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Monday Question

  If you are eating, and someone enters the house, do you keep eating or rush to greet them? River's answer: "I stop eating, look to see who it is they continue to eat and greet them when I am done."

Bailey Arrives at the Bridge and Brings Snow

  To better understand how humans are suffering, we emulate their conditions at the Bridge. While the idea of having Black Russian Terriers attack their peaceful neighbors was thankfully rejected, putting the Bridge in a deep freeze did help us understand the cold had unintended consequences, namely that we had. To properly tell this story, I must first introduce you to Mama Rachel and Papa Robert's first and sweetest foster failure Bailey who came into their home for what was intended to be a few weeks and the charming girl made last a lifetime. When Bailey took sick, she hid her symptoms from her failing foster family. She knew she owed them for her life, so a little pain and suffering in silence was a small way to repay them, And she didn't want them to worry. But dogs can only hide the pain for so long, and eventually, Bailey lost control of her lower body, something even the bravest and slyest of us can hide. Her terrified parents to her to the vet she was di

Friendly Fill-in questions.

Each Thursday Ellen of 15andmeowing and Lorianne of Four-Legged Furballs , provide Friendly Fill-in questions. Here are this weeks questions: 1. _________ is the ________-est I have ever been. 2. I really hate going to _______________. 3. While most people _________, I _________. 4. I’m glad that _________ was invented. Here are River Song's answers: 1.  Pooping in a blizzard is the hardest think I have ever done. 2. I really hate going to the street behind ours where the little black dog is always loose in the yard and getting in the way of completing my steps 3. While most people don't like themselves in public I don't care. 4. I'm glad that bacon was invented.  This is a Blog Hop ! 1. Feline Friday 2. messymimi's meanderings 3. It's a Snap! 4. Phamily Blog 5. My Tata's Cottage 6. Memories of Eric & Flynn 7. Zoolatry 8. bethere2day 9. Amber's Book Review 10. MidWeek News 11. Friends Furever 12. Purrseidon

Thankful Thursday

      It’s Thankful Thursday hosted by Brian of Brian’s Home. He wants us to post what we’re thankful for. Today I am very thankful to announce that I have hired Dani from the O Dani Girl blog as my stylist. Tell me what you think of my new look What are you thankful for today? This is a Blog Hop ! 1. Brian 2. Focus! 3. messymimis meanderings 4. Collettas Kitchen Sink 5. Animal Shelter Volunteer Life 6. Its a Snap! 7. Phamily Blog 8. My Tatas Cottage 9. GET WELL ALL KITTIES 10. O Dani Girl 11. Thankful and Poetic Thursday 12. My GBGV Life 13. Zoolatry 14. Poetic Thankful Thursday 15. Rumble/Purrseidon 16. 15andmeowing 17. Eastside Cats Blog 18. A ShutterBug Explores 19. Comedy Plus 20. Catscue 21. Cloudia Honolulu 22. Rosy - The LLB Gang 23. misadventures of Milo 24. Friendship Friday Blog Hop You are next... Click here to enter This list will close in 6 days, 1 hrs, 15 min (3/2/2022 11:59 PM North America - East

Enzo Arrives at the Bridge

      When Lucky came to the Bridge, he gave me heartbreaking news, Enzo, a renowned business owner, blogger, and champion family dog, who had his own mountain, and two adoring parents, was soon to arrive. It was Enzo's wish to have a garage where he could practice his favorite activity, fixing cars, and all his friends could grab a cup of Joe, sit around, and regale one another with stories. Enzo's friends came together quickly and built his garage in record time. We put a giant "Welcome Enzo" sign over the garage and waited for our friend to arrive. After the third day, his friends grew restless and asked me to keep him. "Oh nothing," Enzo, who had cancer, and in January, was given just a few days to live, said. "I'm going tomorrow, and I am going to be with my parents one more day. " Well, I couldn't deny the great Enzo one more day with his parents. I told the group to prepare for his arrival tomorrow. The sun rose and set w

Beat This Caption

  Unable to provide for his family Stanley became a school bus driver

Monday Question

    A simple question:  Do you usually wake your parents up or do they wake you up? River's Answer:  I sleep in the big bed and never want to get out so they wake me up. 

