Monday, February 3, 2020

Monday Question

A simple question:  How much do you weigh?

Pocket:  I weigh six pounds

River:  I weigh 13 pounds


  1. 74 lbs and 79 lbs... the mean thing is, I'm 74 and look fat and da nelly has 79 and looks thin... the world is a loo...

  2. Lucy: I'm a svelt 50 pounds.
    Xena: I'm a sveter 15 pounds.
    Our dogtor says we are ju-u-ust right!

  3. Dang, I weigh more than you, I'm 16 pounds!

  4. Mackey is 36 pounds and needs to diet
    Sydney is 38 pounds
    Lola is 65 pounds
    Norma Jean is 75 pounds

  5. Dougie Dog is a lean 'n' mean (NOT) 65 pounds and holding! Puggie there needs to do intermittment fasting ... or no more cookies!

  6. Our Little Bit weighed 80 pounds. She was a big girl. We sure miss her.

    Have a fabulous day. ♥

  7. me...tuna...weighz 17.8
    mackerull... we think weighz bout 9; him had ta get weighed in hiz carrier; him waz feral N doez KNOT like ore trust peepulz
    dai$y bee a smal fry and weighs bout 7

  8. Jakey - 17 pounds
    Rosy - 18 pounds
    Arty - 20 pounds

    Rosy, Jakey & Arty

  9. Hmm...I don't remember how much Manny or CB weigh...I'd better get on that!

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