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Wordless Wednesday

Moon River

I am a creature of habit.  I like everything happening at the same time every day.  At 10:00 at night I go outside to pee with Pocket and Daddy (he doesn’t pee) and then come back inside and get my Kong filled with treats.  But on Sunday night Mommy got ready to go out with us which never happens. Immediately I became concerned.  What was this?  A late night walk?  A pee examination? We got outside and Pocket and I quickly peed because we  were anxious to see what caused this change in routine.  We were picked up and Mommy told us to look at the sky. Look at the sky?  I am eight inches tall.  Looking up is my main occupation. She picked me up.  “Look at the moon River,” Mommy said.  Moon River?  Well it was wider than a mile.` It was a bright red which probably wasn’t good.  I immediately feared for my parents because of the vampires.  I wasn’t worried about Pocket or me.  We have tiny necks, are good at wiggling away, and are bite sized at best. The moon seemed

Morgan is our September 27, 2015 Pup of the Week

I love my old Doggyspace and my current Tanner Brigade and Facebook friends but there is another world that I get to visit that means as much to me.  It is a world called Blogville.  The pups and folks there are all independent dog bloggers who read each other's pages and leave sweet and supportive comments.  I wish more of my friends would explore this world because it is a wonderful place. Many of you know the Angel who, while on the mortal side of the River was called Morgan the Miracle Maltese.  Well we have another Morgan and she is proving to be a miracle dog too.  She belongs to the pack whose stories are told at / .  Morgan is a senior dog and she is showing the signs that all us seniors show.  She has become unsteady and confused with good days and bad days.  When the bad days come her parents prepare themselves for the hardest decision and when the good days come she seems like she has years ahead of her.   She sleeps

Tails from Rainbow Bridge: Molly

I am often asked what life is like on the immortal side of the River.  Truthfully it is not much different than life on the mortal side.  The weather is nicer, neither too hot or too cold.  The sun rises and the sun sets. I love a good sunrise although I would rather be tucked into my warm bed at that hour.  Why do sunrises need to be so early?  There are mornings I force myself awake, make a strong cup of coffee, and go to special spot to watch the sunrise.  That special spot is Molly’s sun room. I hope you all remember beautiful Molly.  She was taken from us at a very young age.  She only had a few years with her Mom but they were wonderful loving years.  She succeeded the irreplaceable Daisy in her Mom’s heart, and she picked beautiful Sophie to heal her Mom’s broken spirit when she departed.  In the all too short time she had with her family she had one important chore:  She oversaw the building of her Mom’s sunroom. Molly and her Mom loved to sit in the sun together.  Mol

Wordless Wednesday

Spooky Walks by Pocket Dog

River Song and I are very observant when we are walking.  We know what is in every yard and where it should be.  If something is missing we bark.  And if there is something new we bark louder. There are two times a year when these new intruders cause constant barking.  One is Christmas and the second is Halloween.   During Halloween we give out a special bark. Because these are not ordinary decorations.  They are demons, skeletons, witches and ghosts.  While I have never seen real ones Foley did when she used to walk around the abandoned state mental facility  She would look in the windows and give a special bark.  It was her “Oh look there is a ghost in the window” bark. Our parents became very aware of that bark.  Foley would be walking by an abandoned building, stop, slowly start to growl as she stared in the window, then begin a full throated bark.  It is the same bark River and I perform when we see the scary decorations. While our parents know what we are barking a

Smoochy is our September 20, 2015 Pup of the Week

Let me tell you something about monkees.  They are darn dangerous.  My very bestie friend Smoochy:  He loves monkees.  He has a house full of them.  They are usually under control, or more accurately under tooth, as his monkees are often in his mouth. Last year Smoochy lost all his monkees.  He caught the almost uncatchable (for a dog) MRSA illness.  This is one of the worst illnesses a dog can have.  It can be fatal.  His Mom, for a long while, could only touch him while wearing gloves.  And he had to throw out his monkees.  After a terribly long time the MRSA was gone and Smoochy got himself some new monkees.  But there was an issue we did not foresee. Smoochy did not have time to train his monkees on proper stuffie etiquette.  On Sunday Smoochy’s Mom Kay was watching football on TV.  She got up during a commercial and one of the untrained monkees reached up and grabbed her ankle  Mama Kay fell to the ground. She felt terrible pain from her hip down to her leg.  She tried

Tails From Rainbow Bridge: Another Human Study About Dogs Debunked

While I was on the mortal side of the River of Life I was one of the foremost dog studiers of humans who study dogs.  What I found most fascinating was that they were without exception incorre I may be among the immortals but I still monitor the reports and this week I read one written in the Smithsonian Magazine.  It stated that dogs are the most intelligent animals on the planet thanks to their relationship with humans although I would argue that humans are intelligent because of their relationship with us. I thought “finally someone has written something intelligent about dogs” until I read this:  “Now, however, tests of canine problem-solving skills indicate that dogs rely on humans so much that we actually seem to be dumbing them down.”  Oh we are the dummies in this relationship?  Well why don’t you show me one dog that is supporting Donald Trump? To prove this ridiculous hypothesis dogs were given a box filled with food that was unopenable.   The dogs tried to get the

Top 10 Things I Have Learned in 8 Years by Pocket Dog

Two weeks ago I celebrated my eighth birthday and am now coming full circle from a puppy who has not gotten the hang of puppy training to a senior dog who cannot control their pee.  I even have a little senior dog placard I wear on my collar that allows me to pee at special spots just for me without getting a ticket or towed. I have been thinking of all I have learned in my life, from my sisters Foley Monster and River Song, from my parents, and from my wonderful friends.  I have compiled them in a top ten list which I now present:  Please to enjoy. 10.  Don’t pee into the wind if you want a dry undercarriage. 9.  There is nothing more comforting in the world than your parents’ touch. 8.  When you are on a walk if you see something bark something. 7.  Although they are all the rage right now zombies make very bad pet parents. 6.  I learned more from 30 seconds sniffing pee mail than I ever learned in school. 5.  Online friends are the best because, while they may loo

