Monday, February 28, 2022

Monday Question


If you are eating, and someone enters the house, do you keep eating or rush to greet them?

River's answer: "I stop eating, look to see who it is they continue to eat and greet them when I am done."

Sunday, February 27, 2022

Bailey Arrives at the Bridge and Brings Snow


To better understand how humans are suffering, we emulate their conditions at the Bridge. While the idea of having Black Russian Terriers attack their peaceful neighbors was thankfully rejected, putting the Bridge in a deep freeze did help us understand the cold had unintended consequences, namely that we had.

To properly tell this story, I must first introduce you to Mama Rachel and Papa Robert's first and sweetest foster failure Bailey who came into their home for what was intended to be a few weeks and the charming girl made last a lifetime.

When Bailey took sick, she hid her symptoms from her failing foster family. She knew she owed them for her life, so a little pain and suffering in silence was a small way to repay them, And she didn't want them to worry.

But dogs can only hide the pain for so long, and eventually, Bailey lost control of her lower body, something even the bravest and slyest of us can hide. Her terrified parents to her to the vet she was diagnosed with spinal neurological cancer. One day she was a normal dog; the next, she was gone.

Not every dog enjoys passing over in the cold, but Bailey is such a good-natured sport. She jumped on Enzo's elevator and rose to the top, where we waited. Standing next to me as I swore her in were her brother Benjamin and sister Bella. Once the oath was administered, the threesome romped in the snow like puppies seeing it for the first time.

Then the most miraculous thing happened. When a pup passes over, and people cry because they are mourning, those teardrops collect together in clouds and float to Rainbow Bridge, where they fall, and we collect them. But because of the cold air, we had a delightful blizzard.

Each flake had the name of the parent who had shed a tear to create them. While most of them were for Bailey when a pup becomes an angel, it reminds other parents of their baby crossing over, and they shed a few.

We gathered our parent's snowflakes and were happily surprised to find they held our parent's scent. I used mine to build a snowman that looked like my mom, and it was oddly comforting to see it in the yard smiling at me.

And that was how my friend Bailey came to Rainbow Bridge and brought with him snow to remind us of the comforts of home on a snowy day when everything inside is warm, and you can snuggle with your parents until the storm passes.

All storms pass, but what they take with them that is scary.

But rest easy knowing whatever is lost will soon be safe and pain-free on this side of the Bridge.  

Like my friend Bailey.

Friday, February 25, 2022

Friendly Fill-in questions.

Each Thursday Ellen of 15andmeowing and Lorianne of Four-Legged Furballs, provide Friendly Fill-in questions.

Here are this weeks questions:
1. _________ is the ________-est I have ever been.
2. I really hate going to _______________.
3. While most people _________, I _________.
4. I’m glad that _________ was invented.

Here are River Song's answers:
1.  Pooping in a blizzard is the hardest think I have ever done.

2. I really hate going to the street behind ours where the little black dog is always loose in the yard and getting in the way of completing my steps

3. While most people don't like themselves in public I don't care.

4. I'm glad that bacon was invented. 

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Thursday, February 24, 2022

Wednesday, February 23, 2022

Enzo Arrives at the Bridge



When Lucky came to the Bridge, he gave me heartbreaking news, Enzo, a renowned business owner, blogger, and champion family dog, who had his own mountain, and two adoring parents, was soon to arrive.

It was Enzo's wish to have a garage where he could practice his favorite activity, fixing cars, and all his friends could grab a cup of Joe, sit around, and regale one another with stories. Enzo's friends came together quickly and built his garage in record time.

We put a giant "Welcome Enzo" sign over the garage and waited for our friend to arrive. After the third day, his friends grew restless and asked me to keep him. "Oh nothing," Enzo, who had cancer, and in January, was given just a few days to live, said. "I'm going tomorrow, and I am going to be with my parents one more day. "

Well, I couldn't deny the great Enzo one more day with his parents. I told the group to prepare for his arrival tomorrow.

The sun rose and set with no Enzo. I flew back down to see him, and he said he would be coming tomorrow; he wanted one more day with his parents.

"That's what he said yesterday!" Hattie said. "If I wear this dress one more day, I will be a fright."

"He was in sorry shape when I left," Lucky told us. "I don't know how he is still mortal. I am sure we will see him tomorrow."

