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Orkie the Yorkie

We had a most unexpected visitor on the 12th birthday.  Daddy was taking us out for our late day stroll and dump.  We completed our duties when suddenly, from our right, a Yorkie of unknown origin came scampering up to us.

“Hi Foley!” the excited pup said.  “I wanted to say happy birthday.  I am a huge fan and when I heard you were outside I had to come see you....oooops!”  The oooops came from when Daddy rudely picked this pleasant pup up before she was done telling me how wonderful I was

Daddy then spun around and quickly started walking us back home while carrying the Yorkie of unknown origin.   Now I understand:  I am famous, and not as fast as I used to be.  I do demand security and for any interloper to be kept from disrupting my perfect appearance.  But this young dog seemed perfectly nice.  Before I could make my intention known, to better get to know him, we were being handed off to Mommy, the young pup was being put on another leash, and, after a brief conversation with Mommy, Daddy went out the door to try and find this little man’s owner.

Pocket and I both knew that the dog lived at the top of the street at #55 but Mommy wasn’t listening to us (well first we had to get our treat.)  While we were chewing there was a knock on the door.  A human older boy with a worried expression was there.  He asked if anyone had seen a Yorkie.  Mommy said that Daddy was walking the dog through the neighborhood looking for his owner.  She told the boy to go home and Daddy would be by soon.  Pocket and I both looked at the boy and tssked him because there is nothing worse than letting pup out the door.

For the rest of the story I will turn it over to my excited male fan:  Orkie.

“Hello, I am so excited to be writing on the Tanner Brigade.  Long time fan first time blogger.  I am Orkie the Yorkie and I am a little over a year old.  I knew it was Foley Monster’s  birthday and I was hoping to see her.  I like to look out my front window.  I bark whenever she walks by with Pocket.  Well I saw her on her birthday and barked but she didn’t notice me so I ran to the porch door.  Just then my dumb human grandson came strolling in.  I ran right by him and through several backyards and then turned when I saw Foley.  I was so excited but before I could get her pawgraph I got picked up.  Then I got brought into Foley house!

I got to see the leopard skin vagina condo!  I met her parents.  It was a stalker Yorkie’s dream come true.  I was hoping they would let me live with them and it could be the Foley, Pocket and Orkie blog but having read so much about their parents I knew they would be adamant about finding mine.  

Foley’s parents checked my collar but all I had was a rabies tag.  Their Daddy called the animal hospital listed on the tag but they were closed.  He hooked me up on Foley’s flexi leash, which was so cool, it smelled like Foley.  Then her Daddy took me outside.

He was hoping that my Mom would either be walking or driving around looking for me.  If that didn’t work out he was hoping that I would know where I lived and walk up my driveway when we got there.  But all these houses looked alike and I had no idea where I lived.  And my Mom had sent stupid grand boy out to find me, and, while we walked towards where I lived, he didn’t see us.

It was a hot day but I don’t get walked much so I didn’t mind.  Foley’s Daddy was sweating and I was panting, we were both getting dehydrated together, how cool.  We walked right past my house but I was so excited I didn’t even notice.  (Later Foley’s Daddy said he should have known it was my house because I always back when they walk by and this day there was  no barking.)

We walked down a street and I got to sniff and pee everywhere.  I started pretending that I was Foley Monster walking with my Dad.  I felt so famous.  Foley’s Daddy was getting frustrated that no one was looking for me.

We started going up another street.   We came to a house where there were puppy toys outside and I pulled towards them.    I sniffed them and then decided I wanted to explore the porch.  Foley’s Daddy, thinking he had found my house, knocked on the door but there was no answer.

I walked over to the water and had a drink.  I know it wasn’t mine but hey I was thirsty.  Foley’s Daddy went to a man mowing the lawn and asked if he knew whose dog I was but he didn’t know, he only mowed the lawn.  Then Foley’s Daddy asked an old man.

The man said he thought I was Mrs. Murphy’s dog.  “The one that lives up that way,” he said gesturing up the street.  “Not the first Mrs. Murphy, she don’t take to dogs, and not the second one either, she got a dog, but not that dog, I think it’s the third Mrs. Murphy, or did she die?”  By this time Foley’s Daddy realized that this man was going to start leading him through the beach at Normandy and continued to look for my Mom.  
Then Foley’s Mommy called Foley’s Daddy and told him which house I lived at.  He walked me over, and as we got closer he kept asking me “anything familiar around here?”


Then I saw the dumb boy who had let me out of the house.  He picked me up and I gave Foley’s Daddy a big until next time kiss.   Then I was brought in and my Mommy was so happy to see me.  She gave me all sorts of kisses and told me that it wasn’t my fault, it was dumb boy’s fault.  I told her all about meeting the famous Foley Monster and Pocket but she was more interested in me saying I would never do that to her again.

I promised I wouldn’t.  But Pocket’s birthday is next month.  Maybe I can sneak out for a bit.  Now that they know where I live.

What could be the harm?


  1. Next time you sneak out hope Foley house keeps you
    Benny & Lily

  2. Be careful Orkie , next time you might get kept. You see this is the price of fame you now have a stalker! Have a good day.
    Best wishes Molly

  3. I'm glad your adventure ended safely Orkie! Maybe you'll be able to arrange play dates!

  4. I say Orkie got lucky! When JD ran off, he ended up in a police car. Which was ok... because barefoot, half nakid momma almost ended up in a paddie wagon because nobody runs around crying and screaming JD half nakid all over the neighborhood... and yes stupid neighbor left our gate open... stupid cat got in the yard, stupid JD followed cat out of the yard and walked 3 miles in 20 minutes... But now you guys can have a Yorkie party!

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