Tuesday, December 2, 2014

I had to get out of bed in the middle of the night by River Song

It was a Wednesday night and I was waiting for my treat balls.  Daddy was stuffing it, while he was also making Mommy some tea, but he was moving so slow.  He kept stopping and bending over.  Man was I getting annoyed.

He finally got my balls ready, and Mommy’s tea and treat, then he collapsed in his chair.  I sensed he was trying to keep something from Mommy but I figured it was that he forgot to put sugar in her tea.  When I scratched his chair he got down to get the stuck treats from my ball and made a grunting sound getting up.

Finally, before I was done with my ball, he stood up and said he had to do something.  He told Mommy he had terrible pains in his back, side, and stomach.  She told him take a gas pill.  He tried sitting down, lying down, walking around, putting his naked butt on the toilet seat but nothing worked.

We decided to go to bed.  I hurried to get my balls done.  Daddy took Pocket out and came back in walking like Groucho Marx.  Mommy asked him if he wanted to go to the hospital but he said no.  Humans are so funny  If we act sick they rush us right to the emergency room but, if it is one of them they keep finding excuses not to go.

I got into bed with Pocket and when I get into bed I do not want to get out.  I could stay in bed all day long.  It is warm, snuggly and comfortable.  What isn’t there to love?  When it’s time to get out of bed in the morning I put on my grumpy face (which is quite similar to my happy face) and growl.  When I go to bed in the dark I won’t get out until light.

Mommy and Daddy know this.  They look at me curled up next to Mommy in bed, breathing softly and wonder if there will ever be a time in their lives when they will feel as safe and content as I feel in bed.  The answer is no, but definitely not on  this night.

Daddy got in bed, then got out right away.  He was in too much pain to lie down.  He walked around but he was in too much pain to walk.  He sat on the toilet seat again and nothing happened.  Mommy kept telling him he needed to go to the hospital.

Daddy was at the end of the bed, holding the mattress, bent over, and he told Mommy he couldn’t go to the hospital, we were already snuggled into bed.  First sensible thing he said all evening.

But then Mommy lost all sense.  She said we would not mind and that we wanted him healthy.  Well….we wanted him healthy, but honestly I kind of minded.
We got picked up and plopped in our crates and Mommy and Daddy went out into the night.  At first I was really mad about being put in my crate but Pocket told me we should be worried about Daddy and she was right.  We spent a very fretful two and a half hours waiting and praying for them to come home.

Meanwhile, at the hospital, Daddy gave birth to a tiny kidney stone.  They must have put it up for adoption because they didn’t bring it home.  We were never happier to be back in bed in our lives and snuggled the rest of the night away happy we were once again reunited in the safest place in the world:  Our bed.

I hope and pray Daddy never gets another one of those stones again and doesn’t have to go to the hospital ever again.  Having to get out of bed in the middle of the night sucks.


  1. Oh boy, we know what you went thru. Our Dad grew one of those stones but he did a whole lot of moaning and groaning. Nobody could sleep thru all that. The stone he delivered wasn't even worth chasing. A whole lot of fuss about nothing. He doesn't agree.

  2. OMD...You poor wittle things! If Mommy pulled me out of my snuggly bed in the middle of the night (or any other time fur that matter), I would bite her hand off! BUTT you's right....Daddy was more impawtant in dis case. Just be hap-pee he didn't bring home the "birth stone". Hope he's feelin all better real soon.

  3. Poor Daddy. But you're so right, we get dragged to the dogtors at the slightest little twinge and they wait forever.....they're such cowards.

  4. Thank goodness everything is okay,,, now.. but it wasn't then.
    Your poor daddy. I hope no more kidney stones come.. Make a sign that says KEEP AWAY! I hope you all got caught up on your sleep now.

  5. Oh my! Hope your daddy is all Ok now.
    Mr Bailey & Hazel

  6. Crikey ...... you poor things. Thrown into your crate in the middle of the night and made to wait for HOURS and all because your Daddy swallowed a stone!! What was he thinking? Even I know you mustn't swallow stones. S'pose you'll have to forgive him this once but he'd better not do it again, aye??

  7. Hope your daddy's all ok now! And dat ya don't have to get outta bed again.

  8. Poor daddy as we so know how painful it is. We hope he is fit and well now and back to normal. Have a wonderful Wednesday.
    Best wishes Molly

  9. OMD we are glad that your daddy gave birth to that HUGE ROCK... and that all is well with him NOW..
    BUTT Gee WHIZ... you would THINK that he could have TIMED thingys so they would have been LESS inconvenient fur YOU.

  10. Oh, so glad you daddy passed that stone. That is terrible pain!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  11. OH our dad has had that happen to him so bad he had to STAY in the hospital which meant we all just go to share MORE of the bed wif our momma. Dad never brings his home either to raise...bhahahah
    stella rose

  12. Oh no, kidney stones are the absolute worst. I had a few while I was pregnant. I think they were worse than real labor!


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