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Playing blog tag with Koli and Feli, and tagging two French Bulldogs

I checked out my good friend Koli’s blog a few days ago.  Koli said he loves to play tag.  Pocket like to play chasing games.  I like games where I get picked up, snuggled, and give licks.  So I am thinking oh Koly you sucker. The idea of Koly getting tagged amused me.  And then I got to the end of the blog and found out that Koly tagged me.  Oh boo laa laa.   Then Pocket reminded me that I am considered a senior dog and I said, wait a minute, I think I can tag, I think I can tag, i think I can tag, I think I can tag, I can tag!  Look at me tagging! After exhausting myself I re-read the blog and found out it was blog tagging.  Wow it was like reading War and Peace then finding out there was a movie.  So I have to answer some questions to qualify to tag someone else.  So here we go.   #1: Describe yourself in 7 words Beautiful Yorkie Lollipop Queen of all media #2: What keeps you up at night? Human farts.  Can we talk?  If you slee

Thank you Mr Tunes you wonderful breed of a dog

Look at the wonderful gift Mr. Tunes sent to us.  The picture does not do it justice (my photographers are terrible.) Thank you so much Tommy and his very well trained Dad Steve.  This meant a great deal to us.  We are blessed to call you our friends.  You  fill the hearts of all your friends with love and understanding.  We are all dogs who sometimes stray but you are our Shepard always leading us to peace and safety.  We are so proud to have the privilege to call you friend. 

Erin and Max are our February 26, 2012 pups of the week

We recognize two pups this week.  Two pups who will probably never read this.  Two pups whose Moms won’t be able to read this either.  If a pup of week is recognized in a forest and they aren’t there for the ceremony do they know it?  Doesn’t matter.  When it comes to pups of the week I go by my heart.   One of these pups you have never (excepting one.)  The other you know well but haven’t seen in a long time.  And I owe tracking them down to the intrepid Hobo Hudson.  If you are unfamiliar with his wonderful writings you can read them here , and his Mom’s columns here .  Both are very informative. While Hobo is as good a dog who has ever barked a tree we are here to thank him, not to honor him. The first is the dog we have never met.  His name is Max.  He doesn’t have a computer profile anywhere.  He is Interneterlly homeless.  But when it comes to real homes he is very lucky.  His name is Max and he is the brother of one of our most beloved Bridge friends:  Ladybug

Foley learns she is a Senior Dog

It was an average Saturday night.  I was surfing the Internet looking for images of dogs in submissive poses when I incorrectly pawed the search engine and found an article on how to care for your senior dog.   I have never considered myself a senior.  I am young, spry, have a cutting edge sense of humor, I am down with the the snizzle, and can more than handle my four year old sister.  I am still in my prime. But according to this article not only was I no longer in my prime, I was four years past.  I read in disbelief that dogs become Seniors at age seven.  I am close to lapping Senior.  What comes after Senior?  Senor Wences?  If you understand the reference, you are a Senior. Something this article says that I do agree with is that I need more attention and care.  I should get more lap time.  I should get all the belly rubs.  Pocket is four.  She should spend her days hunting and gathering.  She is in her prime.  She should be giving me portions of her food.  Sh

Shiloh is our February 19, 2012 Pup of the Week

Blogs like this are my favorite to write..  I enjoy it because there is not a touch of sadness in this.  It is about joy, and about the wonderful endeavours that same pups do for no other reason than just to put a smile on another pup’s mug.  Sometimes, in the hard times, there are no better gifts we can give than smiles.   Shiloh the Star Gazer has set out on a quest to put smiles on as many pups faces as possible.  She has done so by reaching out to our friends for help.  And she wisely used subterfuge to get it done. She wanted to do a picture books for two pups.  The wonderful Tommy Tunes and the noble Leo the Chow.  But how do you keep a secret like that?  Well, I don’t know if she looked to the stars for answers of if she is the most clever pup there is.  She told Leo they were doing a book for Tommy, told Tommy they were doing a book for Leo, and then contacted all their friends and told them to not whisper a word,  but she was actually making books for both of

Another addition of Foley Monster the Human Whisperer

1)  Start training your humans early on.  While old people can be taught new tricks, it is best to start training your human as soon as you get home.  Whether you are a puppy or a rescue as soon as you get home pee and poop on the floor.  They will not get mad at you because you are either a cute puppy or have gone through so much as a rescue.  Now it is important to remember to continue to pee and poop every few days.  Don’t do it everyday, it is imperative for your parents to believe you are “almost getting it.”  After awhile they will just decide you are “one of those dogs who has accidents now and then” and, if it’s raining, or cold, or you’re just not in the mood, you can go to the bathroom without going outside   2) Train your human gently and dogely, using positive, motivational methods.  Make sure your tail is always upright and wagging, your nose is always cold and you have a smile on your face.  Be ready to give your human sweet kisses when they fill your