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Wordless Wednesday

Pocket Says Goodbye to the Flowers

I got out of bed with Daddy Friday morning to do my business.  We went out on the porch, I looked through the window, saw the snow and let out a deep sigh. Not because the snow makes my paws cold, which it does, or the air makes me shiver, which it does, but because my main responsibility, garden design and supervision, was done for several months. Mommy loves doing gardening but frankly she has no design skills.   She used to rely on Foley, who had an excellent eye for layout, but when she accepted her Judgeship it fell to me to supervise.  (Foley still visits me in my dreams to tell me how she wants things but I like to add my own little twists now and then.) Every Monday morning, from mid-March until mid-November River Song and I would be placed in our overseer’s buggy to watch my parents work.  For the next three to five hours, by pointing, barking, and whining, we would show Mommy which plant to put where so the colors would burst and complement one another.   We

Pups of the Week: Catching Up With This Year's Bridge Angels

They say the Universe is expanding daily.   This is true.   But the reason is a secret, one, given this is the end of another year, I will make you privy to.   The Universe is expanding because the immortal side of the River of Life is part of the Universe, and with new additions daily, it needs to keep expanding As I wrote, it is the end of the year, and I thought you would like to catch up on the many friends who have crossed the River of Life this year. First is a pup named Benjamin.   He was diagnosed with cancer late last year.   Knowing his song was ending, he made two great sacrifices.   First he found a dog to help his Mom deal with his loss, a baby girl named Bella, and then, to save his Mom the expensive end of life costs many of us endure, he ran in front of a car dying instantly.   For the past twelve months Benjamin has been visiting Bella in her dreams making sure all his Mom’s needs are being met. Rocco was a police dog for the Pittsburgh Police Departme

Ask Aunt Foley: Whatever Happened to the Grinch

            Dear Aunt Foley:   I have been living happily for years with my adopted owner Cindy Lou Who but I don’t know what happened to my original Daddy who was known as the Grinch.   We lived together on Mount Crumpet and then one day he came up with an ill-advised plan to steal all the Christmas gifts in Whoville.   Luckily on Christmas morning he learned the error of his ways and returned all the gifts.   The last time I saw him he was carving the roast beast.   What ever happened to him?   Max             Dear Max:   One thing about humans, either real or fictional, it only takes one bitter person to mess things up for everyone.   While almost all the Who’s in Whoville forgave the Grinch except Russ Sharpton Who had no forgiveness in his heart and had the Whoville police arrest the Grinch and get a search warrant for his home on Mount Crumpet.   When they arrived on Mount Crumpet the newly reformed Grinch was dismantling the final remnants of his crystal snow flake meth