoins him, Mattie gets a report.  His dad is on shaky ice.  

    And, when their time comes, Mattie can be with his beloved second parents, who gave him such a wonderful life.  Until then, he will shadow his first parents and live with Morgan and Jackson as kings, a reward for a well-lived life.  Being at their house means he can accompany them to visit Aunt Jane every week now, as she did him.

    The wonderful thing about the Bridge is there are no problems, only solutions.

Friday, September 18, 2020

Nothing Can Keep Apart Those Meant to Be Together by Foley Monster


I believe we little dogs have an advantage over large ones when it comes to being adopted.  We live longer, and we are easier to care for.  Plus, huge dogs take enormous craps that weigh six pounds.  The only way big dogs get picked is if someone is looking for that particular breed, or there is something extraordinary about them.

    Very few breeds are as big as mastiffs, which is horrible news for Charlie, who was brought to the shelter after his owner went to the Bridge.  The people at the rescue thought Charlie was the sweetest boy who loved to cuddle, but he was never picked.   I wish people understood that big dog's matter.   

Charlie had prayed to various angels with no progress.  Then his prayers crossed my desk.  I spoke to the other angels and found out what they had attempted.  It was apparent that something drastic needed to be done.  I dream whispered to the producers at a local news station about Charlie, and they became inspired to air a story about him.  Once it was broadcast, applications for adoption poured into the shelter.  

    While the staff at the rescue were pleased that Charle was finally getting some attention, it was bittersweet because they had all fallen in love with the dog who they affectionately called “Charlie Big Head” and hated to see him leave.

    Now that Charlie was popular, I wanted to find him the precise home he required.  I went through the applications and spotted one from a woman named Julie, who had a caretaker, Timothy,  living with her, and he knew Charlie.  The big boy met Timothy when he was a pup, and their relationship grew from there.

    Timothy offered to build a fence for Charlie’s mom strong enough so the 174-pound pup could not breakthrough.  Charlie’s mom asked Timothy to do more, and soon he was living with Charlie and his mom as her caretaker.  When Charlie’s mom passed, the shelter workers asked Timothy to help them get the big dog in the back of their trick to take him away. Timothy, who was headed to a shelter too, until he could find a place to stay, felt like he had betrayed his best friend. When Timothy did not leave with him, he barked mournfully. Timothy could not shake that sound for months.

    Timothy took a job as a caretaker for another woman who also had a mastiff.  This one was named Burt, and Timothy fell in love with him, like he did Charlie.

    Burt traveled to the Bridge in August, leaving Timothy and Lisa broken-hearted.  That is when I made sure Lisa noticed the news story about Charlie.  Simultaneously, Tim was contacted by a friend, who told him that his long lost dog Charlie was on the news.  Timothy rushed to Lisa’s house and saw a rebroadcast, stunned to see  Charlie’s smiling face.  

    It had been nine months since Timothy and Charlie had been separated, and the man was not convinced the dog would remember him.  Charlie was taken to the exercise yard behind the shelter.  Timothy entered from a side gate and yelled, “come here, good boy.”  Charlie’s entire demeanor changed.  He ran towards Timothy, and they were reunited with belly rubs and kisses.

    The next test was for Lisa to meet Charlie.  Of course, she fell in love with him too, and finally, after almost a year, Charlie was sprung from the shelter.  He is home again, playing with Charlie, and snuggling with his mom, just had he did before nine months earlier.

    I think Charlie and Timothy were meant to be together, and I am happy I could facilitate that in some small way.

Thursday, September 17, 2020

When River's Worst Enemy Goes to the Bridge She Must Reevaluate


I was out in the yard, doing my business, when I spotted my rival, the beagle across the street, getting into a car with his parents.  He was probably going on a road trip to pee on a lawn down the Cape.  Good riddance, I thought.  At least my property would be free of his hideous pee for a day. 

I was sitting in the living room when I heard a car door shut across the street and ran to my window to bark at the dog to keep off my lawn.  I saw his parents get out of the vehicle, but not him.  I figured he was having a spa day.  That was good.  He gave off a horrific odor.

