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Scooter and Molly are our March 28 pups of the week

I sleep in a warm bed with Mommy and Daddy. When they're home I am either snuggled next to one of them, resting on my throne of pillows, or getting lots of tickles and kisses. When they aren't home I am sleeping in a comfortable blanket and in the afternoon the sun shines through and warms my fur. I do have the good life. It's easy to forget how easily my life could have been different, how I could have ended up hungry, thirsty, cold, wet, and neglected, sleeping in a metal cage. We don't have many puppy mills up this was and outside of donating our kibble here and there we don't do much to help those poor pups. But there are plenty of pups who do more, much more, and two of them are our pups of the week, Scooter and Molly. This week, there were 297 pups liberated from one of these death camps and 67 of them went to the Animal Rescue League in their hometown of Des Moines Iowa. Along with their wonderful Mommy Scooter and Molly gathered blankets and food f

Pocket has had it with Government Poopcare

Just when I think I am out of politics they pull me back in. Let's be truthful pups. While we adore our Mommies and Daddies, and while we delude ourselves into believing that we control the house, the truth is that we are the citizens and Mommy and Daddy are the government. We understand the need for government. But we do not want government in every aspect of our lives. There are parts of our lives that government should stay out of: our toys, the stuff we roll in during walks, and most importantly our pooh. But now comes a story from Santa Cruz California. There is a young dog there, Chappy, who enjoyed an occasional taste of pooh ala carte. Then the government stepped in and began feeding it's citizens pineapple. The unsuspecting citizens, totally trusting their government, and, to be honest, if they will eat pooh, are up for chowing down on anything, eagerly ate the pineapple. And then they found out that the government has infringed on our precious bodily fluids. His

Today we got a present from Shiloh's Mom

Today was the most exciting day since the flood. Daddy came home from work with the mail in his hand. He had a brightly colored package that gave off a slight whiff of the Brigade. I hurried next to him as he read the address, to Foley Monster and Pocket Gay from Shiloh Fogerty. Daddy opened it up and pulled out a card. Shiloh's Mom said she was sorry she didn't get to meet us. We are sorry too. Why do humans have to get sick and cause dogs to miss their friends? I don't understand. Then he reached into the brightly colored envelope and started taking out gifts. First came a box of treats. They are natural and good for us so usually I would say phooey on that. But since they came from my good friend Shiloh who knows lots about food I gobbled them down (and they were good too.) Pocket won't eat them until I have had a lot of them because, for some reason, she thinks Mommy and Daddy are trying to kill her, probably because, when we are alone in the bedroom, and she&

Today on Judge Judy: Foley vs Pocket

Announcer: This is the plaintiff. Pocket Puppy. She is suing her sister for stealing her orange ball and trying to hide it under her Mommy's legs. She wants her sister to keep her nose off her balls. This is the defendant: Foley Monster. She says she never took the ball, and she wasn't trying to hide it at all. She is accused of being a ball buster. Judge Judy: Bird, does the defendant appear at all familiar to you? Bird: Mumble, mumble, defendant sued paper princess last year mumble mumble. Judge Judy: That's right, Ms. Monster, I wish I could say I was surprised to see you back here. I'm not, but I wished I could say that. You're like a bad penny aren't you Ms. Monster? There's no need to answer that. Now, Ms. Pocket, aren't you the dog that soiled my rug. Pocket: I took the fifth your owner. Judge Judy: That is take the fifth Ms. Pocket know your terms if you are going to come into my courtroom. Pocket: No your honor, I took a fi

March 21, 2010 Pup of the week is Jeni

I don't want to degenerate any of our past deserving Pups of the Week who we all love very much, miss dearly, and look towards the sky at night to see their bright lights shining down on us, but it is nice to honor a Pup of the Week who can still snuggle up with her Mom at night. We are blessed to have members who have been very generous when it comes to helping other dogs in need. This week Jeni proudly stepped up and did her part. She made us aware of a You Tube video that benefited the Pet Project of Minnesota, a non profit, all volunteer, organization. The Pet Project gathers pet food and and supplies for local food shelters in the Minnesota metropolitan area. It's mission is to provide food and supplies to pet owners who can no longer afford them so beloved pets can stay with their Mommies and Daddies. It has been very difficult for some people to keep their pets. Dogs are being turned into shelters because they can no longer be fed or cared for. Hearts are broken

