Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Moon River

I am a creature of habit.  I like everything happening at the same time every day.  At 10:00 at night I go outside to pee with Pocket and Daddy (he doesn’t pee) and then come back inside and get my Kong filled with treats.  But on Sunday night Mommy got ready to go out with us which never happens.

Immediately I became concerned.  What was this?  A late night walk?  A pee examination?

We got outside and Pocket and I quickly peed because we  were anxious to see what caused this change in routine.  We were picked up and Mommy told us to look at the sky.

Look at the sky?  I am eight inches tall.  Looking up is my main occupation.

She picked me up.  “Look at the moon River,” Mommy said.  Moon River?  Well it was wider than a mile.` It was a bright red which probably wasn’t good.  I immediately feared for my parents because of the vampires.  I wasn’t worried about Pocket or me.  We have tiny necks, are good at wiggling away, and are bite sized at best.

The moon seemed to be disappearing.  Slowly.  Very slowly.  And they stood there looking at the moon.  (Sigh)  During my treat Kong time.  Instead of some kibble, and carrots and I looked at the moon.  “Why are we looking at the moon?” I asked Pocket.

“It is hiding.  It isn’t going to hide for decades.  This is our only chance to see it.”  Our only chance?  I don’t know about them but I plan to be here for decades.  

So we kept looking up.  Frankly my neck was starting to hurt.  My parents kept asking if the moon was getting bigger or smaller.  If they didn’t even know that what was the point?  Finally they decided they had enough Moon and we went inside.  My treat Kong was done and I got to work on it.   

Except I couldn’t get that moon out of my mind.  Every few minutes I would stop, look at it and bark.  I don’t know why.  It is like it was affecting my mind.  Damn troublesome moon.  I don’t think there is much super about it..

You know now that I think about it when it comes back decades from now I am going to sleep through it.  The thing was a bother.

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Morgan is our September 27, 2015 Pup of the Week

I love my old Doggyspace and my current Tanner Brigade and Facebook friends but there is another world that I get to visit that means as much to me.  It is a world called Blogville.  The pups and folks there are all independent dog bloggers who read each other's pages and leave sweet and supportive comments.  I wish more of my friends would explore this world because it is a wonderful place.
Many of you know the Angel who, while on the mortal side of the River was called Morgan the Miracle Maltese.  Well we have another Morgan and she is proving to be a miracle dog too.  She belongs to the pack whose stories are told athttp://theportuguesewaterblog.blogspot.com/ . 
Morgan is a senior dog and she is showing the signs that all us seniors show.  She has become unsteady and confused with good days and bad days.  When the bad days come her parents prepare themselves for the hardest decision and when the good days come she seems like she has years ahead of her.  
She sleeps so soundly that sometimes her Mom has to check to make sure she is breathing.  She gets her water through a syringe to keep her hydrated and her appetite is spotty.  She gets an Ensure milkshake everyday which sounds pretty good to me.  I love to go to Otie Campbell’s drugstore here for a milkshake but I never got one on the mortal side.  That’s living the dream right there.  Morgan goes to sleep after that but then she wakes up at 2:30 and keeps her parents up with her staggers and bumps  
One recent night Morgan suffered a seizure and her Mom readied herself for Morgan’s final vet visit.  By morning Morgan was back to being normal.  Her Mom called the vet who advised her they could run some tests and put her on an antibiotic to control her ammonia levels.
Knowing that Morgan’s song would be ending her parents decided to do a bucket list for him.  They took her to her favorite spot in the backyard, where she hadn’t been for years do to her health, where she was very happy.  That small trip tired her out but meant the world to her.  She also has not been able to get up on the couch and enjoy her favorite quilt so her Mom put her on the couch and Morgan slept for a few hours.  One of her favorite toys that she no longer played with was pulled out of her crate so Morgan could sleep on it and remember being young.  Sometime her Mom catches Morgan staring into space without moving perhaps remembering her younger days.
Finally the day came to help send Morgan across the River of Life to the Immortal side.  But the appointed day came and once again Morgan rallied.  Again, the vet was called and he said that Morgan was not ready to make her journey.  He then introduced her to the world of B-12 shots.  
The next day Morgan was acting like she had five years ago:  She ate dinner, went outside by herself, ran up the stairs to the bedroom, then had a big breakfast and even went for a walk.  
Her parents wondered if everyone should take B-12.  But her Mom had a different conclusion.  She thinks Morgan sees her doctor, believes that the doctor is going to make her better, and she gets better.  In Morgan’s 16 years of life she has always gotten better after seeing her vet even if the doctor has only given her a kiss on the head and wished her well.
So I don’t know.  Is it the B-12?  The vet?  Is this another Morgan the Miracle Dog?  We don’t know.  We just hope Morgan is around for a lot longer so we can find out.  