Buying Friskies in the Projects

  The police parked their car in the street and watched a collection of young, hooded men with saggy jeans yelling out, "Got that Fancy Feast! Got the Nine Lives you love. Got that good pate. Got tender morsels in gravy."   The cops witnessed a woman in a mini-van pull onto the street and drive slowly towards the men. She stopped, and one of them strutted towards him. After a brief conversation and an exchange of money, one of the dealers handed the woman a can. The cops hit the lights. The dealer ran off with his black coat filled with cans, but the woman became boxed in. The police got out of their cars; guns were drawn. The woman shouted that she didn't have anything. The lead narc looked in her car and said she knew she was lying: A can opener on her seat gave her away. The woman was arrested for buying cat food in the open air, an unknown law; the dealer was not caught, and it did not matter to the cops. Since the shortage began, illegal cat food dealers have grown

Friendly Fill-ins

  Friendly Fill-ins Each Thursday Ellen of 15andmeowing and Lorianne of Four-Legged Furballs , provide Friendly Fill-in questions. Here they are, and my answers are in bold.   1. It’s about time for spring to come 2. An anecdote I like to tell is how I was with my first mom in Florida, got pregnant, had kids, ignored them, and ended up getting adopted by a nice Massachusetts couple. 3. I wish there was a way to eat without stopping . 4. Too many people take me for granted.  This is a Blog Hop ! 1. Feline Friday 2. bethere2day 3. Phamily Blog 4. My Tata's Cottage 5. messymimi's meanderings 6. It's a Snap! 7. Memories of Eric & Flynn 8. June & June 9. Peaches & Paprika 10. O Dani Girl 11. My Mind's Eye 12. Friendly Fill-ins 13. Socrates Book Reviews 14. Purrseidon 15. Brian's Home 16. 15andmeowing 17. Mudpie 18. CatBlogosphere 19. Deborah 20. Eastside Cats 21. Canadian Cats 22. Kitties Blue

Poetic and Thankful Thursday

 Some of you asked what I was licking in my Wordless Wednesday post. It was a lick mat. The wet food gets in all the cranies and tickles my tongue. Unfortunately, I was licking the remaining can of Pocket's food, and she must not have liked it because today I barfed it all back up.  I am doing double hopping today so I am going to be tired.             Two SPOILED CATS , Angel Sammy and Teddy posted this picture for us Here is today's inspiration Can you please clean my cellar the woman said Hardly anything there, you have an easy day ahead I went into the basement and found head to toe junk I knew the lady had treated me like a punk I didn't know where to start, and definitely could not see the end Much more than I could comprehend I wouldn't take me hours, but days To make all this crap go away But as luck would have it I found the Holy Grail Hopefully it will be enough to pay mom's bail   Today I am also joining  Thankful Thursday hosted by  Brian  I am grateful

Wordless Wednesday


Beat This Caption

      King of the world my butt! Put me down. I'm not one of your french girls. I'm getting ocean spray on my belly. When the ship sinks and we find a floating door there is only room for me.  You can stay in the water. Hey, is that a fish?

Monday Question

Who is your Valentine?  

For Rudy

  Humans have difficulty holding two opposing thoughts in their heads simultaneously. They may hate snow but think it's beautiful, but if they verbalize these opposing views, they will be labeled wishy-washy or, worse yet, indecisive. Humans are encouraged to take one position and hold onto it with their lives.   For angels who have left their parents behind, their entire existence is a contradiction. More than anything, they want their parents with them but do everything possible to make sure they aren't.   For angels, Lovey and Tiara keeping their parents from the Bridge through bouts of Covid and their dad's battle with cancer was a labor of love. It seemed either one or both of their parents' arrivals was imminent. But thanks to the tireless work of their two Angels, mama Linda and daddy Rudy recently celebrated their anniversary. They toasted a long majestic life together marked by six children, countless grandchildren, and adoring pups. It was indeed a life of l

Friendly Fill In Fridays

 This Friday, for the first time, I am participating in the Friendly Fill Ins. Each Thursday Ellen of 15andmeowing and Lorianne of Four-Legged Furballs , provide Friendly Fill-in questions.   Here this week's fill-ins 1. A week without ___________ would be nice. 2. A week without _________ would be impossible. 3. I didn’t plan to _________, but I’m glad I did. 4. I once _________ and lived to regret it.   Here are River Song's answers   1. A week without snow, cold, and ice would be nice. 2. A week without timely served dinner would be impossible. 3. I didn’t plan to pee behind the chair , but I’m glad I did. 4. I once killed a squirrel in Reno just to watch it die and lived to regret it.       This is a Blog Hop ! 1. Feline Friday 2. bethere2day 3. messymimi's meanderings 4. Purrseidon 5. Memories of Eric & Flynn 6. Zoolatry 7. O Dani Girl 8. Friendly Fill-ins 9. Homestead Prowlers 10. Amber's Book Review 11. MidWeek News 12.