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A Mother and Child Reunion

   It was nearly five years ago when my mom got a text from Miss Laura stating that she was afraid her heart dog Pokey didn’t have long left and would need emotional support when he departed. My mom said, of course, she would be there. We had the privilege of meeting Pokey and Miss Laura in their inviting home two years before. She, Pokey, Maggie, and Toby were the only online friends I had ever met in person. By the time Miss Laura asked for help, I was already at the Bridge. Still counting Pokey as one of my best friends, I flew down as a ghost to see him. I asked Pokey if he was ready for the Bridge, and he insisted he could manage the pain and tiredness he was experiencing. “I can’t leave now,” he whispered, “my mom couldn’t survive. He assured me he would be fine. Then, we had no idea that Miss Laura would tragically go to the Bridge within a few years, leaving her three dogs behind. I flew down to comfort my grieving friend, who had lost his reason to fight off hi

Poetry Thursday

     Angel Sammy and Teddy gave us this photo as inspiration for Poetry Day We have to go the doctor's today Timmy his mom said Timmy didn't want to so he hid under the bed By the time she got him out they were late Which was terrible news since doctors have so much on their plate They sat in the waiting room as time passed by Timmy was so bored he wanted to sit and cry His mommy saw the hobby horse and told him to give it a ride And he liked it so much he stayed there for all the time required Minutes became hours which became days While Timmy kept riding away Until he was finally seen for five minutes and sent home They had been there longer than the rise and fall of Rome They had been there so long they had greatly aged And from their seats they could not get unengaged His mom had no choice but to drag him home He rode his pony, now with white hair on his dome A trip to the doctor is now so full of strife To get in the exam room you have to waste your life.           

Sugar Sings a Song for Junior

  Life is a song that, if you're blessed, is long, sweet, and touches that heart. Sometimes it is ugly, brutish, and short. But they all leave a mark.    All songs must end so another can start. As much as we miss the melody, the ending provides us a chance for another song to begin. It will surely be different, but you'll learn to love it as much as you did its predecessor.    Junior had one of the most beautiful songs I have ever heard. It was so moving that it seems impossible now that it has never appreciated another tune again.    When they are mortal, all dogs are musicians playing their songs. But when they transition to the Bridge, they become conductors searching for a soul to play their music.    Truthfully there is only an audience for one who the song is written for. That is the parent who can never hear the music again, although the memory lingers like a heartwarming earworm that si

Beat This Caption

  Coming to Broadway this summer:  Zero Mouflon in Tapir on the Roof

Monday Question

  Have you ever heard a noise, or seen something, that made you think you are getting a visit from the spirit side? \\ River's Answer:  Pocket used to jump out of bed at night. She made a distinctive sound when her front paws and then her back paws hit the floor. My parents have heard that sound in the middle of the night several times since she passed.

The Scarecrow Part 2

  I was tied to a pole in the middle of a field; I was a Foley crow, determined to get free and make my way home, where I would evict the Scarecrow, stick him back on the pole to which I was attached, and save my family. But first, I had to get down.    Pocket was right about one thing: No one paid attention to a scarecrow. I saw Angel after Angel coming to sniff the grass in the field, and none of them noticed me tied to the pole. Finally, I noticed my friends Hobo and Tommy passing by, and I yelled for help. Hobo has good hearing, but he was confused about where I was until Tommy spotted me tied to the pole. They asked me what I was doing when I told them about the Scarecrow. They untied me while admonishing me for letting him into the house and breaking a critical Angel axiom: Never trust a scarecrow.    Tommy and Hobovolunteered to help me chase the Scarecrow out of my home, but I didn’t want to put them

The Scarecrow

  Sometimes Pocket will join me on my morning walks. Honestly she was my favorite walking partner. She is smaller and doesn’t try to pull me away from my sniffing. We walk with our tails high confidently showing our beauty for the Bridge to see.  One of my favorite spots to sniff is the big field where we grow our crops. It is a popular spot for pee-Mail, and we can smell the food as it grows. Its like sniffing dinner then seeing a show.  In the middle of the field is a scarecrow. It looks at us forlornly as we sniff and pee. I might give it a glance but Pocket stares at it. Finally, I asked her why.  “The Scarecrow looks lonely,” Pocket said.  “How can it be lonely when there are so many birds on it?”  I asked.  “Maybe it would like some friends it could visit. To sit down and have a meal and mostly to get out if the garden.”   I told Pocket to leave the scarecrow alone. She didn’t know why it was a scarecrow. It could be dangerous. Pocket scoffed and said “all r

Poetry Thursday

  Here is our assigned inspiration for this week My pup arrived just the other day He came to the world in the usual way There were bones to eat and squirrels to chase He learned to walk while I slept all day And he was barking 'fore I knew it, and as he grew He'd say "I'm gonna be like you, dad" "You know I'm gonna be like you" And the cat's in the tree  and the hamster a loon Little boy blue and a dog on the moon "Are you going to finish your dinner, dad?" "I sure am" When I am done we will play then You know we'll have a good time then My son turned one just the other day He said, thanks for the ball, dad, come on let's play Can you teach me to chase, I said- not today I’ve got a bone to chew, he said, that's okay And he, he walked away, but his smile never dimmed It said, I'm gonna be like him, yeah You know I'm gonna be like him And the cat's in the tree  and the hamster a loon Little boy blue and

There is Nothing More Important than Teaching a Dog to Come

 A River Song video

Beat This Caption

  After robbing the bone bank Henry's belief that he could not be picked out of a line was quickly refuted.

