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Pocket and the Big Mattress

There are certain household matters that dogs should definitely have a say in.  One of these is the bed.  Us dogs sleep 16 hours a day.  Bed is very important to us.  Any change in the sleeping arrangements should be run past us.  Which is why I was stunned to learn Mommy and Daddy bought a new mattress without consulting me. I sleep in the big bed with my parents.  I like the bottom of the bed, under the covers.  I have spent years scratching at the mattress, adjusting the fluff, to make the perfect spot for my little body.  I fully expected the spend the rest of my days on the spot that fit my body. But this week, with no announcement nor warning, Mommy and Daddy bought a new mattress.  After the purchase I heard them discussing the matter, but, like most things they say, I ignored them.  A few days later I heard a big truck pull up outside.  River and I were lock in the front bedroom. We heard multiple footsteps in and out, in and out, while we stood behind the door and barke

Wordless Wednesday Throwback Edition

River Flew Over the Cukoo's Nest

After my high flying escape over the gate of doom I was once again regulated to my crate.  What a gyp!  Perform a death defying stunt that impresses everyone and you get locked up like you’re James Miller.  (Google it.  Griffons don’t do footnotes.) And not only have I been locked up but I have been put on drugs against my will.   The drugs are something called Benadryl.  This concerned me greatly.  The only thing I knew about this drug was it was powerful enough to kill an immortal.  I learned that from Spalding who told it to Madame LaLaurie on American Horror Story Coven.  Well, if you are still with me after two obscure references I assume you’re going for the full ride so let’s get started They got the drugs into me the dirtiest way possible.  They used cheese.  Drat the weakness us dogs have for cheese.  Then they corralled me and put me in my crate.  For the first 30 minutes I was nothing but pissed off and then: Have you ever really looked at your paw?  Like, dude.  Al

Jake the Trailblazer is our January 26, 2014 Pup of the Week

A short while back I wrote about Jake.  He was picked by Amber, after she went to the Bridge, to help her Mom through Amber’s passing, and build new love in her Mom’s heart.  Jake came with both and aggression and health issues.  It was a struggle, but through that struggle Jake and his Mom found love and new memories. We thought Jake had provided us with enough inspiration, but this week he took a chance for all of us and endured strenuous testing to prove that a long denied promised land could finally become available to us. The world of chocolate. On Thursday Jake took it upon himself to disprove the theory put forth by big chocolate and big assed humans, that chocolate is bad for dogs, by eating a dozen cookies his Mom had made with baker’s chocolate. His Mom came home to find the crumbs, a guilty look on Jake’s face, and his Dad watching an SVU marathon not because he thinks Mariska Hargitay i

Foley's Best Worst Christmas Ever

I didn’t know what to expect on my first Christmas at Rainbow Bridge.   When I was a wee pup Christmas was at our house and all my human brothers and sisters, and later their spouses and children, would come to our house.  But, as we started to grow older, Mommy and Daddy would go to their houses, and, after us pups exchanged gifts with our parents in the morning, it was mostly a crated experience  the rest of the day. I was always bothered by this.  I love all my grandbabies and nothing made my heart more joyful than to see them ripping open their presents, sharing them with one another, and spreading Christmas magic to everyone around.  I don’t know why I wasn’t allowed to go when the gift opening moved from Mommy’s house.  I would have just sat on her lap and watched.  I am not a pee pee and boom boom machine like Pocket.  But that’s all water under Rainbow Bridge now. This year I got to watch in the River of Life everything I would have missed

