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Foley fights for her intellectual property

Many of you may not know that Pocket and I were members of Doggyspace in the early days of the site. We had a difference of opinion with the owner and we had our tiny butts barred from the site left the site. Not to get into specifics, it's just that we stuck up for a friend, wrote a blog on our personal blog page that made the owner look like a senseless boob criticized the owner and we got barred. The former owner was a senseless boob did what he thought was right. Anyhoo when we were thrown off left the site we also lost all the blogs we had written. I urge all my friend here to make sure they copy their blogs and save them because if you can't get on DS you can't get to your blogs. Some of the members who have been here for a long time might remember one particular blog that we wrote. We became angry that female dogs had to share the same term with women who are not nice to people. Us female dogs are caring, loving, beautiful beings and should not have to s

Failure to Lunge: K9 Kamp Week Three

I am ashamed to admit that I came in last place in this weeks K-9 Kamp challenge. Daddy said he wanted me in the Kamp to work on my discipline. I don't know if it was my failure to curb to the discipline or my fear of Daddy's unnatural acts that conquered me on this challenge. but during it our family was plagued with two questions. Why is Daddy lunging, and why is he vicking in the front yard? I was really psyched when I heard that that this weeks challenge involved a tug of war. I am excellent at tug of war. The way we play is that Daddy kneels on the ground, I pick up the tiny pull rope that fits in my little mouth, and he pulls it gently. I make this very ferocious growling sound. Sometimes Daddy pulls the tug toy too hard and it comes out of my mouth. Sometimes I hold on and he swings so hard he swings me and I let go and fly into the couch, if I am lucky. Daddy always sits on the floor when we play tug of war but for this challenge he was standing up which me

The Malatesta Pups are our September 25, 2011 Pups of the Week

There is a movie called The Great Escape. It was made when all those old or passed Hollywood stars were young and good looking. In the movie a number of prisoners escape from a Nazi prison camp. A handful stay free from capture. Others were captured. 50 were executed. The movie was based on real events. To a generation, when you mentioned "The 50" it meant something. The 50 were being transported back to the POW camp when they were told to get out of the transport trucks and stretch their legs. When they did the Nazis gunned them all down before they knew what was happening. Now we have the Six. The six dogs belonging to Paula Malatesta. A week ago she had a heart attack. While she lay in the hospital family members, without her consent, made the decision to take them to surrender them to animal control. There the Six were killed while their Mom lie unaware in her hospital bed.  When she found out her condition worsened, but thankfully the doctors

Foley Monster's new song for her friend Brody and Brody's Mom

*Foley comes out and sits behind a microphone with her guitar* Hello, thanks for coming to the Foleytini Tiki Bar.  I hope you enjoy the Foleytinis.  This has been a hard week for all of us.  Very sad.  So I decided to write a song that will hopefully make you smile.  Or you might find it offensive.  It is a song about where I sleep during the day, my home.  It looks like this. > Now, if you are easily offended, or do not like a parody of a Dylan song from the 60's that repeatedly mentions female genitalia this song may not be for you.  So I will give you a chance to pay your bill and go.  Don't forget to tip your waitress. OK, thank you.  This song is for Brody and his Mom Candice.  I would be honored to sing this at the new baby's christening.  OK, it goes like this. Well, I see you noticed my brand new leopard-skin vagina condo Yes, I see you noticed my brand new leopard-skin vagina  condo Well, let me tell you baby How sleeping  feels und

K-9 Challenge Part Deux: Go Fetch Yourself

Good evening, I am your intrepid reporter Foley Monster here to report on the second leg of K9 Kamp 2011. This weeks challenge is called "Go Fetch Yourself." The task required that the human, in this case Pop, and the dog, my sister Pocket Dog, play a simple game of fetch. But the fiendish planners of the K9 Kamp created a Road Block to hamper the contestants completion of their task. In this Road Block not only would the dog be fetching the ball but the human would be fetching it as well. Before the task a power greater than even the organizers of the K9 Kamp themselves threw in a road block of her own. That power: Mom. When Pop told her that the task required him to throw a ball for Pocket, and for Pocket to chase it, and this task was required to be done outside, she immediately put a stop to it. She refuses to ever let us run off leash because of predatory birds in the area. She is afraid that we could be carried off by a turkey vulture, hawk, owl, or eagle