I fell asleep and must have missed it when he came home.  But, I knew his morning pee time, and I was up and in my window before it occurred.  The beagle didn’t come out all morning.  Then I saw his parents come and go alone.  My heart started beating rapidly, and I experienced that sick, worried feeling in my belly.  When I saw his dad sadly walking by himself, I knew what had happened.  The beagle would never pee on my lawn again.

I walked into the living room and jumped on the couch, laid down, and put my head on a pillow.  I had wanted this beagle out of my life for so long, and now he was.  Shouldn’t I feel happy for winning out battle?  But, I didn’t. In fact, I felt miserable.

I hated the beagle peeing on my lawn, but I didn’t have any reason to bark at him the way I did.  I wish I had given him a chance when he was mortal.  I knew I had to send him a message, and I was fortunate to have a sister who is a Rainbow Bridge judge and could relay it to him.

I dreamed about Foley, and she appeared.  I told her about the beagle and handed her a message I had written to him.  She swore that she would give it to him and said she would visit me in my dreams the next night to tell me his response.  Foley did not appear for two nights, but she did on the third.  She said she had finally got him the message, and he responded that he always thought I was the funniest dog, and never took a single bark seriously.  I was pleased and wished we could be friends.  Foley said he was a smart and caring boy, but she wished he would stop peeing on her lawn.  Classic beagle!

I decided to make friends with his parents.  I had barked at them as much as I did the beagle.  The next morning I got up and went to cross the street.  I saw a moving truck leaving the house.  They had sold and been going to live somewhere else.  I gave them a wave and hoped they could see me in the rearview.

I swore I had learned my lesson and would be nice to the new people.  I watched them when they moved in.  There was no dog, which was probably good.  I can be unpredictable when there is another pup involved.  Their first day, they sat on their patio, in two metal chairs, with a little table in between them.  The way they were sitting, they were looking right at our house.  I gave them a welcome bark when I went out.  During my next trip, they were still sitting and watching our house.  Then they were doing it at night, and then the next morning.  These people sit all day outside watching our house like we are a freak show, and they are waiting for a performance.  You know, that kind of pisses me off.  Who do they think they are?  I only have had one thing to say to them:  “WOOOOFWOOFWOOFWOOFWOOOO!”












Monday, September 14, 2020

Monday Question


I know, because our parents are obsessed with us, that there are lots of things inside your homes, that represent their pets.  Is there anything outside?  We have a Brussels Griffon lawn flag, a big Yorkie flag, and two decals on the windows of our car.  There is also a Griffon decal on our window, and Mommy wears a Griffon mask when she goes out of the house.  I think that's everything. 

Sunday, September 13, 2020

From Shelter To Home: Sofa Takes the Long Way Around by Foley Monster


When we angels help a dog get adopted, we think our work is done, but sometimes adoption is just the beginning of the problems, not the end.


An Australian Sheperd named Sofa had been praying to us to find the perfect person to adopt her out of the shelter.  It took us a few weeks to find a gentleman who we knew she would love, and he would reciprocate.  Using dream whispers, we led the man to the shelter.  When he saw the dog, he knew she was his soul mate. He filled out the papers and took Sofa from the shelter  We chalked it up as another job well done.


The first thing her dad wanted to do was to give Sofa a walk.  He knew it had to be driving the Australian shepherd crazy not to sniff the wondrous scents on the ground and in the air.  That was his first gift to her.


There are many predators that prey on dogs, and one of the worst is the uneducated, irresponsible owner.  Sofa and her new dad came in contact with one of them, who had let his large dog run unleashed.  It attacked Sofa.  Her dad needed two hands to pull the big dog off of her, and he dropped the leash.  When they have pulled apart, Sofa bolted.  Her father called her name, but since Sofa had only been called it for a few hours, she did not recognize it.


