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Tails From Rainbow Bridge: Momma June Joins Ruby Rose at the Bridge

  From the time Ruby Rose arrived at Rainbow Bridge less than a year ago she has been very secretive.  One of her goals was to build a home overlooking the river that exactly resembled her one on the mortal side.  She spent all her time managing the minions so the home was precisely like she remembered.  We thought she was doing this for herself but this week we learned differently. I got a text message from the human angels saying that one of their souls had chosen to pass over at the dog section.  This was very exciting news.  One of our lucky friends would be reunited with their mom.  When a dog is at the Bridge you desperately want to see them again but when the news of their pending arrival is told to an angel it is received as a double-edged sword. It is our duty as dogs to make sure that nothing bad happens to our parents.  When a dog becomes an angel they get special abilities to protect their people.  The responsibility to take care of a human is a full-time job.  But that

Foley Monster's Tales From Rainbow Bride: Penny and the Tornado ride

  I have accomplished a lot in my life, but I have never got to ride a tornado.     I think it is because I calculated the possibility of a Yorkie surviving one, and I did not like the odds.  But that was before I met Penny.     Penny and her mom were huddled in bed together in their home as a tornado ripped towards their neighborhood.  Penny’s mom continued to tell her it would be okay, even if she didn’t believe it. Suddenly, Penny stood straight up. She was so attentive her mom thought there was an intruder in the house.  Then she heard the sound of a freight train chugging to their home.     Suddenly, the tornado turned toward Penny and her mom’s abode.  The mirrors flew off the walls, and then the entire structure was lifted.  Penny’s mom adored her, but there was a soul in the house she loved more.  Her son was sleeping in an adjourning room.  Penny’s mom hurried to protect her son, leaving the Yorkie alone.       The back bedroom wall was ripped from the house, and everything in

Pocket and River Argue Over Who Should be a Presidential Dog

  Pocket and River are opposites. It is incredible they get along as well as they do.  One of the issues that separate them is politics.  Sweet Pocket believes the wealth should be shared. River thinks that she has the right to keep everything that is hers. That is why Pocket shares her kibble, and River doesn't.  It is a classic battle of socialism vs. capitalism.   When River and Pocket are left alone, River likes to use her iPaw to watch conservative news programs finding it comforting to hear her extreme beliefs parroted by others.  When Newsmax hosts Greg Kelly and historian Craig “Don't Call Me,” Shirley, in desperate search of something to criticize the new administration about attacked Champ, the first rescue dog in the White House, for looking like a dirty junkyard dog.  It was expected that both Pocket and River would be offended by the officious comment.  That proved to be only half true. Pocket was incensed and immediately prayed for a flock of well-fed birds to f

Wordless Wednesday


Beat This Caption

    Does anybody want to guess where I'm sticking my nose next?

Monday Question

  Tell me about your tail.  How big is it? When does it wag? Does it happen frequently or only on special occasions?

Tails From Rainbow Bridge: Rogue: The Rescue Who Thought it was Too Good to be True

  Age is never a dog's friend.  We have a short time on Earth and can't waste a day, never mind a year.  Being in a shelter is wasted time.  The irony is the older you are, the more likely you will remain homeless.  Every day makes your likelihood of adoption more remote.  At seven years of age and living in a shelter, Rogue knew his life was wasting away.  Being a large and cumbersome dog did not aid his chances.  The country turned to small lap dogs who could use their cuteness to their advantage when people came looking for a dog.  Rogue had been interviewed by angels before but had never been chosen to replace them in their family's hearts.  Frankly, he was getting discouraged with the entire process. He was beginning to think it was his destiny to live the rest is his life in a cage.  He could deal with that, but the thought of being unloved at the Bridge for eternity kept him awake so night.  That is why he was skeptical of his chances of getting adopted when new a

River Tries to Melt all the Snow

  I don't think two dogs in the world hate snow as much as River and Pocket.  As soon as they get outside, they're pulling to come back indoors.  Frankly, I find their behavior embarrassing in the extremist.  They wouldn't have lasted ten seconds as a wolf. River has become so fed up with winter she prayed for it to go away.  Of course, I intercepted the request.  If the other angels knew my sister was filing a frivolous prayer request, a violation of the prayer rules, I would never live it down.   I went into her dreams and told her that when I was young and lived at the condo, Blake and I would drink extra water in the winter and then pee on the snow, causing it to melt. I suggested to River that she and Pocket do the same. Of course, I had created the story as a prank.  I needed to teach my sister to only use prayers as a last resort.  I didn't expect her to embrace the idea wholeheartedly. The next morning she told Pocket they needed to drink as much as possibl