Friday, September 25, 2015

Tails from Rainbow Bridge: Molly

I am often asked what life is like on the immortal side of the River.  Truthfully it is not much different than life on the mortal side.  The weather is nicer, neither too hot or too cold.  The sun rises and the sun sets.
I love a good sunrise although I would rather be tucked into my warm bed at that hour.  Why do sunrises need to be so early?  There are mornings I force myself awake, make a strong cup of coffee, and go to special spot to watch the sunrise.  That special spot is Molly’s sun room.
I hope you all remember beautiful Molly.  She was taken from us at a very young age.  She only had a few years with her Mom but they were wonderful loving years.  She succeeded the irreplaceable Daisy in her Mom’s heart, and she picked beautiful Sophie to heal her Mom’s broken spirit when she departed.  In the all too short time she had with her family she had one important chore:  She oversaw the building of her Mom’s sunroom.
Molly and her Mom loved to sit in the sun together.  Molly had her own chair.  She would sit in it and look out the windows to see all God’s creatures playing on her grass.  It took her Dad a long time to get it built, interrupted a spell of heart trouble, But she only had a short time to enjoy it.
It was IMHD, the terrible disease that has affected so many friends,  that took her.  It came quickly and despite tens of thousands of prayers she crossed the River of Life.  She was broken hearted, missing her Mom with every ounce of her tiny being, so her friends built her a sun room of her own.
Every morning Molly wakes up before dawn and climbs into her chair.  Her house is built on a cloud that always face East.  There are eleven teen foot windows facing that direction and a beautiful chair behind the glass.  Next to that are several smaller chairs for her friends.   That was my destination.
I am not a big early morning flyer.  The air is cold and brisk:  Like jumping into a cold, dark water.  But I could see Molly sitting in her chair.  When saw saw me she got up, got me a blanket to warm me up, a hot cup of coffee and invited me into her chair to snuggle and watch the event.
Then the sun came up, first lighting the darkness with orange, purple, yellow and red.  Then the sun rose over the river and the light and the warmth hit us like a thousand little fireflies.  We snuggled next to each other and I realized that a sunroom is a very beautiful thing indeed.

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Spooky Walks by Pocket Dog

River Song and I are very observant when we are walking.  We know what is in every yard and where it should be.  If something is missing we bark.  And if there is something new we bark louder.

There are two times a year when these new intruders cause constant barking.  One is Christmas and the second is Halloween.   During Halloween we give out a special bark.

Because these are not ordinary decorations.  They are demons, skeletons, witches and ghosts.  While I have never seen real ones Foley did when she used to walk around the abandoned state mental facility  She would look in the windows and give a special bark.  It was her “Oh look there is a ghost in the window” bark.

Our parents became very aware of that bark.  Foley would be walking by an abandoned building, stop, slowly start to growl as she stared in the window, then begin a full throated bark.  It is the same bark River and I perform when we see the scary decorations.

While our parents know what we are barking at now, when they were walking around the mental hospital they were afraid of what she was barking at.  They would look in the windows and not see anything and Foley would be barking like mad, wagging her tail and looking in the window.  There are those who say the State Hospital was haunted.  We know Foley would agree.

