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Benji, the Prince of the Rescues

I admire people who foster dogs. They save them from a hopeless future, help them become family dogs, do the most challenging thing, say goodbye to them, and let another family have the extreme pleasure of welcoming them into a forever home.  The Nazario's dogs' mom Christine has welcomed several dogs into her home, and with the help of her pups, she has made them ready for adoption. One of her best teachers is a Shih Tzu called Benji.   Benji became the head foster teacher in the family and a much-loved member. He has the adorable Shih Tzu look with deep brown eyes, and he looks like she could have come from the same litter as my sister Blake. Benji himself began his life with another family. When they moved and could not take Benji with them, they were fortunate to be neighbors with the Nazarios, who happily took Benji into their family, where he lived for many years. It is never positive when your family leaves you, but it can be a blessing when a family like the Nazarios is

Monday Question

     How do you feel about having your paws touched? Who cuts your nails" During the procedure do you cooperate are freak out? River's Answer:  I don't mind having my feet touched. My groomers do my nails and I trust them.

The Worst Day in a String of Worst Days

    The text I got on my I-Paw first stunned me and broke my heart. The Powers asked me to gather two dozen dogs good with children and go to the human side. All dogs love kids, but I picked out the 12 with the most experienced, and we walked to the human side. This was one of the worst days any angels had ever experienced, because it is part of a recurring nightmare, and each one is scarier than the last. We all stood, some crying, others looking down until we saw the woman leading 19 children by the hand, in a link, over the Bridge, as they often did, on field trips or coming inside from recess.   There is often joy when a soul passes, and they are free of pain, stress, sickness, and can be young again. Coming to the Bridge is a reward for a long-lived life but a penalty for those who had barely started living. There is no happiness when a child passes. The future they were to have and the children and grandchild that would have followed would never be. Generations have been snuffed

Poetry Thursday

  Each week Sammy posts a picture to inspire his friend poetry Here is this week's photo Stacey had prayed for a sibling for a long time When she finally got one she promised to dress it sublime She got her mom's high heels, and a fluffy dress So sure the baby would look better than the rest She stood the baby up and it took it's first walk She was so pleased she hoped to teach it to talk It clomping around upstairs got her Dad's attention And he hurried upstairs swearing these kids gave him hypertension He saw what Stacey had done with the baby And saw paying for years of therapy He said his daughter with little joy That the kid in the heels was a little boy

Peco and the Hard Part

  Sometimes surviving is harder than passing over the Bridge.       Three years ago, Tommy's mom passed, leaving him heartbroken. She left her most cherished possession with him, her darling dog Peco Dee.       In the beginning, it was hard for both of them as they tried to find their particular way through grief. Then they learned to walk it together, to help each other over the rough passages, until they came out the other side, no longer brothers, but as father and son.        Peco was a well-known pup on social media. He began his own Facebook page, called Dog Euphoria, and drew 14,500 friends. He began posting while his mom was alive, and when she passed, her Dad Tommy continued doing so. Every day, Peco brought needed smiles to people, even if it was just a picture of his sweet face.       When his mom passed, Peco was anxious to follow her into the dark, but his mom visited him in his dreams and said as much as she missed him, she wanted him to stay to help her son

Beat This Caption

  From the makers of Hush Puppies it's Clingy Kitty

Monday Question

 Do you enjoy anything odd for a treat? I like ice chips. Nothing too big, but nice and cool on my tongue. I don't seem to understand I am just getting water.  

Jolie's Song is Sung

  Jolie, Jolie, Jolie, Jolie The Princess of our hearts, please don’t go Jolie, Jolie, Jolie, Jolie Off to Rainbow Bridge, you had to go I don’t know why I am singing. It has been a sorrowful time here as I have had many good friends crossing over the Bridge, leaving the most broken hearts since Bobby Sherman married. After a long battle with illness conducted to stay with her family and having a mom who could not bear to see her suffer any longer, Princess Jolie came to Rainbow Bridge this week. Jolie was the Princess of her kingdom, which consisted of her house, yard, and neighborhood. It may not be as large as other kingdoms, but it is bigger than any nation when you are a tiny dog. Your beauty is beyond compare With stunning locks of black hair With alert ears and eyes of deep brown pools Your smile is like a breath of spring Your bark is like a steady summer rain And no dog could compete with you, Jolie Whi

Poetry Thursday

   Welcome to Poetry Thursday presented by Two Spoiled Cats     Here is the photo chosen for us      And here is our poem  Two sisters, long haired and strange Heard their favorite singer would be playing and tickets they did arrange His manager always looking for some freaky ladies And would be willing to do acts that they perform in Hades Soon the three were in his hotel room all nude And, in crude terms, they all screwed They tied him up with their hair so long And twisted in knots his mighty schlong Once secure they drank his blood It was the a torrid night for the young stud To recover he spent a week in the hospital And was treated for several diseases termed transmittal Two years later he came back to town And the sister wondered if they should go down Unsure of what to do the two discussed If the singer could possibly ever remember us   PRESENTED BY RIVER THE ARISTOCRAT SONG    

A Rainbow Bridge Westie Reunion

  When I arrived at the Bridge, I knew that I had chosen to become a judge, which meant I would be giving the angel oath to dogs who passed over the Bridge. I viewed it as welcoming souls to their new life without pain and suffering, but I had not counted how much the job would deal with those things. Some passings are joyful, like Pokey, who reunited with his mom despite leaving a thousand broken hearts behind on the mortal side. Others are sad because pets are separated from their parents, and other passings provoke outrage. That was how I felt when I heard about the newest angel crossing the Bridge. Bentley had been at the Bridge for less than a year. His passing broke his mom Madison's heart, but he knew that he left her in the capable paws of his brother Winston. Little did he know that Winston's song would soon be ending. When you love someone, you give them a part of your heart,  including their pet siblings. And when Bentley came to the Bridge, Winston fo

