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Our Memorial Day Rainbow Bridge Pups of the Week: Tanner, Sophie, Hershey and Baron Bear Bear

It is Memorial Day, when we remember those we have lost, and so this week I would like to honor all our friends at Rainbow Bridge, and four in particular. First there is the dog who brought us all together, Tanner Bub. For those of you who don't know, let me tell the story of the Tanner Brigade.  A long, long time ago, at a website far, far, away, we all belonged to a group called Doggyspace.  Tanner Bub and I were good friends there.  But there was a lot of drama, fighting, and meanness around the site then.  There was one pup, well, it wasn't really a pup, just a guy who pretended to have a pup, who was writing some very rude things.  Tanner's Mom made a mistake and listed his name in a comment to one of my blogs.  Now this mistake came from a very emotional place.  Tanner's Mom had just found out he had cancer and would be going to the bridge soon.  Sorrow causes humans to lash out at night.  But in the morning she realized her error, e-mailed me, and asked me

Introducing our new grandbaby boy Calvin

On Saturday we got our Tanner Brigade Anniversary present.  Pocket and I got to meet our newest family member Calvin.  (No we haven't met Charli yet but we know her here at The Tanner Brigade and that's how we know all our besties.)   Calvin is just a baby who can't type with his paws yet.  But we were wicked excited to meet him.  His father Chad lived with me, Daddy and Moms for eight years.  Then we get Pocket and he move away.  Mommy and Daddy say he fell and love and got married.  What some humans won't do to get away from Pocket.  But here is the reason we are so excited.  Chad lived with us, then he moved away, and he made a whole new person, and he was bringing it to us for approval.  When we took a good whiff of him we could smell our entire family, everyone we love.  Calvin already has a dog of his own.  It is Mia.  I think Mia still has a DS account but she has been busy protecting her family and hasn't posted in a long time.  Mia is an A

The Pawnight Show with host Foley Monster and guest Arnold Schwarzenegger

Pocket:  It's the Pawnight Show with your host Foley Monster with Hobo Hudson and his all mutt orchestra featuring Hattie Mae on cello.  I'm your announcer, Pocket Dog.  And now here's Foley. (Foley walks out to cheers.  She smiles and wags her tail then holds up her paws.)  Please we have a wonderful show for you tonight.  Major movie star and former Governor of California Arnold Schwarzenegger is here so let's give him a big Pawnight Show welcome. (The former Governor comes out in a suit and tie and sits in a chair by the desk.  Foley hops up on her chair and then climbs on top of the desk where a pet bed had been placed by the microphone.  She circles several times.  She finally sits.)    Foley:  Well, Governor, thank you for joining us here. Schwarzenegger:  Da.  Thank you for letting me on your program.  I enjoy your tail.  It is round.  I like round things.  Like dumbbells. Foley:  Pocket's tail was cropped. Schwarzenegger:  Da.  That rem

Erin is our second anniversary Tanner Brigade Pup of the Week

It has been a difficult past few weeks for us Brigaders, with many good friends becoming ill and needing prayers.  Now, as our second anniversary approaches Pocket and I needed to pick an appropriate Pup of the Week.  Thankfully no pup has experienced any serious health trauma this week, although Paco did give us a scare at the beginning of the week.  We figured it would be quite a battle this morning about who we should pick. Then this morning we powered up the Brigade.  We were greeted with the most spectacular layout we have ever seen.  And then our decision became easy. Since the day we broke ground on the Brigade this pup has been with us.  More than any other she has made our site a beautiful and exciting place to be.  Which makes Erin our second anniversary Pup of the Week. If you are reading this on the Tanner Brigade you have seen the marvelous job she did with her Mom Aunt Donna to create a layout celebrating our anniversary.  When I announced

Ask Aunt Foley featuring actual questions from actual dogsQ

As always these are actual questions from actual dogs. Dear Aunt Foley:  Our sister Sydney has recently posed for the centerfold of a racy pup magazine.  We are a little embarrassed as we don't want to be known for living with the town pump.  And worse yet Mommy took the picture too.  It feels like we are living in a family of porno addicts and neither of us want to go into the industry. But what if Mommy forces us? Moose and Buddy Dear Moose and Buddy:  I have seen the pictures of your sister and I would have to classify them as soft porn  It's not like she's on the stripper pole.  I think they are simple and tasteful.  I do think you have to talk with your Mommy about your reluctance to follow your sister into the business.  The problem is you have to be careful how you sleep.If you sleep on your back there is nothing you can do if your Mommy takes a picture of your exposed gentle area.  If this does happen contact me immediately.  You are entitled to t