One night Daddy noticed there was smoke pouring from a building near their house.  He thought it was from the State Hospital because homeless people were known to sleep there at night.  Daddy wanted to check it out but he didn’t want to look suspicious so he put Foley on her leash and together the walked over the check it out.  Sure enough all the abandoned building were aflame.

As Daddy was leaving the four police cruisers came speeding on to the site.  One stopped and an officer got out to question Daddy.  Daddy thought he would look innocent walking a little dog until he looked down and saw Foley with a book of matches in her mouth trying to light one with her paw.  Thankfully the officer did not see the Mini Monster of Mischief and they were allowed to return home.  Foley never walked by  the haunted buildings again.   

In respect to Foley, and her ghost hunting abilities River and I bark at every supernatural thing we see.  But our parents should keep in mind that they live in the Village of the Pruned.  Are we barking at a fake ghost hanging from the porch of is there something mysterious inside that only we know about?

Only our barks can tell

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Smoochy is our September 20, 2015 Pup of the Week

Let me tell you something about monkees.  They are darn dangerous.  My very bestie friend Smoochy:  He loves monkees.  He has a house full of them.  They are usually under control, or more accurately under tooth, as his monkees are often in his mouth.

Last year Smoochy lost all his monkees.  He caught the almost uncatchable (for a dog) MRSA illness.  This is one of the worst illnesses a dog can have.  It can be fatal.  His Mom, for a long while, could only touch him while wearing gloves.  And he had to throw out his monkees.  After a terribly long time the MRSA was gone and Smoochy got himself some new monkees.  But there was an issue we did not foresee.

Smoochy did not have time to train his monkees on proper stuffie etiquette.  On Sunday Smoochy’s Mom Kay was watching football on TV.  She got up during a commercial and one of the untrained monkees reached up and grabbed her ankle  Mama Kay fell to the ground.

She felt terrible pain from her hip down to her leg.  She tried to stand but it was excruciating.  She looked around the room but did not see her phone nearby.  To contact the authorities she had to scooch across the floor to the phone.

Scooching was not something she did with great regularity and, when you are a dog named Smoochy, and someone is going scoochy, it is natural to think that the scoocher wants to play.  So while his Mom was painfully scooching across the floor Scooby was dancing around her excited about this fun new game.

Mama Kay called the ambulance people and then she had to scooch past Smooch to get to the door and unlock it.   When the people came to take her away Smoochy realized that something had gone terribly wrong and his hurt Mom was going somewhere without him.

While Smoochy fretted at home his Mom went to the hospital where they took x-rays.  Her hip was indeed fractured but she did not need an operation.  She would to be in the hospital for a few days and then she was moved to a re-hab facility where she will try to get back on her feet in a couple of weeks.

A friend of Smoochy’s Mom brought him to Doggy Day Care where he is being treated like a Prince but no matter how many times we will him he will be reunited with his Mom he is still very worried about ever seeing her again.  And his troublesome monkees.  

So please say a prayer for Mama Kay to get healthy soon so she and Smoochy can be together, and that sometime soon they will get be able to live a normal life, with no MRSA, no broken bones and no troublesome monkees.

Friday, September 18, 2015

Tails From Rainbow Bridge: Another Human Study About Dogs Debunked

While I was on the mortal side of the River of Life I was one of the foremost dog studiers of humans who study dogs.  What I found most fascinating was that they were without exception incorre
I may be among the immortals but I still monitor the reports and this week I read one written in the Smithsonian Magazine.  It stated that dogs are the most intelligent animals on the planet thanks to their relationship with humans although I would argue that humans are intelligent because of their relationship with us.
I thought “finally someone has written something intelligent about dogs”
until I read this:  “Now, however, tests of canine problem-solving skills indicate that dogs rely on humans so much that we actually seem to be dumbing them down.”  Oh we are the dummies in this relationship?  Well why don’t you show me one dog that is supporting Donald Trump?
To prove this ridiculous hypothesis dogs were given a box filled with food that was unopenable.   The dogs tried to get the box open and then turned to their humans for help.  Meanwhile wolves kept trying to get the box open without the aid of humans.
Wolves?  You know what they are?  Dogs too stupid to come out of the rain.  We spent years training our humans to open boxes full of food for us.  That shows true intelligence:  Getting someone else to do the work for y
Believe me there is not a human in the world who can resist one of our looks.
They get that look from a wolf the human is running for their life and the wolf gets no food (unless the wolves eat the human.)  
So another dog study debunked by Judge Foley Monster
At least they could make these studied harder to disprove.

