Sunday, October 13, 2013

Ivy and Ladybug are our October 13, 2013 Pups of the Week

Too many of my Pup of the Week blogs are written about pups who have left the mortal side of the Bridge.  While we are happy to greet them here on the eternal side there are many sad humans and pups left on the other side.  So this week we are lucky to celebrate the birth of 13 pups and give the prestigious award of Pup of the Week to two tired lollipops named Ivy and Ladybug.

Late last week Koda’s. Josie’s, Emme’s and Wills’ of the Pack now known as the Corn Stalkers, who recently and graciously hosted Farmfest 2013 where many of our friends gathered last month, proved that their parents are the best pup parents in the world when late last week their Daddy drove home from work and saw a little dog by the road with a big tummy.  Being a farmer and well versed in animal husbandry he knew that, like River, this dog had been knocked up, but unlike River, she had no family to stay with her during the birth of her litter.

The Stalkers’ Daddy went home and asked their Mommy what they should do. They already had a farm full of dogs, but they could not leave the poor pregnant pooch in the street.  The next day they drove up and down the road until the soon to be Mom stuck her head out of a corn field.  The starving wet dog had to be coaxed into their house, and then introduced to the Stalkers, who, being the sweetest pack in the world, immediately accepted her.

(There was some vexing behavior from Emme who was upset that she was no longer going to be the baby but when she learned she would soon be bumped up to being senior pack member she was happy. )

The new pup, a three year old Boston Terrier, was named Ivy.  Her new parents were concerned that Ivy never made a peep, and were saddened to find out why, someone had cut her vocal chords.   On the bright side there were no heartworms or heart problems.  Also the x-ray showed 8 or 9 pups inside of her.  That was more puppies than the Stalker’s Mom had planned for, but with the help of Hattie Mae’s Mom Aunt Darla arrangement were made for the pups to have good homes even before they were born which is remarkable considering the number of pups who don’t have good home after they are born.  

Once the puppies are in their new homes pack leader Koda will have to have her back operation and this is a family who deserves some good karma going there way.  They moved and entire pack into their house with one dog.

All that was left was for nature to take it’s course, and boy it was a long course.  Our good friend Miss Lilly’s Mom, Leo’s Mom, and Hattie Mae’s Mom all helped Aunt Barbara, the Stalker’s Mom, and her husband, through the complicated birthing process.  After several hours of labor and birthing Ivy had her eight puppies gathered around her feeding.  Her new Mom and Dad got some human food, then cleaned up the birthing area, when Daddy realized that sometime during the human’s supper a ninth baby had slipped into the world.

Everyone is doing well now.  Ivy got some chicken soup as instructed by Lily’s Mom and the puppies got some Mother’s Milk with a syringe.  The Stalker’s parents are determined to help with the feeding process.  The first pup, born under their bed, was named Dolly but that name had to be changed when boy parts were discovered so the name was changed to Elvis in honor of Hattie’s Dad.   The Stalker’s Dad doesn’t want their Mom to name any more puppies knowing if you name them you own them, but we know how Moms are with pups.  Who knows if they are headed for their forever homes or already there.

Meanwhile, just a few states over, Angel Apollo’s pack, led by Czar Bishop was going through the same experience.  Their Mom had rescued a pregnant pup named Ladybug who was about the bring new pups into Czar’s house for the first time in 30 years.

Ladybug had four puppies, all white, but she is taking care of eight, because her Mom rescued four puppies a day older than Ladybug’s who were at a kill shelter and now Ladybug, who was adopted, has adopted four more pups.

So today, with Ivy and Ladybug, we celebrate life, we celebrate those who rescue, like Ivy’s and Ladybug’s wonderful parents,  those who are rescued, those who adopt pups, like Ivy’s whowill be adopted, those who help with adoptions, like Hattie Mae’s Mom Aunt Darla, and everyone who helped with the births.

It’s a good day, and day we celebrate life is a good day.


  1. What wonderful peeps to help those poor mothers and their pups.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  2. We agree and nice that nine sweet pups are healthy and well. Have a marvellous Monday.
    Best wishes Molly


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