Sunday, July 26, 2009

Pocket has an ally

Last weekend Mommy and Daddy went away for a day, I believe to get away from Foley (Lord do I know how that is) and we spent Saturday night at our human sister Kim’s house, along with our cousins Bailey and Riley, our human grandbaby Maddie, and her sister, and my new best friend, Meghan.

Meghan and I became best friends very quickly because we have so much in common. She is four and I am two. We both pee two dozen times a day. We also like to pee right after we’ve peed. I go outside pee, come in and pee. Meghan tells her Mommy she has to pee, then pees, gets all dressed again, then looks at her Mommy and says “I gotta pee.”

It is neither of our faults: pee happens.

We are both told no a lot. And stop it. And are asked what are we doing. We’re just being us. Jumping on the couch, barking out the window, inappropriately farting, putting things in our mouths that don’t go there, whining when we denied what is rightfully ours, and excitedly running down the hall chasing invisible butterflies.

We both believe our sisters hate us. Maddie is always complaining that Meghan is playing with her things, or is in her room, or won’t leave her alone. While I’m sleeping in Mommy’s lap Foley jumps up, snarls, and then attacks my ears until Mommy pulls her off.

I believe I have the more compelling case.

I taught her the ability to annoy and move. For me it is a quiet sneak up, a bite on Foley’s butt, and a slink away, for Meghan it’s a quiet tip toe behind her sister, then an open handed slap upside the head, a hand in her own mouth and a laugh before she gets yelled at by her Mom. Admittedly Meghan has not completed her training. She has the sneaking part down good, but I am trying to make a better finisher out of her.

We both are overly emotional. Meghan doesn’t like to be yelled at. She turns to a wall and cries. I really don’t like it when my green ball isn’t thrown. I bark, cry, pout, and even kvetch and I am not even sure what that means.

When we’re together Meghan comes over to me, picks me up, and carries me around. I love the attention. But not Foley, she whines and snarls when she is touched, she only likes to be scratched under the chin, and gently, which Maddie is very good at. But for Meghan and I, we prefer the scoop and pick up and then the run around the house with her holding me in the air calling me her Pocket Rocket. We are just partners in crime, the two of us. I love being the Pocket Rocket.

She came over yesterday. She was going with Mommy and Daddy for a Christmas in July cookout. I don’t know what that was but I didn’t get no presents. We only got to play for a few minutes but it was just the best part of my day.

I now have an ally.

That little girl makes me the Pocket Rocket so you better all look out below.

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