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Top 10 Things I Have Learned in 8 Years by Pocket Dog

Two weeks ago I celebrated my eighth birthday and am now coming full circle from a puppy who has not gotten the hang of puppy training to a senior dog who cannot control their pee.  I even have a little senior dog placard I wear on my collar that allows me to pee at special spots just for me without getting a ticket or towed.
I have been thinking of all I have learned in my life, from my sisters Foley Monster and River Song, from my parents, and from my wonderful friends.  I have compiled them in a top ten list which I now present:  Please to enjoy.
10.  Don’t pee into the wind if you want a dry undercarriage.
9.  There is nothing more comforting in the world than your parents’ touch.
8.  When you are on a walk if you see something bark something.
7.  Although they are all the rage right now zombies make very bad pet parents.
6.  I learned more from 30 seconds sniffing pee mail than I ever learned in school.
5.  Online friends are the best because, while they may look at your butt, they never sniff without permission.
4.  Even though I love having bananas, apples and carrots as treats every time I get one I think I am secretly getting screwed..
3.  No matter what technology they put in cameras us dogs will always turn away just before the picture is taken.
2.  I prefer my water dish shaken, not stirred.
1.  It is always better to have a four pawed sibling in the house so you can point to them and say “they did it.”

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Scooby is our September 13, 2015 Pup of the Week

Last week we asked for prayers for Odie one of two teenage Great Danes living as part of a wonderful family.  Odie is going to have an operation for a tumor which may or may not be malignant.  
Odie’s diagnosis was a shock because it was Scooby who was the family’s special needs baby.  His long legs had stopped working and his parents had to carry him outside to do his business and to move him around his spot on the couch so he was comfortable.  He did get plenty of outside time.  His Dad pushed him in his own stroller.
While the family’s attention turned to Odie Scooby stayed on the couch comforting his brother.  His only unusual behavior was becoming noisy during the night.  His Mom kept a baby monitor by him so she could hear if he was having any distress. The last few nights he became noisy several times but settled down after some Mom time.
On Friday I got a text saying a Great Dane friend of mine was arriving.  I immediately thought that Odie’s tumor had burst.  I put on my robe and stood on top of Enzo’s escalator.  I saw this big dog, as big as any I have seen, running faster than the escalator could convey him.  But it wasn’t Odie, it was Scooby.  
I was very well acquainted with Scooby although I had not met before my passing over the River of Life.  Pocket and Odie had become best buds in the last year.  My little sister asked me if I could find Odie and Scooby’s angel brother Rusty (and after finding Rusty dozens of other dogs, ferrets, hamsters, birds and other creatures of God who found love under Scooby’s parents’ roof).)  On Saturday nights we would all go for some dream fun, cloud jumping, wind surfing, and star kissing.  We looked forward to it, especially Scooby, who could once again run like he was a pup.
And that is was Scooby was doing now, running like he was a pup.  He wrapped his giant legs around and licked me on top of the head.  He let me swear him in and then he took off running with Rusty and their menagerie of family.  He had to be corralled to get his wings.  Scooby is a very large dog and wing fitting is always more difficult on the big dogs but it was done.  It usually takes Great Danes quite a while to fly but thanks to our dream visits Scooby took to flying faster than any Great Dane I had ever known.
As is true with all new angels soon Scooby’s thoughts turned back to his mortal life and those he left behind.  His devoted, loving caring Mom who had nursed him to the ripe age of 15 and in whose arms he passed from the mortal side of Bridge in the house he loved so much; his father, who pushed Scooby in his stroller through the neighborhood so Scooby could see his friends, and spent long nights awake with him. and his brother Odie, still in need of prayers for his upcoming operation and recovery, now, for the first time in his life an only dog, and missing his brother terribly.
Scooby is young again, and reunited with so many members of his family.  It is fitting that we remember him young, playful, a Great Dane in full.  And we pray for those who were left behind because it is always hardest on them.
We are all with you Mom, Dad, and Odie.  The road of grief is long and difficult but we have all walked it before and will walk it with you until you reach the end.