Also, Sofa had never been to her new home.  Even if she could have picked up the scent, she would not recognize it.  She was truly lost.  When her prayers came in, they began as an apology.  She knew we had just found her a parent, and she lost it in the first hour together.  Sofa was sure she would end up in the shelter again and swore to avoid people and stay free.  She thought that even if her dad found her, he would never trust her.


The contrary was true.  Sofa’s dad’s heart was filled with joy the first time he had seen her.  She had instantly become his daughter.  Now she was gone. 


Sofa ran and did not stop.  There were flyers put up around town, and Sofa’s face was posted on the Internet, and that lead to a sighting eight days later.  By the time her dad arrived, Sofa was gone and would keep alluding her searchers for weeks.  


There were more sightings. It became clear that Sofa was only going out at night.  Frustrated, her dad attempted a high tech solution.  He put a trail camera around the wooded area where Sofa had last been sighted.


Sofa proved to be camera shy.  She did not show up on the trail cams. Weeks passed.  Suddenly more sightings came pouring in.  She had expanded her hunting area and was seen in an industrial zone.  A pattern was emerging, and her dad thought he could anticipate her movements.  Then he had a sickening realization.


Sofa hardly knew him.  They only had a half-hour together.  When Sofa looked at him, she would not see her dad, but a stranger.  It seemed hopeless.


We angels had another problem.  Sofa was very skitterish and was worried we were sending her back to the shelter, so she would not listen to us, thinking that we were answering her prayers with fake news.


If we were going to reunite them, we had to be wise.  We dream whispered to him to build a humane trap and where to put it.  He did so, even though it cost him more than a thousand dollars.   He was the one person who lived by the words:  “Money is no object.”


We used a bit of fake news to get Sofa into the trap.  We told her there was delicious food in it.  When the trap closed, Sofa thought we had betrayed her.  But then she saw the man who she recognized, sniffed his comforting smell, and realized we were all trying to help her.  When the trap was open, she ran into her dad’s arms.  


It took more than 80 days to find Sofa.  Most parents would have given up and got another dog.  But Sofa and her dad were such a perfect match he couldn’t give up.


Their reunion has not been easy.  Sofa still is a night owl and hates walking on a leash, but that will come in time.  If a man is willing to search for 80 days for he can surrender a few more training her.


Because they are a perfect match.

Friday, September 11, 2020

A Boy and Pup Made for One Another by Foley Monster


There is nothing I desire more than making a perfect union between a human and a dog, especially when they both need saving.  If one of them is a child, it is even more satisfying.  This week I was able to do that.


    I got a prayer request from a sweet boy named Bentley in Michigan.  He was born with a birth defect that made him incapable of eating.  His parents had to put food in his mouth and then hold it shut, so his body did not reject the nourishment.  He has had two surgeries, and he has gotten stronger, but the defect left him with a cleft lip.


   Because of Bentley’s medical issues, he had a hard time making friends.  He prayed that he could have a dog because they accept and love humans no matter what problems or disfigurements they had.  Bentley was a wise boy.  


    I wanted to find Bentley, a perfect dog, and I located him in a shelter in nearby Michigan.  What made this pup an excellent choice is that he, too, had a cleft lip.  Not only would Bently be getting a best friend, but he would have a companion in a similar situation, who did not let it affect him in the slightest.  


    I dream whispered to Bentley’s dad to go to the shelter and get the dog with the cleft lip.  The next morning I went to the rescue as a ghost to watch their first encounter.  Bentley’s dad arrived and told the workers that he was looking for a chicken to give to his son.  A chicken?  Some people don’t listen, even in their dreams.  


`    I flew to the cage where the poor dog sat patiently and urged him to bark.  When he did, Bentley’s father swung about and noticed the dog with the cleft lip.  He immediately understood this was the dog for his son, which was good news for the boy, and horrendous news for the chickens, but they have their own angels.  I am sure one of them will henpeck me for interfering in a chick adoption, but I can take a few peckers.


    When the boy saw the dog, it was love at first sight.  He named the pup Curtis, and their song began.  I am sure it will have many exciting verses when the two mature and heal together.  Bentley is two, and Curtis is only two months, so they have a long future together.    I wagged my little angel tail when I saw them so happy. 


