Sunday, June 26, 2016

Pup of the Week: Blake and the Seizure Dogs

I am known as a trailblazer on both the mortal and immortal sides 
of the River of Life.  Truthfully, I am not a trailblazer in my own family.  I was my parent’s second dog.  Their first was a Shih Tzu named Blake.
One morning, while Blake was still a single dog, and I was a glimmer in my dog dad’s eye, the alarm clock went off, and Blake had a seizure.
Seeing your beloved pet have a seizure is terrifying for any parent.  A seizure is like an alien being that has possessed your sweet pup,  There is no sign of the dog you raised.  Your baby is a trembling, shaking, drooling mess.  Their eyes are rolled back in their heads.  All their parents want is for the episode to end.  Every second seems like an hour.
My parents were inexperienced pet owners, and they did not have the social media friends they do now.  They were at a loss, and scared.  Their vet told them to keep an eye on Blake and see if the seizures continued.
They did, coming two months apart.  During this seizure cycle I arrived to keep Blake company.  We got along like peas and carrots.  She taught me everything I know about being a dog, and gave me a booster shot of sass.
During the year that I was under Blake’s tutelage, she had several seizures, many tests, and finally a terrible answer:  Tumors.  They were in her belly, her liver and her brain.   After that we did not have long together, but she did teach me how to take care of my parents, and hopefully, I passed on those important lessons, to Pocket and River Song.
Blake never blogs.  She passed before blogging became popular in the dog world.  She sits at her table each morning, reading the paper, and writing on a notepad, saying she has no time for this new fangled computer stuff.
But Blake doesn’t rest.  She became the patron saint for dogs suffering from seizures.  Lately she is very busy.
Blake knows that there are many causes for seizures, and most dogs, unlike her, live long lives with the help of medication to manage the symptoms.  She also knows how scared dogs are when they are having an episode.  Blake makes sure she is with every pup having a seizure.
She was there with Jasper this week when he has his first seizure.  He is doing better, but his mother now lives with the fear that all seizure moms live with.  Will there be another?  If there is Angel Blake will be there.
She was with Baby when she had a seizure while taking a nap next to her mom.  Angel Blake is personally flying prayers up the mountain for Baby.
She was there with Tinkerbell when she had the seizure that sent her to the Bridge.  She stayed with Tink for several days as she became adjusted to life on the immortal side.
She was there with Maverick when the little boy had his seizure.  She held him and talked to him.  She made sure he was not afraid and would recover.
She has been there with Ciara during her long and frustrating struggle with seizures.  Blake, Ciara, and her family, were hoping that the phenobarbital would end these dreaded episodes, and while they have occurred less frequently, they are still happening.  Blake has pledged to Ciara to be with her until they stop.
She has been with Sydney, who, despite being a tiny dog, has waged a great war with seizures.  Blake is very proud of Sydney.  Every time she gets knocked down by an episode she gets back up show the strength her brother Moose has exhibited during his fight with Immune Mediated Hemolytic Anemia.
And she has been with my good friend of close to nine years, and the sister of my long time friend and confidant Tanner Bub, Cocoa, as she had battled seizures for years.  Cocoa is a senior dog, and should be an inspiration to all dogs suffering from these terrifying episodes.  Hers has been a long life, and she has an abundance of time left.  Unlike Blake, Cocoa has managed her seizures into her senior years.  Seizures can be beaten.  Cocoa is proof of that.
I hope I have not missed recognizing any friends who suffer from seizures.  If I have I am sure Blake has not missed them.  If you baby does have a seizure know she will recover soon and should live a long life like Cocoa.
And l know that Blake will always be there with your pup.


  1. OH, how we thank you for this post. It is true that most people don't understand how awful a seizure is until they see their dog have one. We know that Ciara doesn't have a brain tumor as she had an MRI done to be sure. There is no known cause at this point for her seizures but they could be related to thyroid issues. We are sorry your family and Blake had to deal with these monsters and all the other pups too. We are hoping with time the right mix of meds will help Ciara.

    Thank you for your kind post.

    Woos - Ciara and Lightning and Mom too

  2. What a saint Blake is, not all of us Angels can deal with some things. Thankfully Blake can. What a wonderful post.

  3. You were very lucky to have Blake show you the ropes. She is certainly doing such good work as an angel dog.

  4. What a wonderful and loving post this is. I know all the mommas feel so much better out here in human world knowing that Blake is right beside their loves. Hugs a bunch....stella rose

  5. Blake is a very special angel - we send prayers for all the seizure dogs
    Mr Bailey, Hazel & Mabel


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