Friday, September 11, 2015

Tails from Rainbow Bridge: A walk in the woods with Mom, Dad, Blake and Me

I was looking at the Mortal News the other day.  I  try to avoid it because the stories are about how mortals are trying to make one another immortal without realizing it is a good thing.  But I saw a story about a scene for the new Ghostbusters movie being shot at the Ames Mansion in Easton Ma and I remembered my trip to the Ames Mansion.

I was just a pup still learning the ropes from my big sister Blake.  Ames Mansion sits near a large lake with several walking paths.  Mommy was many years younger and her knees and back were still working so Mommy and Daddy and Blake and me went for a walk on the paths.

It was a wonderful April day, warm but not hot, with a high sky.  Blake and I walked along as proud as any dogs you have ever seen.  There were bigger dogs but we strutted past them knowing we were the best dogs there.  There were many twists and turns along the way.  After time Mommy and Daddy grew tired but when they checked the trail markers to lead them back to their car they kept realizing they were further away.

Daddy, who is not known for his sense of direction, studied the trail marker and saw a path that cut over a hill and determined we could get back to the car in half the time.  So we left the nicely carved trail with crushed stones and cedar chips to a wooded area with a barely marked path and streams.

Blake and I loved the walk, so many smells, so many critters, but Mommy and Daddy weren’t enjoying their trek.   There were rocks that had to be climbed over, streams that needed to either be forded or carefully crossed with their feet barely fitting on the  small plank bridges.

We reached the top of the hill and we were all tired, sweating and panting.  There was a small pond with a bench.  Mommy and Daddy stopped to sit by the water.  Foley and I stood, on leash, by the water’s edge.  Mommy told Daddy not to let us jump in the water  Daddy said don’t be foolish we would never jump in the water.  We jumped in the water.

It wasn’t very deep but it was cool, wet, and filthy.  It felt so good.  It would be the only time in our lives that either of us were in the water, and it didn’t last long as we were lifted out immediately.  Neither parent had brought a towel and now we were two soaking wet dogs with undercarriages close to the ground who still had to walk down a dirty hill to get to our car.

We started our trek again, and got turnaround a couple of times, adding more time to our adventure.  Then, climbing the hill from the other side, dressed in dark robes with dark hats and beards were a group of men.  They were Orthodox Jews.  Holy heck!  They don’t hike!  They wander!  Oh my gosh we were going to be wandering around the hills of Easton for 40 years!

But that was not to be our fate.  The men were traveling single file and we walked opposite them until we came to a clearing and our car.  Mommy got some blankets out of the trunk and laid them across the backseat of Daddy’s car before we got  into it.  If it had been her car she would have sold it right then.  When we got home we got the longest baths of our life.

But it was worth it.  It was the best walk of our life.  Paths, rocks, streams, a dip in a pond, a wandering religious group.  How could a walk be better?