    That night I talked to Curtis and inquired if any angels had sent him to the shelter in the hopes that he would meet Bentley.  He said it wasn’t; the shelter was just where he had been surrendered.  The bad people who left him behind had no idea the favor they were doing their expendable dog and a little boy they had never met.


    Curtis should heal over time without any medical intervention.  He may have some problems eating and drinking, but nothing debilitating.  Curtis will carry through with aplomb.


    Bentley is due to have several more surgeries.  His prognosis is good, and during his recovery, he now has a best friend who knows what he is going through.  


    Another perfect match brought to you by Judge Foley Monster with a big assist to the fates.


    I hope Bentley and Curtis romp together for a long time.

Thursday, September 10, 2020

After a Long, Winding and Difficult Journey Pocket Announces Tails From Rainbow Bridge III is Available for Purchase.


I am proud to announce that Tails From Rainbow Bridge:  Pups We Lost in 2018 and 2019 is finally available to purchase by clicking the link HERE.  It was a long, twisted route to get this book in print, including subterfuge and me impersonating my sister. 

    Foley has always used Kindle self-publishing to print her books.  She does the writing, and it is up to me to do the hard part, making sure every story begins on a new page, that the picture is under the title and no on the next page, and that they are not too large.  I tell you, writing is the easy part.  Formatting is hell.

    This year Angel Copper told Foley that he would be happy to edit the book, which I am sure everyone who had read Foley’s posts when they were first printed knows is a godsend.  Copper is a fantastic editor, and he improved the book immensely.  

    Once all the edits were made, the book was formatted; an advanced copy was printed and approved by Foley, I informed via e-mail that we were requesting the publisher to put the book on sale.  The next day we got an email saying the work was being held up because everything in it is available online, and they needed approval from the owner of the blog, listed as Judge Foley Monster, to publish.

    This presented us with a couple of issues that made it hard to show that Foley permitted the blogs to be published. 1:  She is a dog.  2:  She is a dead dog.  We might be able to get them to take the word of a dog, but it was doubtful they would listen to a dog who was deceased.

    I saw Foley in my dreams. She told me that I had to meet with the publishers, pretend to be her, and convince them that I had the authority to approve the book being printed.  The good news is that because of COVID; the meeting would be conducted via ZOOM.  The bad news is that I am no Foley.  

    I set up the ZOOM meeting and met with the Barnes and Noble executives.  I told them that I was indeed Foley Monster.  They said that Foley was strong, smart, confident, and articulate.  I peed myself a little and began nervously licking my paw.  After several more questions, I caved and admitted I was not Foley, I was her sister, but I had her proxy, and she said I could publish her work.   The connection went dead, and I did not get an answer.

    We went for a few weeks without getting a response from the Kindle executives.  Foley was afraid that they would never render a decision, and she began to investigate other companies.  She settled on Barnes and Noble’s press and told me to upload her manuscript to them for publishing.

    Everything about the new book had to be reformatted because the template was a different size.  One by one, I went through the 111 chapters and photos to make sure they were all formulated correctly.  Then I had to do a new cover, which was exhausting because it wouldn’t allow me to design one that matched the Kindle cover.   After weeks of working on it, the book was finally ready to be published. The last thing I needed to do was to say the book had not been published anywhere else.  I agreed it couldn’t and clicked publish.

    I got home, opened my email, and saw that Kindle publishing bought my act, and they were now printing our book.  Egads!  Now I had two publishers!  I talked with Foley, and we decided to choose the Kindle book because the proof looked more professional.  I tried to inform Barnes and Noble that we no longer needed the book published, but I got no response.  My gosh!  Now Barnes & Noble will think I am a fraud, and I will never be able to go into their one remaining store in Maine.

    Below I have put a list of chapters so you can see if your angel is featured.   We only get a nickel a book and would have to sell 2,000 to make any money, which isn’t realistic, but that is fine.  We don’t do this for the money, but to honor the dogs and parents we have lost.  That is better than getting paid.