Wordless Wednesday

Scooby is our September 13, 2015 Pup of the Week

Last week we asked for prayers for Odie one of two teenage Great Danes living as part of a wonderful family.  Odie is going to have an operation for a tumor which may or may not be malignant.   Odie’s diagnosis was a shock because it was Scooby who was the family’s special needs baby.  His long legs had stopped working and his parents had to carry him outside to do his business and to move him around his spot on the couch so he was comfortable.  He did get plenty of outside time.  His Dad pushed him in his own stroller. While the family’s attention turned to Odie Scooby stayed on the couch comforting his brother.  His only unusual behavior was becoming noisy during the night.  His Mom kept a baby monitor by him so she could hear if he was having any distress. The last few nights he became noisy several times but settled down after some Mom time. On Friday I got a text saying a Great Dane friend of mine was arriving.  I immediately thought that Odie’s tumor had burst.  I put on

Tails from Rainbow Bridge: A walk in the woods with Mom, Dad, Blake and Me

I was looking at the Mortal News the other day.  I  try to avoid it because the stories are about how mortals are trying to make one another immortal without realizing it is a good thing.  But I saw a story about a scene for the new Ghostbusters movie being shot at the Ames Mansion in Easton Ma and I remembered my trip to the Ames Mansion. I was just a pup still learning the ropes from my big sister Blake.  Ames Mansion sits near a large lake with several walking paths.  Mommy was many years younger and her knees and back were still working so Mommy and Daddy and Blake and me went for a walk on the paths. It was a wonderful April day, warm but not hot, with a high sky.  Blake and I walked along as proud as any dogs you have ever seen.  There were bigger dogs but we strutted past them knowing we were the best dogs there.  There were many twists and turns along the way.  After time Mommy and Daddy grew tired but when they checked the trail markers to lead them back to their

River Song: Personal Groomer

I am very into personal grooming.  What can I say?  I am a dog who wants to look good. I am at a disadvantage when it comes to grooming.  I am snoutless.  Completely without snout.  When I groom myself my tongue comes way out of my mouth (when I enter a room my tongue arrives five seconds before I do) and when that happens I make very loud, and what I am told, is an obnoxious, slurping sound. My favorite time to groom myself is in the middle of the night in bed between Mommy and Daddy while they are trying to sleep.   I pick this time because Mommy and Daddy both have large heads and I can put my paws on them to study my legs while I dive down under. Grooming has been more difficult  since I attacked Pocket in her sleep, put a hole in Daddy’s finger, and then lunged at Pocket  a couple of mornings later.  I have been bound by leash to the headboard until my being a bad waker upper is cured.  I hate being tied to the bed especially when it interferes with my pleasuring myself.

Wordless Wednesday

Odie is our September 6, 2015 Pup of the Week

We are all very lucky to have such marvelous parents.  But two of us have parents who are so marvelous they are downright magical. Odie and Scooby are two Great Danes enjoying life in their mid teens.  What makes this amazing is that Great Danes should only live to be eight or nine.  And I think it is the love and care of their two parents that have kept them healthy so long. Scooby spends most of his time on the couch now  While his heart and mind are strong the legs aren’t working too well.  His parents have to bring him outside to pee and move him around the couch when he gets restless but except for that he is leading a very good life.  Scooby gets to go on walks and see his friends.  His parents got him a stroller to push him through the neighborhood so he can enjoy the outside.  They have known for some time that Scooby is their special needs dog but now his brother Odie needs your prayers. He had been losing weight so his doctor gave him a CAT scan.  Th

Tails From Rainbow Bride: Catching up with Bauser

I have an extraordinary life here at the Bridge.  While my friends lie in the sun, play, or watch their Mom’s channel on the television to make sure they are all right I have to go to work.  I am a Judge and I have to swear in new pups who arrive at the Bridge and decide on minor disputes that may occur. I have a distinguished black robe that I wear while I am performing my duties.   Under it I wear a beautiful bandanna.   The one I am wearing today reads “Judge Foley Monster.”  The letters are written in red with a gold border.  I had it made especially for me. I didn’t create the design myself.  I sent a butterfly messenger with my bandanna request.  The butterfly flew it to the home of my old friend Bauser.  Bauser is another dog with an extraordinary afterlife. He works everyday too.  He makes bandannas just as he did every day on the mortal side.  But he can do something on this side he could not do on the mortal side.  Each day he gathers the ordered ban

Wordless Wednesday

River and I Fought, Daddy Got Bit, and it was all his Fault

Early Monday morning River Song and I got in a big fight at the foot of the bed and Daddy got bit on the tip of his little finger and got blood on the sheets but don’t worry we all decided it was his fault so everything is alright.  Let me tell you how it happened. Mommy had a bad night’s sleep.  One of those nights filled with bad dreams and thoughts.  River is very protective of her when she has nights like that she sleeps very close to her.  She does not like anyone coming close to Mommy and has given me a few growls to stay away.  I learned my lesson and stay on top of the covers at the foot of the bed. Daddy got up early in the morning and went into the bathroom.  When he came out he picked me up and put me under the covers.  He broke the “let sleeping dogs lie” rule.  I knew I wasn’t supposed to be there and so did River.  She went down the end of the bed and stood over me wanting me to go back but I got confused and couldn’t find my way out. That’s when