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Tashi and Tiara are our September 30, 2012 Pups of the Week

  Most of the friends I have are ones I have known half my lifetime and Pocket has known her entire life.  But each year brings the possibility, and then the reward, of new friends, and two new friends that have added pleasure to our lives, and the lives of the pups around us, are Tashi and Tiara (not to mention Angel Lovey at the Bridge.) They don’t just make us laugh, or warm our hearts, but they, like saw many good friends, watch out for us.  First, they are our little watch dogs.  Whenever there is a food or treat recall, like the town barkers, they are the first to yelp, warning us of the danger, and giving us all the information we need to know.  Then their Mom posts wonderful homemade recipes.  I ask you, how could there be better friends, they warn you about bad food and tell you how to make good food?  Who could ask for more? Tashi and Tiara hit all the marks that you want from an online pup friend.  There are scary moments where we pray for them, like when Tia

Foley Ruminates on Clifford the Big Red Dog's 50th Birthday

I was eating my breakfast and reading my copy of the Daily Dog when I saw listed in the birthday section that Clifford the Big Red Dog had turned 50.  That certainly is a ripe old age for a dog but I am sure he works out and takes care of himself.  Still, at his weight it is surprising. Frankly, I am not a fan of Clifford.  His living situation never made a lot of sense to me.  I know he is very friendly, and he helps humans out of countless situations, but isn’t that due to just his size and not any great intellectual ability?  I mean if I was 20 times the size of the largest human I certainly wouldn’t have to work as hard as I do to make my humans’ life better. But there are just some things about Clifford that I can’t wrap my little brain around.  To feed a dog like Clifford you would need several bags of premium kibble a day.  You would have to be earning a huge income.  But Clifford seems to be living in a middle class suburb.  How could a nice middle class family a

Our Cousin Riley is Moving on and Moving Up

This is the story of my cousin Riley who moved away.  Riley has blogged now and then, when his sister Bailey went to the Bridge, when Neely joined the Brigade, when his sister/Mom Maddie hurt her leg and was sad that she couldn’t dance.  Now Riley has moved on to a new forever home. There were some problems with Riley.  She was a mismatched dog in the wrong house.  Riley is a boxer who needs lots of exercise not to be crazy house dog.  But with two working parents and two young humans in the house Riley didn’t get that exercise time and she became crazy house dog. Then there is our eight year old granddaughter Meghan, who does not like to be called Mini Mae (which her soccer coach calls her), or Meggie Mayhem because she causes so much mayhem (we stole this from Cocoa’s Mom) or Fred, which Daddy calls her because she doesn’t like being called Fred and he’s the kind of Papa who likes to make his little granddaughters mad and then wonder why he has teeth marks on his arm,

Toby is our September 23, 2012 Pup of the Week

Some weeks picking a pup to honor is difficult because it’s a friend that we lost or is sick, or we have to give it some thought, and thinking gets in the way of napping.  But this week was easier than getting four runs off the Red Sox bullpen in the late innings.  It was a dog that just last week we hadn’t met yet and didn’t have a name.  But now all we have to say is Toby. Toby won the Mom and Pack lottery when he went from being a homeless little pup in a shelter in North Carolina to a member of the Lunn Family with Pokey and Maggie. Their Mom is one of the great Mom warriors.  She rescues pups, she drives long distances to transport saved pups, she gives countless hours to our cause and she has rescued four pups that we know of starting with Pokey.  Her second attempt at rescuing turned tragic when the dog turned on her and removed a large chunk of her arm.   It left her unable to work, in severe pain, an

The Return of Orkie the Yorkie

Yesterday Daddy took us outside to the back gardens to do our business.  When we came back in Pocket went barking mad.  She was yapping her head off.  We looked through the screen door on the other side of the porch and there he was, Orkie the Yorkie. “What are you doing here Orkie?” I asked, because he was sans leash and sans owner “I just ran out the door! Pant.  Pant.”  The excited little fellow said. “Mommy yelled at me to stop but I just kept running.  Pant.  Pant.” “Oh Orkie, you have to stop running away from home,” I said.  “You turn right around and get back.”  But Pocket was standing with her paws on one side of the screen door with the broken latch, Orkie and the other, while I was barking for him to go home.  Daddy, concerned that Pocket was going to get outside, and that Orkie was going to run of into the street,  simply became overwhelmed. He yelled “Sweety,” in a loud voice because he wanted Mommy to take us.  From the bathroom she yelled “Whatdayawant?”   “C

