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Twas the Night Before COVID

Twas a week after Christmas and all through the house. The decorations were taken down by an unjolly louse. The masks were hung by the front door with care. With hopes that the COVID vaccine would soon be available there. Two dogs were in bed, River above the covers and Pocket below.  When River thought they heard a tiny hello.  River lifted her head,  sniffed, then said, "oh snap." She stepped on Pocket, waking her from her late-night nap. In the living room, River heard a definite hiss. And with Pocket jumped down to see what was amiss. Off to the living room, they made a mad dash. To sniff around the sofa and out of habit one another's ass. The room was lit by moonlight reflecting on the snow. And Pocket worried because the cold weather made her have to go. Then their sniffing noses made it all clear. The CORONA Virus on a recliner drinking beer. River knew from senses unseen.  That it was the dreaded COVID 19. More sickening than the Grinch, it hissed and drank its be

Wordless Wednesday


Beat This Caption

  I went for a run in the snow and got attacked by marshmallows.

Monday Questions

  Do you have any New Year's Resolutions?

A Foley Christmas Carol

When Edwin Snout was a boy, he had a remarkable beagle for a best friend named Benji.  Edwin grew up in his family's mansion without friends.  The product of uncaring parents, all he had to love was his little dog.  When Edwin was 15, Benji went to the Bridge. It changed Edwin's heart forever. As he grew into adulthood and beyond, whenever he saw a person with a dog, he was filled with jealousy. He hated the people who owned them,  and he came to hate the dogs too. Now, decades later, two pups lived on the same street as Edwin.   He was annoyed by their barking, and when one of them pooped on his grass, Edwin called the police and demanded that the dogs be confiscated.  The families were upset that they wouldn't have their dogs for Christmas, but Edwin said it served them right.  Benji was dismayed by her former friend’s behavior.  She came to me with an idea.  Benji would pop into Edwin’s dreams and tell him that he would be visited by three spirits representing his pa

Shiloh Saves Christmas

  When I last left you, my sisters had ruined Christmas when, after forcing Santa to undergo a test for the dreaded 19 and finding that he had the disease, River chased off the reindeer stranding St Nick at our house on the Knoll. My sisters made the right decision and contacted me.  When they told me about their difficulty, it made me understand why something had happened earlier in the week.   Three days before Christmas, one of our Original Doggyspace alums, the beautiful, soulful, kind, funny, supportive pitbull named Shiloh, crossed the Bridge after wrestling with lymphoma for months.  She even had the dreaded disease defeated earlier this year until it rallied back in mid-December.  I didn’t know why she was chosen to come to the Bridge during Christmas week, but as my sister told me of their dire predicament, it became more apparent.   There was a massive celebration of love, sorrow, happiness, and reconciliation at the Bridge when Shiloh reunited with Hattie, Benji, Felix,

Foley Writes About How Pocket and River Ruined Christmas

  Things at the Bridge can get a little timey-whimey, especially at Christmas time.  You may be reading this before it happened.  It is just like how things occur in Australia before they do here.  Think of Rainbow Bridge as being just east of the Great Barrier Reef.  It is the place where things happen first.     River and Pocket pledged to wait up for Santa this year.  They didn’t do it to see the magical elf or to be the first in line for presents.  My sisters take their role as family protectors seriously, and they were not allowing anyone to enter the house if they suffered from the Horrible 19 virus.  River put her worries into words:  “With all the milk drinking and cookie eating, without handwashing, the fat bastard was bound to pick something up."     To prepare for their night, River Song and Pocket watched Home Alone.  After my parents fell asleep, my sisters crawled out of bed and hopped onto the floor.  River had confiscated wire to help them capture the Big Man. 

Wordless Wednesday


Beat This Caption

  Despite several recounts and lawsuits, all ending in failure, Lil Donny still insists he won Westminster 

Monday Question

  Did your parents have to change their Christmas plans because of the Wicked 19?  Will the plans be good or bad for you?