The Shape I'm In

Well, let's see. As you know, the cellar flooded, then son in law #2 came over and wired the sump pump together to keep it running until the next day when he would replace it. Well that night Mommy found out there was no hot water because the pilot went out. I did not know there was a pilot it the basement. I could have had navy and an air force. So Daddy went downstairs to try and light the pilot, which, if you have flown, you know is a very bad thing. But Daddy, even though he does his best work on his knees, was too much the dummy to light it. So they called Daughter #2 to get Son in law #2 but he was at a Drop Kick Murphy's concert, and he did not take me. I could have sat on his shoulder and gone "Shipping Up to Boston Bow Wow." So then Mommy says they would get the on call person for the company that Son in law #2's family owns, even though it would cost a lot, but we found out that Son in law #2 was the on call guy, and he could come over after the conce

The adventures of the SS Foley Monster

Today Daddy took the day off to go visit Nana in the hospital. She is going to be there longer then we had hoped. She went into something called respiratory failure and had to have something called a tracheostomy after her double bypass surgery. I don't know what any of that means. I do know that Mommy and Daddy have been very tense, and I have had less computer time, and I wish things would go back the way they were. I also know that Mommy says she wished for years that Daddy's Mom would be in a place where she couldn't speak so my Mommy could say what is on her mind, and now that the time is here, she's not enjoying it. Really, I don't understand humans. Nana could really use our brigade prayers, I know I've asked before and you've all been wonderful, but she could use any bit of spiritual help she can get. It has been raining here since, creation, I believe. Often when it rains we get a little bit of water in the cellar. Just enough to get your paws wet

Apollo is the March 14th pup of the week

Father, grandfather, friend, trusted companion, inspiration, so many words fit our pup of the week Apollo Schultz, who earned his wings and flew off to the bridge this week leaving behind him a trail of the brokenhearted. Apollo was from Oklahoma, in the heartland of America. He was our little cowboy, tough, strong, proud, brave, a true leader amongst mutts. His ignorant neighbors tried to poison him. He fought off the poison and bounced back giving his parents the strength to pursue a little frontier justice against them. When he learned an innocent dog's life would be sacrificed to give him a longer time with us, not only did he refuse the offer but his Mom brought the pup off of death row and home with them. Apollo was our John Wayne. Strong and silent. Walking softly and carrying a big woof. When it was his time to go his Mom knew how to handle the situation. Our John Wayne does not cross the bridge looking dirty. He was bathed, and done up right, and he died in his

Koda is our March 7, 2010 pup of the week

Congratulations to Koda for being a two time winner of Pup of the Week. It's been quiet a tough week for our friend. It began with his Mommy and Daddy finding a lump on his neck. Now we all know finding lumps are a very bad thing. I don't want anything to do with them. When Mommy and Daddy are feeling nostalgic and watching Leave it to Beaver I hide under a blanket when Lumpy Rutherford walks in the kitchen. His parents took him to the vet, and you know vets, they want to cut everything out of you (some of them stole our ovaries.) They took it out of him before it turned (into what?) but he was very sleepy. But hopefully he is not going to have any lingering effects from the surgery (like complete absence of ovaries.) They brought him home with eight inches of stitches on his back. No word if he had to wear the cone of shame. He was in such tough shape that even Josie the Grouch was happy to see him, doing a dance like Oscar does when someone puts trash in his can.

Pocket vanquishes the sinister Chihuahua

I may not have won the election but I did vanquish my most hated opponent. The sinister Chihuahua is gone. For those of you who don't know the sinister Chihuahua is my arch nemesis. He escapes from his house when I am outside peacefully doing my business and charges at me with dark eyes and snarling teeth. I am a peaceful pup and do not like violence but when another pup confronts me in such a manner I have no choice but to put my tail between my legs and hide behind my Daddy while the Chihuahua barks the nastiest curse words in a mixture of American and Mexican. But last weekend a big truck pulled up the the sinister Chihuahua's front door and men began to load his sinister belongings. Foley and I sat on the back of the couch and watched wondering if this was one of his sinister plots. Plus we wanted to make sure he left too, not that he was just banishing his humans to live in his own evil kingdom. We never did see him carried out, nor a crate, nor a pouch, nor two men

Foley Monster wishes Tanner's Mom a happy birthday

Today is Tanner's, Ruger's and Cocoa's Mom, Trudee's birthday (some of you in the Midwest may remember her from her 70's stage name Bubbles.) Tanner's Mom is a real stick to her guns lady, and it was her belief in what's right, her toughness, her morals, that made me, and so many others, see the Princess and her evil castle for what it really was. In short, without her, there would be no Tanner Brigade. She helped Tanner become one of the most popular dogs on DS, and when he was summarily shown the door, it sparked an uprising that rivaled the American Revolution. That revolution led us here, to our forever home, where we stay even when we go to the Bridge. So take a moment today to stop by her page and wish this wonderful woman a happy birthday. And this song is for her: Hattie Mae was a freedom rider She didnt' care if the whole world looked. Sophie Bub with the Lord to guide her She was a sister who really cooked. Foley Monster was th