A week later, we were still waiting. We had to replace the banner twice and work hard to keep the garage spotless. I checked with Enzo every day, and he said he would be arriving tomorrow. But he still didn't cross over.

I told the others to be patient. If we could stay with our parents for the extra time, we would do it. I know Enzo was metering out his heartbeats, breathing slowly, and doing all he could to stay with his parents. I knew he would be sent to us someday; all dogs do.

A month later, I was rethinking my position. Enzo, against all odds, had not arrived. I remembered the legend of the dog who never crossed over, just spent years roaming the world. I thought it was a myth, but Enzo had me thinking otherwise.

This morning, I woke up to banging in the garage. I rolled over to see Enzo working on a car. "You came!" I barked excitedly.

"I have a list of repairs I have to make and customers waiting. I am sorry I took so long; I had to settle my affairs."  It didn't surprise me that Enzo was allowed to bypass the swearing-in process. He has always been an angel on earth. "Before I arrived, I fixed the escalator to the Bridge. It will save angels from having to climb," he said. That was perfect Enzo. Even when he arrived at the Bridge, he put others first. He tried hiding his sadness over parting with his parents. I know he will never truly leave Enzo's mountain, and part of him will always be running up the hills hurrying through the trees and dancing on the breeze.

 I should have known Enzo was not the legend of the dog who never went to the Bridge because Enzo is a legend on his own: Loyal friend, beloved son to his parents, top engineer, crafter of tales, king of the mountain. There will never be another Enzo in his parents' hearts. That pup will have mighty big paws to fill, but between Enzo's guidance and his parents' love, whoever the future owner of the mountain is, it will become a legend on its own.

But for now, I pulled up a chair, grabbed a cuppa Joe, and with old friends, we talked about past days as Enzo worked on his cars, his tails happily wagging, listening to his friends.

Tuesday, February 22, 2022

Monday, February 21, 2022

Monday Question



A simple question: 

Do you usually wake your parents up or do they wake you up?

River's Answer:  I sleep in the big bed and never want to get out so they wake me up. 

Sunday, February 20, 2022

Buying Friskies in the Projects


The police parked their car in the street and watched a collection of young, hooded men with saggy jeans yelling out, "Got that Fancy Feast! Got the Nine Lives you love. Got that good pate. Got tender morsels in gravy."  

The cops witnessed a woman in a mini-van pull onto the street and drive slowly towards the men. She stopped, and one of them strutted towards him. After a brief conversation and an exchange of money, one of the dealers handed the woman a can.

The cops hit the lights. The dealer ran off with his black coat filled with cans, but the woman became boxed in. The police got out of their cars; guns were drawn. The woman shouted that she didn't have anything. The lead narc looked in her car and said she knew she was lying: A can opener on her seat gave her away.

The woman was arrested for buying cat food in the open air, an unknown law; the dealer was not caught, and it did not matter to the cops. Since the shortage began, illegal cat food dealers have grown by a thousand. Ten more will be on the corner pushing chicken florentine in gravy if they get one off the street.

The woman was brought into the station and booked. She told the officers that she had a cat at home going through the withdrawals. She brought the police to the house and found the kitty behind the couch panting, in serious need of a fix; luckily, they gave her a taste of beef in a savory sauce to quell her withdrawal. The cat is being fed Blue Buffalo and Instinct food via a feed tub at the Shan Ford clinic. Sadly, six out of ten cats are back on the Fancy Feast within a week of discharge, leading their mother right back to a life of crime.

Law enforcement officials are determined to get the cat food off the streets and back on the shelves where it belongs. But, until then, the black cat market will continue to thrive unless the cats can learn to like other food.

Let's face it, that's not happening.

Friday, February 18, 2022

Friendly Fill-ins


Friendly Fill-ins

Each Thursday Ellen of 15andmeowing and Lorianne of Four-Legged Furballs, provide Friendly Fill-in questions.

Here they are, and my answers are in bold.


1. It’s about time for spring to come
2. An anecdote I like to tell is how I was with my first mom in Florida, got pregnant, had kids, ignored them, and ended up getting adopted by a nice Massachusetts couple.
3. I wish there was a way to eat without stopping.
4. Too many people take me for granted. 

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Thursday, February 17, 2022

Poetic and Thankful Thursday

 Some of you asked what I was licking in my Wordless Wednesday post. It was a lick mat. The wet food gets in all the cranies and tickles my tongue. Unfortunately, I was licking the remaining can of Pocket's food, and she must not have liked it because today I barfed it all back up. 