Aslan Changes the Rules

  At first, the Bridge was designed to have each species in its specific area. But, as the age of humans began to arrive, they chose to live with other lifeforms. When they went to the Bridge, they told the angels that it would not be Happily Ever After if they weren't allowed to live with everything they had loved while mortal. That is when there was intermingling in the areas, and everyone lived happily ever after.   But, it is not just humans who go to the Bridge while we wait for our parents, dog, cats, and other pets to live in their own sections. But animals love more than just their own kind. Dogs and cats can be as close as two of the same type, so some dogs lived in Kittyspace, and cats lived with us in Doggyspace. Then my cat friend Paddy O'Malley suggested we create land in between.   The Bridge is constantly expanding because of a continuous line of souls crossing over, especially in the a

Pocket the Princess

  I was sitting on a pony trying to balance while holding a lance as a giant galloped towards me, intent on knocking me off and sending Pocket and me to boiling oil and prison.  The only advantage I had was my lack of size. I bent over the horse's neck as the Giant passed me, and his lance grazed over my head.  This occurred several times as the Giant came closer to knocking me off with each pass. Also, I had no offense, so it was a matter of time before I was knocked off.  Pocket knew we were in danger, so she ran across the field and nipped at the Giant's horses' hooves. The stallion, not familiar with such a tiny dog, was startled and reared up on its back leg. The Giant was unable to hold on and crashed to the ground. We were victorious.  The Giant, who was undefeated, challenged the outcome saying Pocket illegally interfered. The king was ready to make a ruling when a prince stepped forward and said Po

The Sandcastle

  Pocket came home covered with sand. Blake, who never gets angry, was annoyed that she had to clean the floor again after doing it a few hours earlier. Out of all your dogs, she is the most like her mom. Pocket doesn’t like getting dirty, so her being sandy is strange. The next day she got up early and slipped out of the house. I am a sensitive sleeper and heard her jump down, so I followed.  She walked down to the beach and stopped by a massive sandcastle. I didn’t mean to expose myself, but I was shocked when I sat it and barked at Pocket, asking if she had built it.  Pocket was startled when she heard me, then ran into the sandcastle. I followed her into the entrance and found myself in a giant foyer lit by candles on the wall. I called her name and then saw a suit of armor on the wall moving, and I told Pocket to take it off and stop being silly. Suddenly the knight removed a sword and thrust it at me.  “Pocket! What are you doing?” I asked, then I heard a yip behind me,

Sabrins Lends a Paw

  I thought there would be no money or an economy to worry about when I crossed the Bridge. For the average Angel, that is true. Yet every civilization has a currency that it uses to function, and for centuries it was managed poorly. But then Hobo Hudson came to the Bridge.  Hobo went from a dog who spent all his time tied to a tree to becoming part of a beautiful family, an author, and an extraordinaire business dog. His investments in the bone market were equivalent to JP Morgan. He became the richest dog in town and strengthened the dog economy.  When he got to the Bridge, I told my old friend it was time for him to rest, but after a couple of days, he grew restless and needed to put his mind to work. He inquired about the Bridge's governing budget, and I told him I didn't know but would check. I discovered our accountant, a wise owl, had flown the coop, and the position of Bridge Treasurer was open. I recommended Hobo, who was gratefully welcomed and soon got to work b

Poetry Thursday

    Each week Angel Sammy posts a picture to inspire us to write a poem This is this week's picture And this week's poem  I built a new pharmacy which I put all my money on But where have all the customers gone? I set the new hours, we would be up by dawn But where have all the costumers gone? You can buy polish for your french horn Food for your swan A chess set with an extra pawn But where have all the costumers gone? You can buy medicine to make you yawn, swan, fawn and to help when you're withdrawn  Supplements that will build your brawn so you looks like a 1992 Mo Vaughn But where have all the customers gone? Then I learned there was a new CVS across the lawn No chairs no ice cream,no copies of Manon Just a place where out of networks customers are drawn That's where all the customers have gone.   

Wordless Wednesday Courtesy of O Dani Girl


Beat This Caption

 Being insecure about his hair, and unable to afford a toupee, before his big date Claude had to improvise

Monday Question

  Do you get the same kibble, canned food, or homemade food a week, or do your parents give you variety?

Max's Law

  Abandoned by his family and left to his own devices on Texas streets, Max vowed never to trust another human. He would have continued on that path for the rest of his life except for the determination of one mom.    When Mama Gail saw Max on the streets, she tried to lure him into her home with food left for him on her steps. He would gladly partake of it if another stray didn’t get it first. When Mama Gail approached Max, he skedaddled. And yet the lady persisted.    Slowly Mama Gail built trust with Max until he relented and joined her happy pack of dogs. He perfectly fit in the pack and Mama Gail’s heart.    Max was still filled with wanderlust and always attracted to the open road making his mom diligent about closed gates and open doors. But he now loved and trusted another human, something seemingly impossible when he ran the streets.    Max came into Mama Gail’s life in middle age, which means h

Friday Fill Ins

      Here are the fill ins from out friends  Four-Legged Furballs and 15andMeowing.   My answers are in red    1. I am running low on patience with my family when it comes to late dinner time. I am a well oiled machine that means constant maintenance.  2. I never run out of attitude.   3. I work best when my belly is full and I am not annoyed. 4. It is impossible for me to be caught me by surprise. I know all and see all. I am like a Ninja. A very small, sleepy, well fed Ninja.