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Monday Question

What technique to get your parent's affection works best? Pocket:  I paw at my parent's hand until the pay attention to me. River: I lick my parent's hand until it goes numb or they pay attention to me

Cammy is our April 29, 2018 Pup of the Week

On Thursday Cammy Korunka appeared at Rainbow Bridge. I had not anticipated her arrival.  We had received a lot of prayers for her because she had to go to the vet, and we delivered them to the Big Guy, but we did not think there was a reason to be concerned. Then I got summoned to the Bridge and saw Cammy running up the stairs.  When she reached the reception area, she gave me a hug and a big lick. “Angel Foley, it is a pleasure to meet you,” she exclaimed.  She then took my tiny paw between her two large ones and shook it. “Cammy,” I said cautiously, “do you know where you are?” She laughed.  “Of course Angel Foley.  I am at the Rainbow Bridge in my younger body no longer feeling any pain.  I can’t wait to go running through those hills,” she said nodding to the rolling green mounds in the distance.  “Now what do we have to do? Is there some paw work I need to fill out?” I told Cammy there was only the super secret angel oath, then administered it to her.  “Where do I

Foley Tests the New 2018 Fllying Month Models

All winter my minions have been working on new flying creature bodies for us to use when we wish to visit the mortal world.  With the temperatures finally warming I wandered down to the factory to check on this year’s models “Oh, we have some beauties,” the smarmy salesman told me.  “We have cut down on wind shear, added torque, put in stabilizers, and increased ring flapability.  I think this little beauty is going to take you to the mortal world and back in nothing but comfort.” I had heard the same story every year, and I always ended up with an old rickety body to try and visit my parents.  At this time of year, only the white moths are available. It would take weeks before the beautiful butterflies were ready.  I decided, while my mom was working in the yard, to take a chance and test drive the moth. “Beautiful,” the salesman said when he learned I wanted to test a unit.  “Here is one of our top vehicles,” he said pointing to a moth. “It handles like a dream and will get yo

Pocket Enjoys the Year's First Warm Day

Today we finally got a warm garden day.  It was glorious. River Song and I were placed in our executive overseer’s buggy.  It was the pushed into the sunniest spot in the yard. It has been so long since we have felt the sun on our hair.  We could feel every strand warm from the tip down to our skin. The grass had finally turned from a dull yellow to a thick green.  It still is not growing much. Daddy mowed the lawn, but when he pulled the catcher off the back, there were only a small amount of clippings, like a disappointing haul on Deadliest Catch. Mommy had cleaned out a pair of gardens the previous two weeks, but the weather had been cold and cloudy.  There was little motivation for hard garden work. But today, with the newly cut grass wafting the scent of spring through the air, and the sky a lovely shade of blue, cleaning the gardens was much more rewarding. River and I lay next to one another in our stroller.  We happily watched over the beautiful crocuses and daffodi

Wordless Wednesday

Beat This Caption

I farted in the Bachelorette's face and I still got a rose.  I can't change.  I am a chick magnet.  

Monday Question

Where is your favorite spot to lie in the house? Pocket:  Our favorite spot is in bed but the next best spot is next to Daddy on his recliner with my butt against him and my head lying on the chair' soft arm. River:  Mommy's lap.

Molly the Wally is Our April 22, 2018 Pup of the Week

Social media works much better for dogs than it does for humans.  We are never cruel nor cowardly, especially when our parents are threatened.  We know hate is foolish and love is wise. We are always kind and try to be nice.  We use the Internet to lift one another up, unlike our humans who too often use it to tear one another down. I have dozens of online friends whose exploits I check daily.  They never fail to provide a chuckle or lift my spirits. Sometimes, when they join me at the Bridge,  their parents no longer have the heart to help them blog, which I understand. Sometimes online friends just disappear not to be heard from until their Bridge Day. For years Molly the Wally provided me both smiles and comfort.  She had the most clever blog on the ‘net. Molly had a little stuffie named Mini Molly who often substituted for her so she and her friend Pip could reenact their antics and conversations with thought balloons. Molly and Pip also had talking heads that prov

