Sunday, November 3, 2019

Geordie Comes to Rainbow Bridge

There was a lot of rain that fell over the east coast in the days before Halloween.  Meteorologists used several maps, computer modules, and Doppler radar to explain this phenomenon.  I knew the real reason. My exceptional friend Geordie crossed Rainbow Bridge this week, and there were so many tear clouds formed by those who wept over his passing that the clouds got backed up, and the rain fell on the mortal side too.

Geordie's passing was as exceptional as his life.  He had been diagnosed with cancer two years ago and given a short amount of time before he was scheduled to leave for the immortal side.  His mom was told to take him home and make him comfortable.  
Geordie’s momma Leslie is a painter who has created stunning portraits of family dogs.  Momma Leslie knows our souls, which is why she creates such lovely paintings. Geordie inspired her to draw him as he encountered the world, then created books from them, the first one being A Good Mom is a Tired MomAfter his brother Toby, who Geordie labeled the usurper joined the pack, Momma Leslie included him in her second book Poopitier. Her latest Dream Our World depicted Geordie and Toby visiting a museum featuring some of civilization's masterpieces, all of which had been redone to insert her duo, and other dogs, as the subjects of the paintings.  The book stands as a beautiful tribute to the pup whose she nicknamed Bitey Dog( and for whom she named her blog). Mama Leslie depicted everything that made Geordie special as he looked after his troublesome little brother with patience, kindness, sweetness, empathy, and good humor attributes that Geordie showed to his friends daily.

That is why I lobbied for Geordie to get extra heartbeats.  If a friend saw a comment from Geordie, it was sure to be fun, charming, wise, kind, and humorous.  The mortal world needed more Geordie. The Guild of Dogs agreed and gave Geordie six more months.  

Those six months passed in a flash.  The dark angels were sent to summon Geordie to the Bridge. They returned without him, quite flustered.  "He refused," a bewildered dark angel said.

Barghest, the angel in charge of incoming pups was furious. "He can't say no!" Barghest barked.   He decided he would have to do it himself.

He went into Geordie's dreams.  The oversized dog with his huge fangs and claws was terrifying. "I command you to surrender and come to Rainbow Bridge," Barghest roared.

"No, thank you," Geordie said.

"You don't have an option," Barghest screamed.  "You have to come with me.'
Mama Leslie had always thought of Geordie as a strong-willed dog, but she had no idea how true that was. "You can't make me,”  Geordie said. "You're a ghost. I can put my hand right through you." Then, to Barghest's chagrin, he did.

"This will not stand!" Barghest yelled.  "When I am done with you, then you will be begging to go to the Bridge!". Then he disappeared.

Barghest sent plague after plague to Geordie, including indigestion, trouble breathing, heartburn, lack of appetite, and loss of balance. Geordie had his bad days when his mom considered aiding him on his final journey, but then he would wrestle these demons into submission, ravishingly eat his food, and demand a long walk.  Barghest could only shake his head in admiration.

Barghest did this several times during the next year, and a half and Geordie defeated all the plagues thrown at him.  I was proud but knew his continuing living in a body wracked with cancer was problematic. Geordie could not live forever despite what he believed.

The Guild of Dogs asked me to meet with them over the "Geordie" problem.  I suggested they let me talk to him.

I entered his dreams, and we chatted like two close friends. I brought up how much I enjoyed his mom's last name book about the museum.  Then I told him there was no place like that in the Doggyspace village where we lived. "I sure would like to have a museum there," I said.  "I just don't know how to do it."

Immediately Geordie rattled off a dozen ideas he had for the museum.  "We could use someone like you," I said.

Geordie contemplated the idea.  "Do you think I could do it?" he asked.  I told him I was sure he could. To keep up appearances, I told him he should apply for the job.  Secretly it was his.

I convinced The Guild of Dogs to build Geordie a museum and let him select whatever he wanted to put inside it.  They agreed eager to solve the Geordie problem. I also knew it was suitable for my friend. He was growing tired of all the battles. He needed a rest and a fresh challenge.

I sent a little orange butterfly to let Geordie know he had the position as curator of the Rainbow Bridge museum. He sent one back, accepting the appointment. He had only one request. He wanted to be able to communicate with the mortal side as I did. Since the mortal side always needs some Geordie happily agreed.

That night he told his mom and Toby his decision. While the news saddened his mom, she agreed it was for the best. Before he left, Geordie told Toby he would always be watching over him like the elf on the shelf and always to be a good boy.   Toby gave his brother a big hug. Then Geordie lay down and went to sleep. When he awoke, his body had been rejuvenated by The River of Life. He climbed the hill and entered his museum.

Since his arrival, Geordie has been busy selecting pieces for the museum, when he hasn't been visiting his mom or watching over Toby.  The opening is on Saturday night, and everyone is invited. If you are a mortal and wish to attend, then let the last thing you think of Saturday night before sleep be Geordie, and you will be transported to the event in your dreams.    Don't expect to see any of the classics. Every painting on display is a new immortal world works by Van Gogh, Rembrandt, Monet, Pollock, Da Vinci, Picasso, Warhol, and many more. Shorn of the conventions of mortal life, the paintings are breathtaking.

 And don't forget to say hello to the most beautiful treasure there, the curator Geordie, who is truly a masterpiece.


  1. Awww, such a masterpiece indeed and a most purrfect curator and wonderful Angel.

  2. What a great story. The museum sounds wonderful. We would like to visit.

  3. What a perfect job for our Geordie!!

  4. that is a super curator of that museum...

  5. You have affected my mom, and she has leaky eyes. Be at peace darling Geordie

  6. Awww, such a precious post. Big healing hugs. ♥

  7. What a lovely story for all of us, makes us smile through our tears.

  8. A life lived full of love given and rec'd
    Hugs Cecilia


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