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River's Trip to the Groomer

As many of you know, I am treated like family at my groomer’s.  One of my siblings lives with them as does my Baby Daddy, although our mutual attraction was squashed by a few snips of the doctor’s scissors.  Now, like many old married couples, we take a whiff and move on. Now that my breed has won Best in Show the adoration has only become greater. When our groomer, Jan, took me from my Mom, she said that she cuts lots of Griff’s hair, but I am her favorite. Who can blame her? When we entered the grooming area, I was placed on my comfy throne with many pillows piled on top of another with red velvet on the backrest.  Pocket was thrown in a cage with a rusty hinge and no blanket. First I got a bath with soap from the synactif soap collection.  Three vestal virgins gently washed me in distilled water using a brush made from fine llama hair.  Then they placed me on a red cushion and dried me by waving silk handkerchiefs.   Pocket got bathed in a rusty steel tub in filthy, c

Wordless Wednesday

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Take a right at the next light

Monday Quesiton

Have you ever seen snow and if so do you like to play in it? Pocket:  I have seen too much snow.  It is a bother, it is wet, cold, and gets in the way River Song:  I was born in Florida and this will be my fifth winter.  I still have to be dragged outside in the snow and usually won't perform my duties in it.

Jasper and Sophie Rae are our November 26, 2017 Pups of the Week

There is quote is from the song “It’s Quiet Uptown” from the musical Hamilton written by Lin Manuel Miranda about learning to live with the unimaginable. The song is sung by Alexander Hamilton and his wife Angelica after their son is killed in a duel.  They are both broken with grief.  They are learning to live with something so sad and shocking it is unimaginable. This week, the family of Jasper and Sophie Rae, plus all their friends, are trying to live with the unimaginable.  Ten days ago they both were living happily with their parents.  Over the course of two days, last Sunday and Monday,  Jasper and Sophie went to the Bridge, leaving their devastated family behind Jasper’s passing was long feared, but not unexpected.  He has been having seizures for months.  Weeks ago his parents were preparing themselves for his journey to the Bridge.  But then his medicine began to work, and he improved to the point he was able to go on a family vacation.   Sophie Rae,

Pocket Tries to Save the Turkeys

It has been colder than an Iditarod Huskie’s mother’s milk here lately, but we have still been going on walks.  We are small, but we are tough. On Saturday we were taking a constitutional through our sleepy neighborhood when we saw a rafter of wild turkeys chilling in a yard.  We barked and raised a fuss.  The largest one lifted her head and looked into my eyes.  “Are you Pocket?” she asked. Being a small animal I try to keep away from big birds, but I was also raised to be polite, so I admitted I was Pocket.  “You are well known for saving wild animals.  The story of how you and Foley rescued a skunk is legendary.”  I blushed.  That bit of daring-do was Foley’s idea.  You can read about it  here   “We need help,” the turkey continued.  “It is only a few days before Thanksgiving, and we have to hide.  If you could let us stay under your house, we would be greatly appreciative.” “Turkeys under the house!” River barked.  “Oh no!  I don’t want turkeys under the house!  What’s n

Tails From Rainbow Bridge: The 2017 Angels Make Thanksgiving dinner

Every Thanksgiving the dogs at Rainbow Bridge gather for a feast and celebrate our unity and love.  The dogs who arrived at the Bridge since our last dinner serve their favorite food.  Most of all we give thanks to our many friends and parents who did not join us this year and pray they won’t next year. The first course was served by our French friend Easy the Weimaraner  We were so lucky to have a brilliant French chef create an hors devours to whet our appetite.  He created a lovey Gougeres, a puff pastry with cheese.  I had never experienced such a taste explosion.  Easy’s sly observations made us all smile.  Laughter is a great way to start a dinner. Beautiful Fern was next with a British meal called Bubble and Squeak.  I was concerned that that was the sound the food would make when it was being digested, but it is actually a scrumptious dish made from potatoes  Fern, a very sweet soul, served each dish with a smile and kiss. After two courses from Europe it was refreshi

Wordless Wednesday

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We need to discuss your job performance

Monday Question

What are your families plans for Thanksgiving? My parents are going to their daughter's house while we will have to celebrate with our friends in our dreams.  I think the happiest soul on Thanksgiving will be our cousin Neely who hasn't seen my parents in five months and has lots of lick for them

Smiley is our November 19, 2017 Pup of the Week

Humans have been blessed with five senses, but we dogs have so many more.  Our sense of smell, and hearing, is much stronger than human’s senses.  We can even smell those difficult areas our parents work so hard to keep scent less. We hear everything.  We know what is coming around the corner.  We know what he is building in there.  If humans heard what we can hear the makers of anxiety medication would rule the world. It’s nice to touch things. It’s a useful tool but is nothing like taste.  That is fantastic.  We would lick the world if we could.  Finally, there is sight.  It is important to us, there is so much to see, but it pales next to smell and hearing (and, if someone is barbecuing, taste.  If we had a choice between looking at steak and tasting it we would pick tasting  every time.) Which brings me to our Pup of the Week.  His name is Smiley, and he has been at Rainbow Bridge a month.  He is a modest boy and did not want any recognition, but sometimes a girl needs a sub