From the Files of Foley Monster: Attorney At Paw. The Case of Arnie, the Spontaneously Cash Pooping Beagle

I need to apologize to my many Florida friends.  Yesterday I downloaded myself there for a quick court appearance to defend one of our brethren.  Because of a pressing engagements at home, supervising gardening and keeping Mommy’s lap warm during the post gardening nap, I was unable to visit you.  Hopefully next time I am in town I will bark by.     This was my client.   His name is Arnie.  He is a 10 year old beagle from Clearwater Florida.  He was accused of eating $275.00 of his parents cash.  When I was contacted I knew it would be a difficult case, his guilt looked assured when he pooped out the bills, torn in half and chewed up.  But I bark for the barkless so I downloaded myself to his home, where he was inside a crate, under house arrest. When I scratched at the door his parents were reluctant to let me talk to their client, as is true with most parents who think they have a perp pup.  But I had a signed order from Judge Puggle allowing me access to all ac

Mrs Sophie Bub, Koda, Wills and Josie are our September 16, 2012 Pups of the Week

     One of our packs’ Moms did the most wonderful thing this week to help one of our fellow dogs.  She posted two blogs about it and when I read them I said to myself “Foley,” because I have always called me Foley, “these are the dogs who we are going to recognize this week because their Mom is so wonderful.”     Now I don’t like to talk about being a Senior dog and having Senior moments but they do occur.  But to be truthful I don’t remember blogs too well.  So, when it comes time to do this weekly blog, I go back to the blog posted by the pup I want to honor, read it again, get all my facts right, and sometimes, like last week, just copy and past part of the blog.  Saves me lots of time and brain power. But this week what this Mom tried to do to save this pup did not work out and she was very hurt by it.  She felt such pain she could not read about it anymore, and took the blog down, which, since I believe everything is all all about me, turned out to be a terrible

The Battle of Beaver Falls

Until this week this is what I knew about Beaver Falls Pennsylvania.  It is where Joe Namath came from.  He was a hottie, then he became a drunkie, and now he is an oldie, but humans worshiped him for a time, so he’s OK with me.  And it was the place that I mistakenly believed our ovaries went when they were removed. But all of that can be forgotten because Beaver Falls is the city where the governors are thinking about banning dogs from a stretch of downtown to make it  more appealing for the human shopper.    The stretch of road is called Seventh Avenue where officials are trying to create a Seventh Avenue Pup Out. The human behind this dog ban is City Manager Steve Johnson.  According to the least qualified manager west of Bobby Valentine dogs “as big a ponies” are leashed to parking meters creating a nuisance and startling the elderly.  Now maybe he is right.  Maybe there is something in the water in Beaver Falls that creates huge dogs.   The water certainly d

Top Ten Things We Have Learned After 500 Blogs

We recently wrote our 500th blog.  It was an Ask Aunt Foley blog and that seemed fitting.  We have learned lots of things while writing our blogs but we have whittled them down to a top ten.  So now we present the top ten things we have learned while writing our blogs. 10.  If you are going to use the words Mommy, big, and ass in the same blog make sure they are several paragraphs apart.   9.  The chance of someone stumbling upon your blog on Stumbleupon is the same as you stumbling on the kitty who took the golden vick. 8.  While social networks that are based on dogs have the best people, not all the people are the best.  Hitler loved his dogs.  If he was alive today he might be blogging about his dogs.  Rule number one of dog social networking:  Do not befriend Hitler.  You will know it is him because his blog is named Mein Comef. 7.  We post on dog sites and on our blog page and we average around 150 hits from all these posts combined.  But when we wrote a blog