Sunday, February 3, 2013

Hobo Hudson is our February 3, 2013 Pup fo the Week

We have several friends of are very accomplished in their deeds but none of them have become successful in the human world. My friend Hobo Hudson has done what we thought was impossible.  He has entered the human world and has conquered it.  While I am a very successful dog lawyer I only represent other dogs.  But Hobo has surpassed me.  He is drawing income from actual humans.

Hobo has written a book.  He did it by using words.  He didn’t see an open book on the floor and pee on it, then claimed the novel as his own because he had bookmarked it.  He did not take a giant poo in a book (I did this once halfway through Moby Dick.  American classic my butt. Who wants to read 300 pages on whale blubber?) No, he put paw to pen (or keyboard, he is very secretive about his methods,) and now he is an author.

The book is called The Richest Dog in Town and can be bought at Amazon here.  We have not had a chance to dig our paws into the book yet but we are looking forward to doing so.  If you would like to get an idea of Hobo’s very creative storytelling technique you can read his blog here. 

Hobo is a very wise dog who has figured out how to turn some of our natural enemies, squirrels, cats, and other things that most of us chase away, and make them work for him. He has squirrels working for him in his farming business and he has a large number of cats working for him, including his personal assistant Thomas. Plus no one knows more about the dog bone futures market than Hobo.

Hobo is a very stay at home dog. Many of the older members of DS will remember him, but, when issues with the former owners made many of us leave, and join the upstart Tanner Brigade, Hobo led the way.  While some stayed at DS, and others, like my sister and I, came back, to DS, Hobo has been happy at the small town Tanner Brigade, like a gentleman farmer sitting on the front porch with no need to ever leave town.

His parents don’t do Facebook either. They are too busy helping Hobo with his businesses to spend much time social networking.  But we don’t want his brilliance to be hidden in the shadow, and it is our honor to bring it into the light.   

Hobo’s writings never fails to raise a smile even on the sourest of pusses.  His stories are very clever, his writing very clean and professional.  This is a book you will read and want to share, but don’t share, because Hobo needs as money book sales as he can get.

So here is to my friend Hobo, who went from a dog left abandoned, tied to a tree, to a soon to be best selling author.  His book is called The Richest Dog in Town and he is, because he is such a gentleman and a good friend, even if he couldn’t write, he would be rich with friends and love.


  1. Can we get a pawtographed copy of Hobo's book?

  2. Lovely book review and we hope it is a big hit. Have a marvelous Monday.
    Best wishes Molly