Shiloh Finds Her Mom a Dakota

When angels arrive at the Bridge one of their sacred duties is, if their parents wish, to find the perfect dog to become their mom and dad’s constant loving companion.  Angels know how much pain their departure caused those left behind and the only way to start healing is to fill the void they created. There are several different methods to reach this goal.  Some angels scour the Internet for rescue dogs and then slip into their dreams to explain their parents’ specific needs and see if there is a pup that meets the requirements.  Others go to the puppy creation room to interview those yet to be born to see if they can sculpt their parents the perfect dog. Shiloh has always been intune with the stars and the way of the cosmos.  While she was in the mortal realm, she was known for her accurate horoscopes and when we were in a quandary many of us turned to Shiloh knowing her stargazing would lead to a solution. It was no surprise when Shiloh eschewed all the traditional ways of

River Fights For Her Right To Chew Her Paw

What is the world coming to when a dog can’t lick her own foot.? I have been enjoying some really good foot licking lately. It is my back left paw, one that’s easy to reach.  And it is mine. It isn’t a toy sent to me that I have to share. It is solely mine, and I should be the one to decide what I do with it. Lately, my paw has been itchy.  There is nothing more satisfying than licking an itchy paw.  It is something we can do that only the most limber of our parents can match.  I am sure they watch us going to town on our paw and think “I wish I could do that.” Last fall I was doing the same to my front paw.  My parent butted in and dragged me to the vet. They gave me medication that stopped the itching and the licking.  I understood their logic because I was limping. There was no limping this year and no need for parental interference. Of course, that never stopped a parent.  Just the appearance of slight tenderness on my paw pad sent them into a tizzy.  Thankfully the vet, t

Wordless Wednesday

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Come on in.  I am still working in the kitchen.  Go to the bar, feel free to make yourself a drink and you can either wait in the library or on the veranda.  


How many different types of treats do you eat? Pocket:  Because of my tummy we can only have a few things.  Our main treats are Sizzzler strips.  we also get some chicken and turkey which is yummy..


We dogs have lucky lives.  Some of us stay on the mortal side for many years, and others only get a short amount of time with our parents.  But those of us with short lives can squeeze 16 years of love in less than a quarter of the time. That is certainly true of Jessie from the Legacy Chronicles.  She had less than four years with her family. When she was a year and a half, she was diagnosed with chronic renal failure.   A year ago the vet told her parents that there was no additional medication she could be given. Jessie needed to keep taking what was prescribed and live for the day, which she did very well and with great enthusiasm.   Last Monday Jessie’s mom knew the medication had done all it could for her girl.  She had been growing more lethargic and not eating. Finally, she would not go on her walk  Jessie was taken to the vet. Her mom expected to either aid Jessie to the Bridge or be told her journey would end in a few days.  Instead, she got more medication and a lot

Hobo Hudson at Twilight

Hobo Hudson opened his eyes.  He was tucked in his bed under several warm comforters.  He smiled when he saw his devoted wife Lily nervously sitting in a bedside chair.  Hobo held out his paw, and Lily grasped it. “My dear,” he said hoarsely, “I hate to see tears in your lovely eyes, you are so beautiful.” Hobo’s Mom, having heard his voice, entered the room to check on her beloved boy.  She made sure he had food and water. “Is it time for one of those awful shots?” Hobo asked, referring to the medication he needed every other day.  His Mom patted his head and told him no. He smiled. Before she left Hobo took her paw in his. “You know I love you don’t you Mommy?” he asked.  She kissed him and told him she did. “And tell the old man I love him too,” Hobo said loudly after smelling his dad milling outside his door. His mom assured him she would.  Before she left his mom, put a hand on Lily’s shoulder, and they shared a knowing look. “Would you like me to read to you?” Lily as

Pocket Celebraets Opening Garden Day

Finally, on Monday, Opening Garden Day arrived.  Unfortunately so did my chronic colitis which meant I skipped breakfast and gave my parents their weekly worry day.   As usual, I ate nothing in the morning, little in the afternoon, then at supper, like your Uncle Phil at a cookout, I took a messy poop then stepped right up,  announced I was starving and wolfed down everything in sight. I know! It takes a lot of patience to be a dog parent. Even feeling poorly I was excited about Garden Day.  Our stroller was brought out from the shed, and River and I were placed inside it where we could see everything my parents were doing. The temperature was in the mid 40’s and sunny.  My parents dressed in layers then warmed as they worked, removing one garment at a time, like a strange landscaping striptease. Before my parents began their chores, they stood on the edge of Foley’s garden.  Our stroller was placed next to them. A few members of the high school band played the national an

Wordless Wednesday

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Hope on dogs.  I have finally conquered the vacuum.  