Tails From Rainbow Bridge: Visiting My Home with Pintus

Sometimes the afterlife really does seem like an eternity.  I have so few souls here I had met during my mortal life:  My Dad’s parents (thankfully Nana has grown to like dogs in the  afterlife and no longer complains when I growl and show my teeth); his Uncle Bob and Aunt Bev, who I met the day after my Gotcha night; our neighbor Mrs. McAloon who was always happy to see me; and my sibling dogs Blake, Copper, Jax and Skye. I know that may seem like a lot, but they all have their own lives and adventures. Somedays I do get lonely.  I was feeling quite melancholy, looking over the river, when my friend Pintus came over and asked me why I was glum.  I told him about my loneliness. “Let’s go visit your last home as angels,” he said.  “I would really like to see it.” He was being kind.  He knew that sometimes an angel needs to fly home.  He took me by the paw, and we flew off. It was nighttime.  There are no streetlights in our neighborhood.  There is nary a pole.  Just solar

No Drama River and the Bad Paw

Hello readers:  It is I, River Song.  You may not remember me.  It has been nearly a month since I last blogged because my sister Pocket is a blog hog.  Nothing aggravates me more than someone bogarting our blog. Of course, I had to cede my blogging privileges to Pocket because of all the “drama” that has occurred in her life.  A storm kept her up at night:  “Oh please, Pocket needs to blog about her bad night.”  Pocket has a tick that looks like a growth:  “You have to let Pocket blog about her frightening week!”  I had a tick on me.  I didn’t get all Tolstoy about it. I try to steer away from drama which is why I felt guilty when I went out to pee and came back inside limping.  There was no blood, but I was favoring my right leg.   I am “No Drama River, ” and my limping was definitely drama.  I was sure I could fix the problem by licking following the golden rule that licking trumps limping.  This golden rule did not work.  My limping became worse. I immediately got lots of

Wordless Wednesday

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Give me back my bone!

Monday Question

What do you use for flea and tick medication? We were using Advantix II but the doctor suggested Bravecto so we switched to that.  Then my pawrents realized Bravecto doesn't work on fleas so we might go back to Advantix for our next treatment.

Pepper is our November 12, 2017 Pup of the Week

Life is easier on the immortal side of the Bridge.  I am blogging proof that there is another world where we will all be together forever.  On the mortal side, while people believe in an afterlife, doubts still creep into minds which makes our separation more painful.   The hardest part of being a Rainbow Bridge angel is witnessing how humans suffer as our ranks grow. This week our lifelong friend Pepper, after battling kidney disease for six months, had her kidneys shut down and needed her mom’s assistance to earn her wings.  Pepper was her Mom’s, Miss Cathy’s, heart dog, her baby,  her snuggle buddy, and her walking partner.  Letting Pepper pass to the immortal side was one of the hardest events Miss Cathy had to experience. When Pepper arrived, she was met by her mom’s previous dogs, neighbor dogs, and dozens of online friends who had preceded her. Pepper had tears in her eyes, mourning the loss of her Mom, Liz, their family, and her sister JuJu, but she also was laughing

Tails From Rainbow Bridge: Can a Good Dog Save a Bad Man

It seems that every week there is a story of an angry man whose life has gone wickedly wrong, and who becomes violent resulting in a wake of death behind him.  It is too simple to say if these men had dogs they would never have become violent but a dog did help one violent man   Budhi Bryant grew up in a horrific home where the seeds for the abusive man he would become were planted.  His mother was addicted to drugs.  To pay off her debts, she gave Budhi to her drug dealer.  When that transaction occurred Budhi’s father was in jail,  HIs grandfather tracked Budhi down, and he moved in with his aunt and uncle. When  Budhi was five, his father was released from prison.  He found his son with his grandmother, beat her, and took him.  Budhi’s father abused him for years.  Budhi took comfort in his dog until his father, during a violent episode, beat the dog to death in front of him. Budhi was removed from his father’s home and put in the foster care system.  He was then returned t

Pocket and the Mysterious Bump

It always starts innocently. A week ago I was sitting next to Daddy on his recliner.  I stood up to walk across his legs to sit with Mommy.  He reached out with his left hand to scratch my neck.  He touched something and said:  “What the hell is that?” This is never words a dog wants to hear especially when they are being touched.  My dad had found a strange growth on my neck. He picked me up and put me on Mommy’s lap.  River, who had been lazing next to her, stood up.  The three of them studied the growth.  It was brown, legless, and flexible.  It resembled a tick, but, being legless, that possibility was dismissed.  My parents determined it was a skin tag. I sighed in relief.  That didn’t sound like a problem.  The rest of the night passed peaceably. But my parents fancy themselves to be intellectuals which means they have to read everything there is about a decision they have reached until they convince themselves they are wrong.  In the past, this would require a time-co

Wordless Wednesday

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And with one kiss from Prince Charming, the beautiful Princess awoke

Monday Question

What is your bath and/or grooming schedule? We get bathed usually once a week.  Mommy likes us smelling good.  We get groomed every six weeks.  We think it is overdone but you know moms