Thursday, September 10, 2015

River Song: Personal Groomer

I am very into personal grooming.  What can I say?  I am a dog who wants to look good.
I am at a disadvantage when it comes to grooming.  I am snoutless.  Completely without snout.  When I groom myself my tongue comes way out of my mouth (when I enter a room my tongue arrives five seconds before I do) and when that happens I make very loud, and what I am told, is an obnoxious, slurping sound.
My favorite time to groom myself is in the middle of the night in bed between Mommy and Daddy while they are trying to sleep.   I pick this time because Mommy and Daddy both have large heads and I can put my paws on them to study my legs while I dive down under.
Grooming has been more difficult  since I attacked Pocket in her sleep, put a hole in Daddy’s finger, and then lunged at Pocket  a couple of mornings later.  I have been bound by leash to the headboard until my being a bad waker upper is cured.  I hate being tied to the bed especially when it interferes with my pleasuring myself.  I am sleeping like a Duggar.
I find Daddy’s ear to be a good spot for my right paw.  I stick my paw into his ear so the claws go in the little circle around the ear and then I can get my head underneath my leg and give myself a good grooming and the paw in the ear covers the loud slurping sound.
Mommy’s forehead is a good spot to rest my back legs.  With my grooming area raised I can get a good look under it like a car on a lift.  Then I get my head down there and start my grooming.  This usually doesn’t last too long.  I wake Mommy up and she pushes me away.
Eyes, noses, mouths, shoulders, butts:  If it’s on a human body it can aid me in my late night grooming duties even if my parents continue to tell me to stop.
They may be sleepy but they have a clean dog.

Sunday, September 6, 2015

Odie is our September 6, 2015 Pup of the Week

We are all very lucky to have such marvelous parents.  But two of us have parents who are so marvelous they are downright magical.

Odie and Scooby are two Great Danes enjoying life in their mid teens.  What makes this amazing is that Great Danes should only live to be eight or nine.  And I think it is the love and care of their two parents that have kept them healthy so long.

Scooby spends most of his time on the couch now  While his heart and mind are strong the legs aren’t working too well.  His parents have to bring him outside to pee and move him around the couch when he gets restless but except for that he is leading a very good life.  Scooby gets to go on walks and see his friends.  His parents got him a stroller to push him through the neighborhood so he can enjoy the outside.  They have known for some time that Scooby is their special needs dog but now his brother Odie needs your prayers.

He had been losing weight so his doctor gave him a CAT scan.  The CAT showed that Odie has a tumor.  The only way to find out if it is cancerous is to operate on him.
His advanced age causes his Mom concern but the doctors assure her he should be fine. If Odie does not have the operation the tumor then it could burst and start internal bleeding.  There would  be little time to save him after that.  

After the tumor is removed it will be sent out for a biopsy. We are praying very hard that the tumor is benign.   If it is not benign then Odie will have to have chemotherapy.  At his age chemotherapy is a risk but the greater risk, as always, is to do nothing.  

We have absolute confidence that Odie and Scooby’s Mom and Dad will make the right decision for him.   Like all our parents who are faced with life altering decisions for their beloved pets Odie’s parents are under an extreme amount of stress.  They are trying to balance the quality and quantity of Odie’s life.   They want him to be with them a long time but don’t want him to suffer for a minute.  

Please send them prayers so they can make the right decision for their sweet baby boy and he can come through his ordeal healthy and live a normal life again.

And never take a normal life for granted.  Normal is fleeting while trouble has a way of seeming endless.  

Thanks for the prayers.

Friday, September 4, 2015

Tails From Rainbow Bride: Catching up with Bauser

I have an extraordinary life here at the Bridge.  While my friends lie in the sun, play, or watch their Mom’s channel on the television to make sure they are all right I have to go to work.  I am a Judge and I have to swear in new pups who arrive at the Bridge and decide on minor disputes that may occur.

I have a distinguished black robe that I wear while I am performing my duties.   Under it I wear a beautiful bandanna.   The one I am wearing today reads “Judge Foley Monster.”  The letters are written in red with a gold border.  I had it made especially for me.

I didn’t create the design myself.  I sent a butterfly messenger with my bandanna request.  The butterfly flew it to the home of my old friend Bauser.  Bauser is another dog with an extraordinary afterlife.