    I hope you enjoy Foley’s latest book, and we are happy to present it to you.  Sorry for the long wait.

    Note:  Below is a list of the dogs and stories featured in the book.   The table of contents needed to be updated one more time, and I did fix it in the Barnes and Noble edition, but not in the Kindle.  Chapter 22 has been removed at Copper’s suggestion because it had to do with a dog rescue from a bad parent, and three other names listed in bold are not listed in the table of contents.  

    Now I am going to lie down.  Being Foley is hard.

  1.     Pepper                           
  2.     Ginger Lynn                             
  3.     The Power of One        
  4.     Atlas and Bosco            
  5.     A Visit from Barney    
  6.     Abigail                             
  7.     Holly                              
  8.     Meow Meow and Kit Kat 
  9.     Shiloh                            
  10. Sarge                            
  11. A Picnic with Lovey        
  12. Guinevere                      
  13. Raiding the Kitty Kibble  
  14. Hunting the Great Gorilla
  15. Prince                            
  16. Battling the Dream Monster 
  17. Saving a Street Dog       
  18. Hobo Hudson in Twilight 
  19. Jackie                            
  20. Shiloh Finds Dakota       
  21. Hannah Banana              

  22. Daisy                             
  23. Hobo                             
  24. Casey                            
  25. Scooter                         
  26. Stella Rose                    
  27. Reba Messina’s Pet Dragon
  28. Presley                          
  29. Finding Hope                 
  30. Lil’ Girl                           
  31. Bowie and Layla             
  32. Jewel                             
  33.   Heart Memories             
  34.   Lucy                             
  35. Summer                         
  36. Wishbone                      
  37. Rainbow Beach              
  38. Moose                           
  39. Sully                              
  40. Summer Finds Music      
  41. Bailey                            
  42. Hobo Hudson’s Dog Finder 
  43. Jake                              
  44. Mia                                
  45. Bretagne                        
  46. Fallon                            
  47. The Day of Sake’s Life   
  48. Muffin                            
  49. Madi                              
  50. Felix                              
  51. Bishop’s Promise           
  52. Axel and Harlee              
  53. Chase and Gucci            
  54. Achilles is Fighting Back
  55. Butkus                           
  56. The Thanksgiving Dinner
  57. Jake the Rake                  
  58. The Freezing Shih-Tzu    
  59. Christmas Decorations   
  60. Josie                             
  61. Koda                             
  62. Stocking the Sleigh        
  63. Duffus                           
  64. Sam and Cosmo            
  65. Peco                             
  66. Max                               
  67. Lady                              
  68. Gordo                            
  69. Maybe I’m Amaised                    
  70. Petey                             
  71. Marshmallow                  
  72.   Fudge                           
  73.   Belle                            
  74.   Liqo                             
  75.   Maverick                      
  76.   Dudley                         
  77.   The School Scandal                 
  78.   Gracie                          
  79.   Maverick’s Mission       
  80.   Tiara                            
  81.   Hazel                                       
  82.   Sabrina                                    
  83.   Pokey Who Said No     
  84.   JuJu                            
  85.   Barry                            
  86.   Sebastian and Noah     
  87.   Hazel and Bobo           
  88.   Layla the Coyote Fighter
  89.   Roxy                            
  90.   Gritt                             
  91.   Sophie                         
  92.   Rosco and Willie           
  93.   Moose and the Big Three  
  94.   Dog Hashtags              
  95.   Scooter Lawson                        
  96.   Bella                            
  97.   Ranger                         
  98.   Tucker and Cosmo                   
  99.    Angel Tiara’s Big Surprise
  100.    Rex Mi Amor            
  101.    Thor                         
  102.    Angel                       
  103.    Dogs Lengthen Life  
  104.    Harley                      
  105.     Tess                            
  106.   A Final Visit                 
  107.   Geordie                         
  108.   Tweedles                        
  109.   Bentley AKA Sir Licks A lot       
  110.   Petey Finds a Lily Rose   


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