Tails From Rainbow Bridge: Tilly's Hospital Visit

Everyone who has lost a soul to the Bridge wishes they had one more visit with their missing loved one.  A dog named Tilly may have got that wish this week.       Colin Woodford, an 80-year-old man who lived alone with Tilly, became separated from her when he was diagnosed with a severe lung infection and soon was fighting for his life in the local hospital’s intensive care unit.  He was not afraid of dying but was worried he would never see his beloved dog again.     Tilly was being cared for by Colin’s niece Amber, his closest family member.  She visited Colin every day.  It was hard for her to determine who was more depressed by the separation, her uncle or the dog.       Amber contacted the hospital with a proposition:  Her uncle was suffering from severe depression, which hindered his recovery. The only remedy for his condition was to see Tilly.  Amber convinced the hospital staff to allow the visit.      Amber thought that the wish being granted was a miracle.  Of course, when o

Nearly Wordless Wednesday

  Nearly Wordless Wednesday. Pocket says they are the best treats anywhere. Buy them at      

Beat This Caption

  And it was on this day that Timmy learned why his mother told him to never give a snowman oral.

Monday Question

Do your parents consider how people treat their pets when they are determining who they will be friends with?  Have your parents had friends who mistreated animals?  Have they said something to them?  Have they continued to be their friends?  Please answer below. aa

Shep Arrives at Rainbow Bridge

  Shep bounded over Rainbow Bridge like he had hellhounds on his tail. He ran up the steps and came to a skidding stop at Hobo's Landing, where I waited to give him the Angel Oath.  I had not known Shep when I was mortal. I befriended him after I accepted a judgeship and went to the Bridge. Still, he recognized me and, upon doing so, began to wag his tail frantically. "Angel Foley" he exclaimed.  "I thought you were at the Bridge.  What are you doing here?" I had seen this happen before.  Sometimes a passing is so traumatic that an angel doesn't remember crossing over.  It is like when a person is in a bad car accident.  The mind makes the memory disappear to protect itself.  It was up to the greeting angel, in this case, me, to break the news to the newest arrival that their mortal life had ended.  It was tough because I knew Shep lived an exemplary life. His mom simply adored him, and he her.  They were best friends from the first moment they met. They

Pocket and River Song Coach Team's Ruff and Fluff at the Puppy Bowl

The Puppy Bowl is usually a feel-good occasion where shelter dogs play together, are amazingly cute, and hopefully get adopted. But this year, it turned into a blood feud, but because Pocket was coaching team Fluff while River was leading team Ruff. The coaching positions were usually honorary, but River is exceptionally competitive and, having lost a debate last week, was determined to win the bowl game. Pocket, unaware of her sister’s obsession with victory, told her chargers to have fun, be cute, and get adopted. The week before the game, while Pocket slept, River snuck out of the house and held puppy bowl practice. She made her players run for hours, lift weights with their mouths, and practice peeing on command, in case any member of Team Fluff broke into the open field, and the lone dog back needs a way to slow down the puppy. When the teams took the field, Pocket’s group entered wearing their cute Puppy Bowl shirts, and Team Ruff, lead by River, wearing black uniforms, and

Jesse and Baby Girl Find a Better World

  Jesse, a homeless man, and his dog Baby Girl became well known in eastern Detroit.   While Jesse charmed onlookers with his quick wit and gifts as a tale-teller, Baby Girl delighted the crowd by riding on a skateboard while wearing sunglasses and barking, “I love you.”     Their efforts were especially appreciated during the pandemic when people searched for a distraction.  A black and white bulldog on a skateboard wearing glasses certainly fit the bill.      Their favorite spot was the Harbortown market entrance, where they performed for people entering the shopping centers,  restaurants, and nearby offices.      Daphne Johnson befriended the man.  She considered him to be kind and sweet.  She leaned on him for advice about her Pomeranian and encouraged him to start a dog walking, training, or cleaning business. When he and Baby Girl weren’t entertaining the masses, they lived in a tent pitched by the river.  Before falling on hard times, he worked as a dog trainer on the ea

Wordless Wednesday


Beat This Caption

 Arthur tried reaching Marge his secretary for a half hour when he realized he was talking into a lamp.

Monday Question

  Can you tell when your parents are sad, or mad, and do you react to it?

Tails From Rainbow Bridge: Max Discovers the Love you Get is Equal to the love you make

  When we were tasked with taking care of humans, we were given several gifts to aid us in our work.  The most useful tool is the ability to calm people with barely any effort.  Just by placing our heads on a knee or merely leaning against a person can provide all the support they need.  Those dogs who study to become professional therapy dogs are incredibly talented in comforting sad humans.  Max, a 6-year-old Rottweiler, is such a dog, which is why when he was diagnosed with cancer, he received outstanding support from those he had helped.   Max was adopted by a family that had dedicated their lives to public service.  He lived with Jan and Brian  Beamer, two Navy veterans who met in Japan before moving back to the states.  One day, when Max was out with his parents, a trainer noticed him.  He immediately identified Max’s unique personality and ability to find people in emotional peril and support them.  He approached Brian