He works everyday too.  He makes bandannas just as he did every day on the mortal side.  But he can do something on this side he could not do on the mortal side.  Each day he gathers the ordered bandanas in his mouth and he runs.

Seven years ago Bauser suffered a serious injury to his back.  He could barely walk never mind run.  The surgery was expensive and Bauser’s Mom did not have the money to pay for it.  She was a talented seamstress and wanted to use that talent to raise money for Bauser.  And that is when Bauser’s bandannas were born.  They were handmade with love and were absolutely stunning.  Soon all of the dogs who were lucky enough to know Bauser and his Mom were sporting the most handsome bandannas in town.  They also became very popular gifts for birthdays and holidays.  Every dog was thrilled to open the box and see a Bauser bandanna enclosed.  Soon enough money was raised and Bauser had his operation which was a complete success.

There was still a demand for bandannas and he and his Mom continued their business for four years until Bauser went to the Bridge after a battle with cancer.  As soon as he arrived here word spread that the mortal side’s best bandanna creator was now immortal.  Bauser scouted locations and found a wonderful cloud for his business.  He then set up a big spinning wheel and eschewed a sewing machine to do every bandanna by paw.  The requests came flying in from butterflies and birds and Bauser quickly got to work.  Somehow he filled the request for every pup at the Bridge.

The sad thing is that new pups arrive daily.  Bauser sends one of his messenger butterflies to the new pup asking what bandanna they would like and on their first morning he goes running like the wind past them leaving them their new bandanna.

So thanks to Bauser all your angels are sporting nifty bandannas.  I wish you could see a picture of us.  It would be magnificent. 

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

River and I Fought, Daddy Got Bit, and it was all his Fault

Early Monday morning River Song and I got in a big fight at the foot of the bed and Daddy got bit on the tip of his little finger and got blood on the sheets but don’t worry we all decided it was his fault so everything is alright.  Let me tell you how it happened.

Mommy had a bad night’s sleep.  One of those nights filled with bad dreams and thoughts.  River is very protective of her when she has nights like that she sleeps very close to her.  She does not like anyone coming close to Mommy and has given me a few growls to stay away.  I learned my lesson and stay on top of the covers at the foot of the bed.

Daddy got up early in the morning and went into the bathroom.  When he came out he picked me up and put me under the covers.  He broke the “let sleeping dogs lie” rule.  I knew I wasn’t supposed to be there and so did River.  She went down the end of the bed and stood over me wanting me to go back but I got confused and couldn’t find my way out.

That’s when she bit me and I let out a sound that sounded like this:  “AYYYYYEHHHHOOOOOWEEEEIE.”  Daddy yelled River’s name and reached under the covers to pull her off of me.  River felt something grab her and thought it was another threat to Mommy.  She turned and bit down on Daddy’s right pinkie tip.

Daddy has always said that we are so small our bites couldn’t hurt him but he made a noise that sounded like this:  “AYYYYYEHHHHOOOOOWEEEEIE.”  He pulled us apart and I got the hell out of the bed.  Daddy picked me up, put me back on the bed and held me near him while I nervously licked him.  He had his back to Mommy who was holding River.

River kept getting away and looking over his back like that Kilroy guy looking over a wall.  I was shaking knowing River was angry and had a mean bite.  Finally Daddy took me out of the room and we sat on a recliner.  I liked and licked some more because I love Daddy and I love the taste of blood more.  Daddy realized he was bleeding from the fingernail and he washed it off, put on a bandage and we settled down on the chair for an hour until Daddy decided I was calm enough to go back to bed.

He rightfully placed me at the bottom of the bed and got under the covers where we slept another hour peacefully.  The we woke up and saw the blood on the sheets;  Ooops.  Sorry Mommy.

Daddy said the bite didn’t really hurt but that was before the blood got under the fingernail, I guess that hurts a lot, especially when he slammed the pinkie on the pavement trying to edge the driveway.

All we can hope is that this incident taught him and other humans a lesson.  Let sleeping dogs lie.

And we are glad that River and I are totally blameless.

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