Paula Malatesta: Champion Dog Rescuer in Hospital Her Pups need Our Help

Paula Malatesta, a Hall of Fame dog rescuer has been stricken by a heart attack and is in the hospital. She will no longer be able to care for the dogs in her shelter. I have copied a DS blog authored by Jake the Snake that explain her situation and what dogs need homes. If you can help let us know. This is Ann, Jake's mom.  I just got off the phone with Paula. She sounds good but very tired.  She went into the hospital Sunday night and she expects to go home Thursday or Friday.  I asked if she would like calls and she said yes.  The hospital is Lake Norman Regional Medica l Center, Mooresville, NC.  The hospital number is 704-660-4000.  Her extension is 4233.  You can ask for Paula Maletestra.  I had to spell it and I was close so they let me talk to her.  She said she can keep 4 dogs and she needs homes for these little ones:  (An aside...I am having foot surgery on the 29th and I won't be able to walk for at least two weeks and then not drive for a whil

Foley Hopes to Make Some Celebrity Friends

As some of you know I am an administrator of a site called The Tanner Brigade. It is a small Ning site that our members can send invitations to people we want to join. We like to think of it as a small town with close knit friends, Doggyspace as the big city where you can meet thousands of dogs, and the blogging world as an entire country of dogs. One of my friends is a fan of the books of Dean Koontz. He often uses dogs as characters in his stories. He even has a series of books about a talking dog, which is kind of silly. Us dogs can talk just like you humans. We just don't have anything important to say. Now we sent an e-mail to Mr. Koontz asking that he have his dog on the Tanner Brigade. We haven't heard from him since. But we are keeping our paws crossed That got Pocket and me to thinking, and Pocket to napping because while her thoughts can blaze high into the night they don't last too long. But as long as the Pocket fires were burning I took advantage

Lily and Izzy are our September 18, 2011 Pup of the Week

I believe Pocket noticed it before I did. We were curled up asleep in our leopard skin vagina condo when Pocket sat up and began to sniff the air. I told her to sit down but she said there was new pup smell in the air. I lifted my scenter too, and she was right, there was new pup scent in the air. We climbed out of our condo. The first thing we noticed was that the air in the Brigade had finally cooled. That's probably why we snuggled up so much. Hobo was already up, drinking coffee and supervising the cats as they were building a fire to keep us warm. We asked him if he smelled the new dog but he said all he could smell was coffee and kitty litter. (How many of you thought I was going for the cheap double entendre there? Oh you know me so well.) We walked over to where our members sign in but no one new had posted. But there was definantly new pup smell in the air. We went to Hattie Mae's place but she had the "No new dogs allowed" sign up she had ever since J

Foley Monster's Job Program for Humans

Good evening my fellow dogs and your devoted humans. The humans, both Republican and Democrat, Tea Party and I Party, independents and politically lazy, have brought themselves to the brink of disaster by mismanaging their country to the brink of kibblenomic ruin. In the past four years since humans have ruined their economy they have proven themselves unable to find their way out of their financial hole. If anyone knows about holes it is dogs. We dig them. We fill them in. We bury things in them. In World War I my forefathers were sent into holes to check for explosives then crawl out of the hole and then give the solider 1,000 kisses as he giggled in delight. So I, representing dogs everywhere, am here to present our job plan for you humans. What all humans agree on is that there is nothing more precious than a dog. While most industries have suffered during the economic downturn one industry that has shown profits is the pet industry. People are spending more for foo

TWIB Notes

If you have been following the story of Disel, the dog who lived across the street from the Carny Dogs blog author is continued here . Love and a Six foot Leash has an update on one of the dogs they fostered:  Lily.  You can read about it here . Ashley Hill Owen does her usual outstanding job on Lucky Dog Rescue.  She asks you to imagine what it is like to be an unloved dog.  Please check it out here . Did you hear our friends Koli and Felix ran away.  Oh the dumb twits.  I am so mad at both of them.  They are home safe and Mommy needs to fix a fence.  Of course the entire thing was their Daddy's fault.  You can read about it  here Here is a very sad story of a friend I never knew I had. Here The story of Kona who went to the Bridge on September 3. Kirby the Dorkie recognizes all the hard working dogs out there in his Labor Day blog. There is another friend we did not know we had who needs our help. It is from the HoundDogMom and the Hound Dogs blog. Cleo is in de

Blazer is our September 11, 2011 Pup of the Week

On 9/11 what would be more fitting to recognize a dog who's Mom used to be a 911 Operator? But that is only one slight reason for recognizing our shy poodle friend. I remember Blazer as my first friend on DS. It was so long ago I can't remember for sure but I know my first day as a social networking dog was spent sending messages back and forth with him. Blazer and I have been great buds ever since. We like to get together in our dreams and run, play tug of war, chew on bones, and snuggle in the Maiden Lillies. We have both been on this Earth long enough to remember the terrible events ten years ago this day, and we've also climbed to the top of the hill, and now that we have started the long ride down, we are going to enjoy the view together. Blazer is a very shy dog so I am sure some of you have not been as lucky as I have been and know him like I do. But whenever there is a dog who is sick, who needs some extra kibbles to get better Blazer is ready to sift t