Boris is our May 15, 2011 pup of the week

Wow, this Boris character, he's less than a year old and he's been named Pup of the Week twice in the last month.  If Boris lives an expected life scan of 15 years, and wins Pup of the Week at the rate he is currently winning it at, he will win it 360 times.  Which, given the poor week the little fellow has had will be fine with us.  Because at this point last week it seemed like it would take a miracle for Boris to be here to win the award this week. When little Boris came to live with his new family, his Mom and siblings Max and Tupper, it was a very happy day for everyone.  But the little pup tested positive for heartworm which sent his new family into despair but did earn him his first pup of the week. Then he came back home and the roller coaster our friends were on began rising up.  But a few days later it began crashing down again.  On Monday, after a good weekend, Boris was lethargic and not eating.  His Mom rushed him to the dogtor.  There was weight

Our baby cousin Chali has joined the Tanner Brigade

There have been a lot of changes around here lately.  Mommy and Daddy rearranged the living room today just when Pocket and I got it the way we wanted it.  And to move the furniture they had to roll up the new rug and discover where I peed on it which would never have happened if they had not moved the furniture so I don't want to begin pointing paws here. Also today we were knocked off the Internet for awhile when the guy who smells like prunes next door shuffled from his rascal to his tractor and ran over the "temporary" line Comcast ran to the house two weeks ago.  So with Daddy upset with Comcast and the mad tractor driver, the furniture moving, which made me want to run upstairs (before I realized we no longer had an upstairs I ran right into to wall), it has not been a restful day.  But there are a couple of good things that have happened lately.  I wish they included meeting my new grandbaby Calvin on Mother's Day but he couldn't get up in ti

Hannah Banana is our May, 8, 2011 pup of the week

Pocket and I were sitting up in bed last night discussing what would happen if we did not name Hannah Banana Pup of the Week.  We imagined a group of dogs outside with pitchforks and torches calling for our pointy ears.  We shuddered and took a look out the window.  Paco was there, with his pitch fork and torch, because it was already Sunday in Italy. Hannah Banana is one of the most popular pups in cyberspace.  A great friend, the first to be there when someone is in need, an ear to listen, or a paw to cry on.  From Doggyspace to the Tanner Brigade and all sites in between no one has a bad bark to aarf about Hannah.  So this week, when Hannah took sick, and was unable to walk, the Internet quaked stronger than after Bin Laden's death.  Hannah could not walk, one of the strongest dogs we know unable to move.  It would be like me not able to crack wise about some silly situation. Hannah had to be rushed to the dogtors and they put her on steroids.  Pocket said thi

Our wonderful gifts from our good friends Cooper and Lulu

Today we would like to say a big thank you to our friends Copper and Lola from the Cooper and Lulu blog that you should all check out.  We won a caption contest and that sent us a wonderful package, unlike the cheapos who run The Tanner Brigade caption contest where the winner don't get squat. Hold on I am getting a note from Pocket.  "Dear Foley:  We run the Tanner Brigade caption contest.  We're the cheapos."  *Foley swallows the note.* Moving right ahead let me tell you what we got and how we got it. We were walking to get the mail at the prune house mailboxes.   Pocket didn't leave any Vick on the ramp so already things were pretty sweet.  There was a big package on the table addressed to us.  (Here are the elderly, unstable, and forgetful village they don't put big packages in locked mail boxes. They put the packages on a big table by the mailboxes.  Daddy was going through them and he said "here is a package for the two of you.&q

A guided tour of our new digs by Foley and Pocket

We have been here nearly ten days and we have been quite remiss in not taking you on a tour of our new digs.  Please accompany us on your guided tour. The first thing we do is wake up in our bed in the morning and take a look at our bedroom from our snuggly bed. We walk out of the bedroom and into the living room. I get to walk, as you can see, while Pocket has to be carried. We then go on the porch and look out the back porch door as we wait to get leashed.  Then we go for a little walk and find a nice spot to relieve ourselves. We come in and line up waiting for our treats which looks just like where we line up for treats in our old house. Then I will look out one side window from my favorite chair. Pocket looks out the other window from our couch. This week our grandbaby Mackenzie has been staying with us and we rush down to her room to see her (she is not in this picture unfortunately.) Then Mommy goes to work and Daddy takes Mackenzie to

Brody is our May 1, 2011 pup of the week

I believe that, with a quick perusal of blogs and reactions this week, that the pup that deserves to be honored is obvious.  With my move, the indelicate handling of the kitty condo, and my having to get used to everything new I, Foley Monster should be pup of the week.  Wait I am being pawed a note by my bothersome little sister Pocket..  Hmmmm ....It says here that most of our posts and blogs have concerned Brody Well, if the rest of your pups feel that almost dying, have to go to the hospital, and scaring the Vick out of your friends is pup of the week material so be it.  So here is to Brody our May 1, 2011 pup of the week. Now that I review the blogs it does seem that Brody may have had a slightly more heroic week then I did.  Our first news of Brody's blues was a posting by sweet Sofie Jean telling us that urgent prayers were needed after it was discovered that he had a blockage of some kind.  His wonderful Mom Candice also posted on the Hooman Book saying