Wordless Wednesday

Roscoe and Katie are our January 19, 2014 Pups of the Week

All dog stories have a beginning and an end and here we spend a lot of time with the end so today let’s talk about two beginnings. But to get to the beginning we have to start at the end.  Recently two wonderful friends joined me at the Bridge, Willie and Cassie.  While I was very happy to see them and get to spend more time with them they left huge holes in the hearts of their family members.  As I had with River, Willie and Cassie began to look for new dogs to build new love in the Mom’s hearts. Cassie was the first to arrive at the Bridge, and the first to find a replacement but her Dad’s stubbornness almost waylaid her plans:  An ignored Jack Russell puppies for sale sign; an adoption day in front of a pet store ignored; a Jack Russell featured as adoptable pup of the week also ignored   Cassie knew she needed help to get through to her Dad and contacted Uncle Bob, her vet, who sent her Dad  an e-mail about a wire haired Jack Russell in Georgia and a webs

River Song: High Flying and Adored

I am what is known as a velcro dog.  I always want to be near my humans, preferably keeping in physical contact with them at all times.  I hate being left alone and I suffer from what they call separation anxiety.  I am put in my crate, and when Mommy and Daddy return, the crate is on the other side of the room, and sometimes, in it, is the most offensive boom boom, that has been stepped in, kicked, and, seemingly, deeply rubbed into my fur. Then came the projects:  The Taking Stinky River Outside Project; The Washing The Stink Off Of River Project; The Trying To Keep River In The Tub Project; The Cleaning The Offensive Boom Boom Remnants From the Crate Project.  The whole thing became quite a project. After a boom boom incident Daddy had to take the crate apart.  When he put it back together the door did not line up correctly.  The next time I needed to be crated Mommy put me inside, and let go of the latch.  She had assumed the door was secure, but, a soon as I

Wordless Wednesday

Clint is our January 12, 2014 Pup of he week

I must say, while I was living on the mortal side of the Bridge, I was a pretty lucky pup.  I rarely had vet visits that weren’t my yearly checkup.  I went once for scotting my butt in the snow.  There was nothing wrong with me.  I just wanted to stop walking and knew scooting my butt would scare Mommy and Daddy, and they would carry me to the car so I didn’t hurt myself further.  Mission accomplished.  And once I popped out my front knee and screamed my little head off, but, by the time we got to the vet, my knee as back in place, and I was happy.  The only other time I made an unscheduled trip to the vet was for my parents to be informed my song was ending. This week Clint got an unexpected trip to the vet and luckily the vet gave every indication that his song will continue.  But this is the story about why he had to go the the vet. Clint began peeing more frequently and you know how our parents are about our bodily functions, any slight deviation from the

Wordless Wednesday Throwback Edition

A Pup Named Benjamin is our Pup of the Week

Although I don’t enjoy talking about it, each day, per my duties as a Judge in District A of Rainbow Bridge, I must go through the formality of swearing in dogs who have passed over from the mortal side of the River of Life to the eternal side. Some of these dogs are happy, climbing the stairs from the Bridge cures them of everything that ailed them during their lives, and they are happy to leave the pain behind.  Others are sad about leaving their families, but, soon after being sworn in, when they meet their old pack and family members, those sad thoughts fade, the way a dream does the more you are awake.  And then there are those who are overjoyed because their Mommies, or their Daddies preceeded them across the River. Some of the dogs were friends of mine when I frolicked on the mortal side, while others I become friendly with as we run through the giant fields, climb the mountains, or run through the quick dry puddles.  Usually the dogs I befriend after meeti

After Years of Trying to Get Me to Pee Outside Now My Parents Want Me to Pee Indoors by Pocket

As many of you know I have struggled most of my life with housebreaking.  I blame it on a small bladder and weak muscles.  Foley would give me a look of disgust and mutter about how unprofessional I was whenever I leaked on the carpet.  She took great pride in peeing outside, even in the worse weather, unless someone pissed her off, then she pissed on. When River arrived she came with a fresh set of pee pads, having been trained to pee in the house, which seemed silly to me, because peeing in the house came naturally to me, no training required.  But the key was peeing on those two little pads in the hallway, and when I tried, I was like 5 0’clock Charlie, off by more than a lot. I am a follower by nature, as long as the following occurs in doors  While I was not very good at following Foley outside to pee, I am very good at following River inside to pee, except while she pees on the pads, I am peeing on