Tails From Rainbow Bridge: Piper Tries to Fly Homes

  Today, I got a prayer request from my good friend Lightning of The Chronicles of Woos Blog.  My buddies there had a tumultuous year, COVID, lockdown, and Presidential politics aside.  Against all odds, having survived separation, several surgeries, and illnesses, the Roos dogs were together for Christmas. A week before the grandest holiday of all, I got a message from my friend Lightning telling me something was amiss.  I went to him immediately. I had hoped my friends would get a quiet Christmas. Lightning’s summons made me realize that wish, like so many in 2020, would be denied.   When I accessed Lightning’s dreams, he told me why the request:  His beloved bird Piper had gone to the Bridge. “You have taught us how winged creatures can fly back and forth from the Bridge.” Lightning said. “I was hoping Piper could come home for Christmas to surprise my parents.” I was given the unenviable task of informing Lightning that while Piper was a bird, he was not eligible to come back an

Tails From Rainbow Bridge: Bella Learns to Love Again

  Bella vowed to be loyal to her owner, even though he hit her, left her locked outside in cold weather, and fed him heaping amounts of expired Old Roy dog food.  Then came the trip to K-Mart.      Bella was excited to go for a car ride.   She thought it was the perfect opportunity to bond with her dad.  When they reached the plaza, the man got out of the car, grabbed Bella by the scruff of the neck, threw her from the vehicle, and sped off, abandoning the German Shepherd puppy.       Despite the abuse and neglect, Bella still felt like she had failed in her sacred duty, and she was disqualified from having a family again. Bella knew that people would try to woe her to live with them, but she would not let this happen.  She couldn’t fail again.  Bella managed to live in the parking lot and avoid humans for a year.  She experienced one of the harshest winters outside with little shelter.  Bella considered it her punishment for failing her family.      Bella survived thanks to the k

River, Pocket and the Santa with the Poor Hands

  On a Saturday last year, when their parents were shopping, Pocket and River Song downloaded themselves to the local PetSmart.  Word had gotten back to them that Santa would be there.  They wanted to get a photo with the big man and give him their Christmas lists.     They landed in the office, which was, thankfully, for them, empty.  The tiny, dastardly duo found themselves locked inside and had to bark without abandon to draw the attention of the confused manager, who opened the door and freed them.     The manager gave chase, determined to find who belonged to these two troublesome dogs, but Pocket and River are Hide-n-Go Seek masters and scurried into the food section, crawled on to the bottom shelf, and wedged themselves behind bags.  While they were waiting for the search to cease, Pocket heard crunching.  River Song had ripped open a bag and was helping herself.       When the manager gave up the hunt and returned to her duties, Pocket came out of hiding, then had to wait

Wordless Wednesday


Beat this Caption

  Anthony, have you used my computer to download porn?  Well, there is porn on my computer, and I didn't put it there.  Do you expect me to believe it just magically appeared? 

Monday Question

  What is your most common sleep position?  Stretched out?  On your back?  Curled in a ball?  On your side?  On your tummy?   If you sleep with your parents or another dog, do you snuggle with them, or do you need a break from them at night?

Tasha's New and Vitally Important Job

  Sometimes, dogs are more used to their parents as an angle than with them on the mortal side.  It is a hard day when one gets their assignment to go to the Bridge because no dog wants to leave their parents, but if they are needed on the other side, they go without complaint.  Such is the life of one who has taken a sacred oath.      Two of my favorite parents, Myssy and Don Sullivan, have been fated to suffer from more medical problems than a wet monkey on a rock.  Whenever they seem to be getting ahead, they get yanked back.  Loyal angels at the Bridge who used to live with them have come to their air because they love them and are extremely committed to their healing, but lately, the angels have become overwhelmed. They fight the demons that relentlessly pursue their parents.  But recently, the demons have been getting the upper hand.     The angels formed a committee to discuss how best to manage the duo’s illnesses, and they decided that their brethren were getting overwhelme

Tales From Rainbow Bridge: Gunner's Big Birthday Party

    Sometimes, even with angels intervening, heartbeats being borrowed, and millions of prayers, final wishes are not granted.   Sweet Gunner yearned to make it to his tenth birthday.  There was a big party planned.  As much as he would love the attention and the gifts, he knew his birthday bash would lift his parents’ spirits and be a needed distraction from COVID.  But, often, fate is cruel. It was Gunner’s destiny to fall just short of his tenth birthday.     Gunner fought so hard to make it to this important date that he had no more energy left and slipped into a coma.  His mom couldn’t bear to see him suffer and aided his journey to the Bridge just days short of the targeted tenth birthday.      Gunner’s angel siblings, Maria, Mia, and Mabel, wanted to do something special for their sweet brother.  Since he was denied his birthday party, they tried to throw him the biggest party in the bridge’s history.  We all love a celebration, so we agreed and got to work on the bash. We sc