Sunday, February 24, 2019

Belle is our February 24 2019 Pup of the Week

When I agreed to leave the love and comfort of my family to accept the position of judge at Rainbow Bridge I had to leave a lovely home where I was well cared for, my meals were exquisitely prepared, and where no dog could be more loved.  I understood why the Big Guy wanted to hire me as a judge. In my career as the world's most renown dog lawyer, I had established a reputation for fairness and even minded decisions. If the Big Guy wanted me he needed to negotiate.

I told him if I was going to give up my house and leave my parents brokenhearted I demanded the ability to inform all parents that after their babies crossed the Bridge they were okay, they were loved, and would be taken care of until that day came when they would be reunited with their parents.  

“Absolutely not,”`the Big Guy balked.  “Communication between the immortal and mortal worlds is forbidden.”   I told him that was fine with me. I would stay with my mother until I was 22 years old, trailing a little oxygen tank behind me, toothless, mostly witless, but where I belong.

“Just out of curiosity,” the Big Guy asked, “how did you intend to communicate with the other side?” I told him I would write a blog.  He began to laugh so hard it sounded like a hundred thunderstorms converging as one. “A dog blog?” he asked. “Like anybody's reading that.  Sure have your little delusion of grandeur. Come here and blog away.”

For once the Big Guy was wrong. I have tried to comfort parents who have lost their babies. Trying is all an angel can do.  

This week I met a beautiful yellow dog named Belle Belle.  She had left her broken-hearted mother Amy Michelle Tucker and her family behind.  

I wrote the following for the benefit of Belle Belle's lovely mom, who was, until today been unaware this blog existed. I understand if many long-time readers find the next passage repetitive, but I am trying to ease someone's pain.  Is there no more noble cause to make one put thoughts to paper?

When Belle Belle took her last breath, her soul left her body.  It floated to the nearest body of water. The tide carried it down the river and over streams until it came to the River of Life which separates the mortal and immortal worlds. The River of Life restored Belle Belle's body. She swam ashore then instinctively followed the path which led to Rainbow Bridge.  Belle ran over the Bridge, crossing the river, then up the long winding stairway which brought her to the cliff where I swore her in. All the animals and people who knew her and had preceded her to the Bridge were there to give her hugs and 1,000 kisses. Rainbow Bridge is a place of continuing departures and reunions.

When Belle Belle was acclimated she began to take important classes; including how to visit her loved ones still on the mortal side; how to switch bodies with birds, butterflies and other pretty winged creatures who can fly back and forth between the two sides; and how to become a ghost.  Belle Belle took a right to it and is planning many visits to her mom in several different winged forms. She learned how to fly into the sun and enter her mother's dreams. She knows her mother might remember one in a million of these visits, but that remembrance could make her smile for a week.  She even learned how to concentrate so hard on the love she has with her mother that she could appear right next to her in ghostly form and brush up against her mom, smell her sweet scent, close her eyes and pretend they were together again.

Belle Belle has chosen a home much like the one she lived with her parents.  The dogs who preceded Belle Belle to the Bridge live with her. They know she was rarely without her mom and they make sure she's never alone now.  If you walk by the house, the sound of dogs playing can be heard constantly. And if you travel through fields and hills around it you will often see Belle happily running in the sun, all the pain she had in the later parts of her life have been stripped away.

We hope this might bring some small momentary comfort to Belle’s mom.  Beside this meager offering we can tell her to watch for birds that stay near her a little longer than normal, for butterflies who seem exceedingly daring and fly close by her head;  and for those unexplained things that she sees out of the corner of her eye. If this occurs, she should know Belle Belle is still with her, and that someday they will be gloriously reunited.

It's the only thing that can keep you Angel parents going.


  1. TEARS!!!!!!! this is beautiful!!!! thank you so much!!!!!! my sweet baby was so loved and is deeply missed. this brings comfort to my heart to read this ����������

  2. Such special Angels, they will do well.

  3. We know now why there are special birds and butterflies in our lives. Thank you for your lovely dog blog.

  4. We personally know how much this blog means to those who have lost a beloved furbaby.
    Hazel & Mabel

  5. hugs to Belles know that so much people feel with you in such a time is a comfort and it helps to handle the grief and the sadness...

  6. Sweet Belle Belle, you will never be forgotten!!


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