I am doing double hopping today so I am going to be tired.



Angel Sammy and Teddy posted this picture for us

Here is today's inspiration

Can you please clean my cellar the woman said
Hardly anything there, you have an easy day ahead
I went into the basement and found head to toe junk
I knew the lady had treated me like a punk
I didn't know where to start, and definitely could not see the end
Much more than I could comprehend
I wouldn't take me hours, but days
To make all this crap go away
But as luck would have it I found the Holy Grail
Hopefully it will be enough to pay mom's bail

 Today I am also joining 

I am grateful for the rain. I have never said that before, but the rain is chasing away the snow, and will let the grass grow.


Tuesday, February 15, 2022

Beat This Caption

 This Guy Improved "Titanic" By Editing His Cat Into It And The Result Is Hilarious 


King of the world my butt! Put me down. I'm not one of your french girls. I'm getting ocean spray on my belly. When the ship sinks and we find a floating door there is only room for me.  You can stay in the water. Hey, is that a fish?

Sunday, February 13, 2022

For Rudy


Humans have difficulty holding two opposing thoughts in their heads simultaneously. They may hate snow but think it's beautiful, but if they verbalize these opposing views, they will be labeled wishy-washy or, worse yet, indecisive. Humans are encouraged to take one position and hold onto it with their lives.
For angels who have left their parents behind, their entire existence is a contradiction. More than anything, they want their parents with them but do everything possible to make sure they aren't.
For angels, Lovey and Tiara keeping their parents from the Bridge through bouts of Covid and their dad's battle with cancer was a labor of love. It seemed either one or both of their parents' arrivals was imminent. But thanks to the tireless work of their two Angels, mama Linda and daddy Rudy recently celebrated their anniversary. They toasted a long majestic life together marked by six children, countless grandchildren, and adoring pups. It was indeed a life of love.\
But those battles took their toll; You cast a shadow of life everywhere you go. But as you get older and the sun begins to set, that shadow grows fainter. When the darkness takes hold, the shadow disappears
When a soul passes, their predecessors urge them to walk into the light because their shadow is there. It is like how humans find their shadows inside their homes during the darkest of nights. But when a human sees the sunset for the final time and walks into the light to recapture their shadow, the doors behind them close, and they can't return.
Daddy Rudy's sun set for the final time Saturday after contracting COVID and pneumonia and deadly combination at any age but worse for seniors whose immune systems were compromised by cancer treatments. Damn this COVID. I hear it has caused the most remarkable Bridge expansion since World War II.
It would have taken a miracle powered by the strength of every angel to keep him from the next life. On Saturday afternoon, I heard human angels chant, "Rudy," I hoped Sauron had finally taken revenge on Sean Astin. When we saw a young man Tashi and Lovey had only seen in pictures on end tables come towards them, all sense of failure was lifted from them as they ran to their dad.
While we were overjoyed at their reunion, we also felt sadness for Mama Linda and ourselves because we liked spending time and getting dolled up in Lovey and Tiara's salon. Rudy was given a mansion when he arrived on the count of his life, how he raised his family, and the good he did. Indeed, Tiara and Lovey would be leaving us to live with their dad. 
We were happy to learn that not only was Rudy's house nearby and that Tiara and Lovey would still come to work every day, but they invited us for a sleepover. We barely slept, consumed with the mansion's beauty and our mutual worrying about Mama Laura.
It will be hard for her, especially she lost a sister earlier this year, and while we are not always able to handle what God gives us, that is what angels are for, to provide strength to the weak and hope to the hopeless.

Friday, February 11, 2022

Friendly Fill In Fridays

 This Friday, for the first time, I am participating in the Friendly Fill Ins.

Each Thursday Ellen of 15andmeowing and Lorianne of Four-Legged Furballs, provide Friendly Fill-in questions.


Here this week's fill-ins

1. A week without ___________ would be nice.
2. A week without _________ would be impossible.
3. I didn’t plan to _________, but I’m glad I did.
4. I once _________ and lived to regret it.


Here are River Song's answers


1. A week without snow, cold, and ice would be nice.
2. A week without timely served dinner would be impossible.
3. I didn’t plan to pee behind the chair, but I’m glad I did.
4. I once killed a squirrel in Reno just to watch it die and lived to regret it.




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