Day One of K-9Kamp. The 60 Minute Daddy Drag by Pocket Dog

Aunt Jodi, mother to our wonderful friends Kol and Fe contacted Mommy two weeks ago about the K9Kamp, a series of exercises for dog and parent. When she was contacted Mommy was sitting in the spinning recliner with Foley. Mommy has bad arthritis which was aggravated by a car crash and Foley is round bellied and lazy (when she's drunk she looks like Snooki) so they schemed to sign me, who is in Kardashian shape, and Daddy, who is in Jenner shape, for the Kamp without telling us. Well we love Aunt Jodi, Kol and Fe, and there is nothing we wouldn't do for them. We have a wonderful, comfortable new love seat because she stole our old couch, a larcenous act but one that led to more snuggle for me so all is forgiven. So I told Daddy and he said the quick prayer he says daily: "Oh Jeeeeesus!" Our first task was to walk for 60 minutes on Thursday. But we awoke to loud boom boom in the skies and a river of water washing over our little home. We stayed under the roof

A Care package from Josie Koda Wills and Sophie Bub

It has been raining for days here so we haven't been able to get mail with Daddy. But each day there was mail for us. A birthday card from Hobo. Two cards from Hattie. But yesterday was the mother load. We got a CARE package from Josie, Koda, Willa and Mrs Sophie Bub. The card said the package was for Mommy and Daddy because the bad news Murphy had moved in with us. It was incredibly sweet and made them both very happy. The card said the toys were for our parents except for the green bones for our teeth. But the toys were obviously for us. To everyone but Mommy and Daddy. They both got down on the floor, took the tennis balls we received, and nosed them back and forth at one another and barked when the balls came near them. They then got out the long, plush, squeaky toys and walked around the house for a half hour with the toys in the mouth squeaking endlessly. Did any dogs every notice how annoying that constant squeaking is? Finally they gave us our green bones. H

What I have learned in four years by Pocket Dog

I have learned many valuable lessons during my four years in the Monster Pack. I am a truly unselfish dog and I would like to pass on what I have learned to my friends. I do not claim to have originated these lessons so please, either use them yourself, or claim them as your own on your blog. 1. It's better to hold the phone than to get a kidney stone. If you have to go then you have to go. You should give your Mom and Dad some warning, like walking past the outside door, but if you create stress on your bladder it could have untold consequences. 2. Always get the snuggle spot. Define the snuggle spot in your house. In my house it is in the recliner, on my Mom's left side, in between Mom's body heat and the soft cushion of the recliner. This is easy for me being a wee dog. For you larger dogs I strongly suggest you speak with your Mom about getting a love seat, preferably one that reclines. If this is not possible a couch will do. But, if you are forced

7th Heaven the 7 Blog Challenge

Awhile ago Kolchak and Felix challenged us to find blogs we had written that matched the categories listed in bold. We have written more than 400 blogs so it took us awhile to find the appropriate blogs. I am not going to challenge any specific bloggers but if any of my friends want to try the same thing, it is fun. If a little time consuming. Hope you enjoy. 1. My Most Beautiful Post Walking With Tanner With My PawsTen Feet Off the Ground From 2009 Foley Monster walks with her best friend Tanner Bub on his trip to Rainbow Bridge. 2. My Most Popular Post New Home From May of 2009 this was the first blog we wrote. It explained why we were kicked off of Doggyspace, the arrogance, the ignorance, and the cruelty of the former owners, and a tribute to the friends we were leaving behind. 3. My Most Controversial Post In Which Foley causes an international incident Foley was patrolling the grounds where she lives when she sees a kitty she believes is breaking into a neighbor

Bauser is our September 4, 2011 pup of the week

We are here on September 4, 2011, the fourth anniversary of Pocket's birth, to recognize a pup who enjoys acknowledging the achievements of others, who writes blogs about them.. But this dog's name is neither birthday girl Pocket or older sister Foley. No, our pup of the week is our most entrepreneurial friend, the creator of his own thriving bandanna business, the wonderful Bauser. Do you have a Bauser bandanna? If not then stop right now, go to this site ( Bausers Bandanas ), and order one. You will not regret it. The Bauser bandanna business started as a way to raise funds because Bauser had back problems. He needed money for surgery, and he put his long head together with his Mom's and they came up with the idea for the bandanna site. Bauser bandanna's are one of the coolest items a dog can own. A Bauser bandanna makes the lollipops go crazy over a sharp dressed dog and the lollipops pop up on the best dressed lists at the doggie spa