Monday Question

  Do you twitch like you are running when you dream? What are you dreaming about?…     River's Answer:  Yes, I do, and I am dreaming of waving from a balcony to my subjects

Taz From The 'Burgh Arrives at the Bridge

   It honestly seems like yesterday when we started on dog social media. We were all young with a bright future before us. We created terms like bark out loud, pee-‘Mail, and pawsome. We shared stories of heartbreaks and joy. We all bought into the big lie:  It would never end. We had a lot of friends from the Pittsburgh area, and collectively they were called dogs from the Burg. Two of them belonged to Mama Jill. They were athletes who specialized in agility. It was a far world from mine, where being subjected to watching sports was the closest I got to physical activity. Taz was adopted into the family from a non-sporting background. At first, he didn't take to agility like his brother Einstein did, but he soon learned it made his family happy and was better to perform than to be left home on competition day. The added benefit of extra parent time during training was an additional perk. What Taz truly enjoyed was going hunting with his dad. Walking through words bu

Friendly Friday Fill Ins

       Ellen of 15andmeowing and Lorianne of Four-Legged Furballs , provide Friendly Fill-in questions. Here are this weeks questions with River's answers in red.: 1. I hope the Easter Bunny brings me his big, fat, drunk uncle who I can chase around the yard until I catch it. 2. My favorite part of the Easter ( or Passover) meal is the miracle of ham falling to the floor. 3. I’m most looking forward to continuing my NPE (nap, poop, eat) lifestyle  this weekend. 4. For me, this time of year is my favorite. I get walks again, there are good smells on the ground, my flower friends return, and it is warming up. Go spring!    

Poetry Thursday

    Angel Sammys and Teddys Pawetaton have assigned those in Blogville to test their poerty skills using this picture for inspiration. Mama, Daddy, and their little boy on a pleasant drive "You missed the turn, you ran a light, do you want us all to die?" Daddy kept his hands at ten and two  As he was taught to do But the criticism would not relent "You are going too fast, you are going too slow, you scraped a car and left a dent." In their back the little boy giggled Despite his mom's yelling his belly got a tickle But when he saw their destination he knew what was what They were going to the vet to cut off his nuts.   

Wordless Wednesday Flashback


Beat This Caption

  I knew it. My sister gets knocked up and I have to take care of the kids!

Monday Question

  Do you sit on your parent's feet when they are standing?

Introducing Tinkerbell

  Since her beloved husband Rudy went to the Bridge, Mama Linda's angels Tiara, Trixie, Lovey, and others who preceded them to the immortal life in conjunction with their Dad have been trying to find ways to ease Momma Linda's insurmountable grief.    Their choices seemed limited to dogs. People are not like animals. When you lose a human, you don't go to the rescue and pick out another unless you're on Tinder, the human equivalent of a dog pound full of desperate animals.    Tiara had another idea. She heard her Dad say that their Mom had always wanted a cat but could not have one because he was allergic. "I think mommy would like a kitty," she announced to her pup angels.    "Are you crazy?" Trixie asked, "It was bad enough when you suggested a boy dog. Now a cat? I can just imagine how Teddy will react."     "I will visit him and explain that it will ma

Friday Friendly Fill-Ins

  15andMeowing and Four-Legged Furballs have posted fill in the blanks for me, River Song to answer. My responses are in red.  1. I waste a lot of time waiting for the selfish people I live with to pay attention to me. 2. At this very moment, I’m craving chocolate. I am always craving chocolate and can never have it. It is a curse. 3. Don’t poop until you eliminate witnesses  4. Pee mail makes life interesting.  

Poetic Thursday

BON CHEW & COWCOW   Angel Sammys and Teddys Pawetaton have posted this picture as inspiration for Poetic Thursday     Mary had a little pony Whose fur was black as coal And everywhere Mary went The pony was sure to go It followed her to school every day And despite the staffs effort it would not go away From Grades one to twelve the pony watched class from the window And on graduation day was given a diploma but just for show When she was wed the pony waked her down the aisle And did it with style What no one knew is that the pony did a lot of learning So when the new groom came out for a ride in the morning He said "Hi Eddie, what's new?| And the pony answered: "That's Mr Ed to you."

Wordless Wednesday


Beat This Caption

  Can't wait for GI Jane! That's hilarious. Oh shit, here he comes. Run

The mouse that lived in Santa's butt

  This is the story of Clarence, the mouse who lived in Santa's ass. Last year, when my parents were decorating the Christmas tree, they found many of their cloth decorations had been chewed and gutted to create a nest. The further they explored the tub that Clarence had made home, the more they found other evidence of his existence until they reached the bottom, saw Clarence, and had to set him free outside, robbing him of his home. We had thought, at best, that Clarence had found a new home, and at worse, he was Ugly Joan's Christmas Dinner. But we did not realize the stubborn grey rodent refused to be evicted, moved back into the shed where the tubs were stored, and looked for a new home. When he got back inside, he found all the tubs had been sealed, so he would not be able to move back there. As he searched, he became despondent as little material was there to build a nest. As it darkened, she noticed