Monday Question

Have you ever worn anything on your paws? Neither River or I have worn anything on our paws but Foley did once.  She clomped around like a Clydesdale and then tipped them off her paws 

Rescue is our April 8, 2018 Pup of the Week

A week from Monday will be a special holiday in Massachusetts:  Patriot’s Day which commemorates the first battle of the Revolutionary War.    It is also Marathon Day and the Red Sox play baseball in the morning for no known reason.  I loved Patriot’s Day because my parents didn’t have to work, but the last one I spent in the mortal world was a horrific day. Two men placed bombs near the marathon finish line killing three people and injuring several more.  For the next three days, until the killers were caught, the fear that the terrorists could strike again, and the sorrow felt for those who lost life and limb, was overbearing. Jessica Kensky and Patrick Downes, newlyweds, were both severely injured in the attack.  Jessica lost two legs and Patrick one. They faced several operations and a lengthy rehabilitation. They could not work, they did not know how they would live, and as much as their friends and family tried to comfort the couple connecting with them was difficult.

Foley Saves a Street Dog with Smoochy, Leo and Rocky

There are big human cities at Rainbow Bridge.  They are to the west of our newly christened Doggyspace.  Sometimes dogs, who lived their lives on the streets, prefer to go to the city after they cross over the Bridge.  It is a grimy life, but it is what they know. I always wished I could show one homeless dog that life is better at DS. One day Leo, Smoochy and I were walking through one of the cities when we came upon a meek chihuahua named Cortez.  We told him he should return to Doggyspace with us. “No, I don’t think so,” Cortez said. “I don’t want to live in a house.”  Leo and Smoochy told him about their comfortable lives in homes filled with love, but Cortez said he doubted anyone would love him.  When we pressed him, he ran away. I wanted to go after him, but Leo told me we wouldn’t catch him. Smoochy said he had a better idea. We went back to DS and talked to Rocky, our brave German Shepard friend.  Smoochy said that Rocky could be a convincing street dog, get close to

River's Snowed Out Garden Days Leads to a Special Second Bed

We have been looking forward to the first Monday in April for months.  That is when garden work begins. Some crocuses have already burst through the soil to greet us.  There are many other pretty flowers bubbling under the soil waiting to say hello. It was time for us to clean all the refuse winter dumped on our happy spots and prepare the yard for unprecedented beauty. I woke up with a big smile on my face.  Daddy picked Pocket and me up and carried us on to the porch.  I couldn’t wait to see what new flowers had peeked through to see me.  I planned to give them all a welcoming sniff. Daddy opened the door. Everything was covered with three inches of snow!  How long had I slept? Did I miss the entire summer?  Then I saw my brave crocus friends shivering under the snow, just their buds poking through the white and I knew it was still April, but winter would not let us out of its cold grasp. I was so angry at this terrible snow that I went outside and peed then pooped right

Wordless Wednesday

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I don't care what Maury says you are not my baby!

Monday Question

Are you a walking dog., a run around the yard dog, or a couch dog? Pocket and I aren't allowed to run around the yard.  We try to go on walks, for about 20 minutes a day weather permitting..  We do love being couch dogs 

April 1, 2018 Pups of the Week: Linky, Dylan and the Best Birthday Gift Ever

You have to be patient to be a dog, even at Rainbow Bridge.  We have to wait for our parents, and sometimes we have to wait for the right dog. Linky came to Rainbow Bridge during the Christmas season of 2015.  He is Lily’s big brother. Lily was the face of her pack. She was the one to bark while Linky stayed in the background.  But in their mom’s heart, they were equal, and it broke when Linky crossed the River of Life. As soon as he arrived Linky was sure what his mother needed was a new male pup to live with his two sisters Lily and Lalia.  For more than two years Linky interviewed replacements, but he could never find the right one. At times he would become discouraged, and we gave him a pep talk.  He got right back to work. No matter how long it took, he swore he would make sure there was a little boy in his mom’s life. Let me divert by telling you a quick story.  When Daddy married Mommy, she had two daughters and a son.  Daddy found out in a hurry it takes a special kind